Tony Yayo Blames Money For Separating The G-Unit Boys


G-Unit Reunion a No-Go

Mo Money, Mo Problems?

Tony Yayo seems to agree with that saying ‘mo money, mo problems’. Know why? Because the G-Unit member recently told MTV News that he and his group were getting along much better when they were broke.

During the same interview, the rapper went as far as saying “f*#@ rap”, blaming the music for creating a separating between him, 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks. That’s before Tony Yayo says he and Lloyd Banks put up with Fiddy’s bad mood often – while crediting the G-Unit founder with being the only who helped keep them eating.

Here’s what Tony Yayo told MTV News:

“You know what’s crazy? It’s like when we didn’t have any money, things were better, When everybody got money, it’s like things just went downhill, so it’s like, I dunno, egos.

I would love to see a G-Unit reunion. I would love to see me, Banks and 50 definitely onstage.

When we were broke, and we didn’t have a pot to piss in, we were all callin’ each other’s phones and that’s the thing that just upsets me the most, and it makes me just want to say, ‘Fuck Rap.’

Loyalty is my biggest thing. 50 helped all of us eat. We all had mansions, we all had Bentleys, so if Fif is in a bad mood or feels a certain way that day, you just eat that. You learn to judge your friends for who they are.”

Did 50 Cent recently shoot down the idea of a G-Unit reunion in order to punish is band mates for being lazy? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Chelsea Handler.


  1. “It Ain’t Personal”

    Man, they go and tell me like
    you never know who your true friends until you ah umm
    both got a little bit of money
    I mean cause y’all both broke
    then there’s no strain on the relationship, y’all both broke
    And if you got money and he ain’t got no paper
    He still needs you so you’ll never know how he really feel about you
    When y’all both get some paper, you’ll see.-Jay-Z-It aint personal.

    That aside, i feel these guys got lazy, waiting on 50 to do everything for them .

  2. im so glad floyd mayweather removed hisself from that snake…50 has no cred,no friends and no respect…he got money that will one day be taken from his sheisty ass by the new people in his life…just watch and see…them yt boys gonna fuck him good.

    • I strongly disagree. Curtis has a head for business that most of these artists have no clue about. His agenda is being pushed and he is a media darling. Floyd is a fool, making it rain with fake money? Not a good look. Beating women, not a good look.

      Fiddy is cut throat. Tell me what successful business man/woman isn’t?

      • the only cut throat business men that i have knowledge of are all people who do not create anything…but steal from others…and do u truly respect those kind of people…mayweather created his wealth from God given talent…shitty fiddy came along and tried to steal a piece of that wealth lokking like a male boxing groupie…i cant and will never respect bull shit aver the real.

          • and floyd the highest paid sports entertainer in the world dont? come on pinkkitty you starting to sound delusional…and its always about respect…those that dont have respect usually dont respect themselves or others and are morally defiecient to the point of doing anything…u hear me…anything for money…its not that important for me to be the richest when i can live a respectful life with what i have…an ego on steroids will take you to some pretty dark places…and a lack of respect can get you set up or even worse killed.

            • This thread isn’t about Floyd, it is about 50, please focus.

              All I’ve said about Floyd is that he is known to make it rain with fake money. Why would someone do that? If you money is on point why floss with fake bills.

              More importantly, and businessman with a brain would never be throwing thousands of dollars in cash in the air at anyone, et alone strippers. That hood mentality will keep ninjas broke.

              Back to 50, he is a businessman. The G-Unit flunkies haft her chance and blew it.

            • Respecting yourself is why he feels his friends should work & he refuses to let grown men live off of him…floyd is a trick, he constantly tricks off his $$$ & you think that’s a respectable trait??? 50 is a true businessman, he’s not licensing his name to products, he’s acquiring companies, making more $$ off business deals than rap all without any formal education, the guy is intelligent & that is what is separating him from the rest…

            • Floyd has IRS issues so no, he’s not handling business. He’ll be another broke boxer in 10 years. I don’t see 50 going that route.

        • I watch a lot of interviews with 50,he is a very smart business man,he is walking away from hiphop that’s why he give a lot a music away for free.He is off to he next business adventure.Yeah he trying to off in the boxin game,now boy Floyd is going to go broke,50 said Floyd don’t have all that money like we think and said he don’t have business ppl around him showing him how to manage and invest his money.Pull it up on you tube,its a few interiews he is talking about it.But I agree 100%what Pinkitty is saying.

    • @dontsmokeit yes i agree he thinks all of this is gonna last forever. I can not wait till he loses everything the way he did buck, yayo, Lloyd and hell even his own baby mama. She’s on that new show you should check it out.

