Unnamed Wu-Tang Rapper Set To Be Exposed As Male Rapist?


Wutang Rapper Outted as Gay Rapist

Victim Reported Set To Speak!

HSK Exclusive – We’re getting word of a slew of gay accusations – against a member of the Wu-Tang Clan – are soon to surface. Sources tell us Thursday is D-Day, the time when an insider will reveal the name of the said undercover rapping brother.

But that’s not all!!!

Sources say the leak is set to happen because the currently unnamed accused has committed rape on some of his male fans!!!

Here’s the drop:

“Was out last night, hanging with my friend…a famous New York DJ, I can’t tell you who. He was talking about a big story that is about to break and shock the Hip Hop world this Thursday.

It’s about a Wu-Tang member that rapes his male fans. One of the victims is ready to talk.

When this shit breaks, the Wu-Tang member will have to put his mask back on…the one he used to wear back in the day.

It’s gonna be a sad day for Hip-Hop. DAMN!!!!!”


  1. Ghost Face Killa.

    For some reason I’m not surprised. All that male clickish behavior over the age of 25 raises my eyebrows every time. Dudes who prefer the company of other men over the opposite sex, on a regular basis, suspect.

    Homothugs in full effect. Just come out the closet. Geesh.

    • Yeah … my thoughts! What straight men prefer to be surrounded by other men all the d*amn time…Not trying to imply that all men who hang with men are gay or bi..ijs something is up with “some” of them!

      • Yeah, its much better to hang around females so we can absorb more of the constant stream of nagging and bullshit that they shoot from their mouth like a lazer…

  2. I wonder if his gay ass son helps him get his victims..I also wonder did he tamper with his son and made him Gay?

  3. I don’t believe this about Ghostface.I think Busta was an honorary member of Wu.So I still think it was him.Plus he’s with Young Money/Cash Money.I do think those YMCMB dudes really are gay or bi.I also believe that some of those young boys at ymcmb have been molested including lil Wayne.

    Well lil Wayne actually admitted to being molested and seems to have pedo tendencies. http://cdn.mediatakeout.com/37270/shocking-revelation-rapper-lil-wayne-admits-to-being-raped-when-he-was-11-years-old.html

    • Oh speak on it, I forgot about those two. Thick as thieves! For many years those two were getting it all the way in. I remember MTV interviews where they were hanging out ad Redman was fully erect. He was alone with Meth whe the female interviewer walked in the room. Awkward!

      • Keepitrealnotkeepinitreal

        Who wouldnt get a boner, being in the same room as Meth? Lets stop faking the funk.

        • Hey trannyboy ur homosexuality is leaking out again. Better put on ur Mampers (man Pampers)

  4. This would be funny, except for the fact that the average age of a Wu-Tang fan is probably 12-16 years old….

    I cant imagine a Wu fan like Keepitrealnotkeepinitreal at 47 years old allowing old Ghosty to bugger him in the back of a rented limo and sending him home with a signed CD , a black eye and a violated bottom.But then again you never know…That why they call them Fanatics.

      • Dontcha ever listen to old school rap? I can’t start my day without a little Tribe called Quest, Beastie Boys “Pauls Boutique” and De la Soul to get me going.
        And at the risk of being flamed, once in a while I get down to “bust a Move”, “Can’t Touch This and
        Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing”

  5. You cant make somebody gay but you can rape someone and make someone a homosexual. Its something that you cant take back, even if you didnt like it and fought as hard as you could to fight the person or persons off.

    • nope.If you didn’t give it up willfully and you were heterosexual before the attack you will be heterosexual after the attack for the most part.Being a victim of same sex rape doesn’t make a person gay.

      • @tisme-you’re wrong about this one cause being molested will screw up your mindset. It’s all about the two things of it being wrong and having an orgasm. If a man is molested by another man but the molester does something pleasurable like giving oral sex and they come it messes with the mind. The victim knows it was wrong but it FELT good and if you are young and haven’t yet developed the ability to seperate the act from the feeling it can fukk your head up. And if you haven’t gone through puberty and are in the process of figuring out your sexuality AND who and what you are as a man that can make you make wrong decisions and bad choices. Too often in the black community we like to simplify molestation and say things like what you said but the human mind isn’t a simple machine it is complex and very fragile. How often have you seen someone’s personality change because of an act of violence/sexuality/cruelty or otherwise? And i speak from experience on two fronts of this cause i was molested by my uncle when i was young and tho i knew what he was doing was wrong because i would have an orgasm when he did it it messed my head all up. And like PinkKitty said above as a result i became promiscuous and the results of that were i was labeled as a slut all through middle school and high school. I knew what i was doing was wrong but i couldn’t help myself because it made me feel wanted. And not being the prettiest of girls it made me think guys liked me when in truth all they liked was the sex. It took a long time for me to change my ways and thank god for that. They say he watches over babies and fools and i know he watched out for me cause i never got pregnant or got an std. But i was lucky and not all who survive being molested are so fortunate. So while someone strong minded like you may be able to see things in black and white for others there are many shades of grey. Take it from one who knows firsthand.

