TLC’s Left Eye Romance w/ Suge Knight Exposed!



“It was Suge Knight who paid for Lisa’s funeral.”

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned the details behind what led Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez to sign with Death Row Records, back in January 2002.

Sources say the TLC rapper was secretly dating Suge Knight — who’s said to have named her “N.I.N.A.” [which stood for “New Identity Not Applicable,” and the street name for the 9mm handgun].

lisa-lopez-suge-knight xxl

Sources say the pair remained a item up until the lady lyricist’s death in April 2002. Don’t believe me.. Just ask L.A. Reid, who made millions off of Left Eye’s talent, yet ultimately turned his back on funding her funeral.

“L.A. Reid said, ‘I’m not going to pay for her funeral! She was fucking Suge, let him pay for it.’


Here’s the drop:

“Lisa used to be up in Death Row, sitting on Suge’s lap. He was paying all her bills. Suge wanted to kick Andre Rison’s ass, because Andre did Lisa wrong.”


Was Michael Bivins’ fetish with Lisa Lopes’ left eye what led him to come up with her rapper name? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Ronnie DeVoe.


  1. Good thing they never had children……because with Lisa burning down mansions and fighting the men she loved and Suge’s controlling & violent nature….that kid woulda had a hell of a life!

  2. Lisa’s mom had a rep for being a female cocaine cowboy in Atlanta so I’m not surprised she was rolling with Suge and being perfectly good with it.

  3. Lisa, to me was the prettiest 1 of the tlc trio
    That with her upbeat personality could have made her an sucessful solo artist
    She was who made tlc interesting
    Queen Reid is a coldhearted basterd
    Even though Suge Knight is too, he was a teddy bear with the ladies
    I used to date a guy named Collie Knight who claimed he was brothers with Suge but I never found out or could confirm if it was true
    It was just casual dating and long ago but if anyone know any know,please holla back
    Im still a little curious to know if he was telling the truth or scheming

  4. I’m ain’t mad at her, suge was hot back in the day, I would a rode that piece like a acrobat flip and dead on d!(k.

  5. Little known fact: Left Eye was very nearly killed on the same flight as Aaliyah. Left Eye was boning Hype Wms who had just directed the video shoot.

  6. Smart business move by Suge. Left Eye was a great MC and if they had really put some effort in an album, there would have not been a need for a Nikki Minaj.

      • You took the word right out of my mouth. Seriously, I say that every time I see her on anything or hear that annoying voice of hers.

    • Y’all be the main ones saying there’s room for more than one female MC but be saying if so and so was still here or did this and that Nicki wouldn’t be here of there’d be no room for her. Y’all are comedic. Let that clown live.

      Keep it real Left Eye was a talented artist and great at marketing herself but she dropped no classic verses or bars. Closest she came was her “Waterfalls” verse. Apparently she as fucking around the industry and STILL didn’t pop! At least Aaliyah got 3 successful albums and 2 movies outta her sexcapades!

      I’m tired of y’all hyping her and Aaliyah (less so but still) up like these legendary perfect morally upstanding icons. Left Eye was a mediocre rapper and Aaliyah was a great artist but mediocre vocalists. Y’all hypebeast are something else.

    • Suge and Lisa really had a good relationship. It was’nt really a secret either. LA Reid is a cum slut and he will get his. LeftEye was the perfect addition to TLC until DC came along they were the biggest selling girl group of all times. Aaliyah had a smooth voice and killer dance moves. Nicki Minaj has a wig collection plastic surgery and a flow like lil kim and every other girl rapper she listened to.

  7. Damn, first his ‘close friend (Laughs)’ Shakir Stewart’s Funeral costs, and now Lefteye’s–L.A. Reid’s fruity, snake-like ass clearly doesn’t give two shits about his artists, yet Puffy is usually the prime example of that kind of shady behavior. I can’t say I’m that surprised, but still. I guess Reid chose to forget how much money TLC made his label ($75 Million from ‘CrazySexyCool’ alone according to T-Boz), even though the group was basically forced to hold some of his colleagues at Arista at gunpoint for not giving them (TLC) a reasonable share of the profits. Maybe Reid was still mad about that *shrugs*

    In any event, I hear Karma is a mean bitch, even to those who think they’re untouchable because they’re rich.

    • L.A. don’t GAF about anyone. Why else would every damn artist on LaFace be crying broke. He even stole money from Babyface. Greedy bastard.

    • Diddy and L.A. are going to get theirs. It looks like Suge is already getting his. When the so called mighty fall. They fall hard.

    • Hey. I was thinking you know what… all they see is dollar signs. Ask Rihanna, she is a trainwreck waiting to happen and he hasn’t done a thing to try and stop her because they have a share in all she does. She is a 360 deal one, even her fugg-ups make them money because they have a monopoly on her life. It would more than likely be doper for them to see her drown herself and not drown them so if she killed herself, they can put the next attention seeking chick out. That’s the system. Is it not?

  8. Unfortunately if this is true, Suge wouldn’thave been the only Death Row member she had “relations” with… She also had sex with… Which is a little ironic considering who this artist ended up having a child with. He, the former Death Row artist, has stated on several occasions that Left Eye was, and I quote, “the best sex he ever had”…

  9. And if she was messing with all of these people, what role did her boyfriend with the pretty blue eyes have, because they were ALL over the media together – I beleive he was even in her documentary..

    • You know how that industry sh*t go. Bone who you gotta bone for business reasons and sleep with whoever you like in your free time.

      Idk maybe it was an on and off thing with Suge.

