Uncle Luke Wants Weezy Banned From Miami!


Uncle Luke vs. Lil Wayne

“When you disrespect Miami, you can’t be allowed into any arena, restaurant, club, or even McDonald’s to get a burger.” ~Uncle Luke

If Luke Campbell had his way, Lil Wayne would be banned from all of Miami’s clubs and restaurants. That’s because Uncle Luke is less than impressed by Weezy’s recent verbal attack on the Miami Heat. Now, Uncle Luke says the right thing for Miami natives – like Rick Ross and DJ Khaled – to do is check Weezy for disrespecting their city.

Uncle Luke recollected Suge Knight doing the same back in 1992. That’s when the Death Row Records founder flew to Miami to patch things up with the Too Live Crew creator – after Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg dissed Luke. Know why? Because the men were forced to cancel a string of 305 area concert dates, because of the beef.

Here’s what Uncle Luke told The Miami Times:

“He has no respect for the city because people in Miami’s entertainment industry — from local radio DJs to South Beach nightclub promoters to the Heat’s front office — spread their legs for him and every out-of-town celebrity who rolls through town. Lil Wayne treats Miami like his b*tch because people let him.

When Weezy claimed he was thrown out of the Heat home game versus the Lakers, the franchise tried to downplay the incident, saying they only asked him to leave and he left on his own. That was a b*tch move.

Hell, I want to know what Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and all these so-called 305 rappers who hang with Lil Wayne have to say about him disrespecting our home team. They need to set Lil Wayne straight.

When you disrespect Miami, you can’t be allowed into any arena, restaurant, club, or even McDonald’s to get a burger. And you better not show your face in the hood. None of this bullsh*t would have happened under my watch.

In 1992, when I had a beef with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, they had to cancel a concert in Miami. For years, they couldn’t set foot in the 305 because it was so hot. Suge Knight had to come down and smoke a peace pipe with me.”

Does Wezzy have any respect for William “Rick Ross” Roberts and DJ Khlaed? Of course not. Don’t believe me.. Ask Fat Joe.


  1. If Luke had beef like that with Death Row… I’m sure he couldn’t have toured in Cali either… This ain’t no one way street old nigga!!….. Ask Diddy…hahaha



  2. Luke has a valid point. But the bottom line with Wayne is that he is unapologetically and habitually disrespectful. Disrespectful towards dark skinned women because he is color struck, disrespectful towards the Miami Heat stars because they won’t befriend him and disrespectful towards Emmett Till for the sake of a rhyme. And I do not believe that he slept with Adrienne Bosh. I think that he won’t take that back because if he does, then he’ll be accused of lying on his dcik! (And rightfully so). Wayne needs to grow up!



  4. This is stupid people should be able to go where they want as long as they keep their hands to them..What a world we live in.cant go to a restaurant, i wonder how the restaurant owners feel about that,this is crazy next wayne is gonna start banning people in the atl. this is how it all starts this was between wayne and d wade ,how is it helping if luke gets involved? this has nothing to do with him. and on top of that hes adding other people in it….. wondering how they feel.why? that only makes it worse.

    • Well, you can go and say what you want. But you run the risk of offending people. Now if you do offend people then they have right to voice their opinion about what you said and even suggest retribution for your offensive words or gestures. Speaking of being in a resterant, I was at a lil ragedy Red Lobster one white guy walks in compalining about having to wait to be seated and that if it wasnt black history month then he would be able to demand that he be seated before any of the black people waiting to be seated as well. Well he was asked to leave by the management and a few dudes followed him out to the parking lot and wanted to beat his ass but the cops came. Point is this, yeah you can say what you want but it gives you no right to offend a person or a group of people for no apperant reason. If you do then you may have a price to pay and who knows what that may be. Im sure that some of the people in there didnt get offended by what he said..Im sure some people in there agreed with him, just to much of a coward to say it. Free speech is not the same as being disrespectful. with reckless words, there is a price to pay, even if you do have free speech.