          • Ditto and Madraven’s assessments are spot on. Receiving pleasure from a forced unnatural act could mess a young mind up. Hell, it messes with straight grown men. That’s why when a doctor gives a man a prostrate exam for the first time, he warns him to not be alarmed when he gets an erection from it – it’s a reflex action that they cannot help…. but sometimes the thought of getting turned on by it bothers men – many of them.

  6. Oh Lawd, Please don’t tell me it’s my sweet little Ole Dirty. My Russell been gone nigh unto 8 years now, and it would break my heart to hear something negative about my angel boy. *casting major side eye at GZA*

    Shimmy shimmy yo Dirt.

    • @christa-nah it ain’t odb this is someone who is still alive. I hope it ain’t meth or raekwon. I can live with it being any of them but them. But it might be ghostface though and man that will be a scandal for the rap world for real. It will make everyone look at ALL the members of wu with a major side eye like are ya’ll gay too cause birds of a feather….

      • @Madraven: It will blow open the rap world because instead of being seen as a skewered form of hyper-masculinity, rappers will be seen as anti-black community faggots

        And haven’t they been just that?

        Promoting activity which leads to prison sentences — because the tacit message is that prison sex is good for you.

        Calling black women bitches and hoes because as faggots, they hate women.

        Featuring mixed and non-black women as the paragon of male desire because they hate the black woman who gave birth to them because they hate themselves.

        Promulgating violence, esp. with other black men, so as to kill their erase the memory of the molester.

        Showcasing ice and bling, just like the shallow over the top queens that they are.

        Totally anti-political because they want a sugar daddy white man.

        Will the black community have enough courage and integrity to shut this thug gangsta rap down? Or, will we see a former drug-dealing, DL, devil-worshipping, low-life standing next to a President in 10-12 years during an inauguration.

        • @anonymous-your whole post was truth but boy it was scary cause the consequences of this are so far reaching that it would tear a hole through the entire music industry. If this goes the way we both think it will-BADLY-any rapper who comes with that bitch hoe bitch stuff will be looked upon as gay or undercover. And you hit the nail on the head with your statement about all these male rappers being queens. I’ve heard stories about 50 cent, method man, redman, lil wayne and a host of other suspect male rappers who play on the other side of the fence. Makes you listen to their music with new ears. The excuse has always been we’re not talking about all females just THOSE females-you know the ones groupies, hoes, sluts etc. But now all that will go out the window and as a female it will make me way more selective about who i spend my hard earned money on cd wise. And to answer your question no they won’t shut it down cause it makes money plain and simple. I remember when rap was all inclusive and artists just did different forms. Biz markie, public enemy, gang starr, kid n play, nwa and big daddy kane all did rap it was just different. Now there is gangster rap and everything else is considered “alternative”-when did that happen? And you wonder why rap is garbage today? Real rappers with real lyrical skills are being pushed to the side in favor of illiterate buffoons who push that hyper masculine crap you spoke of. How bad is rap now? Well i remember a time when a guy like chief keef could have NEVER got a record deal. How things change. Smdh.

        • Black people cant shut gangtser rap down because black people dont produce it nor own the companies that do…Thats the bottom line…Its white corporations who own, control and propagate it and its white teens who buy it.

          Under the Consitution , no one has the right to deny someone the ability to life liberty and the pursuit of hapiness/commerce.

          Teach the children in your sphere of influence what is what and keep them from harms way…Thats all one can do in these times.

          • Madraven and anonymous You make such salient points and are so wired into the program, I can’t help but feel I know both of you. *wink*

            • @well i can’t speak for anonymous but you and i may have been sistas at some point in time. Anything is possible. Who knows we may even have been friends too. Who can say but we do have the same taste in music-i love paul’s boutique too! Very underrated when it came out but definately a classic! And early de la soul especially plug tunin’ yeah nothing like 80’s rap-it is the best! I was listening to fresh is the word by mantronix and boogie down bronx by man parrish just the other morning. Still sounds good to me!

          • Damn, glad you were not around during the Civil Rights Struggle. We m not be as powerful as corporate America, but we can damn sure make the rappers feel uncomfortable in our hoods, we can stop buying records. Remember: crossover is 750K+. If we don’t give them the first 3/4 million sales, crossover will be harder. Yeah, we will walk and march and wear hoodies for Trayvon (and we should) but when the racism is coming from our own blacks, we are silent. Black folks are damn hypocritical!

  7. I have a brother and a sister who are both gay. My father molested my sister and she told me that’s what turned her off to men. My uncle molested my brother and he told me that is what turned him on to men. So to say that a person can’t be conditioned to be gay is ignorant as well. Only a person who is gay can speak on why they feel that they are. Everyone else are only speculating.

    • It can go either way really. Most girls who are molested usually become promiscuous or hate sex. Some give up on men and go lesbian. Guys who are molested by men either over compensate and go really pussy crazy to prove that they are men, or they too go gay. Some are conflicted for the rest of their lives.

      It all depends. A friend of mine was molested by an older brother and he is gay. He said he was attracted to women, but since his first sexual experience was with an older male, his sexual urges were towards men. Therefore he (for the lack of a better word) chose gay. To this day he can’t figure out if henwouldnhave been gay had his brother not molested him. He couldn’t tell you if he was born gay, he never got the chance to figure that out on his own.