      • …Taking Yayo’s statements into account, it’s (still) clear that the only ‘G-Unit flunky’ that ‘blew it’ is Young Buck, or is blowing and snorting 8 million dollars away, being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to the IRS, biting the hand that feeds you (50 Cent) more than once, having all your shit auctioned off, and you sitting in prison broke considered ‘successful’ these days? I would mention Game, but he ‘blew it’ the moment he showed up and got clowned on ‘Change of Heart.’ Compton’s definitely in the House…lol

  3. Money wasn’t the issue, stupidity was/is. You can’t take some types out of the hood. None of them took out the time to earn how to handle their money. They knew and perfect all the hood rules, but have no survival skill outside the hood!

    They all had mansions? Why,they left the hood to get a mansion when a condo or townhouse would have been sufficient. They had Bentleys, why? An Audi, BMW or Mercedes would have been quite alright. But noooooo these fools bought things with names they couldn’t spell or pronounce, items they sure as shit did NOT need. I bet you they leased and didn’t own anything! Now all they have are memories.

    Also, these men were swapping spit with each other. That was a problem too. The homo-thugs were in full effect!

  4. floyd mayweather has recieved his wealth from hard work and dedication…i bet floyd can at least sleep at night…fiddy is a controlled robot for yt businessmen…his boss is eminem a crack head…floyd is his own boss…u tell me who is really winning.

    • No boxer is his own boss. Ask Mile Tyson. I respect 50 because he literally came up from nothing. He made contacts with local musical talent which got him to the next level. He leveraged his so called street cred into endorsements and got paid. And he still does alot of charitanle work in queens. I don’t hate on that sort of initiative because that’s what it takes to make it in business. I always liked Lloyd Banks but talent alone isn’t enough to make it in the industry. G unit should have been a vehicle for folks to develop their own brand but everyone isn’t a boss. But then again, who knows what kind of contracts Yayo and Banks were signed to.

      • mike tyson was taught and brought along by yt men…cus damato…floyd was taught and brought up by his dad and uncles…if u dont see the difference well thats on you…floyd cut ties with his yt promoters bob arum and formed his on clique…he is not in a subservant role…he does business with al haymon a black man who promotes his interest…no man is a island unto himself…all yt business men are not snakes…but fiddy is a controlled monkey for yt business men who will one day be done with him and will surely throw his ass back to the wolves.

        • and another thing…fiddy never attacks anyone yt…only those who are of his race…self hatred to the fullest…fuck fiddy.

          • He’s attacking the white establishment every time he attempts to school these fools on how they are being taken advantage of…him trying to teach his fellow black men the art of business shows his level of self-respect, he’s not wearing a skirt on stage to turn lil black boys gay, he’s not promoting the gentrification of his old ghetto neighborhood, he’s not pedaling LIQUOR to his own people!! YOU are brainwashed, you obviously don’t know what self-hate looks like…

            • Wow, you’re delusional. I had to stop everything I was doing just to laugh at your ridiculous ass. LOL!! I think Jacky said 50 reads this site, so who are you? Or are you paid to just ride his dick? Your comment is besides the point, which is, 50 fawns all over Eminem. Case closed. Now take that knot outta your panties and go sit your ass down somewhere. Its not that serious.

            • Unfortunately you are the delusional one you probably wear a skirt just like your idol kanye or lemme guess you “make it rain” in the club throwing $$$ away instead of purchasing any assets…bet you have your ciroc vodka which is so cheap that it freezes in every flavor…you shouldn’t make any comments because it is quite obvious that you sir are an idiot…

          • dontsmokeitnomo said: ‘and another thing…fiddy never attacks anyone yt…only those who are of his race…self hatred to the fullest…fuck fiddy.’

            …So Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope records and 50’s boss, isn’t ‘yt’ now?

        • Floyd works for MGM & pay-per-view, he is paid ENTERTAINMENT just like ALL the other athletes that get a PAYCHECK. He is a EMPLOYEE & when vegas decides they no longer want his services he will be FIRED…how can you compare that to a CEO? If 50 never raps another day in his life he is the owner of several businesses, not the employee of, but the OWNER, he cant be fired, he does not receive a paycheck…HE ISSUES THE CHECKS, he has assets that can be liquidated, the fact that you do not understand this is troubling!!

    • Floyd is an employee just like the rest of the athletes, he gets a paycheck for his services while pay-per-view & various promoters make a fortune off of him. CEO versus employee are two VERY different things regardless of the size of his paycheck. 50 used his $$$ to purchase ASSETS, vitamin water, headphones, BOXERS…which means he’s the OWNER issuing said checks BIG DIFFERENCE, most people don’t understand, he obviously does not aspire to be anyone’s high paid EMPLOYEE which means he is very intelligent & understands the game better than most!

