Toni Braxton: “I Don’t Feel Love For Music Anymore”


Toni Braxton Quitting Music

Sour From Song?

Toni Braxton says her heart no longer lies in music. The “Unbreak My Heart” singer recently revealed her desire to sing is “leaving” her, pointing to a “midlife crisis” as possibly being the reason. Now, insiders say we shouldn’t expect anymore music coming from the Grammy-winning songstress anytime soon.

Here’s what Toni Braxton told ABC News:

“I don’t feel the love for music anymore. It’s not affecting me and making me feel that thing I always felt when I performed. It’s leaving me and I’m not sure what’s going on in my life.

Maybe it’s a female midlife crisis. I’m not sure, but my heart isn’t in it anymore and I hate to say that.”

Does Toni feel like she’s getting too old to tour, sing and dance across a stage? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask her sister Trina Braxton.


  1. Maybe she’ll do what the other washed up R&B has beens do when they have been replaced by younger models.

    Put out a gospel album and rebuke the Industry.

  2. I watched this interview her goal is now acting and if I heard right she is doing a movie with Denzel…..there’s nothing wrong with a career change, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to pay them bills….so if she needs to switch up late in the game kudos to her, even she knows her reality show won’t last forever.

  3. Well when your last album was named pulse and it didn’t have one ie it didn’t sell you get disillusioned. She never struck me as a very good actress tho her screen time in kingdom come was limited. And with the industry worshipping bottom of the barrel non singing bitches like beyawnce maybe someone with legit singing talent needs to bow out. Kinda sad tho reminds me of when stacy lattisaw hung it up-good singer but the industry changed and she couldn’t keep up ie she was not a dancer ,neither is toni.

    • lol@Kingdom Come. I read an interview Toni did around that time, and the way she was talking about her role in the movie, she expected Whoopi Goldberg and Jada Pinkett were going to give her pointers on acting while on set. Her naivete surprised me, to say the least.

      • Right! Did she really think a bunch of actresses were going to help her possibly take future jobs away from them? They both were probably like if she doesn’t know what to do she needs to go take her ass and make an album!! As a singer producers and directors will take you over a trained actress cause the thinking is the singer’s fan base will come to the movie. Does anyone really think rihanna got that part in Battleship cause somebody thought she was the next angela basset? PUH-LEAZE!!!!

        • lol!@Rihanna and the word ‘acting (Or ‘singing’ and ‘dancing,’ for that matter)’ being in the same sentence.

          But back to Kingdom Come–The verdict is still out on whether it was a comedy or drama–The movie wasn’t funny, no matter how hard they tried, and it was too goofy (An fat, shy black woman named Delightful? Really, people? Tyler Perry wouldn’t even name one of his ‘woe is me’ stereotypical fat black female characters Delightful) to be taken seriously, which makes it something of an oddity or curiosity among mainstream black movies.

    • No if u watched unsung Stacy Latisaw left because of the freaky shit that they wanted her to participate in to keep making hits.. She was not a partier and made that very clear to them and her unsung.. She bowed out gracefully instead of selling out like many others

      • True but on her last album What You Need they brought in puff to teach her how to dance cause Motown wanted to make her a dance diva like janet jackson. But stacy was a singer not a dancer. But the parties and all the freaky stuff were the primary reason she quit. Either way it was a big loss for the music biz and fans of real singers.

      • To: Anonymous 00:28

        I remember interviewing Mandisa for my internet radio show, she was on American Idol about 6 or 7 years ago. She didn’t make it far. She had a beautiful voice. She sang Shackles by Mary Mary and got voted off.

        Well she didn’t get voted off she was asked to leave. The powers that be didn’t like the song. She went on to say vaguely that she refused to play the Hollywood game. Certain things that she would asked to do, she refused.

        She never went into detail about what those things she was asked to do were. She now sings gospel and I think she is doing great.

  4. Who Is Diva Talking about? This Diva is the oldest of 5 sibling girls (by the way I’ve always been told I look just like her.. Sans the surgery:-). Anyway since the Lil attention ho gold digger hoodrat youngest of the family who happens to be “YT” smash and marry her morbidly obese manager (who happens to loves YT girls) and gave her a hit record, a hit show, access the pop stars, and made her about “that,. the older Diva fired the obese manager and is now in a funk as she watch her undeserving YT sister flip her Miss Piggy weave to the top of the music chart practically overnight. Is older Diva now sad and disillusioned by attempted take over of her thrown? Butmof course. Don’t believe me… Ask deh Mamma who will smack deh piss outta you.

  5. Every entertainer has a shelf life. I guess the key is to keep yourself in the mix and know your audience. Tyler Perry’s audience are Christians, Steve Harvey’s is predominately female etc. If Toni figures out her audience and STAY ON TOP OF THE FINANCIAL aspect of things she’ll be ok. If she truly has lost the love for PERFORMING MUSIC and NOT the music business ( Shitty bottom line business) itself…then it’s a sad day. I wish her luck.

  6. I don’t think this has anything to do with Tamar, because Toni is a legend in her own right she doesn’t have to re-prove herself. Tamar can sing but I don’t thing she has what it takes to tough it out when the critics come for her, she will cave in quick.

  7. i think she right just leave the indusrty alone your health and raising your boys is were your etter suited.ton havent had a hit awhile and she sings now days singers are not wanted with the screamers and auto tuners and in some cases some else voices sinignig over your track theres no no place for her real rnb is not wanted no were and thats all toni can do is sing rnb.

  8. I wish Toni the best. No artist stays on top forever. Change is good, it’s like a new beginning.

  9. Didnt we just have a wild discussion on another post a few months back about Toni Braxton?
    That shit was hilarious about the Eddie Murphy curse and Tamar sucking her energy. Lol. Too funny.
    But Im glad to see Toni health is better.
    She is a beautiful and talented singer. I think she will be just fine.

  10. I love the old Toni Braxton, but shr hasn’t had a hit in YEARS, and her bankruptcies are nothing short of laughable. The first time I felt bad for her, but after the second time it was obviously that this woman spends WAY beyond her means. She has too much pride & obviously thinks she is too good to downgrade. A few months ago she was getting put outt of the house she moved into on the show LOL. I remember on the reality show she called Tamar “new money” but fact of the matter is Tamar has more money than her & can afford it. I BET she’s kicking herself for not getting with Vince.