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Vanessa Williams Penthouse Photo Shoot

August 24th, 2009


Vanessa Williams did a nude photo shoot back in 1984 for Penthouse magazine (uncensored HERE) – I was a kid back then so I took it straight to the bathroom. Don’t disturb me Mom. I’m busy!!!

The photo shoot features Vanessa in S&M eating fur burger…

These must have nudes are up for auction on eBay.com – starting bid starts at $ 200,000. Bob Guccione, owner of Penthouse Magazine paid photographer Tom Chiapel for the nude photos of Vanessa. Guess what? Vanessa was crowned Miss America and that’s when Penthouse Magazine released her nude photos to the world!

Vanessa was quickly dethroned of her title as Miss America but Penthouse Magazine made lots of money off those nude pictures. Didn’t they? The auction includes 156 negatives of Vanessa nudes and I must wonder. What are the executives over at the television show Ugly Betty going to say about this?

-Guru Jacky

17 Responses to “Vanessa Williams Penthouse Photo Shoot”

  1. aliyah |

    yhur rite nd the pictures were taken in 1982 the year before she became miss america


  2. tacwashingtonstate |

    Vanessa williams is a sexy black milf , i was 12 years old and im black and i used to masturbate at least 10 times a day to these penthouse pics .
    her feet , her hairy bush , her big clit , the girl putting her nose in Vanesse Williams bootyhole was sooo sexy . wish it was me
    id love to put my nose in her bootyhole anyday
    and lick her feet and toes


    Laurie Can you get, a grip on. Your conduct Tacwashingtonstate? Hello, your sickie never had sex! Wow just two women nude. Perverted minds! Reply:

    Perverted or something you never. Seen nor had sex? Just assumption your comments. Nonsensical,
    whom purchase a blow up doll? Or blow up Guy really
    sick! Just two new women nothing. Spectacular please a “sickie” writing comments. Never seen nude
    women go online. Afraid they’ll bite you! Creep!!!!


    Matheu This guys is hand waker! Go Online for Pussy! Reply:

    Blog gets the dirt on those. Hiding in the sexual close. Comment on the influence of pictures? Hello, at 12yrs presume age of dating.
    Mental dysfunction why Vanessa photo’s. Asshole,
    when purchase magazine never retain. The name of
    the models gives. Most sexual idea’s I know everyone is different. Grammar or something get
    help paid for it. Pictures were taken, 30yrs ago!
    Get with fucking program hand waker! Go online!!!


  3. Jennie Hey what can anyone say? I'm Lesbian dig pussy. So why the sudden hassel. Times haven't changed still going. Date fine ladies men get angered! |

    Article discussing Vanessa so called. Unmoralistic
    photographs made her acclaim besides. This old myself Jackie a lesbian there confusion. Regarding the projected demeanor, I know Vanessa. Is straight
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    Lisha Judging the photos, Vanessa hide. Emotions married appease society. Closet lesbian nice pussy anyway! Reply:

    Inferiorty complex why mention demeanors. Bitch!
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    Jenni "Girlfriend or Ms. Butch if offended. Not my fucking problem! Stupid bitch! Reply:

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    Anonymous Reply:

    Did you ever graduate from elementary school? Your spelling is terrible.. Plus the grammer. If you have an opinion, try to express it without sounding ignorant… The DYKES I KNOW would never even talk to you…. Wherever you are, SUCKS… NC is where its at. Come let me show you…..!!!!



  4. bdby48 |

    She was a very attractive young woman but as she has gotten older she is like a butterfly coming out of her coccoon, unbelieveably beautiful w/ talent galore. She has been & always will be one of my aal time favorite ladies.


  5. hater |

    why is it that i cant read half of the shit on here? do you monkeys know how to write?


    Jaime if dislike site why bother? Hello stay away moron! Reply:

    Apparently,learned something on this blog! Dumb shit comment holds no merit. Monkey is your family!


  6. vulpecula |

    I actually have this issue in storage. It’s still like new. I haven’t taken the time to read every post here, but I do recall that Mrs. Williams had said that the photographer had told her the shots were going to be just silouettes, and not detailed enough to see who it was. She was very young then. Doesn’t take away from the fact that Mrs. Williams is beautiful, smart, a talented sing and actress, and a wonderful mother to her children.

    Long time fan of this Woman. With a capital “W”


  7. Anonymous |

    you’re a douche bag


  8. Bill Bragg |

    wouldn’t you eat out Vanessa Williams ?


  9. toni |

    well where is she????….//bombshell


  10. Shaw |

    That issue, isn’t it illegal to have due to the age of one of the other models in it?


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