Top Stories For 2011: Mister Cee Arrested For Sex With Transvestite


Story of the year 2011 - DJ Mister Cee
The Top Article for 2011 goes to…. Hot 97 DJ, Mister Cee. Know why? Because on April 3, 2011 HSK exclusively broke the story that, Calvin LebRun aka Mister Cee was busted by the NYPD while he was receiving a professional from a transvestite prostitute. Don’t believe me.. Ask Brooklyn aka Pink Lady!

Did Funkmaster Flex try to spin the situation? Of course he did, but Mister Cee plead guilty to public lewdness and exposure and received a sentence of 12 months sex addiction counselling.

Over one million people came through HSK to see Mister Cee’s booking sheet.

The Runner up article goes to….

The sudden death of Cathy Koreana White.

Cathy White’s mysterious death left many of us suspicious. Know why? Because just one year earlier HSK revealed that Ms. White was the longtime mistress of hip hop mogul Jay Z.

Cathy White and Vesta Williams both died in sudden and mysteriously ways and guess what — No one is talking about either cause of death.

Cathy White still garners tens of thousands of searches every month since originally reported on.


  1. I agree with these 2 selections. Both stories where hot messes and Jacky’s site is one of only a handful of sites that would even touch these stories, especially the Cathy White story, and even then, they were watered down BS. Keep bringing the REAL tea in 2012 Jacky.

  2. 2011 was really the year of the Hoe. Tiger wood’s mistresses,kobe Bryant’s jump-offs,Herman Cain’s mistresses,Deion Sanders’s jump-off,Rihanna,Lady Gaga,Kim “Kimbella” Vanderhee.Amber Rose,Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander, Kim Kardashian and her hoeing ass family,Pilar Sanders,The whole Braxton Family,Suelyn Medeiros, Lindsay Lohan,Model and Video Vixen Dollicia Bryan,Maliah Michel,Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada,Mathew Knowles’s babby momma, Let’s face it, in this day and age “HOES BE WINNING”

    The Year Of The Hoe

    • People use that phrase: “Hoes be winning” but I guess I have to ask what are they exactly winning? Most of these chicks have notoriety but how long will that last?

      I don’t personally condone this type of behavior for me but I haven’t walked in these women’s shoes nor lived their lives. In the end, they have to live with their choices.

      What I see for the most part seems to be celebrity without any underlying talent. Mediocrity and a “look” are rewarded instead of true talent. That is the truly sad part.