Usher Turns the Tables on Mentors LA Reid and Sean Puffy Combs


LA Reid Usher Gossip

HSK Exclusive – Word from the streets of Atlanta…

It seems that Usher Raymond gets around, and that old saying ‘six degrees of separation’ more than applies to L.A. Reid and Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs. That’s because sources say Usher has served as a boy toy to both men. More specifically, Sean “Puffy” Combs has collected his fellow music mogul’s leftovers. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jermaine Dupri.

Here’s some cold ice tea from an industry insider for your Wednesday afternoon:

“Usher Raymond has carved out quite an impressive recording career, selling over a hundred million albums worldwide – but that ain’t the reason he will never be broke. Usher will never be broke cause he knows too many industry secrets. The kind of secrets that will do one of two things : make yo’ ass dead, or make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Usher has so much dirt on L.A. Reid it ain’t even funny. Reid used to talk on the phone around Usher, meet young boys from around ATL with Usher, kick it wit’ his homie/lover/friend/partner Babyface around Usher and trick off while wearing lip gloss around Usher.

He wined and dined him under the guise of Usher being his golden goose. LA was courtin’ that young dude. He bought Usher his first sports car. A Porsche, I believe. Shit, he damned near gave that little nigga his mansion for free. He wasn’t a good role model.

Then here comes Puffy to act as mentor. Puff set him up with orgies and strippers, but really just wanted to see that young dude naked and banging groupies. Diddy hooked him up with three ways so he could get him used to being in bed with him.

You know what came next – ‘Aw she couldn’t make it this time. Aw, old girl running a little late.‘ And don’t even get me started on Jermaine Dupri’s little freaky ass. Some niggas had a crack habit. JD had a ass crack habit. That nigga had strippers delivered like Jimmy John’s – freaky fast. It was only a matter of time before he was broke.

Usher also got the trump card of all trump cards, he knows the real deal on that Shakir Stewart situation.”

Why wasn’t this apart of Usher’s VH1 Behind The Music special? I guess, it was too raunchy for television. Don’t you agree?

LA Reid Usher Gossip


  1. I’m glad you put on blast how sex predators gain the confidence of their prey. “Yeah dude, she couldn’t make it this time, so why don’t we just relax together for awhile until the other bitches show up?….”

    But then again, so the fuck what? Niggas do the shit they wanna do and aparently Ursher wanted to be involved.


    • Come on. Usher was a kid when these pedophiles got a hold of him and probably thought this was what he had to do to “make it.”

      • He prob. thought he could make it and let it go as he got older or financially set. If you can make it famous and have fans,b honest 2ur true fans of how u got there.

      • Exactly usher was about 13 when ” call me a mack” came out and that lip gloss wearing bitch la ried was dripping to have his way with usher …
        It has been documented over the years that puffy tried to seduce usher back in the day with wild parties drugs alcohol all for puffy sick pleasure usher was lured into this lifestyle by them two sexual preditors ….
        So now let’s fast track to tamika and usher there was a rumour that there was a sex tape with tamika usher were he was giving and reciving that strap on…
        Anyway I still can’t imagine usher down with this shit but due to the background which I’m aware of anything is possible , this story is kinda correct cuz this story has been floating around for quite some time as for la ried what more can we say….,,

      • I don’t buy all these kids being “taken” advantage of. Some niggas been on this DL shit since GRADE SCHOOL. Some lil niggas confused and it’s not right that they get turned out, but it’s not right that some of these kids are down or curious to start with. If my daughter gets knocked up at 14, what the fuck was she doing have sex at 14?! Fuck are black people’s priorities. We have a different standard for our black young men.

        Mario was 14 singing “I Wanna Know what you like/I wanna know so I can do it all night.” on “Just A Friend”

        Chris Brown was singing “Shawty Thick Need/That Need to be hit” at 15 on “Run It”.

