Toni Braxton Broke & Homeless!



Another Sad Love Song …

Just six-months after Toni Braxton announced she quit the music business, the “Another Sad Love Song” songstress is singing a serious case of the Blues. Know why? Because sources say the Braxton Bombshell isn’t just broke, she’s homeless too … Poor Toni!!!

“Toni is so broke that she couldn’t even come up with rent money.”


Reports reveal Tamar is now stepping up to her sister’s side, giving Vince Herbert the green-light to financially back his “Un-Break My Heart” sister-in-law — while Toni lives under the same roof of the new parents to baby boy, Logan. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Keri Lewis.

Here’s what a source told Star Magazine:

“Toni has relied heavily on Tamar to take are of her financially – Tamar pretty much saved Toni from being homeless.

Toni feels like a loser – she’s definitely at rock bottom. She’s so desperate for money that she’s hoping to write a tell-all book about her life and get a large advance.”

Is Tamar only returning the favor to her big sister — because when Toni was up she took care of her all her siblings? Of course. Don’t believe me? Ask Trina Braxton.



    • THIS!! OMG this woman is a financial Train Wreck!! Shes had more than a couple chances to get it right. I can understand anyone blowing most of their 1st fortune (Hey, Having Money is FUN) but she still had her voice AND her fans so a successful comeback was always in the cards for her. How this woman screw her finances up tells me she has some real personal issues. This chick might be beyond repair… SMH!!

      • Toni Braxton’s first album came out in 91.We are now 2013.There’s no way in Hell she’ll make a come back.Perhaps line up a few shows,but that’s about it!

        • You are right. There is no way in hell Toni Braxton can make a come back in the music business. No one wants to hear that mumbling singing she be doing. Now all her stuff sounds the same. Mumbles. She should of stayed on the come up when she had it like that. Instead she unwisely spent her money. No one is checking for Toni. She should of invested instead of taking her good fortune for granted. Tamar should help her out a bit. It was Toni who introduced her to Vince. Help her get on her feet so she can generate some kind of income for herself. Apparently she isn’t the brightest when it comes to finances. Hopefully she has learned something.

  1. First of all, Toni has had tax issues for a long time now so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s going through extreme measures to hide some of her dough. Plus the whole ‘broke’ scenario is more drama for the next season of the TV show. It’s far fetched but I wouldn’t put it past her.
    Now if she is truly broke she sounds like a dummy for talkin shyt about Terrence J a while back (‘he’s 12 and he doesn’t have no money’).
    Hey Toni meet my homegirl Karma!!!

    • Since Tay Tay loves to brag about Vincent The Herbert having so much why didn’t he spot his sister-in-law the money to buy her songs back?

      (NNPA)–Six-time Grammy award winner Toni Braxton may not have her trophies, Gucci flatware, or the rights to 27 of her hit-songs—but she still has a lot to smile about.

      The Severn, Md. native has finally tied up all the loose ends of her second bankruptcy filing and, if that isn’t enough to lift her spirits, she still has her life. Both her health and her career have been devastated since she was diagnosed with not only the autoimmune disease Lupus, but microvascular angina.

      According to TM, which broke the story, Braxton’s settlement included an opportunity for her to buy back her own songs. But she was outbid by Ross M. Klein, who paid more than double the $20,000 the singer had to put toward the material she helped write.

      Included in the sweep are hits such as “Always,” “You’re Making Me High,” and “How Many Ways.”

      • “Ross M. KLEIN,” outbid Tony for her (publishing?)? You don’t say. A Jhew buying up all rights to everything after helping to make another artist broke? Niggas still have not realized that is a part of their tricks? When you get money (they took that away you know) you need to live at your means instead of trying to live like a king or queen because the labels started getting you used to it like a car salesmen get you used to riding in a new car.

      • They said that she bought her trophies back a long time ago! At least thats what was said on her Behind The Music.

    • Yea she sounded STUPID even then, saying that about Terrence. I think Toni forgets that she was NEVER in the Mariah, Whitney or Celine categories and she couldv’e been. Her money definitely was NOT in the Mariah or Celine leagues and she wrote a lot of her music too. I still believe she got a raw deal from LA and Babyface. They knew what they were doing.

