Jay Z’s Mistress Cathy White Exposed


    Jay Z Mistress Korena White

    HSK Exclusive- We have more details about the woman at the center of Jay Z’s cheating scandal, Cathy Koreana “Kori” White.

    You may remember we first told you all about Jay Z’s secret rendezvous to Las Vegas with Kori, during the time of the Floyd Mayweather and Juana Manuel Marquez boxing match. Sources now tell us just before the pair attending the Sin City fight, Jay purchased a $2500 pair of Louis Vuitton shoes, for Kori to wear that evening.

    Insiders say Jay requested Kori bring a few friends to ride with them that evening in order for them not to appear as a couple. During their time in Vegas, Jay also took Kori gambling at the Bellagio casino…that’s where Jay was again reportedly adamant about Kori’s friends circling the pair during their time at the table, in an attempt to cover their public appearances.

    Now, I’m asking my male readers this: If you were married to Beyonce, would you cheat on her?


    1. A woman does not have to be beautiful or ugly for a man to cheat. A cheater will cheat whether or not his woman is beautiful. That has nothing to do with it. When someone has integrity he is faithful. It has nothing to do with the spouse’s good looks. Besides that, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      • thank you roxy..i get tired of people putting soooo much emphasis on looks….will you tell these people that again please…you are so right, i agree with you 200 percent.


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