TMZ Puts Tiffany Foxx In Two Places…At The Same Damn Time!


The Spin Zone?

HSK Exclusive – TMZ may want to consider honing the research skills they seem to be lacking. Just ask Tiffany Foxx, who TMZ recently falsely identified as the woman who attacked Erica Mena at a Big Apple event hosted by the Love & Hip Hop cast member.

Now, insiders believe Harvey Levin may see all Black women as looking alike.

Here’s what Tiffany Foxx’s camp had to say about the false report:

“Tiffany wasn’t at no nail spot fighting Erica Mena. Tiffany won’t date a bum like Rich Dollaz.

TMZ lied and we want you to correct the bullshit.”

Here’s what TMZ falsely reported:

“Erica Mena was hosting an event at The Nail Lounge in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. Everything was all fine and well until Lil Kim‘s new artist Tiffany Foxx arrived at the nail salon.

The two women began having a conversation which escalated into a shouting match and eventual brawl when Foxx revealed she used to be one of Rich Dollaz‘s lovers.

With Erica being the hot head she is, didn’t wait for Tiffany Foxx to finish whatever she was saying before she hooked Foxx in the face. The women continued to scrap despite people trying to break up the altercation.

Mind you, Rich Dollaz was there during the whole incident and made no attempt to end the beef between Mena and Foxx.”



  1. It would seem that Erica was set up on some drama By Love n Hip Hop involving maybe one of Rich’s jump off. Since she statrs saying “fuck all y’all love n hip hop can suck my dick!” Also if u look very closely one of the girls that was defending Erica as she came back pointed in the “washed out” looking Rich Dollars face and said something. You can clearly see she was not impressed. And he just looked like an high helpless fool

  2. And I read somewhere else that Erica was fighting a white woman… I can see the blonde hair had some confused *side eye*

  3. I cant even comment on her anymore. She is disgusting and appears to think she is waaaayyyyy more than she is.

  4. Erica is not cute at all. what makes her not pretty? her attitude. she has this chip on her shoulder thinking that everyone owes her something because she is having sex with a loser. i hope she is watching the show and see how she made herself look like an ass to the world.

  5. I dont know who those folks are but TMZ has hired house kneegrows for their show/website. Didnt the get pics of Phaedra’s mom and Randy Jackson wrong? They fired the black chick that knew black celebrites and left the gay house kneegrows who only knew gays. lol

    • Are you talking about Nina Parker (light brown/heavyset w/long hair)?

      Looks like she’s moved onto better pastures but the new chick, Raquel, is too hood for me. Haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks so I guess she’s got her limitations too.
      Only brother that looks like he’s going into his 2nd/3rd year seems like the type that would set out to throw another Black under the bus if one of those blondes told him to. JMO

  6. Harvey is disdainful toward the black female staffers. He is sarcastic with many of the white staffers but a certain hostility seems to appear when black females present stories.

  7. Erika Lozada and Shaunie,see what you done gone and started. You got Erica Mena thinking she Evelyn Lozada and Mona Scott-Young thinking she Shaunie O’Neil. None of this is cute.