  2. I like Toni but something is really wrong when you have millions of dollars and have to file bankruptcy TWICE

  3. Twice and Broadway is where folk go to get their paperweight up. No housing costs. Most meals are covered and she got paid weekly. How does one phuck that up?

  4. O wow toni so sorry to hear of this! Hopefully its just drama for the next show! This is one family that I am cheering for!

  5. Is this REALLY just a case of living above her means? Or is there something really funny about her money. Imagine if she lived in Cali, her rent would be way more. Why is she renting anyway? I coulda sworn that I heard she was bailed out financially by K
    that Mint Condition dude back in the day. She didn’t learn how to manage money during that relationship. It only takes one bk 7 to figure out what you are doing wrong with your money. How does the health insurance situation work when you’re a recording artist? Maybe her money is funny because she’s got all these health problems. Idk.

    • Naw her medical bills could never come close to the 50 million she claimed she was a Lavish lifestyle she desired.. chapter 7 once is bad management of your money but chapter 7 twice is just plain greed

    • She was renting in LA! She should have stayed her ass right in Atlanta where it is cheaper until she had something SOLID!

  6. Toni is beautiful.

    I love her music. I only watched one season of their reality show, I stopped watching because of Tamar. I loved the way Toni carried herself on the show.

    But, I can’t feel too sorry for her because she trashed a lot of money. I do hope that she will finally be able to get all of her ducks in a row so, that she will finally have financial freedom.

    I hope she has learned a valuable lesson from this. I really do wish you the best Toni.

    • After filing twice I doubt she learned her lesson lol..she filed for 50 million in debts and was ordered to pay 5,000 a month for 15 months and a lump sum for her last payment of 50,000 but she failed to pay that…then she had earned 745,000 on tours overseas but said she had a right to keep that money because she earned it after she filed but the court disagreed and made her pay 100,000 of it,she also lost her rights to her songs so in the end she had to pay 150,000 for 50 million dollars worth of debt so no need for anyone to feel sorry for her

      • Thanx for the info. This is phuqery at its finest to trick off that much money. Perhaps self esteem issues are the cause for the needing of so many material things? Treat the root cause.

  7. I LOVE Toni’s music. I’m a fan. She could come back in the right fashion. Gone are the days of her being half naked on stage trying to hang with the 20 something year old counterparts. Gotta grow with your audience. We are STILL her. But,she is asking for $350 to $400 (high-end)a ticket for an upcoming show in Atlanta. No Ma’am…not quite ready for that just yet Ms Toni. Been too long!! Anita Baker was only commanding $250. She has to do it for the love of music and not the greater need for the money. Then the success will follow.

    • You know, I like Toni Braxton, but how can you feel sorry for someone how is making millions and don’t know how to manage it. She has been through two bankruptcies and still can’t manage her money. That is really sad. I guess it helps that she has family to help her out. After all she has helped them out when she was doing well. I wish her the best regarding her health and her children.

    • @Elle Mo

      Whatt!? You have got to be lying to ME!! I like Toni but is she serious to charge that much and in THIS day in age??? Wow!!! You can see a whole soul tour with 10 to 12 acts for way less than that. C’mon Toni be realistic. SMDH Thats her problem, ALWAYS doing too much in the finance dept. Either that or she is listening to idiots.

  8. I don’t get it, this stupid woman played the Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas and was paid millions, Toni Braxton should be financially set for life. Everyone who has played Vegas – Gladys Knight, Celine Deion, Garth Brooks etc have made millions to add to their wealth except this woman. I guess it does not matter if a person makes millions of easy money, if they are dumb and stupid they will always end up broke like Toni Braxton – just pathetic!!

    • She didn’t make millions in Vegas because the lupus made her have to cancel many shows. Therefore she had to pay everyone from the audience to the sound guys back. It was a horrible contract. That’s where her financial issues began…lupus in Vegas. Read up on her before you get condescending.

      • @Ugh

        Thank You!!


        Please read up on things before you berate someone. She had to pay most of that money back. @Ugh is correct.