      • Dice, u wanna clear this up for us. How did that incident with ur scout troop leader impact ur sexuality? Oh thats why u jerked off to joselines video. Congrats on being able to rejoin the Boy Scouts soon too.

      • I am a female who was sexually molested by a woman from the time I was 5 until 12. I am 40 years old now and consider myself bi. I agree with PinkKitty’s friend as far as choosing a side, because that was my first sexual experience, I felt the urge to be with women sexually, but I love men more. I could never be a lesbian because I love penis more. I tell people this all the time that want to debate whether folks are born THAT WAY.

        • Wow, I feel like I can relate to all of you who were molested as kids…. I was too molested and rapped. My cousin raped me when I was 13 in the back of his pickup while I was inebriated. I was being molested by younger guys before and for about two years after and was called a “Rapist” as if I wanted the sexual attention but didn’t want it at all. I just wanted company and the signals had gotten mixed up at some point. Even though those who were molesting me no longer do it, they tried to convince me numerous times to do something with them willingly since we are of age now and I am like ‘Nah…” I am still uncomfortable because some would say because I was drunk I was not raped and because I chose to hang with the younger kids, I was NOT molested because I didn’t tell them “no” and it wasn’t like a choke her out if she says no kind of thing. But worse, they told me that they would tell everyone else what I did if I didn’t go so I had no choice. I have always showed out as a teen because I always seemed to be attracted to unavailable people since I went through the sexual abuse that I have over the years. I didn’t even own being raped when it first happened (even though he was 19 and I was 13 at the time it happened). I did own the incest part but not the fact that my cousin raped me because I had been molested around the time I got raped so I couldn’t really tell the difference. I am intimidated by people period and I do feel like I may seem a little unwelcoming to men but I do not feel as if I come off as gay or bi. Nowhere near it actually. I have every desire to be married with children and the like. At that point, even though I didn’t like it, I didn’t want to call anything I didn’t want molestation because I had heard so many molestation stories that weren’t like mines in which it was always an older figure who did it. I felt like because they were younger boys, I was a whore, a Dirty Diana, a hoe, all of that. I felt dirty because I felt like I was taking innocence from them and not the other way around and to a certain extent, I think I still hold some of that and feel as if people will not say I am a sexual abuse victim but just someone who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. And I think deep inside, I want to agree with them and say that I had control of that situation and just didn’t run or scream and tell anybody what I was going through but I didn’t know what else to do.

          • @E.Jones-none of us who has gone thru this ever knows what to do especially if you’re young. You’re embarrassed, ashamed, afraid and a host of other things on top of which you’re afraid. Who do i tell, who will believe me and will they say it was my fault? All these things are in your head and between it and all the emotions of what you’re feeling well it is no wonder most people don’t tell. And do not be fooled abusers come in all ages. Them being younger has nothing to do with it. They were probably abused as well and with you being raped at the time well predators know prey when they see it. Don’t blame yourself for that. However one thing did worry me about your post. If you feel the urge to do things with other young boys then it is time for you to talk to someone. Don’t continue the cycle!!!! Remember what it felt like for you when someone took advantage of you so don’t do it to someone else. Don’t give someone else that feeling of helplessness and powerlessness that was forced on you. It wasn’t fair or right in your case so don’t pass that on. And everyone thinks they are the only one but as you can see you aren’t alone. Just talking to someone especially people who have had the same experiences helps a lot. But knowing your issues is half the battle. The other half is fighting for yourself. Don’t let someone or an act define who you are. That is in your hands and only in your hands so don’t let it go. You take care. And you can always come here to hsk there are good people here so please become a regular.

          • @E.Jones-pay no mind to that part in my post where i talked about not doing it to someone else. I was on the phone talking to a guy friend of mine and he was molested as well and he was telling me he was getting bad feelings and i guess my hands wrote what was in my head and what i said to him. But girl the rest of what i said stands. YOU DID NOTHING WRONG!!!! So don’t feel like a dirty diana, a hoe or anything else and remember you are the victim. It is not the job of the victim to feel or carry the burden of guilt that is for the molester. Your main focus should be to get better and come to terms with what happened to you. You will be okay and like i said you can always come here and talk if need be. As you can see there are sympathetic ears here

            • No, what I meant was the boys are young men now. I am 20 and they are from ages 16-18 now. So basically the 18 year old was who I was talking about. It is the same people… nobody different. And what I had meant was that I got into a lot of deviance with younger guys in HS (like a year or two younger NOT over that) not currently. I am actually into to guys my age and older. I am sorry if I wasn’t clear in the initial post Madraven.

            • Please disregard what I said to then… my bad. Thanks for the clarification smh. We are even Madraven lol smh. Man, why is it that it has happened to so many of us but it seems as if those who go through it are viewed as crazy. I don’t get it.

  8. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    (wipes a tear then slowly places entire GFK collection next to R. Kelly’s)

  9. Well, I don’t know if anybody notice but in the Triumph video, Ghostface was kissing Raekwon on the cheek. But I didn’t think much of it because I thought they were related to each other.

  10. dang ghost…its true the old saying…your fav entertainer is gay…raping people…what kinda nut job…makes me wonder about the Chef ?… did he rape him too ?…wu tang clan aint nothing to fuxk with…gives that saying a new meaning…all these nasty ass celebritys and rapers…i mean rappers…wutang clan got booty bandits in the midst…now thats one chamber they can shouolda kept in the dark.




