Trinidad James Is Super Superstitious!!!


Trinidad James' Underwear Superstition

Magic Underwear?

HSK Exclusive – He may have gold all in his ring and gold all in his chain, but Trinidad James may want to beef up the boxer count in his dresser drawers.

That’s because sources say mere superstition leads the rapper to live between just two pairs of “lucky” Versace drawers – with one Los Angeles groupie revealing the All Gold Everything rapper hand washes his undergarments between wears.

Here’s the drop:

“He’s a superstitious dude…that’s why he rotates his two pairs of underwear. TJ is not nasty. He washes his Versace underwear every night after a show.”


  1. You can “hand wash” all you want to, but if you ain’t throwing those bad boys in a machine, you’re just covering up the funk.

  2. He’s from the islands. At a young age we are taught to hand wash our undergarments when we bathe. It’s a culcha ting!

    • Exactly! As a matter of fact we think it’s nasty to just through your underwear in the laundry bag without washing it out first. I still do this, I wash my panties out before I step in the shower and hang it to dry a little while I’m showering.

    • Anonymous u dead right my family from Jamaica and when I was lil my mom taught me how to wash out mi pantie when mi tek a bath…

  3. vigourously washing your underwear by hand with a good bar of Ocogon soap is much superior than just throwing it in a washing machine. The washing machine dont get in there and scrub those shit stains out completely and it only gives a surface clean…When you are scrubbing by hand using muscle and hard soap , you know its real.

  4. So he only uses his lucky undies, huh? Well all this means to me is that he’s gonna wear’em until all that’s left is a raggedy string. Between only using the same two undies and hand washing them everyday, he’s gonna be an “unlucky” mess when he wears them out.

  5. If your wipe your azz properly and have a clean bill of health theres no need for leaks and stains to be in your underwear. I was raise to soak my panties in HOT water and then hand wash them in gold dial soap. I totally get hand washing your undies but what’s wi only having 2 pair?? Aint nothing like a fresh new pair of drawls lol

  6. Maybe its just me…but if you gotta soak AND handwash ur panties BEFORE you put them into the laundry, your poom needs to be investigated! The ONLY time you need to do that is if you get any spill overs durng “that time!”

    • Yeah that’s a bit excessive… If you know you are clean before u put ur underwear on, u don’t need to act as if the Ebola virus is growing in them when u take them off! Anyway if you put them in the dryer, it is the heat that really sanitizes them…

  7. I’ll wash Trini’s dirty underwear anytime he wants me to. All gold everything. word bond.

  8. wtf?? TJ is nasty!! hand washin 2 pairs of draws!! gtfoh!! its a reason washing machine was invented!! island culture my ass!! wat u got n ur draws so potent cant wait til laundry day??

  9. really this dude takes out the time to hand wash his own draws! ever heard of the washing machine itll do that for ya just pause all the way around f your island culture your over here in america and and grown ass man dont have to hand wash your sh!tty draws whe have a washing machine on stand by!

  10. I’m from the islands and I don’t so that shit. I have a washing machine and a dryer. Plus I stay with new, crisp boxers.

  11. Panties, drawers, boxers, G-strings, thongs.. ALL need a good ass washing in a washing machine!! LOL Hand washing is only a temporary fix when you’re in a temporary fix!