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Tyler Perry Bashes Black Men For Box Office Dollars

November 8th, 2010

Tyler Perry Bashes Black Men

There’s a new movie in theaters which critics say places black men in a very negative light — and they say, it’s all thanks to Tyler Perry. In essence, it’s just another house nigga movie — which is nothing less than what I’d expect from top sell-out Tyler Perry.

According to one of today’s top African American leaders, Dr. Boyce Watkins, the Perry film “For Colored Girls” points to the black man as a rapist, a thief, an abuser and murderer of his own kids, a pimp and a brother who’s gay on the down low.

No one can argue that these can be used as powerful negative reinforcements once they hit the silver screen, so it’s not surprising that the man who Reverand Al Sharpton points to as “the Finance Professor for Black America and one of the most impactful social commentators in the country” overheard great ignorance from audience members sitting in the theater, as he watched the movie.

Here’s what Dr. Boyce Watkins says he heard a white woman say as she watched the Perry flick:

“Those poor black women. Why in the world do they remain loyal to those horrible men?.”

Apparently the racist film makers in Hollywood are no longer pressed to create negative film stereotype about blacks. Know why? Because they have House Nigga’s like Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry doing their dirty work mane.

Don’t you agree?

3 Responses to “Tyler Perry Bashes Black Men For Box Office Dollars”

  1. charlotte |

    tyler doesn’t show all black men in a negative way, or anyone for that matter. He shows that just because you find a bad man, there are good men out there too and not to give up on the good ones.


  2. Rah |

    “Why Colored Girls Commit Suiude When The Rainbow Is Enuf” changed my life in 1984 when I first read it at 8. It was on one of the many bookshelves at my home. I loved it. When I was 11 I was taken to a play by a mentor at Mills College. It was amazing and at 38 I still remember every story and color. I have now in my own home the same book and my daughter, who is 19, also read it at 12. The stories are real to many. Tyler didn’t make this, he stole it. Read the play. It is amazing!!!!


  3. fun run hack |

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    Tyler Perry Bashes Black Men For Box Office Dollars

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