Vince Herbert Beats Tamar Braxton!?


Tamar Vraxton Beat by Husband Vince

HSK Exclusive – If Tamar doesn’t bring a perfect performance to the table, we’re told Vince Herbert will scold her for it … and worse!!!

That’s the word coming from our tipster — who says the Braxton sister suffers verbal and physical abuse by her hubby/manager.

“Vince is very insecure … he’s a miserable man.”

Here’s the drop:

“I saw Vince Herbert pushing Tamar Braxton up against the wall after one of her video shoots. He knows Tamar won’t leave him. That’s why he abuses her.”


  1. It’s Sad if it’s true, but Vince probably feels like if it wasn’t for him his sister in-laws including Toni would have 2 apply for food stamps and unemployment. Vince is the reason them Braxton Sisters have highly rated reality show because of Vince’s contacts in the industry

    • If this is true shame on the dirty dog vince! He strikes me as abusive and up tight! Tamar is always having to defend(verbal) herself with him. If tamar was white trust and believe Vince wouldn’t think of doing such to america’s beauty queen. Tamar is my girl! VIN THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • No justification for being abusive but you may have a point. I know reality shows by and large are scripted and contrived but on their show one can’t but notice Vince’s disdain for her. Though Tamar is fresh and is a loud mouth. She never comes across as a vindictive or cold woman, especially towards Vince. The only reason I believe she even had a child is because HE wanted a child. She admitted several times she wasn’t ready. I recall on The Braxtons show when Vince was unwell, she was very warm and considerate of him. He in turn would act belligerent and rude when she asked him the most innocent and harmless of questions about the health issues. Is it proof he is physically violent? Not at all. But one doesn’t have to lay hands on a person to deemed abusive.

      • For Some Reason I can Believe This!!!! My Sister’s & I always, Respond,about the way Vince, Treats Tamar!!!! He treats Her AWFUL* Usually, Bored, Sullen,and just kind of Harsh!!!! Several, Times, I told my Sister’s, Vince Doesn’t Love Tamar…He Never agree’s with her…and I look at him and Wonder(Tamar Have You Looked At Vince)?????? HE should Kiss her Feet, Just For Being with HER….Just Saying!!!!

    • I personally think Vincent seems like a great guy. He’s a very busy business man, and Im quite sure things can be very fustrating at times, trying to run a sucessful business and family. Im glad he has a child that seem to be what he wanted and could not have yet. Im very happy for his sucess.

      • I am very Happy for them both marriage is work but very well worth it when they go to sleep together light and cameras out that is real love. And only two can resolve or dissolve

    • Me too. I can’t imagine her having so much mouth if she anticipating him beating her afterwards. But Vince does seem very insecure and he blames her for every negative feeling he has.

      • I was abused and actually her acting out in public makes great sence because with an abuser that’s the only time you can say what you want!behind close doors THIER monsters plus she was abused before its a patteren money power abusive she has a bad attitude but he shouldn’t hit her jackass!

    • I highly doubt it too but stranger things have gone down. I just don’t see Tamar with all that mouth being the victim of a bully husband. They seem genuinely fond of each other. I don’t think she’s a battered wife.

      • It’s usually the one that bark the loudest, it make sense to me. I have had 2 managers in my life that where total A-holes they abuse their authority for no reason, all to find out they where being abused at home. Also it may just be the game face she uses. She admits to being abused before she may feel ashamed to admit she’s in another abusive relationship. I certainly hope it is just a rumor because if not it is a horrible situation and they have a child now GET OUT if it is true. It’s not worth it.

  2. Just from watching the show you can see that he’s verbally abusive so I wouldn’t even be surprised if he is beating her ass.

    • She better be agile, light on her feet and bust a spin move or two. Something is wrong with her if she stick around to get her butt whooped by his need for speed having ass.

    • @xxx…Exactly! We don’t know what happens when the cameras are turned off. There are a few married famous people in the business that have given me the impression that their marriage life is not what it appears in the public and that some form of abuse is taking place. I know we’re not supposed to assume anything, but sometimes some of us notice that some things don’t look right, sound right or feel right about certain people.

  3. Damn I hope that he is not truly verbally abusive. I can understand if he has spoken some harsh words spoken as the director/producer during the actual process of shooting and recording, because that’s what ALL of the top dogs do in order to get the product right.

    But I don’t see him barking at her at home or in the car, etc as her husband. She is way too sharp and quick witted to put up with that sort of mess.

    And I definitely do not think he smacks her around.