        GTFOH!!!!! Same way some niggas was fucking with females in grade/middle school some of em was interested & playing with dick/man ass. SMDH

        Raz B was molested and called his molesters out. He didn’t keep hanging with em & supporting their activities. Usher still up with Puff & L.A. Reid. Marques Houston ass still fucking Chris Strokes. Omarion still hanging with Marques Houston & Chris Strokes. WAKE THE FUCK UP. Y’all worried about Jay & Rihanna or Britney’s Spears lil sister popping up knocked up. Yeah these lil girls need to be watched, so do these niggas!!! Nobody want they daughter fucking, but everybody look the other way when they son get some right? Then it’s the “fast lil girls” faults rights.

        • @semi
          I really don’t understand this kinda ignorant mentality are you saying that usher encouraged and enabled his abusers because he was DL ?
          Please let’s not perpetrate this shit … I work with children services and many children have been abused I’m not going to interview them and say ” you encouraged it so u deserve to be abused” no I don’t think so no child deserves to abused or teenager
          I’m sure usher allegedly wasn’t exposed to this lifestyle before he went into the music business
          So u need to buy into the fact children can be abused conditioned by there abusers to think this is ok, what 12 year old boy or girl wants to be abused?
          And this shit that there curious don’t make no damm sence , are you saying male children are on the dl waiting in line to be abused no it’s what they are exposed to , children are like sponges, if your gonna cuss in front of them there gonna cuss to if u have sex in front of your children what do u thinks gonna happen and if a mans gonna abuse a minor or even a teenager within the right environments this is called ABUSE!
          Your logic is all wrong… Raz b was abused just based on his behaviour they were all abused which is evedient some people who are abused will go on to abuses sometimes not all cases
          So let’s not judge and make lite of this subject abuse of children over a sustained period of time can condition and minuplate someone to behave in a certain way which normalises this behaviour . This didn’t mean they like it ? Or are on the DL from grade school by saying this your are sexualising young children when basically they are children? Woman men children teenagers are abused all the time dosemt mean its right .. Look to the predetors who prey on children teenagers and also adults
          Let’s hope your male or female child does not get abused because then u may have a different outlook abuse is destructive , and the survivors of abuse should not have to justify other peoples sick behaviour
          Yes raz b has called out his abuser and u can see the confusion he is going through based on ignorant individuals who think he was a certain age he must have encouraged it and also enjoyed the sex or he would have stoped it ignorant !!!! It’s like saying a woman encouraged or begged to be raped.
          Think before u blog!?!!

          • You can’t even spell, so im having.a hard.time believing what you say. Do you really spell with children? Wouldn’t rewrrequire education? Smh.

      • What the fuck ever. I was in elementary school and one of the janitors tried to do some slick shit to me and I went home and told my mom and dad because I do it at the age of 6 that wasn't right for an adult to touch a child like that. What kind of household did you grow up in where an adult didn't tell you that another adult doesn't supposed to touch you? I don't care what industry you're in or how old you are you know that isn't right. The deal is those that take the bait are already like that and those that don't take the bait or unheard of but it doesn't mean anything against those in the industry and those we've never heard talent-wise. Those in the industry just went ahead with it but it's not like they didn't make a conscious decision to do it. After they get all the money and fame then that's when the guilt sets in and then that's when they want to talk about they were abused but while they were number 1 in Hollywood are number one on the radio they could care less so don't give us that crap

    • Wanted to be involved? Usher was about 14 or 15 years old when he was sexually molested by Puffy. He said he saw a lot of things that he shouldn’t have seen. His mother let him live with that predatory homo. Usher was a child and its no telling how many demons he is battling behind that shit. This is probably why he is attracted to older woman. He is looking for the protection that his parents were supposed to give him. I feel bad for him and all other victims of evil predators. All the money in the world won’t take away the damage that was done to him.

      • Yessss. I caught that when he did that interview. After that I understood why he was hard on his mom. You could cut the tension between them with a knife and that was before Tameka.