  9. The last 3 or 4 albums Toni put out were straight garbage. You can’t understand what the ‘fluck’ she’s trying to sing about. Not sure if she’s singing this new way, thinking it’s sexy or something, but it’s not. She sounds similar to Cher, but worse, because Cher does enunciate.
    Outside of that poor acting job she did in that Lifetime movie, nobody’s going to hire her for a long term gig or rather tour, because she’s not insurable. She had a lucrative Las Vegas opportunity, but understandably, had to quit do to health issues.
    Industry executives look at her as an over the hill, irresponsible, debt ridden, forever sick, diva whose not worth investing $1 dollar into much less hundreds of thousands or millions.

  10. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who’s made more in a year than I’ve made in 10 years. Get your shit together, stop splurging and live within your means.

    • They can start by putting all those hideous wigs on a table outside in the front yard with a “FOR SALE” sign on them.

  11. Most of you trolls on her making comments against toni, is not everyday people!!! You’re hoping she’ll read and get depressed as if everybody don’t feel bad for her. I see the big picture, toni has to make a sacrafice for what she has made and accumilated, toni took the pledge and TPTB wants her to pay. I hope she continue doing what she doing, go ahead toni stay gone, cause you believe in christ and dont want to compromise your relationship with jesus christ. Toni, if you’re reading this dont listen to the devil through these interns making ugly comments,posing as everyday peeps. I know why you’re doing what you’re doing, tell the devil no, you’re not selling your soul, there are plenty of men who are doctors, lawyers & high professionals , who will take care of you and make you his wife, but learn how to budget. Don’t worry about his race, as long as he secured and take care every part of you, along with your boys, then so be it.

    • I was thinking along the same lines as you.
      Have you noticed how stars suddenly turn up broke and unable to pay for homes ?
      The next time they appear all of their financial woes magically disappear.
      When I read these stories I always feel like they are bullied to make a sacrifice.

      • But Toni has been living beyond her means for a while now even AFTER the last bankruptcy. She was on an episode of their show looking at mansions that were 12 to 20k a month!! Seriously?? She may have had some people she trusted screw her, which I DO believe, but no one told her to go out and buy Gucci this and Fendi that before she even had the money in her hands! Come on now, be for real.

    • You sound so crazy,Jesus Christ has nothing to do with Toni B buying items she could not afford, as a matter of fact it was Jesus who said that a rich man chances of getting into heaven was like passing a camel thru the eye of a needle

      Next why cant everyday people have an opinion, You might be on Toni Braxton Vagina but some people are smart enough to know if you spend more than you make it is bound to get you into financial trouble

      • So what, we all fall down and get back up, im sure you’ve had your share of falls, so stop casting stones like you born without sin, cause you were’nt, like everybody else !!! I never forget how vesta the singer said record companies hires undercover “yes people” to help releive you of the same money that is given when the artist signed on the dotted line !! How? By making the artist so busy with schedules, they have no time to keep their eyes on the money given, they will need help. So the artist have no choice but to hire an assistant, who they don’t really know is legit, are they really an applicant? or are they appointed? the artist will never know until they check those bank statements. Among other peeps you never knew about being hired by the company until you see the album and all those names. Vesta’s interview was on unsung on tvone.

      • And stop misinterpreting the bible, he was saying about those who chase and depend on their riches. Toni is not chasing nor depending on what she dont have. Now david and his son solomon was wealthy men and so was abraham jacob and joseph, and yes god made them wealthy men. So its nothing wrong with being rich but its a way you
        go about obtaining wealth in a corrupt manner that makes the difference. When god maketh one rich he add with no sorrow. As for the way toni made it, she dealt with crooks, using her god given gift, her voice. The devil give gifts to but it comes with a price and he takes much more back than what he gave, through his willing human participants. She is right where she needs to be in this end, the way she started out in the biz, with nothing !!!

    • What interns are you talking about….I personally do not care if she does or does not read these comments and I am not trying to make her depressed…just stating obvious facts

  12. I think Toni got her money stashed away somewhere. She may not be balling like she was but I doubt if she is broke or homeless.

    • I agree! She has that money in a close realtives name or a dogs name or something! lol She can’t be a fool twice! Nah don’t believe over here.

  13. All we can do is PRAY for this situation and hopes that Toni gets her act together, whatever she is experiencing or going through, isn’t this like the 3rd or 4th time?

    Whatever the case, ALl we can do is pray for her and children.