  11. Damn. I thought Ghost was just one of those fancy, let all us homies go down and get pedicures and then rob niggas, kind of guy.

  12. This is a shame,I wonder what renee from the mob wives has to say about that,after all she styled ghost face for a video shoot. Add rza the Hippocrate to the mix and method man,who happened to get his name from hall and Oates song the method of love,and now you got a bunch of fruity ass niggas from Stapleton projects putting the woo in the tang! Must be feces In the water in staten island,after all it is a dumping ground for dead mob men and poop from new jerseys water treatment facility!

  13. I actually dated Erick Sermon and 1 of the wu tang members at different times. They both seemed a little strange but were gentlemen

    • erik was accused of being a dl he used to hang around redman and keith murray.

      wu tang was straNGE AND CRAZY MF’S BACK IN THE DAY.

      • I dated a Wu-Tang member for a long time. I was around Wu-Tang for 10 years. I have been surprised by a few stories I’ve read about the group because I never knew the main members to be anything but nice guys. Not sure if Ghost is the alleged rapist, but I initially thought Busta was the rapist until someone brought Redman’s name up. I’ve never been around Busta, but I always questioned his relationship with Spliff Star, who seemed like a real fish.

        People don’t often acknowledge that gay men LOVE beautiful women. They love beautiful women who dress well and have their isht together. Some of these guys may be in relationships with women not for sexual purposes, but because they are enamored by the women.

        I look forward to seeing who the alleged rapist is. It is just further proof to me as to how protected I have been during my lifetime.

        • Black gay men love women who don’t look black which is why we as black women are being redefined in the media.

          If you were around them for 10 years and your antennae didn’t pick up anything, it shows how sneaky and serpentine these DL muthafuckas are. Fuckin’ young boys in the ass and shit tryin’ to increase their numbers and build their little army.

          • I can read DL men, too. I’ve had several men whom I knew were gay who tried to date me. I let them know that I knew and politely declined.

            I just read that Redman IS NOT the individual, and several other rappers were ruled out. Busta wasn’t ruled out, nor was anyone in Wu-Tang.

            Wu’s 20th anniversary is this year. I just saw they’re performing at Coachella. I’m guessing this revelation will potentially kill their return.

            As for me “not looking Black”, wtf that means, I don’t look white. I met the guy I was talking to when I was a teenager. He was nice, appropriate, etc. If he wanted someone beige, which he clearly did not, he would not have approached me. He called when I went away to school and when we’d see each other when I returned home to resume my education.

            Again, I’m not sure who the rapper is, but the act is vile and disgusting. I pray for the victims and that the rapper gets help and learns to control himself and his demons.

            I can say that Wu has a lot of male groupies, like most rappers. Grown men would spend the night in hotel lobbies waiting for autographs &/or to meet their favorite group member(s). I never understood that. I also found that dangerous for the group members. I checked a hotel manager once because he allowed a guy to stalk them. He let the guy spend the night in a chair in the lobby and NEVER kicked him out. Smh

            • Who said anything about the way YOU look?

              You emphasized that gay men love good looking women.

              I commented that black gay men have a certain definition of good looking women which we see over-represented the entertainment world because that is where the gay boyz are.

              Personally, I think a lot of these homo thugs got turned out by white men at a young age cuz they were hangin’ out unsupervised and the white men came along in cars and was buyin’ them shit momma couldn’t afford.

        • Quote. ” People don’t often acknowledge that gay men LOVE beautiful women. They love beautiful women who dress well and have their isht together. Some of these guys may be in relationships with women not for sexual purposes, but because they are enamored by the women.”

          Kanye comes to mind

        • “People don’t often acknowledge that gay men LOVE beautiful women. They love beautiful women who dress well and have their isht together. ”

          That was a very true statement. I have always attracted them as well and wondered why. I never had a relationship with one. At least not that I know of, but WHO KNOWS. Its scary!

      • E. Sermon gotta be a fruit. Just look at his face. And even though i love Redman he did drop that infamous line, “male groupies getting shaky when I approach from the rear.”

  14. @Bubble Gum Quis

    Sorry to hear about ur brother and sister. I pray and hope that they recover and recieve healing within their spirit
    I too was sexually abused by adults and the hurt and pain can scar u for life. Im still trying to recover.

    • @Bubble Gum Quis and Anonymous 11:12. Thank you for speaking out and educating us. People don’t realize the damage done and that this is a wounding of the spirit. Sexuality is so important to our spiritual beings and those who sexually abuse children or sexually shame children are making an offering to Molech, it is a demonic act driven by a dark spirit.

      So, it makes me so angry when folks are on here reppin’ themselves as Wu-Tang fans. R. Kelly still has sold out concerts. We as a people are being destroyed both from within (family, friends) and from without (celebrities, stars).