      • yesterday in custody battle b/w Usher & ex wife Tameka, they said that Usher tried to kill his mom. they say he saw his mom car in his driveway and drove as fast as he could into his mama car. maybe he blames her for what happen to him in the industry, but his mama probably didn’t know how demonic these people are.

        • If that’s the case, she probably knew. Or/and ignored it. Parents will turn the other way wehn money is involved.

        • Yes, she knew. Just like all the other young up and coming artist that made it and trying to make it. Their parents know. They are just as thirsty, and want to reap of the fame and fortune of their children until they turn a blind eye to what their children have to go through.

        • You kiddin Right?? I don’t care what she may not have known… Children should should never, EVER, be sent off nor dropped off to be alone with a grown ass man! Period, Point Blank, T’ain’t Havin It… Look at Aaliyah’s mom, leaving her alone with R. Kelly.. I couldn’t rest I would just be sick worrying and wondering.. I mean its not as if you’re dropping them off at school where a bunch of other kids will be around. They be leaving the child in studios and houses with a bunch of grown folks

      • that you tube clip in which the model in the bat tub burns her hair reveals alot towards the end as Usher walks into the party. Diddy slipped up and came up with some lame story to cover his ass lol

      • “Usher was a child and its no telling how many demons he is battling behind that shit. This is probably why he is attracted to older woman. He is looking for the protection that his parents were supposed to give him.”

        -wow. Good point Anonymous. That makes a lot of sense.

    • 14 years old is not of age .
      The Police Laws calls that Rape and child molestation….VERY PUNISHABLE OFFENSES.

    • You would think they would have destroyed it after the suicide, but demonic people get high off their own fuckery.

    • “They” still have those tapes. It will never be revealed. My g.s said there are so many “secret sex tapes” in the Industry that if any of them got out in the public, a lot of ppl would be destroyed. Skakir couldn’t deal with anybody finding out about him & the undercover homo activity he was involved in.

    • ‘The music industry is demonic’ (Chaka Khan)

      Some folks say it’s (movies, tv, music, ect) just entertainment:

      Enter (come into)

      Tain? (to hold, to possess)

      Ment (a state of)

      Otherwise to come into, possess & to keep an individual in a state of possession as? a fan (fanatic) of said entertainer (idol, icon, star, celebrity) and/or entertainment.

      To be a host, vessel for wicked & fallen spirits via one’s own consciousness- where do thoughts come from that just pop into our heads?

      To act out on said sinful fanatical impulses, tenets contained within said entertainment and/or promoted by said entertainer under the guise of ‘artistic expression’.

      Music is a master key to the soul- Psalms of Daniel, the power elite know this and use music (artists, groups) to disperse sin in a musical form sorta like how some of the Sethites were lured off of the Holy Mountain by the Canaanites wanton sex partying via music.

  2. What was the deal with Shakir? Most of the rumors are about him being a closeted homosexual but there are some talking about other forces being involved in his suicide. Can anyone shed any light?

  3. Oooo, Jacky! We southern girlz love our tea iced cold! I saw one of the documentaries on Usher and how JD sent him to NY for P.Didst to mentor. I found that very odd, especially since I know Diddy is bi-.My question is….WHERE WAS HIS MOTHER? isn’t she(or wasn’t she) his Manager! And does this “secret society” only applicable to the HIP HOP industry!? DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO GET DOWN, TO GET DOWN?