  5. luke does’nt own miami.

    he tried to boycott the source a few years back for not acknowledging him as a southern rap pioneer.

    yeah luke could’nt rap for chit all he did was yell those dumb chants over and over again and talk about sex.

    lil jon took notes.

  6. It would be better if folks protested Lil Wayne over his Emmett Till lyrics. I know he once said that he didn’t have sense or whatever but the sudden non-support would drive him crazier than he already is. So much that he would have to put himself out of his own misery.

  7. Lil Wayne don’t like city people period weather it’s NYC or Mia he’s a country boi with money who btw hates dark skin women

    • he said she was his last dark skinned child.

      I think supahead’s pregnant by him.

      but it’s a good chance his child by supa might be dark.

      he was with a white girl he bought ass injections for too.

  8. really luke has been doing freaking much with sleezy nasty ass before he start tryna talk ish he needs to go get his eldest duaghter out the strip.luke has children out here stripping and homless and others he dont pay child support for any more.thats slime calling the slime slime and whaa miami natives like rick ross and dj a crock of bull please do your reseacrh on folks ross is from mississppi and khalid originally from syria but lived and grew up in new york they cant tell nobody to live from no were couple of losers. wayne is a crack baby and the product of extra marital affair his mama had had with a married man he bond to come into this world the piece of shyt he is today.

  9. Mother fuk lil wayne aint nobody hating on him cause they dont agree wit dat bullshit yall stupid as hell

  10. Damn dissing a team I’m pissed Wayne dissed Till like that. Dude is just disrespectful and he need to leave them drugs alone. Fucking with the few brain cells he has

  11. I never like lil wayne. He’s ugly azz sin. When I look at him, I see my worse nightmare. I never bought his album, nor went to any of his concerts. I as a black woman is not going to support anyone who does not support me. I will keep my black woman dollars to myself. Fuck that roach.

    • Word, I am right wit you on dat!! If these sambos don’t have the real dollaz in our community, they will straighten their azz out!

  12. I didn’t like Luke back in the day due to his lack of lyrical skill BUT, he took ALOT of federal heat to make it easy for ALL rappers to say what they want and get money doing it. That whole banned in the USA was some real shit.

    • You are right, he did do that. He did blaze that trail and he endured a bunch of pressure that these new dudes would have folded under.

    • luke could’nt rap for nothing but since he was the leader of 2 live he did’nt have to rap he had kid ice and marquise do it for him.

      mr. mixx said he received no credit for putting the music and samples together.

      luke was basicvally a cheerlerader who chanted about sexual fantasies lil jon and these new boys took serious notes.

  13. luke is a idiot.its only a basketball team.most of them people that wayne dissed not even from miami.luke need 2 stop trying 2 make something out of nothing.

  14. in 92 luke had pull in miami.the streets in miami was behind luke.but in 92 luke wasnt going 2 cali either because suge was a street nigga athat really had the streets behind him

  15. @tb .. yes, different times now. anything and everything goes. unfortunately. Uncle Luke OG, has a valid point. I think HE should meet with Baby .. let Baby handle thangs from there. (only my opinion)

  16. How come no other race gets caught up in this “respect/disrespect” bullshit? You never hear about DeNiro dissing Pacino or Tim McGraw calling out some other country and western singer. We get caught up in more so called turf wars and barely own a starter house in the hood. Wake up and grow up people.

  17. We need a new rule – you cannot claim a city until you own at least 15 pieces of property which meet all city codes and you legally employ 50 people.

    • I know that’s right! I rep my city but fuck Detroit! It ain’t never did shit 4 me but hold me back! So disrespect it all u want idgaf just don’t disrespect me or mine!!

  18. How about we ban lil wayne from the earth? Can we do that? I say we strap his man kissing, emmett till dissing, non rapping ass to a rocket and send him on his merry way! Let’s start a petition and someone call NASA. We can do this!