Trinidad James Clowns Adele


Trinidad James Got Jokes

A Rapper With Some Serious Sarcasm

Trinidad James says him working with Adele “would be like Jesus co-authoring Joseline Hernandez memoirs”. How funny is that statement? That’s exactly what the rapper had to say about the “Rolling In The Deep
singer, during a recent interview with Vibe Magazine.

Here’s what Mr. “All Good Everything” had to say about collaborating with singer Adele:

“I really wanna work with Adele. She been dope forever and I feel like if I had a chance to do some music with her, it’ll be good but that’s just my opinion. Even if it wasn’t good, I would still listen to it by myself just so I could hear her voice and be like ‘I’m on a song with Adele.’

So I see Jesus co-authoring Joseline Hernadez’s memoir before that happens, but I will make one note: I can totally see Adele being into All Gold Everything.”

Is Trinidad James going to be featured in HSK’s upcoming satire ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin‘ – during Black History Month? Of course. Know why? Because Trinidad James is not just a buffoon – he’s also the 2013 version of Buckwheat, Busta Rhymes and T-Pain. Don’t believe me.. Ask Professor Griff.


  1. Wait, he can’t express his desire to work with a white artist without be called an Uncle Tom? No he is t very articulate in expressing himself. But his lack of vocabulary is his fault. He is a fan of Adele’s, I see no problem with that. He Lao acknowledges that he has no chance in hell of ever working with her. Well, atleast he’s realistic whilst stannin’ hard!

  2. That’s not what he’s saying. This article is totally spun and wrong.

    He’s saying that it would be virtually impossible for him to work with her, to the fact that jesus would work with joseline before that would happen.

    This is sloppy “journalism,” Jacky. Don’t do that.

  3. Im just waiting for the day when the first rapper just comes out in a straight up clown outfit…Makeup and all from head to toe. Insane Clown Posse has done it for Metal…Nicki Minaj has come pretty close but she has never really crossed the line into getting a registered clown personna and name.

    The day is coming soon though.

    • She hasn’t? Everbody I know says she is a clown. Her flow is just as clownish as her attire and her make-up is starting to look goulishly pale.

  4. OKay, so where is he clowning her? It’s more like he is clowning himself for probably never getting the chance to work with her. Duh.
    He clearly said he is a fan and she is dope. I don’t get it. At all.

    • That is exactly the way I read it. He was clownin himself while speaking some serious praise for Adele’s musical gift.

      I actually found it sort of humanizing and sweet that he acknowledges she is so far out of his league it is just a dream. I ain’t mad at him.

  5. Jacky I’m going to have to cosign on this shit this guy is the biggest Buffon right about now I’ve read some his other comments and seen him on you tube, someone needs to pass him that white paint, some ilumnous red sparkly lip gloss, a Ronald McDonald outfit , one of Nicki minaj fake wigs, and some yellow boots, then told to sit down and wait to be inducted into that coon sambo cabin of yours….

  6. I can’t stand Adele either…She is a “biter”, she is fat, bitter, babymomma and her singing is “flat” and toneless. I don’t like “Trinidad James” either. Personally, I think Christina Aguilera is a better singer than this chick!!

    Adele is just being “proped up” because Amy Winehouse is dead. And they are looking for another White soul singer. They would be better if they just found another Black one.