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Unnamed Wu-Tang Rapper Set To Be Exposed As Male Rapist?

January 28th, 2013

Wutang Rapper Outted as Gay Rapist

Victim Reported Set To Speak!

HSK Exclusive – We’re getting word of a slew of gay accusations – against a member of the Wu-Tang Clan – are soon to surface. Sources tell us Thursday is D-Day, the time when an insider will reveal the name of the said undercover rapping brother.

But that’s not all!!!

Sources say the leak is set to happen because the currently unnamed accused has committed rape on some of his male fans!!!

Here’s the drop:

“Was out last night, hanging with my friend…a famous New York DJ, I can’t tell you who.┬áHe was talking about a big story that is about to break and shock the Hip Hop world this Thursday.

It’s about a Wu-Tang member that rapes his male fans. One of the victims is ready to talk.

When this shit breaks, the Wu-Tang member will have to put his mask back on…the one he used to wear back in the day.

It’s gonna be a sad day for Hip-Hop. DAMN!!!!!”

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176 Comments on "Unnamed Wu-Tang Rapper Set To Be Exposed As Male Rapist?"

September 23, 2014

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Hey stupid.Go do what rap tells you
June 13, 2013

What happens with allot of celebrities is that they have all the women they want.Too many women throw themselves at them and they get bored and lose all respect for them as a whole(pardon the pun)and they eventually run out of places to go so the only natural thing to do is to lean toward the taboo and try to experiment with the forbidden.Especially celebrities always want what they cannot have so they start to look at other dudes in a strange way and the more of a fight that is put up the more fun it seems to be to these guys.Especially for “Faggot Thugs” they like the struggle.It’s a power thing.This goes back to the days of the Greeks(who invented “Wrestling” by the way) and Caesar and Caligula and so on and so forth. There are two types of fags,The first one goes gay because there are no women around and they have no choice but to get busy with other dudes if they want to have some kind of physical affection and the second type goes gay because they had too much pussy and they get bored with women and lose all respect for them so they turn to men because there is no place else to go to get their rocks off.Celebrity(or the lack there of) is a sickness and there is only two things that will cure that sickness…..Success or failure.There is no middle ground.Just like binary code there are only two numbers that exist and it’s either 1 or 0.There are no 2’s 3’s 4’s or 5’s they don’t exist.Even if said number is a billion trillion that number is still just one number as a whole so that makes it a one and the opposite of that is nothing so in that case that would make it a zero. Either there is something or there’s nothing.THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND! Peace the fuck out!


hamster gangsta
March 23, 2013

I certainly hope this isn’t true because i like the wu tang clan.I have no idea who it could be. But I think the article is referring to Cappadonna or Ghostface.
In due respect, how do we even know this is true and not a load of nonsense?
Because there’s a lot of rubbish on the internet making accusations of all kinds of people of stuff, like all this illuminatti gibberish.
If it’s true then whoever he is needs to be punished and locked up


February 8, 2013

Soooo when is the breaking news gonna happen? I’ll believe it when i see it.


Wu Fan
February 4, 2013

Wow, I heard this from my friend. Is this shit true?, I’m glad he’s not my favorite vocalist in the clan. That title would go to, Gza, Rza, and Masta Killa.





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