      • Sir or ma’am, we get the picture: You idolize 50 Cent. OK, got it. But Jacky’s post was about the estrangement of G-Unit–not 50’s global ventures, business prowess or his Fortune 500 profile, which have all been documented, thanks.

        We dig that you’re a 50 fanatic. I mean, damn, I’m sure there are people in the Taliban who are less fanatic about terrorism than you are about 50 Cent!

        If you can’t keep up with grown folks, then please STFD.

        • Nice way to deflect & attempt to change the subject, YOU sound like someone who aspires to be an EMPLOYEE, the subject was why g-unit has run through their $$$ & 50 has not, which is because he’s a businessman…stay in school kids!!

          • And how much of these $$ are you being broke off to campaign for 50 on Jacky’s site? Say what? Oh, ummm, I can’t hear you? Did you say 0? Gotcha.

            Find a toilet, stick your whole body in it, and just hit the FLUSH please. I try not to waste too of my day fuckin with lames and you just passed your time limit.

            Bye Bye.

            • Are you upset? You sound upset…just like the member of g-unit. See ladies & gentlemen this is the problem, instead of acknowledging the fact that you don’t know what the hell your talking about & seeking information to educate yourself, you want to attack me…your behavior on this thread is the exact same mentality of banks, yayo, floyd, et al…don’t get made at me for educating you on the truth…

      • THANK YOU. Pull back the curtain on boxing and you will find the Mob or other industry thugs with their hands in your pockets. I don’t cosign on everything the man does but I as far as black rappers, he has definitely gone from ashy to classy. And the fact that those in GUnit haven’t isn’t his fault. He opened the door and all they had to do was walk through it. Rap is a business. Either you have a head for it or you don’t.

        • Exactly, were starting from behind in this country so you may have to START by being someone’s employee & getting a paycheck from somebody but you don’t have to FINISH that way especially when you come into $$$ & opportunity like these gentlemen…they have NO excuse

          • Just want to add that 50 has a head for business because he thinks LONGGGGGG TERM.

            The reason his ex, Shaniqua, can’t participate in Starter Wives Confidential is because 50 bought the rights to HER life story….so she wouldn’t be able to capitalize on their relationship with a tell-all book, tv show, etc.

            It appears that while his Unit was sleeping…50 was THINKING.

            And I agree, you can’t hate the player for that. You just have to learn how to play the game.

            • Sharia:

              Everything you stated is on point. Please keep in mind that, for every intelligent poster there is, there is at least one fool. I haven’t been posting on this site long, but when I first started, people were respectful and at least willing to admit what they didn’t know. The past couple months have lent themselves to new posters and even a few old poster being complete assholes.

              I have no choice but to believe that HSK has been overtaken by undereducated, ill informed posters, predominately males. Don’t be a woman on this site who knows her shit. You will be met with allegations, accusations and ignorance galore. You don’t strike me as a 50 stan. I can tell you’ve followed 50’s professional pursuits, as any smart, young person would. Some people listen to music and memorize song titles. Others read liner notes and become familiar with producers, publishing companies and songwriters. You’re smart and everyone cannot handle intelligence. You handled your opposition with class despite his or her stupidity and immaturity. Keep up the good work.

  5. Let’s no forget that 50 once stated that he was surprised that Banks and Yayo, didn’t have their own managers-correct me if im wrong folks-

  6. For every millionaire,a thousand ppl can’t eat,words of wisdom for floydd “no mo”banks and phoney tony “says so”!

  7. Bottom line to me is Fiddy did what a friend is supposed to do, he got his boys started, what is supposed to do carry them like kids? they’re all grown ass men, they should have learned or asked questions so that they could stand on their own two feet like men.

      • Or a more likely scenario is that they were never owned but rather leased from month-to-month. Again, no business savvy.

        • True, if your renting then you haven’t even gotten to property tax & I have never heard of them being in foreclosure so you’re probably right…

      • Sounds like your life. BTW, LOL, no idolization here partna. But its obvious you’ve decided to become 50’s online bitch so congrats. I guess you have to find something to do in between visits to the methadone clinic and your hoe stroll ministry.

        This might be hard for you to accept but not everybody rides rapper dicks all day long, which is what seems to be your life’s mission, besides stalking me on Jacky’s site. Tell your mom she shouldna changed her mind about that abortion.

        You’re lame, lonely and nutty. Get a pet or try overdosing.

  8. Will someone post something that isn’t a personal attack on fellow posters? Jeez, it’s just a gossip site.

  9. eminem let saha cohen stick his ass in his face as a practical joke sorry but who arranges to have another dude to do that for fun.

    what’s that old skit where em had a gay alter ego getting head from icp.