  14. I believe this is true. Didn’t she just lose her music catalogue two weeks ago because she got out bided by $20-40 racks? Yep…I believe it. She has Lupus, and this is a very unpredictable disease. I have the disease. If I wasn’t a veteran, I don’t know what I would do-I have Fibromyaglia and Chronic pain. I see 8 doctors on average every three months. She lost her Vegas Contract, because Lupus started attacking her heart, and so she lost the contract and had to pay back the advance. So that was her 2nd BK. The first BK, read just like TLC, same record company and same bull-crap. You would think BabyFace and LA Reid would do black people right…Toni got took just like TLC and she had to file her 1st BK.

    Coupled with Toni always taking care of her family, way before Tamar married Vince, Toni was taking care of the whole family. If Toni spent somethings on herself, then she deserved them for the Grammy’s and years of hits.

    I honestly think that she just had bad luck and bad management/lawyers, because she should had been on “the money” all of these years. Give the woman a break….had she fucked for tracks, I honestly think she wouldn’t had this problem. I mean think of all the Diva’s in the game:

    1. Starting with Diana Ross, who suck and fucked her way through Barry Gordy’s pants/pockets, and I still say that older child Rhonda, is Barry and her child.
    2. Mariah Carey, marrying Tommy Motola of Sony Records. Mariah is her own corporation/entity, just as Diana Ross.

    No woman has ever been able to keep a plush and extravagant lifestyle in this business without screwing to the top..Look at Beyonce, trying to stay relevant to a cheating ugly camel is another example. I am not saying it’s right, but it is what it is. As far as divorcing her husband, rich people do this to keep creditors from seizing all marital assets. I am sure she did this because of legal issues and keeping some of what she had left of her fame. Research and find the truth before just jumping into things.


    • Check out some of the names of the commentators , their names was never seen on hsk before. These are interns to make fun of toni and stress her to make her think this is everyday people saying these things about her. Toni gonna be alright, she should go make music with the asians, their the next world power anyway !!!

    • Sweetie Mariah Carye might have been married to a head honch but that DOES not translate to fucking for tracks when she HERSELF was writing and co/producing them. Toni did not write nearly as many “HITS” as Mariah Carey wrote or Whitney Houston sang. Diana Ross didn’t write nor compose her own music so her and Mariah are apples and oranges. You tried that one though! *Takes the MIC before you DROP it* Have a seat

    • And Toni might have been screwed over SOME of the time but call it what it was, TONI had a big hand in her own financial woes too!!! I love Toni and i’ve BEEN a fan but and I know she will be OK but it is WELL known that Toni thought she was in the leagues of Mariah, Whitney and Celine in the 90’s when it came to record sales and touring and she WAS NOT! However, she could have been! People forget that LaFace records did not have the clout, power or money that Columbia, SONY or Arista or RCA had back in those days. Toni was NOT seeing Mariah, Whitney or Celine or even Janet when it came to promotions.

      • Totally your opinion, its sound like you know her personally. And who are you? What have you done, besides spend your time trying to bring someone who did something in their life that will never be forget? Have you reach the heights that toni reached? You acting like a bitch, spazzing out like this!!. Oh and just for the record i will still pay to see her live anyday, than “garbage, will do anything to be famous ,want to be talented celebs”

  15. WHAT SHAME! toni has trully been going threw it what has been going on with toni s money who is over it and runnig it so horribly plus to top it all off toni si is sick with lupus. im glad she has supportive relavtives like tamar and and the bunch by her side right now.
    its always a GOOD THING to stay and be close to relatives!
    i dont know what religion or even if toni belives in god but right about now would be a good time to get back to praying you hollywood your money nor being toni braxton didnt give you that gifted voice the most high did.

  16. Sometimes you only get one shot at it. For the sake of herself and her young children I hope she gets it together.

  17. Toni moved too much. She’s had houses all over the place and then she just picks up and relocates and buys another house. She should’ve settled down someplace and at least paid off maybe two homes. Homes don’t have to extra lavish just a comfortable nest to fall back on, rent out or have the ability to pay the taxes and hold on to it.


  19. from what i gathered from when i saw her episode of Behind the Music, it seems like she went broke mostly due to her crazy mom tellin her “not to forget about her sisters” and bad business with laface. her mom was wrong for making her feel guilty about her having the success and not her sisters.