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Twista Plans to Combat Chicago Violence with New Youth Center

September 5th, 2012

Twista Plans Chicago Youth Centers

The violence in Chicago has been making national news for years now. It has reached height now not seen since the era of Al Capone. Just last week, 19 people were shot over the course of a weekend and according to the Chicago Tribune, gun violence has soared over 60% percent compared to the same time last year.

Now,  native born Chicagoan rapper, Twista, believes he can help make a change for the better.

Here is what Twista had this to say:

“The gangs, I hate to say it, but they’re taking it back to the whole vibe of getting into it with each other. Gangs are going against gangs.

I remember growing up in the ‘hood, and there were a lot of people that would have probably been out there doing something bad if they had not have been at a YMCA or some type of club.”

Twista is on a crusade to save the streets he grew up in, and believes that creating more youth centers will help give the kids something to do and help “steer them back on a clear pathway.” To lend a hand in the efforts, Twista plans on opening up his own youth center in the heart of Chi-town.

11 Responses to “Twista Plans to Combat Chicago Violence with New Youth Center”

  1. yo |

    that’s real cool Twista.. we need Community Centers in big cities to help the youth..and its a LOT going on there.. that was one of my main goals was to build one when I used to try to be rich and famous


    Josh Reply:

    Man fuck these community centers – why not keep these people in school and prepare them for college so that they can be prepared for professional jobs? Community centers only prepare people to be entertained and to play sports while getting nothing into their brains. We cannot save all, so it is only worth saving the ones with potential.


  2. sheepzapa |

    A youth center, lol, this aint 1987 these youngstas don’t give a damn about no youth center, how about diverting the message in your music that keep em pumped up to kill.


    Prinsex Reply:

    Lmbo!!! Yeah u have a point. These are radical times that call for radical solutions… Youth centers are always good to have in any community, but it’s not going to take care of what’s going on in those streets now…


    HATERSgonnaHATE Reply:

    C’mon Son! Youth centers aren’t the solution, but they are part of the solution. The problem for many urban neighborhoods is that there aren’t enough youth centers to service all the youth who need to be reached. And in cases where there are youth centers some aren’t equipped to deal with the at-risk populations they should be serving. Even looking at a YMCA, they charge fees that eliminate a certain percentage of young people right away, generally the poorer ones that cannot afford to pay.

    A youth center can serve as a “safety zone” where all parties understand that they keep their beef outside. But like any business, you have to have the right people involved.


  3. BringThaNoize |

    Boys & Girls Clubs or NASA missions to Mars?


  4. Anonymous |

    Growing up in liberty City Miami, there was cocaine cowboys,hit men, drug gangs, Jamaican shower posses all around. But it was about the money. Never personal. Now brothers killing because of a look, a color, walking down the wrong block. It makes me cry how brothers is letting other people win with this self destruction.They don’t want brothers in Chicago to be unified because they no the power in love an unity. They remember how back in the days brothers in Chicago had there own political parties. That’s why they infiltrate you and cause chaos. It serves there best interest to keep you divided. I’m crying because of you Chicago.


  5. cuddi |

    Good Twista, it is about time. As many celebs from Chi, I’m glad he stepped up. It may not be the entire solution but it’s a start.

    A great majority of the bs in the game in Chi is by design, probably for some fking study or something. I had thought about making trails back home to the Chi to find some way to get involved myself. Cause the madness has to stop!


  6. cuddi |

    I’ve always noticed a conflict in his music he would have a positive song or two on his albums, the rest were about aggression or booty’s.

    I recall when one of his albums was dropping the listening audience was given the honor of choosing his lead off single. One was a reg hood song, the other had a positive message (I forget the name but Pharrell was on it). The listeners chose the positive song but they still released the other song first. Who was responsible for that?


  7. Kitty |

    Good man …hope the rest of these so called hip hop bums follow suit


  8. Lay Low Jones |

    That shit aint gonna work…Chiraqians wanna make bread not go shoot pool and play basketball…Yall dont really understand..Chi town is fucking dangerious…This is comming from a guy who grew up in LA during the 80s and 90s…I was in the mall the other day a saw a young boy probally 14-15 drop his pistol pick it upand smile at me..I acted like I didnt see shit and kept it moving…..They torn down all the projects and putting peopl all over the city…Thats why ppl getting killed


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