Trina’s Leaked Video Hits the Internet


Trina Sex Tape

It appears that lyricist Trina is being blackmailed with explicit nude photos, after the rapper lost her phone. Now, she’s being asked to come up with $100,000.

This situation takes me back a few months ago, when I received a tip from one my sources which I never reported. Know why? Because I didn’t care mane, but some of you do so here it is. The source said that rapper Trina was broke before Minnesota Vikings player Bryant McKinnie saved her. At the time, word on the street was she was doing escort calls. But because there was no proof to back the allegation, I didn’t run the story. Though it’s no secret that Missy Elliot paid good money for Trina’s pussy…why else do you think Missy purchased a house next to Trina’s pad? A woman whom Missy also gave the thumbs up for Jay Z to bang! That’s Trina’s track record,

Now, the world has not only been exposed to pictures of Trina’s pussy, but it’s also on blast that the rapper suffers from the skin disease, shingles.

If Trina had a simple lock on her cellphone, this never would have happened and we wouldn’t know what we now know…would we? And, Trina’s cell phone negligence now may potentially put others in danger of losing their privacy. Don’t believe me? Ask Kenyon Martin. The moral to this story is to put a lock on your cellphone! Because, even the police have the right to go through your cellphone if it’s not locked. So, stop snitching and lock up those fucking phones!!!

Don’t you agree?



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