Waka Flocka Admits He’s No Musician


Waka Flocka is a HACK!

Making a Mockery of Music?

Waka Flocka doesn’t hide that he’s a rookie rapper. Even though the Atlanta lyricist asks for $50,000 per concert, the Brick Squader admits he can’t measure a bar in music. That’s why the son of Debra Antney says he’s nowhere near ready to roll with the best of ’em – like Jay Z or 50 Cent.

During a recent interview, Waka Flocka Flame – who just entered his third year of his music career – explained he still needs to learn the basics of the art of music. This while the 26-year-old recording artist admitted though he’s not ready to rap alongside the pros, he’d welcome such an opportunity.

Here’s what Waka Flocka had to about this situation:

“I don’t want to work with nobody. If the situation approaches, I’m going to take advantage of it, but I ain’t looking for it.

I still feel like I don’t deserve a Kanye feature, a Jay-Z feature, 50 features, you know what I mean?

I’ve been rapping in ’09. I gotta work. Probably next year. I don’t even know how to count bars still. Yeah, that’s still new to me.”

So-called ‘rappers’ – like Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, and others – aren’t only making a mockery of art, they’re also lending a hand in the demise of hip hop and pulling a robbery at the same damn time. Don’t believe me.. Ask Nas.


  1. This is why the term King or Queen of Hip Hop or Rap is titular only. If there was a real King or Queen they’d step in and reign. Pull these young artists to the side privately and guard the culture. At the end of the day these are still our brothers and sisters. Are communities and culture will never heal unless we heal ourselves. These old heads need to school these young kids or else don’t consider yourself a leader in this Hip Hop thing. Only thing worse than these kids lowering the standards and disrespecting the culture is these old heads not upholding and schooling (truly EDUCATING) these artists on not only the art form but the ins and outs of the industry. Food for thought.