  10. Jacky, *off topic
    Did u hear anything about Uncle Russ(Simmons)
    putting up a comedy picture or skit of Harriet Tubman having sex with a slavemaster and calling it politically correct?
    I know you and Uncle Russ are cool and Im wondering if you can find out if its true
    I dont think Uncle Russ would ever do anything like that

    A faithful reader

    • Same here . No real tea.
      They need to spill about Damian Dane who died from AIDS and his co-singer who died in an car crash.
      They had a song called ” Exclusivity”

        • deah




          correction debra jean deah dame died on june 27 1994 and damien died from colon cancer some say aids on june 27 1996.

          they made a second album which was never released.

      • The tea about Damian Dame was already spilled along time ago on lipstickalley, you might want to go their and do a search. He gave his wife aids.

  11. I think I have heard this before.

    So sad that these beautiful and talented young ladies had to mattress so many in order to get put on.

    In the end she was a lost soul. One could tell that by watching her documentary. RIP

    • Same here@Black Pearl. I too thought TLC’s money problems were over after they were in Bankruptcy court all those years and released another hit album (Fanmail) and a modest-selling (By their standards) one (3D). And like someone else said, Lefteye was the finest in the group, followed by T-Boz then overhyped-ass Chilli.

  12. I was just telling my nieces how awsome it would be if the black powerhouses in hollywood would all get together and show the world a real black hero on screen for the young people that do not understand the plight of some of the struggles of black america
    But not in this manner
    Now Im certain there is an agenda
    All ratchet reality shows making us look ignorant
    Lil Wayne disrespecting Emmitt Till memory
    Niggas In Paris
    Paula Dean
    The Butler
    Tyler Perry
    The gold grill coming back in style
    Trinidad James style
    Is this all being stirred now
    because we have our 1st black President in office?
    I dont know but this is just too much
    My grandfather was a slave until he was freed at the age of seven and my family is still suffering from some of the symptoms of slavery
    I know that slavery is over and that we must move on from it,
    But dammit Hariet Tubman was 1 of those stories I felt proud about
    I think that was so uncouth to do that
    Maybe he had no choice and was ordered to do it
    Because he seem to intelligent to do that on his own

    • The thing that is so damn scary is that way back in the day Cosby, Poitier, Calvin Lockhart (RIP), Judy Pace and so many others were behind positive screen images. Even if the storyline was predictable, there was a message behind it without being really degrading.

      Melvin Van Peebles is still around but he doesn’t put out much and is older. Robert Townsend is a little younger but you have to really look at Redbox or that hole-in-the-wall DVD store to catch his recent work because they don’t advertise it.

      Same applies to John Singleton, Kasi Lemmons, Julie Dash, Tina Andrews and many others.

      Where the hell is Matty Rich?

    • i saw the video it just turned my stomach how disrespectful like a spit in the womans face!what worthless budda whorshipping sell out ni66a.i really feel angela or any family member of his tryna sell market anything to blacks on tv threw music clothing right now they should all be boycotted the entire snake ass family.

  13. Thanks @Jacky,
    I know you are a real dude and would never co sign no shit like this
    That was real cruddy what Russell did

  14. well damm wish they would have hinted to this bit of tea back the day it would have been huge deal! left eye and suge call me silly but i think it could have worked suge and left would have made a real nice couple i also think tupac and janet would have made a real beautiful couple but thats just a thought.i dont think suge as horrible as his rep is i wouldnt have treated her bad i think he would have even been better hubsband to left.

      • Yes, he also choked the shyt out of Left Eye for asking for her money. He used to also beat his ex, Paradise (she was on the Above the Rim soundtrack). She wanted to dedicate a book about Suge’s abuse. People say he’s a teddy bear, but he ends up becoming more like a grizzly bear.

    • Lolololololololololol… When you find out, lmk because I know a couple people who would be PAID!!! Lol.

  15. Uncle Ruckus Russ, what can we say.

    Notice how it is always the ex-drug dealers they can get to do this shit?

    You think there would ever be a comedic skit between a holocaust prisoner and a Nazi guard? Me thinks, hell no!

    But get some triple decker bisexual coon who is really the spirit of a savage cave man in black skin, and any debase act against the black race is possible.

  16. Y’all need to research the history of Death Row, Eazy E, Jerry Heller and the Jewish Defense League (JDL). The JDL took over rap in order to introduce the satanic agenda of woman hatin’, materialism, homo thuggery, prison life glorification, etc. Eazy looked gay to me and prolly infected many women. Eazy died in 1993, 20 years ago and look where rap is today.

    Always be circumspect of a rapper, who is a former drug dealer who is real comfortable around these old jhews: JayZ, Uncle Russ, Fiddy.

    Y’all betta recognize…

    • These old, perverted, jhew devil worshiping freemasons preyed on young black men to carry out their own wicked satanic rituals to obtain power and control.
      As mentioned on another thread, the correlation between the entertainment industry and satanism has become so blatantly obvious, it is hard to ignore or refute. The connection with young children-especially boys- and their pure energy is becoming more and more recognizable too. The goal of these evil ones is to extract one’s pure energy through the 1st or root chakra point located between the anus and the genitals. One’s energy can be extracted directly through anal sex. These entertainers and music artists pay to play with their innocence and their energy. Don’t believe me, ask Satanic High Priest Aleister Crowley, who wrote in his book ‘Magick in Theory and Practice’: “For the highest spiritual working, one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.” (page 95).

  17. I don’t understand why so many black people want to gain entry into the entertainment business. People eyes are open now, u know u will have to returned the payment to the Devil someday. What [s happening to my black beautiful people today, we look at television and see entertainers being glamorize with houses, cars, money and other items that are only temporary. Once u signed with the Devil nothing u acquired is yours. The Devil owns your butt, sign, sealed and deliver.

  18. So I’ve heard about this but I wanna know the tea about the “C” of TLC and L.A. Suppose affair …. ?