    • No, the ‘secret society’ encompasses not only the entire music Industry, but the entertainment Industry as a whole. That’s where people get it confused–They think all this ‘Illuminati,’ ‘Secret Society,’ ‘Devil Worship,’ ‘Blood Sacrifice,’ etc. stuff started with Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyonce, Rihanna, etc., when its been around way before any of them were born. Hell, the Rock Industry was & still is rife with this stuff before any black entertainers were allowed to ‘sit at the table,’ so to speak, yet to let any of these stupid-ass people on Youtube, Twitter, and so forth tell it, Jay-Z and Kanye are the face of the ‘Illuminati.’ because a bunch of poorly edited, opinion-based, videos with spooky music told them so lol

      As for Usher, most of this has been rumored about him for years, so I’m not surprised. I knew something was up with L.A. Reid when DMX talked about him walking around Def Jam’s offices with pink clothing and a scarf on looking gay as hell. Think about it: One of the preeminent rap labels in history run by a flamboyantly gay man–How ironic is that? lol

        • Surely you jest? You do know that selling your soul to the devil is an idea that came from an opera (Faust) and not the bible right? Please stop making things up and just go to the library. It’s all there if u want to find the Truth.

          • Read your BIBLE, son. After thirty days and thirty nights in the desert, Jesus was tempted by the Devil who offered him all the kingdoms of the world and all the riches of the world if Jesus would pledge allegiance to him (sell his soul). Of course, our Lord and Savior said NO! But ask yourself this, how could Satan offer something to the Son of god if Satan didn’t own it? Of course Satan owns it, that implies that Satan has domain over all of the wealth and sovereignties in the world (secular world) while God has domain over all the spiritual world.

            • It also states in the Old Testament (which happens to be the one part of the bible accepted by all major religions) that Lucifer is imprisoned in hell and Not the ruler of anything! Not gonna argue cus the bible is not to be taken literally by any stretch of the imagination. I for one refuse to believe that “Satan” can offer me more than God can on any level. The Satanic legend is a myth cultivated by “priest and politicians” at the council of Nicea when they were deciding how to fool the world into making them Wealthy beyond imagination. These same men made molesting young boys a way of life. I refuse to believe any scripture they are responsible for adding to the bible.

          • @Screwface–Who are you talking to, me or the Anonymous commenter? Whether or not you’re talking/replying to me, I’m well aware of the ‘Faustian deal,’ but that doesn’t negate anything else I’ve said about the Industry. Occultism, especially what I mentioned in my last post, has existed since the beginning of time, and just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t magically mean it doesn’t exist and that others should automatically follow suit. It can’t get any simpler than that.

            • I was replying to anonymous. I actually agree with most of what u said. Except for the fact that the industry’s “secret societies” are not affiliated with any worldwide economic conspiracies. They are simply a bunch of hedonistic individuals who want to make sure that there precious fame and money are protected by only letting in people who are down with their debauchery or easily influenced. It’s only our collective imaginations making it a bigger desk than it actually is. Anyone who equates Jay Z with a Member of the DeBeers family or a Rothchild is supremely ignorant IMHO.

          • Screwface@
            Please go take a seat in some ally somewhere nobody don’t wanna hear your hot shit! Go take your meds your rambling again! and when your done go feed your savages in your moms basement there looking for their next feed of KFC…….


          • @Screwface–I agree with most of your post as well, but I disagree that there aren’t any connections between the music Industry and ‘worldwide economic conspiracies,’ as you put it. The truth is that the leaders of these two entities are in collusion with each other, especially where the younger generation(s) is/are concerned. What better way to distract and/or enthrall/control people, often without their knowledge, than using music?

      • Kanye had a straight mind he he first came out. it was when he signed with JayZ that he just went flip.

  4. I believe you do. Nothing in the entertainment industry is free. You have to pay a price. It’s just a big ugly chain reaction of predatory sexual behavior.

    I’m sure Usher’s mom didn’t know how bad it was but if you have a child that wants to get into the industry you should be with them every step of the way. Sending your child to live with industry folks is mental and emotional suicide.

    • But when LA Reid and Babyface were coming up through SOLAR Records you never heard of Dick Griffey sleeping with them or turning them out. Dick was about the music and put them in his studio to sharpen their production skills. This homo stuff is some latter day ish.

      • wellll…Clive Davis was the head of Arista who was the parent to LaFace at the time..i’m just sayin….

      • black people really started becoming pimp/predators on a large scale in the entertainment biz in the 80’s during the time when the CIA started selling and importing crack cocaine from Columbia.