      Check this out from somewhere else:

      I have five boys..one was raped at 2yrs old. I did not know at the time as in why he was acting the way he was. He would tell people he was a girl at 3…I had to tell him he was a boy. He would only draw pictures of rainbows and he would only play with toys with bright colors. So when he started pre-school …his teacher told another parent which was my good friend but she did not know that.. she told her my son was going to be gay. I found out it was my own brother who raped my baby. My brother was also raped as a little boy, but I never thought in a thousand years that my own brother could rape his own nephew. He sodomized my baby who is now 18. My heart is broken for my baby. That is how I
      know so much about that spirit. When I joined the church 11 years ago I would see little boys that remind me of my baby. I found out later they where also molested. All of them are in homosexual lifestyles today. I said all of this to say… When I see Pres. Obama I see my son I can see a homosexual spirit in him, his family is just a pretty cover-up. LORD help us all.”

      This gay shit ain’t no game, these devils mean business.

      • Obama is definitely gay…Im not judging him…Aw hell, I am judging him…The nigga gay and his whole thing is a public image facade…GW Bush is gay too.
        Bush’s daddy is a well known pedophile in DC…

        We have been kidnapped by strange beings who control almost every facet of our lives and theres literally no place to run or hide…They control the whole planet and can lay your land to waste within 8 minutes, wherever on the planet you may reside.

        We definitely could use a little help, but help want come because most people love the devil and his toys. When enough people get tired and want out of the Matrix, help will come, but until then lets wait on the next R. kELLY album and the next Beyonce booty pop video…She’s working on a new way to pop her booty/

      • Sorry to hear about all this trauma in your life it must be devastating. Love and peace to you and your family and blessings.

  15. Gangstalicious is a representation of damn near every rapper in hip hop; including Ghostface Killah!

  16. A Pimp Name Slickback says, “Homies over hoes is something A Pimp Name Slickback can’t co-cign! Never put a homie over a hoe! Sounds like some gay shit!

    • In the Black President and Bitces To Rags episode, it’s clear that Thugnificient represents DMX!

      • Yeah, Thugnificent is definitely an amalgamation of DMX, Ludacris (Loudness and Afro Puffs), and several ‘ignorant’ Southern rappers (His music).

  17. I need more proof that its GK. Concrete shit….One person says GK then everybody assumes it him….come on folks..

  18. damn…you’ll never listen to that skit off the first Wu album the same…the one thats all about genital torture…”Ill spread a nigga ass cheeks out and stick a hot poker” shit

    • Yeeessssss! I heard that skit the other day and wondered why these men are so obsessed with each others genitals? Why make reference to hanging a guy by his dick off the side of a building? One man should not be concerned about another man’s penis, nuts nor his ass!

      That is gay. Women don’t joke with other women like that. Picture me telling some women what I would do with her vagina? Oh he’ll no! Your vagina, your business. I don’t need to know about it.

      • Women comment on other womens looks and bodyparts all the time….Im talking about straight women…Women will turn their whole body to look at another womans ass so they can make some of color remark about how disgusting her big ass is.

        Ghost and his boys obviously arent walking the straight and narrow as we all may have previously thought.

  19. read an old article someone said they saw a member of wu tang at a gay club with a mary j blige impersonater but the member wasn’t identified.

  20. Ghostface Killer has also been an informant with the so called NYC Hip Hop Police, who keep rappers under Government Surveillance.

    • This is according to the data and documents complied by author John Potash who wrote the book “Tupac Shakur and the FBI War Against Black Leaders”

      • Not surprised, I believe ODB was also an informant. You don’t have a shoot out with NYPD and 1) live; and 2) if you do live, not be in jail for years.

        Ask Larry Davis, oops, can’t.

        • Nope, ODB, was the one they had under close surveillance because of his closer ties to the Black Consciousness Youth Movement….They were afraid of him(just like Pac) lending his fame and his name to some ground level movement of youth who became politically and socially active …Active to the point where they were looking into setitng up Community Credit Unions, Home School Academies, Business Seminars to teach drug dealers who to transfer and invest their money into legitimate endeavors to cross over…

          Lets look at it this way…Ghostface Killer is alove and well, raping children with impunity…Pac and ODB were assassinated….Yes, ODB was murdered!
          And he did love the children.

        • And yes, BOTH, Tupac and ODB lived to survive shootouts with police…The eventually if they want you dead, they keep coming until it happens…

          They both were being protected by the elder beings , which is why Pac survived so many assassination attempts, but the devil is winning right now and they have unlimited resources to keep coming and coming until they lock you up or seperate you from your body…This place is a prison planet for fallen angels and a paradise from demons.

  21. This is why young people whould be reminded to stay away from the illegal drug trade…They will get all the prison time (while the people who really run the game and ship that shit over make 95% of the profit and do none of the jail time), then while in prison they get introduced to homosexuality and others are forcibly raped and then they come out of that setting back into society and start wanting to sodomize and rape their own young fans….

    Its also why you dont give your children over to the entertainment biz…Usher was raped and molested and now he’s paying it back to Justin Beaver and probably countless other children and trannies.

    Dont believe me, ask Puff(British slang for queer) Dad.

  22. You watch

    Ghostface aint gonna do any real time because he’s an INFORMANT with the Police Department, just like Haitian Jack was….The NYC Hip Hop Police works in conjunction with the FBI and probably the CIA too. Who knows.

    Ghost may wind up doing TI(Kang Snitch of Da South) time…A year in some villa in Arizona,while telling the public he’s in prison.

    • Ghost isn’t an FBI informant, his manager Michael Caruso is an FBI informant according to the Village Voice. Apparently he was giving the FBI info on Wu-Tang when they were under investigation for weapons trafficking.