  10. LOL, am I the only person that thinks you’re either a nerdy kid or a deeply disturbed stan? You hate “hood rats” and “ignorance” but you’re obsessed with 50 Cent and commenting on rap stars? WTF??

    You’re not even worth me responding to from this point on so find a new name and somebody else to play with.

  11. Lets remember that 50 was nothing but a drug dealing thug, dealing drugs to his own people. 50 was right up there with Floyd taking pictures with stacks of money on tables and beds, so 50 is just as ignorant too. And lets not forget how 50 got his start and who he still pays a percentage to. Remember we all know he burned down his ex’s house, now that was ignorant too. And worst of all 50 loves them white women now, Cameran Diaz, Chelse , and all the other white women he has been known to creep with. Class, please, we know the wealthy view him as nothing more than a n***er with money.

    • Co-sign. Jacky was right when he posted that there’s a difference between how Fiddy treats Black folks and White folks. I was kinda thrown how he not only wanted to cut ties with Young Buck–he wanted to destroy him. Now, Buck wasn’t necessarily 100% right either but damn–weren’t they cool at one point?

      • Yep. Let’s not forget Jimmy Iovine… Anyone in cahoots with this guy is either a major predator or major prey. There is no in between! Can’t believe people on here actually trying to explain this sellout’s deal with the devil as being business savvy . Goes to show these people would do the same thing he did…

  12. Oh and another thing, they may have messed up the little chump change 50 was giving to them. But yall know 50 made sure they were not rich, he is too selfish and controlling plus he would not want them brothers to be up there with him in terms of wealth. Example, when wealthy people have a good tip they pass it on to their own so they can get paid too, unlike 50 who made sure he kept his mouth shut about investing in that mineral water. Yep made sure them brothers did not find out nothing, and he let those brothers keep thinking the only way to get paid is by rapping. 50 is for self and self only!

  13. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil, not money, which makes an excellent servant but a terrible master.

  14. vitamin water ain’t nothin’ but sugar. Diabesity is prevalent in our community.

    At about the time the crime started leveling off in our community, here comes fiddy to start the BS again. Has he plowed that money back into his community where he sold drugs? I believe it was him who started the phrase for little girls, “I want you to be my pimp”.

    Plenty of “bidness” men in the black community that ain’t got nothin’ to offer but blues and mayhem and mind numbification to the black community.

    But that is all right with you plantation niggas?

    • It took me revisiting this thread to see “diabesity” and ask, “What the fuck is diabesity?” So, you’re going to refer to posters as “plantation niggas” while merging names of illnesses, Dr. Keith Murray?!. Exit the fuck out of life. Obesity and diabetes are two separate diseases. I’m so done.

      • @Bella:

        This is a link to an article which might help you find out “what the fuck is diabesity”, a term that has been around for at least 8-9 years and how type 2 diabetes and obesity are related.

        And yeah, “plantation niggas” were exploited by the master for his profit — not theirs. Most were too scared, brainwashed and ill-educated to know that it was their blood sweat and tears was makin’ the master rich. If folks think fiddy is a “bidness” man, who exploited his community and continues to do so, then yeah, plantation nigga is an appropriate term.

  15. Oh and another thing, if it is true that he was fuckin’ Chris Lighty’s wife, Chris, a real marketing pro, you all cool wit dat.

    Damn, as long as a nigga makin’ bank, that is okay with our folk. And we wonder why we stay losin’

  16. get rich or die trying.
    50 cent got rich and quit trying.curtis is so last millenium.curtis just take it like a one of them old school rappers that done fell more no less.g unit went broke from lack of record sales.50 cents solo career is on its knees begging for an oxygen mask.dudes scared to come to LA because game slapping them gunit dudes up kicking them in their ass down drive ways and shit.gunits rep is on the toe of them chucks chuck hsd on when he was kicking 40 glocc in the ass.gunit is dead and stanky.

  17. Floyd is a donkey , He disrespected his own blood the man who brought him into this world , taught him the game and the sport of boxing , and once those people get into his ear { You don’t need your father , kick him to the curve } , and you do just that. Give it another 5 years and he will be broke than a hooker from the 80’s. Big up to 50 , from the street to the suites and keeping a close eye on his money !

  18. I remember when g unit 1st came out they interviewed Lloyd Banks grandfather
    I recall the grandfather saying Lloyd was always sleeping and could fall asleep at the drop of a hat
    The way the grandfather phrased it was like 1.) Lloyd had a sleep disorder or 2.) he was just plain lazy
    The grandfather also said he was that way since he was a youngin