        You had a few negroes with a little power who may rob a few pf their own brothers and sisters in the 50’s but on a much lower scale…

        The pedophilia, rampant homosexuality, lesbianism and satanic rituals came after the era of Dick Griffey, Gamble and Huff, Sylvia Robinson etc…THEN IS WAS ALL ABOUT MAKING QUALITY MUSIC and thats why the music was real music with real singers and musicians.

        When homosexual blacks were given power by white homosexuals to have their own little labels and subsidiaries of when the PEDOPHILIA and the ritualistic power sex came in….The Beast took over the music and ramped it up with computer generated beats because the beast has no soul or rhythm and they feed off YOUR ENERGY and the music became a means to control your heart beat and control the minds and souls of your young ones.

        • The music becoming a means to control your heart beat, and minds and souls of young ones…that’s deep…the mass of us don’t realize how heavy music can and how much we allow it to be…I mean look at us, walking around with headphones blasting music all day everyday. We’re like droids.

    • She was a single mom. That is possible if u getting a good amount of child support or know how to manage public assistance incase they let u go. A mom working a full time job or two,trust their kids over to other ppl. That is the compromise that can be made when they are following this dream of being in the industry and not look like a welfare mom. They about need to be that and with sense,if they are going to put kids in the industry esp. to have the time to totally or majority watch them.

  5. These guys like LA Reid, Sean Combs, Jermaine Dupree, Chris Stokes etc. should be very ashamed of themselves….

    They are protected by a very sick and demented white controlled society which condones not only homosexuality, but also pedophilia and bestiality…

    We have to get out from under this sick society soon or when it finally goes down, we will go down with the ship too.

    • SB

      I notice something…There is a direct correlation between my presence here and your presence here…There is also a direct correlation between my absence and your absence here…when my activity increases your activity here also increases…

      Just an observation…

      • I am officially done. LOLOLOLLL…Blog Bum…LOL. SB.. you are a phool. LOL… I can’t take it. LOL

        @Dice…the last thing I read from you was that you were going to take some time away and do some reading because gossiping was gay (or something to that affect) What happened? I was looking forward to being free from you serving up shyt and calling it sugar.

  6. It’s his moms fault,and diddy ain’t shit,either is la and baby face they are all pedophiles!thanx jacky for exposing the scum of the earth, Lil jermaine ain’t shit either,karma is a bitch,that Lil munchkin ( jermaine) better be lucky he still eating,even if he’s a dj now! Makes you wonder didn’t the white alcoholic Mariah Carey know about j ds track record with young dudes and she chooses to work with him,smh! Dem babies should not be around that drunk bitch,and they damn sure shouldn’t be around kris kros,rapist named jermaine Dupree. Janet knew his track record too,another one on the list that ain’t shit,maybe her Arabian prince will torture her pedophile loving ass!

  7. Didn’t gaybeface try to get at a debarge daughter or grandaughter or some shit recently?

    • Usher did say when asked that he would NOT allow Beiber to go through what he did but didn’t elaborate..people just assumed the orgies and what not but it’s obvious that it’s more

      • Let’s hope Usher is protecting Bieber. Didn’t Puffy buy Bieber a car? And is it my imagination or is Bieber starting to look more and more like a teenaged girl.

  8. Damn
    And if Usher is gay and he is woo’ing Justin Bierber with lavish gifts, that means justin Bierber is gay and if Justin Bierber is gay that means that the “Money Team” is gay and if the “Money Team” is gay that means 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather and Ray J is gay and if Ray J is gay that means that Clive Davis is gay and if Clive Davis is gay that means that…….wait a minute…let me take a cigarette break… brb

    • Clive Davis already came out on national TV. He stated that after his second marriage, that he decided to date men. These men think they can switch up when it’s convenient. When I heard this, I lost all respect for him and assumed that it’s the reason Whitney Houston was hopeless and depressed because she had no on to really care or lift her spirits since all innocence had been betrayed among the good ones.