    A. She’s been pregnant for the better part of the lat year and I don’t think he would risk harming her or their baby
    B. He’s just so damn big that he would be a major bitch punk puss to do that.

    I know that reality TV isn’t. But of all the shows, this has come to be my second favorite(to Sanya Richards-Ross show)and I have never sensed anything but a cool vibe between the two of them.
    Girlfriend has grown on me like a bad rash…I couldn’t stand her a year ago, and now I feel like I know her and wish I could meet her for at The Coffee Bean for a soy latte!

    Even Vince has become cute to me…in his own way.

    So fingers crossed, this is just Hollywood jealous gossip.

    • You sound retarded. Pregnant women get hit everyday. The same thing goes for big men hitting women. Your argument is idiotic.

      • U r right rah pregnantwomen r abused andmurdered by husbads and boyfriends everyday I guess it is the added stress of an extra mouth to feed or maybe the thought of paying child support it work out which is a sad shame because real men who r warriors respect their woman I only watched this show a couple of times and tamar seems spoiled and loud and vince seemed low key I really wondered what the deal was with their marriage and why he doesnt loose weight with such a cute wife but as u say relationships r not as they seem

      • You are quite right, a woman being pregnant and a man being on the large side means nothing when it comes to physical abuse. There are statistics and case studies to prove this.

        • Well of course it’s a sign of a bitch punk. I don’t think that’s the issue here. The comments are in response to you saying that you didn’t think the abuse is possible because Vince is a big dude and that during a point of the marriage Tamar was pregnant. Those two main points you used to refute the gossip mean nothing within the framework of abuse. Men of all types of sizes and physical strength are capable of being violent abusers. Also these types of men with their evil and sadistic mindset have statistically abused and killed pregnant partners/wives.

          Now this isn’t to say that there is absolute truth to this particular couple’s situation. After all this is just gossip but as mentioned by others we cannot be sure 100 percent what transpires behind closed doors.

  4. If you had to listen to big mouth Tamar all day you would shake her ass too. Abuse is a two way street in this relationship.

    • Don’t agree . He knew she was really extra and obnoxious . She probably knows he’s gay, and yet they still have a partnership. It should be about mutual respect, not mutual abuse. They should both be grateful that each one is accepted by the other cuz not too many people would put up w either of them. That said, any man who roughs up a woman is apathetic excuse. Vince sure does seem like an angry closeted man that takes out his frustration on his wife.

    • There’s never a good reason for abuse I don’t care how annoying a woman is she doesn’t deserve to be battered. REAL MEN DON’T HIT WOMEN. ONLY PUNKS AND LITTLE BOYS HIT WOMEN.

    • Hoodrat logic all the way. Whether you are male or female, your comment proves your are certified scum.

  5. I hope not. I’ve seen him on the show be very short with her and talk down to her and talk at her but that dude strikes me as a fat, punk, church boy. He doesn’t look like the type that’s ever been in a fight. If he did he ran home to his momma and cried. I can see he berating her though. He needs to chill out though because while he puts up with her mouth she puts up with his fat. I wouldn’t put up with it myself I don’t care how much money he has. My self worth and self respect is more valuable than material things.

  6. I can see that, Her sister Tracy has come close to it and they only film for like 20 minutes. Imagine having to listen to her extra hoodrat voice and watching her head and neck roll as she runs her mouth, while pointing that finger and shouting out annoying references about her being better than other people. If you notice he is the only one that can shut her up and put her in her place. No even her mother who threatened to slap the pee out of her could do it. Tamar is not going to leave yet, she’s smart she had that baby and she moved out to Cali she knows in a few years she gets half. Besides, this woman has worked extra hard to sleep her way to fame. It known all over how this girl has always been hot in the pants. She is tolerating it for now, I mean look at the life she has built, ten years of abuse for fame and fortune…SMDH

  7. Yes I believe he abuses her verbally and physically, just because she’s quick witted doesn’t mean nothing. She admitted that she was in an abusive relationship for years when a guy she use to date and be in love with would beat her all the time. Just because a woman is one way on the surface doesn’t mean behind closed doors she is not being abused. I had a friend like that who’s life was taken behind an abusive mate!

    • I agree with everything you said. I do think he beats her and she takes it. She’s just the type: Hella INSECURE. All that poppin off at the mouth and attitude does NOT equal a secure woman.

