Uncle Sam Checks Vince Herbert For Over Three-Mill Tickets!



Recently released court docs, exclusively obtained by HSK below, reveal Tamar Braxton’s husband has made the IRS’ hit list. That’s why Vince Herbert is said to have been slapped with a federal tax lien, and was ordered to pay up to the tune of $3,325,107.70.”

“For the tax period ending in 2010, they claim, he failed to pay $66,315.30 to the IRS. The next year, he skipped payment on a whopping $2,267,845.97. And in 2013, he had an unpaid balance assessment of $990,946.43.”

Here’s what Radar Online reports:

“Ironically, back in 2011, Tamar said that paying your taxes was the best advice she’d ever received. “Pay your taxes. NumberOne.com,” she told Black Enterprise that year. “It’s the truth. I’ve never wanted that issue. I don’t understand when people say, ‘I owe $100,000 in taxes.’ Or, ‘I owe $8 million in back taxes.’ What? How that work?! Pay your taxes and keep the IRS off your behind!”

Read the court docs here:


  1. I don’t trust it when happens and it happens to black artist way too much. I often wonder who their accountants are. Or business managers. Thats a lot of money to just not pay back, especially when everyone knows the IRS will never roll over and forgive a debt. If they have to sell their baby to get that cash, the IRS will collect. So. I don’t know. I think some artists are deliberately targeted to keep them enslaved to the system. Just my opinion.

  2. The best thing to do is make sure no money, or checks go out without approval. Greed is alive and well and many that work for the wealthy may be tempted to skim just a little of the top.
    After this he needs to fire his whole financial team. I tell all my wealthy clients to make sure they have a tax lawyer as part of their team. Accounts can take care of numbers, but your tax lawyer is going to make sure you are right with Uncle Sam.

  3. Please pay up and fast Vince. I don’t want to see Tamar become a “prison widow”. lol

    Seriously, PAY IT!!

    • If Vince went to prison, I would hope they would keep him in a seperate unit. I don’t think he would survive with hardened criminals like the Booty Warrior…These guys have no standards like we do out here in the world

  4. The system is set up for blacks and other minorities to be victimized by either uncle Sam or the Judicial System.Ever notice that this happens to mostly black celebs than any others.I wonder why.

    • I agree. The music industry works closely w the feds which is how Jay Z ultimately screwed Dame. And they were after Michael Jackson for years because they wanted to use tax debt to force him into selling that catalog. It does make you wonder

      • What JaYZ did to Dame was totally Immoral and no one holds him accountable.He back stabbed and sold Dame/ Biggs out and his huge success today has a lot to do with that situation.Now its confirmed that no Blackman really gets rich in america without crimes being committed.

        • Please speak on this. It seems everyone has rose colored glasses on when it comes to that disloyal son of a gun. He backstabbed the person that put him on. He backstabbed the person that eventually became his partner but no one wants to speak on that. Then he’s disrespectful in his songs, i.e., Pound Cake, saying he put people on like he put himself on with no help from anyone. This criminal gets to parade around with cigars hanging from his mouth when he should be strung up for treason and treacherous behavior towards those have helped him the most. I have no respect for him as a person and his music is only so so. Check it out when they play him in the club…a snippet of o song here and there if he’s on it by himself, if it’s a collaboration you’ll hear more of the song. Why? Because Jay Z, truth be told, puts people to sleep. He’s boring after a couple of listens. Folks won’t admit this though because they’re scared someone’s going to call them out on it and say they’re a hater. The truth is the truth. I won’t even get into his other transgressions that everyone sweeps under the carpet.

          That dude is ugly as punishment for the stuff God knew he would do before he did it.

    • It probably would hurt him particularly after that latest Lady GaGa debacle.Her last album was Haphazard.