  9. Poor thing. Hes moved over to the darkside willingly now though. There was something very dark and sinister about him and Chris Brown both at the awards show. Just like those pedophiles passed Usher around from demon to demon I believe Rihanna was a demon sent to get Chris because hes all the way down. Wonder what Usher’s relationship is with his real father/ twin Ben Vereen? His mom was a groupie for Ben so she probably knew what she was putting Usher up to in this evil business.

      • The Ben Vereen/Usher connection has been around for a while. Look at the two of them closely. It has been also been said that Usher had sex with his sister (Ben Vereen’s daugther) before he found out Vereen is his dad. I hope that part isn’t true.

  10. I agree….Usher mom knew what was up…

    Just like Poppa Joe, knew what was up…

    They sold their childrens soul for fame.

  11. I may be the minority here but I remember that VH1 speacil and Usher’s mom didn’t know what was up..she was VERY green and was learning she she went along. She stated she didn’t want her baby away from here but she was advised it was better for him and relunctantly let him go..In that same special Usher stated that until then she never knew what went on.He was a country boy exposed to too much and yes JD was no better..even Kriss Kross said they were at clubs and bars at 14, so he went in one lions den to another. Usher has the same problem with his mother than Brandi does, when they needed their mothers they had managers instead> ben vereen became his “godfather’ after he dated his daughter he saw something in him and Usher needed a father figure away from LA Reid..the damage has been done which is why he’s always going to search for his mother and he will never be satisfied

    • why couldnt the mother accompany her child to wherever or whatever city he was staying?

      please explain this to me like Im an 8 year old so I can understand. How difficult would it be to pay for a sleeping bag for Ushers or Bow Wows mom?

      Why would they ever need to leave their underage child alone with adults ?

      • based on interviews, again she was green and very naive and listed to the company..even though she didn’t want to let him go they convinced her it was for the best for his album and what he needed to do..she thought he was going to be working, some type of idea of what was really going on

      • because money talks. especially when you had no money like that and now u do. Its easy to be like…” yeahhhh time to shop, grub, oh okay she a nanny? ok, ill be back anyways u can watch my boi. he seems safe if he in a studio or building. they be cameras…so ima go shop bye…”

        Now u know how easy it is. thats just 1 example.

        yeits easy to buy a sleeping bg bag…but with a milli in ya hand would u? talks…if u didnt know…talk to it.

    • Like 2bme, I’m most susceptible to believe such accusations when I hear them from those that actually suffered it. Usher never spoke of being molested by males, but being introduced to sex acts with women. Is this right, “never,” but it should be charged to correct bill. Every blog, written by Jacky starts off with someone being gay, and I honestly believe it to be hog wash. There’s proof that Chris Stokes is a rapist (Raz B), but where is the same proof regarding LA Reid, BabyFace, Jermaine, Clive Davis, etc.?

  12. This story makes me think of when JLo left Puff he reached out to Usher and Loon not someone his age. That always bugged me. Maybe its nothin maybe its something.

    • Are you talking about I Need a Girl?it’s all about records with Puff..I think you may be reaching just a little, if that’s what you are referring too :)..he also did a remix with Ginuwine and Mario Winans too..just normal i need attention drama

  13. I agree even if she didn’t know what type of parent just lets their kid go off with a complete stranger just because of a record deal? I may be alone but in a situation I always think of the worst case scenerio and for that I would never let my child do that. What’s so bad about it is that parents will hear these stories about these pedophiles,rapists,twisted ass ppl n still be all for them goin off alone with these fools

    • Keep in mind this was over 20 years ago, before the internet became the driving force and waaaay before all these blogs..remember, back then there was alot of gullible people as opposed to what we learned today..I could see it happening..and I could see that gut instainct of hers being made to look like overprotectiveness of a mother and being put down because of it..she was probably told this is what he needed and she didn’t know what she was doing which was true..they both learned the business together..would Jonetta do it again..i doubt it because Puff didn’t help him he only scareed him..his break came with JD one who was already a victim in the industry himself

      • I get your view and if she would of let him not go then he would of blamed her for not following his dream. You’re right about the internet because I would of never knew some of these things took place,but my child would not be allowed to.

