Tyga Takes His Nasty To AVN Stage!


Tyga Loves Trannys

Tyga took his tranny fetish to the stage of Sin City’s recent AVN Awards, during the YMCMB rapper’s opening act. Though it’s not known if the cameo appearance by the shemale known as ‘Vanity’ was planned, we can tell you – towards the end of Tyga’s delivery of ‘Rack City’ – the tranny porn actor headed onto the stage to simulate performing a professional on the ‘Make it Nasty’ rapper.

You may remember late last year HSK was the first to tell you about Tyga secretly indulging in transgender sex professionals. Now, some say Vanity’s recent onstage performance is more evidence confirming HSK’s previous reports.

Take a look…


    • Uhm, actually, it makes sense either way.. stop splitting hairs.. The love of money makes ppl do anything to get it…

  1. I was wondering when you were going to get on that blackmail performance..just like Wayne kissing Stevie J on stage illuminate all day long

  2. Something just happened?? I replied to Dee Dee’s post, now it’s gone/Not to mention Dee De’s post was a direct response to mine, that’s gone too! #Shrugs.

  3. Im beginning 2 understand the mental, physical, fascination and attraction these guys have with transgender women. And this coming from a heterosexual woman.

    • Ugggh i don’t!!!! If you want a man be with one, if you want a woman be with one. A tranny is neither. Like Monique said in i could be your cellmate-Niggas today want everything, dick, titties, pussy, ass, you can’t have everything!!!!

  4. I was just reading up on a transgender woman name Amiyah Scott. I mean this woman is breathtaking and beautiful. She had such a confidence about herself.

  5. Amiyah was so pretty that after viewing her pix and reading about her lifestyle, I was actually envious of her and I was born a female.

    In fact I wish I could meet her so she could give me a few pointers. Lol.

    I definately cant hate on her and could c y a lot of men lust after her.

    • You are twisted. What biological woman envies a she-male? You should seek a mental health professional if you think that being a liar and deceiver is by any means attractive. “Amiyah” made a name for HIMSELF by outing men in the industry, only to retract allegations of having relationships with them. That isn’t enviable or admirable.

      I honestly think you are Amiyah and you are using this thread as a platform to give yourself another 15 seconds of notoriety. Go home, Roger.

  6. Read ur comment and agreed with the part about the priviliges. But what I was basically saying was Im beginning to understand the attraction some men may have with a transgender girl.
    Ive seen lots of beautiful women in my lifetime and very rarily have I been envious of any. That Amiyah girl took the cake and is doing the dam thing. In my opinion.

  7. Plain nasty! It’s getting to the point where this world is truly a cesspool and completely oversexed. Some folks don’t even want normal sex anymore. And thanks to the internet you can indulge in just about any deviant behavior you can think of. What’s next? An operation so you can have a dick AND vagina combination.

    I came across a new word the other day—pansexual. Describes a person that will have sex with anyone, as long as they’re attracted to them. Doesn’t matter if you’re gay, bi, transgender, intersex etc or have 8 tits, 1 ball and a dick on your back. The only requirement is that it’s human. This world is going to blow the fuck up!

    • @calgon

      I will agree with what ur saying cause things seem to be getting out of hand.

      But at this point I have given up and just try to stay celibate.
      It seem as everybodys phucked up nowadays except the 7,000 that wont kneel to baal.

      We used to be able to find solace within our race. Now that is even being challenged.
      From now on, Im gonna treat and respect others according to their heart.
      I dont care if ur a man or woman, black or white. Pale or dark, or green or purple. U treat me with respect and kindness, Im reciporcating back .
      It was a younger family member who also pulled my coat on being a hypocrite and a phoney.
      Im suppose to hate the sin but love the sinner.
      Now its phucked up when people r decietful and liars. But Im finding out people in everyday life gay or not, is pretty phucked up. Thats y things r running rampant.
      Like someone commented, We need to call on the elders for help.
      Until things get different, Im gonna try to keep my legs shut and love in word and deed. And watch out on EVERYBODY. Gay or straight.

      • They will be serving snowcones in hell before I let a tranny give me pointers on anything pertaining to being a woman … What will reprobates think up next?!

    • Lol… uhh. People with sexual fetishes can’t control what they desire inside. Either you like it or you don’t. Thats why they’re called fetishes bc NOT EVERYBODY likes them. If you like anal sex and have a fetish for it then you do, if you like hairy bitches then you do, if you like bondage and domination THEN YOU DO. So if people like all these extremely weird fetishes then they do. Nothing they can do about it really. They’re called fetishes for a reason. You don’t choose your fetishes really. You’re born that way. They may change over time but im sure EVEN YOU have a fetish. Even though you will most likely deny it. And Having fetishes are fun, bc who really likes plain ole missionary man on top woman on bottom NON STOP and NO variety or anything. That would be boring imo.

  8. So, Jacky, did you intentionally or inadvertently omit the fact that Vanity is the same she-male who basically killed Chingy’s career?

    I asked the guy who signed Chingy about that Vanity debacle back when. He told me that Chingy was at the AVNs and Vanity approached Chingy, wanting to take a photo. Chingy obliged and the rest is history. Like I told my friend, “We don’t believe you, you need more people.”

    Vanity, aka Peter, was on a Real Sex Xtra episode a few years ago. He was shooting a film with a really muscular guy who ended up performing fellatio on Vanity. I am still appalled. Whoever said Vanity has a large fan base consisting of heterosexual men is merely repeating what Vanity said in that episode.

  9. @Bella
    No this is not Amiyah and I was born a female.
    And to be honest with u, because of your type of disposition and attitude (most women) I can understand y men r running to counterfeit women.
    Im very confident in my own skin and if I want to admire and compliment someone thats my business.
    U act as transgenders r the only fraudulent ones. Smh. Thats y Im beginning to not to hang out with heterosexual females. They r bossy judgemental controlling condescending and just plain meanspirited. I also remember when I was going thru a domestic situation some years back, it was an HOMOSEXUAL who took me in. All the so call REAl bytches shytted on me even though I was always kind and generous towards them.
    Even the so call church people were nasty and condescending towards me in my time of need.
    Thats y the enemy is winning. Cuz the so call righteouss is fronting.
    I dont know that much about that Amiyah chick but she come across more ladylike then u Bella.
    People r something else nowadays. Trying to tell u how to think and feel.
    Even Jesus dont impose and act rude as some humans. And hes God.

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