    • Lol..i honestly believe tamar would leave him if he became broke take the kid and vharge him child support

  5. Vincent probably knew there were tax issues. He is a spender (Tamar’s words). This is probably why he allowed her to record and tour. Now she’ll have to earn her keep. Smh

  6. The IRS is the most corrupt org in government, it needs to be abolished…Real Gangstas! We always seem to get the short end of the stick compared to others. Vince should pay the money, but, still give the bird. Black Hollywood gives their money away to buzzards of all stripes. Again, we’re The Pig that others sustain themselves from. Negros can’t do simple math, they need an accountant, No! Hire a tax lawyer instead to ensure that all monies are paid to the crooks in DC to stay out of jail.


    • The IRS are not bad guys.

      They are just here to oversee the Bankruptcy that the Corporation called the United States declared in 1933 (HJR-192)…They are a branch of the IMF and they are the International Bankers that Roosevelt turned the gold over as apart of going Chapt. 11.

      In honesty, THERE IS NO MONEY…Its only prommissory notes going back and forth. The dollar is not money..Its only a promise to pay at some future time…

      This country is broke and in debt to the Private International Bankers…The Federal Reserve sounds like a Gov’t Institution but it a private bank owned by foreigners.

      The only asset this country has is the labor and energy of its citizens and they use us as collateral for loans, etc.

      I use to always wonder why when a WWI and WW2 came about they use to beg the public to buy war bonds.
      You’d think with all the tax revenue the Gov’t collects there should be plenty for wars, charity for the poor, etc….But I came to find out that all the taxes extracted from us is sent right to the IMF to pay off the interest of the loans we’ve had to take since the bankruptcy.

      That’s why Lincoln was assassinated. He wanted to print American Greenbacks backed by Gold.

      That’s why Kennedy was assassinated by the Secret Service limo driver William Greer in broad daylight in Dallas. He wanted to start printing Greenbacks backed by Silver and take control away from the IMF


        • fort knox is completely empty.
          they keep the façade of security there to keep the public under the illusion that we have something of national substance in case everyone goes to the bank and demands their bank deposits back.

          the FDIC could not handle such a scenario because its a CONfidence scam, based on kiting notes and if you and I tried such a scam, we’d be in Leavenworth.

          • Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! We are definitely would be in Ft Levansworth! Do not do Fed time for NOBODY!! I might as well go overseas since that’s where OUR money at!

            • You really don’t need money anyway..You just need stuff .

              And a coordinated society that works together to create and distribute the stuff, where everyone does 3 or 4 hours of labor 3 or 4 days a week to contribute to creating the goods, services and various technologies we need ….But such a system would not be very affable to those who are greedy and want more than everyone and wants control of the masses for their own personal gain.

          • I’m from, louisville, ky the vaults are small and not much gold there,the new vault is in colorado,in a mountain fortress base.

  7. Vincent comes off as very Henpecked and nothing would convince me that Tamar loves married for anything outside of Monetary. Tamar strikes me as the type who love street hardbody types with Swagger.Vincent lacks all of the above.No Pun.

  8. And theres absolutely nothing wrong with paper notes IF is backed by gold or silver. The original premise of printing paper notes was that carrying around gold or silver can be too heavy to carry for some or for those with huge transactions.

    Before 1933, you could go to ANY BANK IN AMERICA and take your dollars and trade them in for gold or silver on demand based on the value of the note.

    After the bankruptcy of June 1933 the Federal Reserve( a private foreign entity) took all the National Gold Reserves and agreed to use Federal Reserve Promissory Notes as currency. But you could not trade these notes in for gold or silver.

    Since that time there has been no money…98% of American have no clue of how the system really works and how much credit each Birth Certificate Holder I given by this Bankruptcy law in order to be able to satisfy their debts.

  9. We’re not broke…The Government is broke.

    Thee people are the only collateral in this country that can back loans, etc. based on our EXEMPTIONS and sweat equity potential.

    The Gov’t trades our birth certificates on the stock market. We(men and women) are a very valuable commodity…The trick is finding out how to take control of your Trust account.

    • Like hell we ain’t!! Look at your money right now! That sucker says FEDERAL RESERVED NOTE!! KEYWORDS: RESERVED NOTE!! EQUALS PAPER NOTE AKA NO VALUE!!!!