        • Right! Internet or no internet I am the the black mother that has already scared quite a few child goes mother is actually a New Yorker and raised me to be paranoid and second guess every damn body..I lovingly passed the trait down…everyone has an angle

      • Once again, 2bme, you make such great points. I believe Jonetta was a loving, nurturing and protective mother. In that instance, when talent and opportunity presented itself, she thought it a blessing and wanted her son to any loving mother would. Because, she had no idea that the industry could be damaging to her teen, makes her a bad mother? Absolutely not, she just happened to make a mistake for not being front and center, while under the direction of Puffy.

  14. Pebbles knew LA Reid was living trifling too. That’s why she left his ass besides him getting caught in the bed with Chilli ( from TLC)

      • oh yeah that’s OLD tea, Chilli got around! She thought Dallas would wife her but found out teh hard way..she was just an incubator for one of his many children..Usher was perfect for her he didn’t know any better..but while folks running around saying he should have stayed with her..if we had blogs then, she would have been raked over the coals too..They dealt with a TON of drama in the industry behind the age difference, that’s why he didn’t trip at first behind Tameka he was used to it..what he didn’t count on was his fans turning away from him

    • Things changed in their world when the money started flowing in. That’s when Satan entered and everyone changed. Begins the cheating, the lies, time apart, the jealousy, betrayal and subsequent parting of ways were all over greed and jealousy as to how the money would be divided and the fact that Pebbles had long-term control over TLC’s money and career, she was set to make millions for the rest of her life had the contract not been voided. I think at this point it was a slug fest over all the money they couldn’t even count or see coming.

  15. Yo the question is not WHO’S GAY or BI BUT WHO AIN’T, from hollywood to Hip-hop, these predators don’t stop, if u want to be a huge star, u got to abide by the rules which keeps everyone in line and if u don’t do as your told, u start o get negative press, your sales go down, then ur on drugs , then u die out of no where. Does it sound familiar? It should this has been happening for a very long time. I love Hiphop but this Niggas have destroyed what we true heads have cherished about our culture, now these force are making Obama endorse same sex marriage if he wants to be president again. It’s all a plan the people have. All these girls cryin over These singers, rappers, and actors it’s funny cause more the half of them want dick. Jacky I appreciate you telling the truth about the society of entertainment. Your the only blog I truly trust when it comes to the info. Wake up people The Truth Shall Set You Free

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if usher keeps having sex with all these chicks to reclaim his’s been known to happen

  16. And don’t forget they will accuse you of being mentally ill if you don’t play the game the way they want you to.

    • The will also drug you and put you on display so they can then call you a junkie. Hello Whitney. Not saying she didn’t do drugs but I’m sure most of her binges were induced for another purpose.

  17. I remember when he bought him that Porsche cayenne. Dude was like 15 or 16 burning the ATL up. I have a feeling Usher is gonna have an EPIC break down at some point. You can hold all that baggage forever…..

  18. Or make you become a “public” drug addict and you “accidentally” overdose. No questions asked, case closed!

    • I feel sorry for Whitney Houston. She was turned out early on. It’s no telling the things she saw and was forced to hide. Whitney grew very tired in the latter days, tired of singing, music, and the industry itself. Just burnt out. She really had no real friends to lift her up or treat her like a star. She had no one after Bobby Brown. After that she started messing with whomever wanted to deal with her (Ray J)? Her story is easy to see thru, and it’s that she lost touch with her past and who she was and she was very sad because no one seemed to really care anymore.