        • Think about it for a minute…

          Why would an organization like the FBI, THE CIA (who are connected to the NYC Hip Hop Police) be concerned with what Tupac Shakour or Ole Dirty Bastard are doing and what they are writing in their lyrics?

          Why do you think the GOVERNMENT IS INTERESTED IN HARRASSING KATT WILLIAMS since he came out with the revealations about the “MANSION PARTIES”?

          Why do you think the Government was very concerned about the information that MALACHI YORK was putting in his books?

          think about it before you answer

        • Agent Smith to Ghostface Killer:

          “Aw Ghost , you know with these charges, you’re looking at a minimum of 8-15 years and we also have those charges old warrants against your brother we havent even touched yet….Tell you what. In exchange for a little cooperation, we can make most of this just go away. We’re not asking you to be a snitch or anything, but we need someone to be our eyes on certain transactions because we need to know whats going on….It would be ashame to let your family suffer and your career stall because you were in some prison cell in Rikers Island”

      • Do you think Michael Caruso was hanging out with the Wu in Staten Island, smoking blunts with them on project corners…Someone had to tell him who was doing what…Who do you think that someone is?

        • Actually according to the Village Voice he was hanging out with Wu-Tang enough to know all of that information. He was not like Steve Rifkind only seeing them at business hours, he was around them off the clock. Ghost was apparently warned by people who knew him to drop him because he is a known snitch and wanted by people in them streets. The entire investigation on Wu Tang occured because two murders occured linked to a weapons trafficking ring between Staten Island and Ohio, that was allegedly ran by Wu-Tang. One of the people that was killed was an associate of Wu-Tang that happened in Ohio, the other was a Gang Member that was killed in New York City. Michael Caruso knew about everyone of there activities because he was there and witnessed it, and was reporting primary info to the feds, nobody in Wu-Tang had to feed him info if he was there to witness it.

  23. @nikki-it is but they stole it from allhiphop but ahh and jacky had it first. Mediafakeshit is always stealing stories cause they have stolen some from here at hsk on several occassions but the tea gets spilled here first.

    He was forced to wear a mask during public appearances early on, because of an outstanding warrant. Also, back when the Wu-Tang would have to brawl their way out of the underground NYC clubs they performed in, Ghost would take on five guys by himself. This terrifying aspect is best summed up by his own appropriately ridiculous words, “Gorilla, injected with strength of eighty midgets.”

    Read more: http://www.cracked.com/funny-6582-the-wu-tang-clan/#ixzz2JLEfIcNh

  25. Nothing surprises me these days. This is nothing new. Just because a guy dresses a certain way, raps a certain way, acts a certain way, does not mean that he is straight. Love or hate Wendy Williams but she was dropping these type tidbits way back in the day when she was a radio personality on NY radio. Many tried to write her off as a total liar but much of what she claimed way back then has come to light.

    • YES!!! Wendy in her Hot 97 days was the truth! She lost her job because someone rolled up on her one day and handed her photos of Puffy in a “compromising position”. I immediately assumed it was Clive Davis, but I’ve heard it was Benny Medina. Will Smith was broke as a joke when FPOB began. He blew all of his rap money, by his own admission. Benny Medina and, if I recall correctly, Quincy Jones, were responsible for that show and Will’s subsequent rise to stardom. Will is gay, yet people will defend him because he is married to a woman. As if… I wish I could find the picture of Jada Smith at Peanuts (a lesbian club) in a “poom poom rules” t-shirt. Folks are a good 20 years late, which explains why bullshit continues to plague us as a community.

      Clive, Andre Harrell, Russell Simmons, Puffy…all of these donkeys are gay. You will only get so far financially and in the industry unless and until you submit to their wicked ways. Quincy Jones’ appearance in the Wu-Tang “Triumph” video speaks retroactive volumes. I knew Kidada, yet I NEVER saw her at a Wu-Tang show or anywhere near the group, yet I spent a decade around these dudes. I know she has been a whore since she was 15 (probably younger). I posted a comment about her on a thread re: Rashida Jones.

      Wendy wasn’t lying. Hot 97 is a business and Wendy’s revelations were more than Hot 97 could afford to pay in defamation suits (despite her honesty), so she was dismissed from the station. Look at her now! She has compiled enough dirt on these entertainers and more money than a lot of the people she reports on. Good for her. Wendy earned her title as the Queen of All Media. Make it reign, Wendy!

      • q a wu tang fan.

        only thing I can say about q’s connection to hip hop was that some of his old songs was sampled many times.

        even pac sampled one of q’s old joints.

  26. I’m thinking this is Meth…back in the 90’s industry folks always whispered that he was bisexual, but that he was real whoreish when it came to men, a totally insatiable freak.

  27. Illseed just posted that the rapper in his blind item wasn’t Ghost. But he did add your story to it.

  28. “We as a people are being destroyed both from within (family, friends) and from without (celebrities, stars).”


    so why’s it taking so long for Black people to thoroughly understand that fact?

  29. Lord Jamar is a rampaging hypocrite like any other religious fanatic. Hiphop and rap in general have been denigrating women for decades but some fruit in a skirt is what makes him speak out? Jamar should check himself for promoting and supporting the “ultra-macho” vibe in hiphop which is really code for homosexuality.

