Tyson Beckford & Nephew’s ‘Night Of Partying’ Ends w/ Vehicular Manslaughter



“We are working closely with law enforcement to ensure the perpetrator of this crime is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” -MTA Chairman

An NYC bus driver is dead after Domonic Whilby — nephew of Tyson Beckford — “allegedly stole a truck and crashed into a bus killing the driver after a night of hard partying with supermodels at New York’s most exclusive nightclubs.” NYPD officers arrested Whilby after the Wednesday morning crash.

This after sources say the 22-year-old was “had been partying with his famous uncle … [and] booted from Club 1 OAK for getting too ‘handsy’ with guests.” Now, the wife of William Pena, 49, is left a widow… and his teen daughter left without a father.


”Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr Pena’s family.” -MTA Chairman

“The night before the fatal crash, Whilby posted on Facebook:

“Can’t wait to hit this beautiful big city tomorrow!!!! Then the journey begins!!!! — feeling wonderful.”


Here’s the latest from the Daily Mail:

“Domonic Whilby was arrested after he allegedly stole a delivery truck in the early hours of Wednesday in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District because he couldn’t find his limousine.

Whilby, who was reportedly drunk and high on drugs, collided with the city bus at 5.30am, killing driver William Pena, 49, and injuring four others. The truck collided with the bus at the intersection of 7th Avenue and 14th Street, sending both vehicles slamming into scaffolding surrounding a building.

Mr Pena, from Hillside, New Jersey, was thrown from his seat and pronounced dead at the scene. The 17-year MTA employee leaves behind a wife and 14-year-old daughter.

Whilby, a self-described, 22-year-old ‘free-spirited wild child’ and ‘religious stoner,’ was frustrated that a limousine he had expected to pick him up was not there, witnesses claimed.

The suspect had been ejected from several elite nightclubs due to his out-of-control behavior. He was first removed from nightclub 1 OAK at 3.30am for getting too ‘handsy’ with some of the female guests. He had been partying at the club with his famous uncle, 43, and Beckford’s 22-year-old Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend, Shanina Shaik, who was celebrating her birthday.

Instagram photos posted in the hours before the crash show Whilby cozying up to the model and her blowing out candles on a birthday cake. Whilby then briefly ducked into the nearby Dream Downtown Hotel but was tossed out after passing out in the lobby.”


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  1. “Allfuenza” strikes again. Another life wasted because some entitled little punk couldn’t properly hold his liquor. Worse thetes no point in suing him because he probably has no real money of his own. I feel sorry for the victims family, just wrong place wrong time. Very sad.

  2. I read about this.
    This is so sad. The bus driver was about to retire and now his daughter dont have a father anymore.
    Life as Beckford nephew known it, will never be the same.
    Such a tragedy all the way around

  3. I read about this.
    This is so sad. The bus driver was about to retire and now his daughter dont have a father anymore.
    Life as Beckford nephew known it, will never be the same.
    Such a tragedy all the way around
    I hope the victim find some type of solace real soon
    And i also hope Beckford nephew can get his life together and repent

  4. Tyson Beckford come from a ratchet azz family, can’t take the yardie out da yard!!

    He neva should have rolled with his fam, knowin’ they out of control. I feel sorry for the man’s family. This is a case of the elite shittin’ on workin’ folk. Man doin’ his job and he is killed by a drunken drugged out brat.

  5. The white boy that killed four people because he was drunk driving only got probation. Money talks. Being the right color talks. Being the right color with money yells and screams! (In my Don King voice) ONLY IN AMERIKKKA!