Trinidad James’ Stylist Reveals Ratchet Fashion In Mos Def’s Ex-Wife


Alana Wyatt Dissed by STD

Alana Wyatt’s Woes…

HSK Exclusive – We getting word that Mos Def’s former wife has stooped to the low level of borrowing money with no intentions of paying back her gracious creditor. That’s why one man is speaking out after he says the 35-year-old former Toronto stripper – and failed tell-all author – refuses to refund the $2,000 she owes him.

According to Swagg Boss – who currently serves as Trinidad James’ stylist – Alana Wyatt is battling depression over her grim future, while suffering from genital herpes. He says after Wyatt turned to him for a loan to fund her college semester tuition – which she promised to pay back – he had no problem with helping out. Swagg Boss says after being notified Wyatt is infected with the incurable sexually transmitted disease, he ran for the hills.

Now, Swagg Boss says Wyatt can rot in Toronto with her baby daddy, Saukrates — adding he’s not holding his breath over the cash Wyatt ‘borrowed’.

Here’s the drop:

“I tried to get Alana out here in L.A. cause she’s a party girl. I figured, I’d invest two-thousand-dollars into the bitch for her school tuition. She said she was going to fly out here during her break.

When I found out Alana had herpes, I told her to stay in Canada with Saukrates. I ain’t tripping, but she still owes me two grand.”


  1. Damn, what is it with these men. I thought Mos Def was intelligent, but he wifes a stripper? These men got that ho spirit and it will bring hem down. But if this dude wanted to pimp her, aren’t all hoes infected with herpes or some type of STD?

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        • BOOM!!!! And there you have it. Always wanna call out the “women” but they aint “hoeing” by themselves. SOMEBODY is willing and is paying. Stop bashing the “women” all the damned time. WTF is going on on this site lately? Jacky you’re bashing all females and no males. That is not cool dude. I’m starting to not like this site anymore. It’s too one sided. As bad as Sandra Rose and I stopped viewing that site because of the one-sided bashings. SMDH. Damn!!!! Errbody selling out for the buck I see.

  2. Idiot. I love his music n all but he’s probably faggin too. Those r the guys who do stupid shit like that…

    Not to mention, the bitch aint shit and cant possibly be stripping that well bcuz BITCH WTF IS $2000?? Old nickle n dime ass skeezer.

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