  30. This one really hurts me if is true, the first rap tape I ever bought was the 36 chambers of death. I was 12 years old when I bought the tape , since then I was a Wu tan fan for life . Yo but jacky on the real do you work for the CIA or something ,because that scandalous shit you put about guru a couple years ago never was proven . I never heard any of guru ex gay lovers in the media ?? And I never heard anybody else from the jazzmatazz members , and dj premierwho live with guru for years said he had a hundreds of girlfriends , so I think you made it up to get a rep on guru weak minded state

  31. @E. Jones

    Thank You for sharing your story. There was so much anguish and confusion that I suffered from the sexual abuse by the adults, that I kind of blocked out the sexual abuse I recieved from the young ones.
    I remember just fondling and dry humping a girl(same sex as me) who was 5 years older than me.
    This is before the adults had gotten to me.
    The girls mother was living openly as a stud lesbian. However I never witnessed any deviant or perverse behavior from the mother. And the mother was always very nice and respectful to me.
    Anyhow during 1 of our dry humping sessions(which I admit felt good at the time) my 13 year old friend pulled out a large butcher knife and put it to my neck and told me to suck her breasts.(I hadnt develop any yet)
    Yet for some reason I was not afraid and it FELT like I enjoyed it. At the time it did not feel wrong.
    She didnt hurt me physically so I thought it was just part of life. No excuses, but I was only 7 or 8yrs old at the time.
    Somehow added along with the adult molestation/sexual abuse, later on in life I became a little confused with my sexuality from time to time.
    Lots of prayer, self awareness and straight up non dilluted honesty within myself with good friends that helped me, Im learning how to survive. Therapy has been helpful too.
    I do stay to myself a lot these days because I still have the stigma and the residue as a result of it.
    But some people have had it so much worse than others. So I try not to feel sorry for myself..
    Sometimes life sucks but thanks be to Jesus, I keep it movin and try to deal with it.
    To carry the traumatic things you may have suffered as a child or a young person can mess your heart, mind and spirit up.
    Thus the cycle of violators and predators.
    I just continue to ask God everyday to just help me become a better person and try not to take out my issues on others.

    I pray and hope anyone who have suffered any type of abuse recieve clarity, healing then closure.

    *please excuse long essay its just that
    rape, child molestion/sex abuse touches my spirit because the victims are usually innocent and defenseless.
    I will try to avoid these type of threads in the future cause Im still too sensitive.

    • So am I… it is one of those things that I don’t know how to respond to because I have endured so much of it. I don’t know how to feel because man, sometimes it is as if you’re wrong and that if it isn’t the younger one who is getting abused, than it isn’t abuse. I am super-sensitive too. I was wondering if I should have even posted my story but now I see, it was meant for me to do it because someone would be able to relate to it. I was looking for all the wrong people to love me so I did things that aren’t even things that I would do and I feel your pain.

      • @ Anonymous

        One question, if you don’t mind me asking, do you live as gay, bi, straight or any alternative sexuality (pansexual, polyamorous,etc.)? Because I had moments where I dealt with thinking about being bi but relationships with women just didn’t do it for me at all. I have always wanted to marry and have kids with a man and the like.

  32. @E.Jones-well we’re viewed as crazy cause the black community finds it difficult to deal with issues that aren’t the norm-molestation, lesbianism, homosexuality etc. So rather than try to figure out why you are the way you are they just call you crazy. It’s simpler that way. But don’t feel bad we have all gone thru it and unfortunately because our community refuses to get enlightened on the subject i see we still go thru it. I am in my early 40’s and this started happening to me at 14 so it’s sad to see nothing has changed. And yeah i get the same thing too where guys i slept with back in the day will run into me and try to get it again. I just look at the ground, smile and say i’m not like that anymore. With age comes wisdom or at least it does for some lol and i am always amazed how i have gotten wiser and moved on but they are still in the same place. I’m smart enough to know that i can’t get angry when they approach me like that cause i earned that rep. And unlike your situation i was not high, drunk, buzzed none of that. I was stone sober when i did mine so despite the backstory of why that is my reputation and i must carry it. And i do so with as much grace as i can muster cause hey it is what it is and the deeds have been done so no going back now after all my name isn’t mcfly and i don’t own a time traveling delorean. Lol. But i keep my head up and you do the same. And take it from someone older who’s been thru it-it gets better. It will never go away but time makes the pain subside. You just gotta keep pushing forward and while you may give in sometimes don’t give up.

    • Thanks for all the inspiration… it is still fresh. The last day I was molested I was sixteen years old (in summer of 09) and in the summer between my junior and senior year of HS. I dealt with all of the scarring that I dealt with, the judgement because some people found out about what happened to me and thought it is what I truly wanted. I am no longer that close to any one who took advantage of my nature but they still give me hugs and it feels weird because I am still not sure how to look at them since I’m older now. I still have love for even those who hurt me but it still is a very weird vibe I have now. I am scared to ask anyone because on top of the molestation, I was picked on BADLY in school, which may have been what actually may have added to what had happened. The bullying ended in 2008 when I was going into my sophomore year of high school. So, I had a lot of issues and dating isn’t easy at all because my self-image is completely shot if not non-existent.