      Funny that people don’t think dude could be going up side her head cause he’s big. I’ve known a few dudes like Vince. They come off as gentle giants but they have another side and are quick to lay hands. I don’t see a lot of love in that marriage. She’s using him to live a wealthy lifestyle and to get a singing career. He’s using her to have kids and squelch those gay rumors. I get the feeling he hates her guts. He’s given her some looks like “Wait till I get your ass home.” SHE don’t love anybody but herself and will take whatever dude dishes out to live like she does.

  8. what’s goin on with this? it’s poppin all over the place! then they showin some half naked chick showin her ass UUGGHH this site is str8 WHACK since they sold it! i’m readin and the whole site, changes its pages on it’s on how STUPID!

  9. Not saying it’s impossible but I think it’s improbable. On the show, when Vince gets tired of Tamar’s mouth, he tunes her out. I find it hard to believe he’s abusive to her in any way.

    • I know a guy that will smack the shit out of his girl, and she has mouth for days! She curses him out, talks all kind of shit, and he acts like he’s tuning her out, doesn’t argue in public, nothing. When they get alone baby, he will knock the shit out of her. She thinks it’s funny and shows love. I think it’s sad and shows desperation… It’s the calm ones sometime…

  10. I believe only because I watched the newest episode last night. After the baby was born, Vince was acting real snobbish towards Tamar and his own sister. He kept holding the baby and when Tamar asked for the baby he really didn’t want to give the baby to her, but he did. Tamar then handed the baby to his sister and Vince was like why when I hand you the baby, you hand him to other people. Tamar was like your sister isn’t other people. Then when they were walking out of the hospital, Vince was like keep the blanket over the baby cause people are in the windows with cameras (like this is baby North West….smdh) When they got in the car, Vince was saying keep the blanket over the baby, but Tamar was like the baby don’t like it. Then they started going back and forth and he basically told her ass to shut up before she gets her feelings hurt with these cameras on. Vince shuts down on her a lot and she accepts it because he got money and is in the music game to help her get a record deal. Shit, if she likes it, I love it damn it!!

  11. Tamar may come across as a tough, loud-mouth, “my way or the highway” kind of girl, but she’s not. When she finally plucks Vincent’s last nerve, he will give her a look & change his tone so that she knows he means business.

    The relationship reminds me of one that a precocious child might have with a parent. And on one episode (either last week or the week prior), she did refer to him as “Ike Turner” & he looked @ her & said “Why You call me that? ” She made up some bullshyt reason, but you know that no man wants to be compared to Ike “Beat a Bitches Ass” Turner.

    • Yes, didn’t you hear him on one Episode,call her (Anna Mae) Remember???? Anna (Tina Turner) and she calls him “IKE” Nough Said!!!!! Wow…I’m Hurt!!! Really Sad…I like them as a Couple,But, I just DO Not Feel the LOVE From Vince 2 Tamar….SAD!!!

  12. I Believe it. And I bet his lil fat ass homeboy that’s married is probably his booty buddy on the side

    • Vince’s friend is to damn feminine! I’m shocked he’s married! I thought he was out and proud of it.

  13. Yall DRONES watch that fake azz crap?

    We folks with SENSE don’t watch bull. But we know a down low brova when we see his photo that fat queen is a woman beater ALL WOMEN BEATERS ARE DOWN LOW.

    Ya heard. Punks slap and stay – men move out!!

  14. Bingo!
    The jokes on us.
    Vince is a fat slovenly, dietarily chemicalized homosexual with money an connections and Tamar is a fake singer who is looking to become a star off the back of her sisters name.

    These two got together and set up a contract her to give him a baby or two in exchange for an agreed upon sum of money and an agreed upon time of marriage , underwritten by an airtight pre-nuptial agreement.

    Its just a whore selling her image and her womb to a fag who wants to feel like a man and have a child for an agreed upon time and amount and possibility of a singing career.

  15. I don’t believe this, Vince is too damn fat and unhelathy to be fighing anybody, I observe the way he keeps his mouth open and tounge out like he’s struggling to breath. Vince has major health issues so I seriously doubt he has the energy to issue out ass whippings on a regular. I deffinately believe he’s insecure which is probably why he only dated white women before he met Tamar. Vince and Tamar genuinely love each other but I think it’s more about the money and career status for Tamar.

  16. “Sigh” there’s no pre nup so if she wanted to leave she could and would..where do you get this shit?

  17. Jacky or whoever else runs this site fix the bug or whatever is making the site jump, especially when you are trying to comment. It is beyond annoying.

  18. @Christa: Most OLD queens are fat.
    @Anonymous 10/13/2013 13:22 You spoke the truth.
    @Jacky: Fix the site, you got to maintain my brotha when you got something goin’ on.