  10. @Da Radiant

    I wish I could say more but I don’t want to bring the attention to myself and I am a coward and I don’t want these alphabet guys knocking on my door. You have the keyword and the tools to find out how to take control of your Trust if you will…I don’t want anyone to think Im trying to upset the apple cart and get too many slaves off the plantation.

    Remember what Harriett Tubman said:

    “I freed 1000 slaves and I could have freed 1000 more, only if they knew they were slaves”

    Good luck and God speed with your research.

    • Everthing you have said ive heard on coast to coast am,Jeff rense ,John Moore and Alex Jones show ..the only part i haven’t heard about is taking control of your own Trust..will be looking into that

  11. Everyone should buy some gold and silver coins. Seriously. The government knows what’s up . And do not sell to those cash for gold places, they give really shifty returns. Hold onto your gold and silver and buy more. Some day it may be the only currency worth anything since dollars are already essentially worthless if China ever calls in our debt. Be prepared people

    • Gold and Silver is good to have as apart of your portfolio but remember that you cant eat gold.

      If you haven’t eaten for 5 days and you had a bag of gold, I betcha you would trade your bag of gold for a sack of sweet potatoes….Gold is only good if you use it to buy the right stuff.
      Real estate, land to grow food, water sources, gold, silver…Be diverse

        • actually you can eat land.
          You can eat it when it turns into the form zucchini squash, tomatoes, kale,blueberries, watermelon, honey, okra, chicken, fish, goats, deer etc. All these things are land dependent.

          • You and I are not on the same page and we are not talking about the same thing. Everyone needs gold/silver coins to use as currency because USA dollars are almost obsolete. IDGAF if you use em to buy banannas, teddy bears or live goats. Just have some. Just in case.

            • Why would 2 strangers on the internet be required to be on the “same page” unless they were looking to sign some sort of contracted business agreement?

              We all have the freedom to pursue our own thoughts and ideas as we choose unhindered the thought and ideas of others as long as we do no harm to others.

            • @ 6 13. You are really annoying and likely trying to plant disinformation. Go eat dirt. Everyone else…buy silver and gold coins.

  12. If China ever decides to call in our debt to them the US would only have one of two choices:

    1.Turn the land over to China as collateral because they could never pay it off…”Fuck you pay me”

    2. Create or manufacture a scenario to declare war on China and say “Fuck you , lets see you try to take it”

  13. Do an research on the lives and death of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. They were born 100 years apart and died 100 years apart. Some of their staff even had the same names. Some forward a letter to 1 of my relatives detailing this in the early 80s. Way before this internet crazed conspiracy theories. I was a child then, but is was thought provoking and the comparison and similarithies were mind boggling. Now coupled with what the above @Anonymous poster posted, its wild. Lol. However I did not know they were both trying to make changes to our monetary system as we know it. I do know we owe TRILLIONS of dollars to the federal reserve with interest going up daily for decades. And it is best to keep ur gold for bartering purposes in case of a possible finacial collapse. But 1 thing that is good God shall not be mocked and we shall win the end. We will come out of it as overcomers, victorious and more than conpuerers if we stay vigilant and alert. Thank u @Anonymous for your input and your voice because the people will perish for the lack of knowledge

  14. There is a tremendous amount of money to be made when the economy is depressed. I don’t claim to be an economist, but I do know how my former share cropper great grandfather started accruing my family’s wealth. He bought every share of Sears Roebuck stock he could at the time of the Great Depression. He and his family existed on their own food and land while he sold farm produce and meats to wholesalers. Every dime went to buying shares at fire sale prices. 15 years later he was a millionaire and in 1940 that really meant something.

    There are ways for those who are willing to take risks while denying themselves all the luxuries.
    No flossing was going on during that time believe you me. Actually even after he was set for life, he wasn’t a flosser. Thanks GreatGranddaddy Long!

  15. IRS would have figure out his taxes for him. Then he could have paid them. A free service to every taxpayer. No excuse.


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