      • Yeah i’ve been there and done that when it comes to being picked on. I got called every name in the book. But i learned early on that you don’t show your feelngs to anyone. Back when i was 15 when it all was still new and i was emotionally raw someone said something to me on the school bus that hurt my feelings and i burst into tears. Everyone on the bus laughed at me and after that i was determined to never let anyone see that side of me ever again. So all thru the rest of middle school and high school i became hardened and distant and unfortunately that is still the case. Men who i date often tell me i am passionate in bed but a stone out of it. But i can’t help it that is who i am. My past experiences being bullied made me so emotionally cold that i refuse to let anyone close to me. Gene hackman said in wyatt earp-family is family and everybody else is just strangers and i live by that. I have been told i am flirtatious, witty, charming and engaging but it is a byproduct of my past cause i developed those qualities to attract men and unless you know me for some time that is a side of me you don’t see. Like you i have been told on first meet i am cold and unwelcoming as well. Gene Hackman said in Wyatt Earp-family is family and everybody else is just strangers and i live by that. I know many people but have few friends-i can count them on one hand. But by and large i prefer my own company-i am mostly a loner. I guess that is why i tend to talk a lot on here cause i can unload and not get the weird looks or the she crazy side eyes. I have talked about this before on here but not to this extent so this is helpful for me too. I have only ever discussed this with one flesh and blood person and that is my friend who i spoke of earlier. Despite my age i remain a work in progress like yourself and i guess that’s why i like to talk to you cause when it happened to me i had no one to go to. So if i can help by listening or giving support than it will be more than worth it. I am always here in one form or another- ask christa, she knows me.

        • As for your self image give it time it will get better and sorry for the double gene hackman/wyatt earp thing my aunt called me in the middle of writing and i lost my train of thought. Lol!

          • It is all good… thanks for all of the help Madraven. It is great that you take care of people and that you’ve made it.

    • the drop was that this “big stry” was gonna drop..not that I knew or know the details of it. I wouldn’t have published it as blind if I knew what was coming!

  33. quincy jones is gay. tupac exposed him. said he wated pac to fuck him up the ass. pac spoke on it and they killed him. i saw a list of gay rappers on a christian site 4 yrs ago and gfk name was on it. the rza moving in them hollywood circles so you know he bi as hell. meth red erick sermon and dr dre are old news. when dudes started walking around with they pants sagging i knew they would start getting rapped sooner or later. smh ghost busta and i forgot about jermaine dupri rapped chris cross. these mfs are sick

  34. pac had a big azz mouth.

    hip hop or gangster rappers and the rap ceos are tied to street dealers and mafia kingpins.

    pac may or may not have slept with faith evans anyway he wanted revenge so bad he was willing to embarass big.

    faith was sleeping with puff and pac violated her, big, and puff by even saying he slept with faith.

    it was also said pac fired david kenner bad move on his part and folks say he wanted to leave deathrow but according to his interview pac wanted to run for office sometime in 2000.

    start restaurants, work with alternative artists and start a youth center no pac wanted to do more than just act and rap.

    he did’nt want a record label makaveli records where he was gonna be distributred by deathrow or interscope he wanted more.

    plus pac anmounced in ny that deathrow east is coming and they was in cahoots with kool moe dee, bobby brown, greg nice, big daddy kane, boot camp click, wu tang clan, and eric b.



















  35. Wow, I heard this from my friend. Is this shit true?, I’m glad he’s not my favorite vocalist in the clan. That title would go to, Gza, Rza, and Masta Killa.

  36. I certainly hope this isn’t true because i like the wu tang clan.I have no idea who it could be. But I think the article is referring to Cappadonna or Ghostface.
    In due respect, how do we even know this is true and not a load of nonsense?
    Because there’s a lot of rubbish on the internet making accusations of all kinds of people of stuff, like all this illuminatti gibberish.
    If it’s true then whoever he is needs to be punished and locked up

  37. What happens with allot of celebrities is that they have all the women they want.Too many women throw themselves at them and they get bored and lose all respect for them as a whole(pardon the pun)and they eventually run out of places to go so the only natural thing to do is to lean toward the taboo and try to experiment with the forbidden.Especially celebrities always want what they cannot have so they start to look at other dudes in a strange way and the more of a fight that is put up the more fun it seems to be to these guys.Especially for “Faggot Thugs” they like the struggle.It’s a power thing.This goes back to the days of the Greeks(who invented “Wrestling” by the way) and Caesar and Caligula and so on and so forth. There are two types of fags,The first one goes gay because there are no women around and they have no choice but to get busy with other dudes if they want to have some kind of physical affection and the second type goes gay because they had too much pussy and they get bored with women and lose all respect for them so they turn to men because there is no place else to go to get their rocks off.Celebrity(or the lack there of) is a sickness and there is only two things that will cure that sickness…..Success or failure.There is no middle ground.Just like binary code there are only two numbers that exist and it’s either 1 or 0.There are no 2’s 3’s 4’s or 5’s they don’t exist.Even if said number is a billion trillion that number is still just one number as a whole so that makes it a one and the opposite of that is nothing so in that case that would make it a zero. Either there is something or there’s nothing.THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND! Peace the fuck out!