Toni Braxton Reveals Childhood Of Speaking in Tongues To Survive Parents’ Cult…



Our family had fallen into religious extremism.” -Toni Braxton, Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir

Toni Braxton has recounted what reads like a troubled childhood, filled with a cult surrounding and immense insecurities. According to the songstress, “as a kid, her parents joined the Pilar of Truth congregation where women had to ‘cover their nakedness’ by wearing full stockings in the summer.”

“She pretended to speak in tongues to survive her parents’ cult.

That could be what led to Toni’s revelations of what seems to have been great self-hate within… or her wakin’ and bakin’ “until a panic attack led her to decide to quit”. It’s all laid out in the singer’s newly released book “Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir”.

“I’m looking ahead with that ultimate hope – that peering back at my past heartbreaks will ultimately lead to healing.”

Here’s some of what Toni writes:

“I’d been wanting to change my nose for years – I wanted it to be less broad. But because of the conservative ideas I was raised with, I struggled with the thought of altering my body.

I later got my boobies done. I’d always been shaped like a gymnast – size double A breasts and thunder thighs. In fact, I wish I would’ve had lipo on my inner thighs. I’ve always hated them.”


  1. I’m not sure how speaking in tounges helps you survive a cult but I believe that her childhood was dysfunctional.

  2. This actually makes me like her a little more. I had a similar experience with family and it isn’t easy when you aren’t on the same plane.

  3. Was is pentacostal(holiness) denomination. Those people next to catholics are disturbing. The woman usually go through a whore phase. She should appreciate. One of the few mid aged with a waistline who doesnt blame letting herself go on being a “devoted mother”

  4. I don’t know about Y’all but this smells like a book into making, other than that, what’s the point of mentioning it now?

    • ^^exactly..she’s a day late & a dollar short of a book deal..well her records sales & concert venues not selling the Hollywierd ppl always do book deals..

  5. So you mean most Pentecostals don’t actually have the gift of speaking in tongues? Well duh. To have the gift to speak in tongues just means that you have the ability to speak in another real human language without having studied it. Demons mock this when they possess someone and they make them speak in another foreign language other than their own. But most Pentecostals who I have heard that claim to have this gift, don’t have it. They just speak a bunch of jibberish. This is is why Paul told those who thought they had this gift to keep quiet in Church unless there was an interpreter around. Most Pentecostals will try to say they are speaking in the tongue of angels, but angels speak in the same language as whichever human they are communicating with. On top of that, at most Pentecostal churches, everybody says the same mumbo jumbo, so you know they faking. If you read the story of Pentecost in the NT, those Israelites came from all over, they were all speaking different human languages which were foreign to the person speaking it, but recognized by another Israelite whose native tongue it may have been.

    As far as the guidelines for her cult, well I don’t know how much of a cult it is. They just seemed really strict. I remember certain girls I went to school with who wore long skirts all the time, no matter the season, no make up, conservative hairstyle and etc. So this used to be a pretty common practice amongst some in the Church. They were just more modest than others in the Church, I don’t really see it as them teaching self hate, just modesty.

    • Thank you for a very informative post. I know what you mean about the fake speaking in tongues thing. I don’t have the gift, and I don’t really feel that comfortable in church when everyone around me s doing it. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I can tell you that usually folks are repeating the same gibberish over and over almost like a mantra. They seem compelled to say something, so if the spirit isn’t working through them, I guess they fake it hoping that the real thing will eventually happen.

    • Yes@ self made Paul said be quiet unless there is an interpreter. Those churches are conjuring demons when they speak in tounges out of order. It’s something to not be played with. On the other hand I don’t think it right for her to discredit how she was raised. What’s wrong with modest apparell?

      • I guess it’s better to parade around half naked like the pic of her above. She battled deciding to get plastic surgery because of how she was raised. I’m trying to figure out what’s the problem in that.

    • I SO appreciate your response. Because it is true! This is the REAL power of the Holy Ghost. And The Lord will confirm his Word if he is the one divinely giving you the utterance to speak or if you are being influenced by a familiar spirit of the atmosphere. Because remember, Satan is the prince of the air; and a lot of people catch demons. Thinking they are being used by The Lord. And I myself am not comfortable when that goes on in churches because of you’re not careful, those spirits can be transferred (i.e. if you’re not skilled in The Word of God).

  6. First of all. Speaking in tongue does not exist if you can’t translate it. That’s in the bible. Anytime you open your mouth, you should be able to tell what you have said, if it is of God.

  7. Luv ur ost @self made and all the others
    Its good to know at times u not the only 1who have experiences in certain areas 🙂

  8. Damn, Toni got some killer curves, Man these Hollyweird fruitcakes got more self-hatred than anybody, people thank GOD you are just so-called common and 2 my sistas, please love them killa curves GOD blessed you with and even that cute small booty

  9. Speaking in tongues is one of the gifts of the spirit. You either have it or you don’t and to those that pretend trust and believed god will not be mocked. If you have the spirit of discernment and you walk into a church you will able to tell if it’s save filled church or a “country club church” they get together with their best wears,pyro,big show,great music…but the lord is M.I.A. Plus Toni typical PK kid wanted to go wild and she found and excuse.

  10. Don’t feel sorry for people who had millions. God already rewarded you. Poor people suffer way more. Stfu and suck that shit up. Bye bitch.

  11. It’s her story to tell but I don’t really understand the point of her airing all of her dirty laundry. We already get an eyeful of that family’s obvious dysfunction from their TV show. On the speaking in tongues: It is not only the Pentecostal’s (but mostly them) who play speaking in tongues. I’m Baptist and I’ve seen it at a few Baptist churches also. Not trying to disrespect anyone’s beliefs but I’ve never met anyone whom I believe actually have the gift of speaking in tongues. All that jumping around and talking gibberish is suspect. I’ve seen it up close and in personal (as have others) and just cannot take it seriously.

    • It appears to be for attention to me. Went to a church las year Asa favor to my girl. They locked us in and started jumping around and speaking in fake tongues. A young woman took off her shirt. She had a nice pair btw but it was a wild fake mess. I got up moved the usher out our way and we left. They stopped and stared. Bizarre.

  12. To me Toni looks really good now, even without make-up, but that’s just my opinion. She struggles to be what Hollywood wants her to be. The end result of that is usually self hate.

  13. HSK is focusing on the “religious extremism” of Toni’s childhood while the white media is focusing on things like her abortion.

    I have no idea why Toni feels the need to air all of her dirty laundry. The only thing I can assume is that she fell out of favor with the powers that be, and in order to attempt to reclaim her fame, she has to belittle herself as a means of showing humility. She can keep her book and her charades.