The True Story Surrounding The Death of Jay Z’s Mistress Cathy White


Cathy White Suspicious Death

Update: My NYPD source has just (9/2/2011 @ 17:00) confirmed with me  that the cause of death is listed as natural until further investigation can be completed.


HSK Exclusive – HSK was the first to reveal that 28 year old Cathy White was Jay Z’s mistress. Don’t believe me? Ask Claudia Jordan.

Yesterday, I got the news that Cathy Michelle White had suddenly passed away, so I quickly began my investigation and guess what? Cathy did not die from a brain aneurysm as reported widely around the internet today. According to an NYPD detective who told me, “Cathy’s cause of death is uncertain” and, “later today we will have the autopsy and toxicology reports”. Right now the death is considered. suspicious.

Cathy White died exactly ONE YEAR to the day from when I broke the story of her and Jay Z’s affair.

Here’s exactly what the NYPD told me:

“A 911 call came in from an apartment on 130 West 19 street in Manhattan. Ambulance came and took Cathy because she was sick. They took her to the Beth Israel hospital and that’s where she expired.

It’s was to early to be speculating that an aneurism killed her. They will be doing an autopsy later today to check out her cause of death. But someone might have given Cathy a bad drug so they’ll do a toxicology and we’ll have to wait two weeks for that report.”

Wait there’s more!!!

Two weeks prior to her death Cathy was contacted by a major tabloid that was investigating the Jay Z connection. She gave them little information to go on – but according to one of our sources, following her conversation with the tabloid, she called Jay and told him that she was going to go public with their affair (for a price). This all happened in the last two weeks.

Then little more than 48 hours after the announcement that Beyonce was pregnant with Jay Z’s baby this young lady suddenly dies under suspicious circumstances.

Was Cathy trying to extort Jay Z? I don’t know, but if Jay Z and Cathy had a phone conversation the cops will be talking to him. Know why? Because Cathy’s death is going to be investigated mane.

Here’s what a close friend of Jay Z said:

“Are you kidding me? Jay had nothing to do with her death, he wouldn’t throw his life away. Beyonce knows Jay fucks around everybody knows. If Cathy was going to expose Jay no one would believe her.

Jay got too much to lose the baby coming and all. Take Jay’s name out of your conspiracy theories.”

I’ll keep you posted and give you the report of Cathy White’s autopsy as soon as I get my hands on it.
Stayed tuned!!!

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  1. Hey Jacky? What about the pimp that is now incarcerated for trafficking? It’s going around that this is Koreana Hun aka Cathy White’s boyfriend and alleged pimp.

    pics of her and all the “alleged” call girls chillin on a bed with him, including your fave Claudia?

    I say alleged because I don’t wish to speak ill of the deceased, however, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck………

    btw, I just checked out that semi-porn movie she was in as the character “Stripper #1”. How very odd.

  2. What’s done in secret shall be revealed always does and always will. If certain people really want to know what really happened all they gotta do is fight fire with fire! If Jay-z is illuminati that girls family or one of her friends should find a really well known psychic and or Voodou priest to look into that shit. And Listen y’all at the end of the day the rate this economy is going and the way the book of Revelations is coming into fruition, Money aint shit believe that! The bible dont lie, the word clearly states the first shall be last and last shall be first..Karma is a venegeful bitch, she ‘aint get his ass yet cuz she busy capping others, but he sure as hell is on the list! Mark my words, people that become this rich and powerful and brag about it how untouchable they are will surely be broken down…it happens all the time Look at John Lennon the man had the audacity to say that God is a concept! HA! When your fame becomes your belief your end is at hand…it’s unavoidable.

    • You quote the bible right after you advise to a direction in which these people WILL BE JUDGED for. Do not seek out psychics or voodoo priest or anyone else your lord and saviour does not approve of,for these people play God and will burn in hell, guess you missed that part………SMH at this sheep leading people to slaughter!

  3. Oh oh!!! Hay mezanmi gade yon ka!!!! Jay-z se yon mal prop li ye wi! Li se yon chien sa-l kap sevi Satan! Te-m di nou yon bagay le wap sevi satan, li pa fidel!! Se sel Bon Dye ki fidel. Na we yon jou-n ennemi an ap avilie Jay-z epi la-p haunte devant le Monde!!1 Beyonce li min-m se pa faut li, se paske li aveugle, min Beyonce se petite Bon Dye li ye, li sot nan zantray ansyen Kreyol. Nou pa fouti di-m ke Zanj nan fanmi Beyonce pa protege, yo ka min-m touye Jay-z too wi. Beyonce se sang ayisyen li gin nan li, depi ou gin sang Ayisyen konnin ou gin yon lwa nan racine fanmi-ou ki ave-w kan min-m. Yo dit si Jay-z kite Beyonce, ke Beyonce pap jwen yon-n lot moun!!!!???? Beyonce se yon belle fan-m li ye, li gin lajan li ka jwen nimpot moun li vle! Se pa sel Jay-z ki pi rich dans le Monde! Ou konnin nou min-m nou se yon ban EGARE!!!! L’ouvri zye nou!!!! SE LE YA KI RIVE!!!!!

  4. This is absolutely truth ! They killed this beautiful girl and all this beyonce pregnancy show was to cover it ! They are enough powerful to kill anybody without consequences ! Money make no problem money is power. Fake pregnancy but mistress was real. shame on them and on everybody who are afraid because they know they are next. Claudia jordan u’re a coward !!! two victims Cathy Alliyah RIP

  5. i believe that that poor girl cathy was murdered, and i wouldnt put it past jayz that he is responsible. wealthy people do it all the time and they get away with it coz most of them secretly “donate” desperately needed money to police departments therefore it will be impossible for the investigating cops to bite the hand that feeds them. we all know what happened to marilyn monroe, even after her death there are still more questions than answers. i say shit is flying on this girl’s murder and its from jay z’s camp.

  6. Maybe Jay z tool in Rihanna because he has his record label, and he’ll make money? I mean where the fk does one get 600k to spend on a rocking horse??

  7. It’s amazing that you’re the only outlet still on stop of this. There’s definitely something shady with this.

  8. Omg do you people think this is true. I am a Bey stan and I been hearing illiminati and all this shit lately. This is my first time hearing about CW. I dont follow anything about jay z he doesnt interest me. I hope Bey is safe.

  9. “Ring the alarm. I been doin’ this too long; but I’ll be damned if I c another chick on your arm!!” Bey and her husband are both dogs. Neither of them are innocent; I don’t care how rich they are or how good they look or smell and how well they live. I’m not surprised that an air of the criminal element hovers over them. I don’t believe everything I hear about them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is truth to this situation. R.I.P. dear.

  10. MORE f**cking mind numbing shit. A whole generation of blacks who should know better have been nigga-fIed by this bull.

    Dumbf*cks. Do you think this web-blog would be still standing if any of this true?


  11. Jay.Z is not a murderer, every man cheat on his wife or girlfriend so y is it always Jay-z story ?Beyoncé love her husband so very much,she’s not going to leave her husband for some cheap Brit, these people have their own problems let’s stop nosing in their private Lives.

  12. So sad. This all reminds me of a hip hop book called ESCAPE FROM MARCY. I was able to get a copy before they took it down. Yes, it goes into the crack epidemic during 1989. There even a Marcy rapper who produces an album.

  13. Yeah… This woman was definitely murdered, but she herself was not quite as innocent as most would be led on to believe. Jay Z is a dangerous man, and she should have known better than to try and attempt to play him. Jay is an illuminati puppet/industry lap dog, and he's very well protected and does have some "reach" if you will. May she rest in piece though, and may the truth about her death finally come to the surface one day.