Tyrese Gibson Goes Rogue!


Tyrese Goes Indie

Renegade Recording Artist?

HSK Exclusive – Tyrese Gibson seems to be set to prove he doesn’t need any help from the major labels. That’s why sources say the singer recently started an Arizona-based R&B bootcamp – aimed at recruiting underground singers, songwriters and music producers, to knock out two albums in one month.

This news comes as the 34-year-old now independent recording artist is said to be at war with major record labels over their lack of support for the singer’s last album.

Here’s the drop:

“Tyrese is trying to prove to the major labels he doesn’t need them. He’ll go far to prove his point too. The dummy just realized he can make more money as a indie recording artist, than being signed to a major.”


  1. Lol him, tank and ginuwine are supposed to be starting a group called “TGT” (like LSG) he said that it “was a group that r&b fans have been waiting for”, lmao, I may be waiting on a lot of things in life but im sure that TGT is not one of them, and Jacky why is Will Smith in this picture, u make my sides hurt every morning.

  2. These niggas have the cockiest attitudes,but are the manufacturers of absolutely nothing.The white controls these niggas lifestyle and once. He gets tired of looking at you the Honeymoon is over for you’re socalled fame..Don’t Believe Me,Ask Terrell Owens &ChadJohnson..

  3. OK Jacky, why is Will in the bed looking like the morning after. Inquiring minds want to know! ROFLMAO

  4. Well at least someone is trying to save R&B, because if you are not shaking you butt, or showing breast or dogging women, the labels don’t want to hear anything.
    I want real R&B, real music, not all this Brand…sh*t!

    • Thank you nickythescripty,

      I am so tired of these no talent singers and the too much water in the Kool-Aid weak music of today. At least he is trying. I wish him the best.

  5. Jacky, this is another pic for the photoshop album contest. you can throw in the one with Game in stilettos.