  19. he is not beating…. why when shes acting ratchet and making him look like a fool shes just being rachett but when he confronts her about her ratchettness he is physically abusive? NOPE Don’t believe it at all… her sisters would’ve beat his behind a long time ago now if you would’ve said he may be bisexual I probably would have agreed but he is NOT beating on tamar

  20. I have trouble believing that…if anything, it is probally the other way around. He seems so patient and nice! On another note when can the harrassment and drama end? Puffy is an evil dog that needs to die! Temporary protective orders need to be in place for private investigators and gang members that do not know their place! I.J.S

  21. Don’t forget when she was on Tiny and Toya before we knew who Tamar was and she was crying because her husband wouldn’t let her be in the business and she talked about abuse. Also, don’t forget about the pictures of her and Lady GaGa and Vince just looking on. Also last season when they were on the beach having dinner with thier friends and Vince got up and walked off and he thought he heard Tamar say he was jelous of her because she watches what she eats and works out…when he came back to the table I thought he was gonna smack the hell out of Tamar (and probably did, they just cut it).

    • I remember the episode very well because he was act ng like he couldn’t stand her and I was disgusted by his attitude and their so called friends didn’t help at all. But cane said she thinks Vince was jealous cause she could drink whatever she wanted and he couldn’t

  22. I’ve heard this info a year ago on more than 1 occasion. I tend to believe there is some truth to it. He seems quite engaging on camera, and eggs her on for ratings but I’m sure behind closed doors he does NOT play! The whole teddy bear thing misses me because he talks to her very stern(not that she doesn’t deserve it) and will even ignore/walk away when she takes it to far.

  23. I believe he beats her ass real good,b/c he is controlling.He makes me mad just watching how he treats her.A person like that will kill you.He is miserable,needs help for his mind.

  24. Vince talks abt. his Mom,Dad so much he is dying inside.Ilike see more of his family.He seems depressed.

  25. Vince need to hold his top bottom lip up with his fake fat but, count his lucky stars to have Tamar as a wife…he robs people to make it to the top, I know because he did it to my brother.


  27. This is straight up garbage! i do not believe this crap Vince Loooves tamar have you not been watching! He seems to be a no non sense type of guy but I can see it in his eyes he loves her yes they have issues like any other relationship. Stop digging for a problem here she even hurt his feelings in 1 episode in the theatre of there home and he told her and she apologized,that man lost his mom and dad early I find it very hard to believe he would hurt someone he loves they look like they have fun all the time so shout out to #TeamVelcro aka Tamar and Vince lol keep loving each other!!!

  28. That mouthy b i t c h needs to be kept in line…Vince deserves 20 gold medals to put up with that virago!

  29. I myself, don’t agree with neither verbal or physic abuse. It’s just wrong. And Tamar made a show with her and him, supposed to be happy together. Hopefully, this isn’t true, but if it is, I am disappointed in vince and tamar, she could do better …

  30. This Story is Totally False!!!!! See in Life you can Never I Repeat Never be Doing Good without a Hater Coming along to Hate on your Success. There are Plenty of Men out there that just Love & Adore there Wives, they were Raised Well & Vincent is one of those Men. He LOVES Tamar & would Never Lay a Thumb on her. Everybody has insecurities about themselves were All Human. But Trust & Believe there doing Just Fine & Haters continue to Hate while they both continue to live out there Dreams & stack Plenty of Paper doing it. Sorry….. They won!!!!!

  31. Here is what really happened. He did push her against a wall and kissed her saying “Good job babe.”

  32. You Guys Have To Be The Stupidest People On Earth To Really Think Vince Beats Tamar He’s A Sweet Man & He Will Never Do That They Have A Son Name Logan That He Loves A Lot He Loves His Sister-In-Laws , His Wife , His Son , His Mother-In-Law And Everybody Else Tamar & Vince Been Together For 14 Years Really You Can See That Its A RUMOUR They Love

    • *They Love Eachothers & I Don’t Think Nothing Like This Will Ever Happen TheyHave They Own Show So How We Never Seen Bruises Or Black Eye On Tamar DUMB ASS PEOPLE

  33. Not true. Tamar and Vince are best friends who married one another. Thats it. There is no romance and sexual chemistry between the two for many reasons. The first primarily being that Vincent is Gay. Pay attention to his mannerisms and the way he talks to Tamar, its like how an older irritated sister talks to you. I have nothing against them as a couple. If it works for them, hey good for them. But, i would have thought others would have caught on to this by now…..