  19. Y’all need to stop this shit, I’m just tired of reading bout all this gay homosexual stuff. Where is the proof I do believe its a lot of thangs that go on in the industry that are not right and I do believe its some homo shit that be goin on. But let’s stop reading bout it I want some damn proof I want see somethang other then that why keep talkin bout it if you too scary to put it out there this is a bunch of bullshit.

    • Just cause someone is cautious not to put it out there,dnt make it bullshit. What u dont know may hurt u or somebody nearby

    • observe, watch the hints these celebs throw at the public.

      read lots of interviews and check mannerisms from anybody.

    • Not to mention, Fatema, each and every victim being closed-mouthed to it. I’m not sold that easily. Does anyone have proof?

      • Eddie Long dont look gay to me, plus he’s a man of God…I see nothing wrong with wearing a muscle shirt and lip gloss in the pulpit of God has called you to do so in his name.

        Im sure that God has ordained Tyler Perry to dress up like his grandmother and have sex with men…Why else would God have given him a half billion dollars if he wasnt pleased with his works?

        • LOL! Considering this is the devil’s world, and money is the root of all evil, Tyler Perry is right where he is supposed to be…..booty bandit and all.

        • LOL! Dice i’m not dealing with you today! Hell Tyler IS gay he just can’t come out because he’ll lose his christian fanbase..knowing damn well half the people in church are just as flaming as RuPaul but don’t look half as good!lol

        • Eddie Long is definitely a gay man. My problem is not with his sexual preference, its due to him attempting to cover it up with the use of a cloak, the pulpit and thousands of followers. Instead of fighting for his reputation, he paid the victims healthily. #guilty

  20. How adorable Babyface,he is gay? Uuh,is that why he is divorce. babyface look like he would be like jacky or xhibit,if a dude was to holler to him like detour them away no matter what.

  21. This is so sad, the entertainment industry is plagued with evil, maybe this is why that r&b singer Houstan gouged out his eyes years ago, I read that he’s an advocate for gang rape….hmmm I wonder why?

    • I seen that interview on the internet a while back n he was saying how he is hard a hood nigga so to speak but they were tryna change his image. He said it was too many fruit loops around him n he wanted out of the situation.

  22. if folks/people would read there Bible as religous as they come to read Jacky’s website or any other form of entertainment site like this people, there would be much more educated and better off folks for themselves and there fam. But nah…once people see the word sex/gay…people read it/eat this shit like its the last cup of clean water or pizza.


  23. hey jacky, i’d like to point out that usher’s mom literlly sold her little boy to the industry, what mother would allow her little boy to live with a stranger with no adult supervision? one that was paid to keep her mouth shut! that’s why it was so easy for tameka crazy ass to come between the two of them, because i’m sure usher blames his mom for throwing him to the wolves.

  24. Ushers mom should be ashamed but shes too busy shopping and spending the money she was paid to sell her little boy to PEDOPHILES and turning a blind eye….Dont believe me, as the singer named “Houston”

  25. Ok Jackie, here’s the tea I want:
    What came out in court when the judge in Usher’s child custody case told the media to leave? According to Sandra Rose, Usher allegedly attacked his mother by ramming his car into hers. Any word on that? Also, any word on Grace Miguel?

  26. You are correct. There is dirt on Usher as well and he is already starting to appear “troubled.” And industry predators tend to prey on boys who come from single parent homes with just a mother. Usher and Bieber both only had mother’s in their lives. There are plenty of talented young people but not all of them fit the profile needed for easy prey.

  27. Jacky,
    I want to know the whole truth behind the Shakir Stewart suicide too. I saw some of your previous postings about him being in the crew but why did he off himself?

  28. Sources? So we should just take your word for it? Maybe the “industry insider” is who we should trust. GTFO list sources, provide proof, and not just speculation, and hyperbole.

  29. This is EXACTLY what Marked II is about. I’d read Marked 1 by Angela Caldwell, then transition into Marked II which is about illuminati/satanic influence in the music industry. It lays it all out.

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