Was Don Cornelius Getting High Before He Murked Himself?


A Hollywood hairdresser is making shocking allegations that legendary Soul Train television host Don Cornelius, used to smoke crack cocaine in the parking lot behind his hair salon. Don’t believe me? Ask Steve the hairdresser (Steve’s salon is located at Hollywood Blvd. and Cahuenga).

Did Don Cornelius make a paranoid cocaine phone call to his son Tony before he committed suicide? Of course he did. Don’t believe me.. Ask Don’s estranged ex-wife Viktoria.

Here’s what was revealed to me:

“Don just finished his probation, so he was most likely using again. Don used to get real paranoid when he smoked crack. He used to get high, paranoid and beat Viktoria.

Tony knew his father was high when he received his 3AM phone call. I’m sure when the medical examiner does an autopsy they’ll find drugs.”

Was Don Cornelius an introverted cocaine user? I don’t know, but I do know Don Cornelius used to sponsor Shemar Moore and his other boy toys in Hollywood. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jeffery Daniel.


  1. That’s a lie, he was ill and had a lot of health problems. Plus he just went through a divorce two years ago. Stop making shit up.

      • Yes, Don was off the HOOK!! I wonder if his skeletons will start falling out the closet now that he’s gone.

        • There were always rumors about Don messing with male dancers on Soul Train. He was a closeted homosexual just like damn near everyone else in Hollyweird.

    • Thank you Tremaine

      It makes me sick to see sicko’s make up stupid shit about stars.
      Don had been sick for years and any one who had actually watched the freaking show when he was hosting it already knew he was ailing.

      To all the haters.. take your lies elsewhere– and write about someone you actually know something about.
      BYW he wasnt GAY either

  2. What it means is that these private companies are going to make a killing on “slave labor”, it means that the chances inmates will have no chance in hell of parole or probation and that they are basically the property of these correction facilities.

    Like that movie where dude had to fight/die for his freedom. I life is imitating art.

    • States are selling their citizens, is what it means. A Gulag system build upon the backs of people smoking joints, out on a Saturday night’s: Black face, red, yellow, it don’t matter at this point cause the Gulag machine shits Green.

  3. I’m all for decriminalizing drugs but legalizing no way. If drugs are legalized the government is going to want their cut of income from profits and taxes from sales. The private sector will start taking over the drug industry which will in turn have the street suppliers trying to make more potent drugs.
    Decriminalizing is the best way to go. No cases for suppliers/dealers & addicts plus the government can mind they own damn business.
    They will never legalize drugs though as the majority of drug money is invested right back into the local economy. Soldiers are a dime a dozen, they don’t make much paper and even those that are cakin it spend tryin to feed their worst enemy, their egos, by showin out. That’s what gets you locked up. Don’t believe me? Ask Big Meech. (Sorry Jacky, had to jack you on that one — LOL)

    That’s my two cents.

  4. SMH SMH!!!!! I can’t believe Don is gone!!!!!! I grew up watching Soul Train on Saturday mornings. I do find it believable that Don Cornelius was a hot mess. I remember seeing him on the internet(TMZ) and TV before he died. The man had a nasty attitude. This is far from the calm Soul Brother of the 70’s. I know it’s hard for people to believe that Don Cornelius was a nasty coke sniffing gay whore. It is hard for me to accept(even though I believe it 100%), Remember, it was easier to sweep things under the rug during the 70’s and 80’s(especially when there was no internet). Oh well. RIP AND “PEACE AND SOUL” MR. DON CORNELIUS!!!!!

    • LMAO!! “I know it’s hard for people to believe that Don Cornelius was a nasty coke sniffing gay whore” this is a classic line.
      he did have a stank attitude.

  5. It has been rumored in LA – for years – that Don was a coke head and closet gay. Bw the rumor has been floating around since his Soul Train days that, Shemar Moore is on the DL (notice the better roles after working with Madea Perry. The question is, when will Madea come out?

    • Co sign. It was very well known in circles about Don. That’s why he was so abusive towards his ex wife. It’s still sad he went out like that. R.I.P. Don

  6. Notice how so many DL men beat their wives (hate women)? Wanna be pimp (women haters) included. . . Aaah Choo Snooop!!! DErrogatory language towards men and women, like calling them bi-atches, long nails, long hair, high heels, purses (you now that 70’s Superfly look, that many women did not pick up on). My mother said the movie Superfly killed natural hair and the afrocentric pride that “all about it,” in the 60’s and 70’s. She said men started pressing their hair, wearing heels and modeling themselves after film pimps. Don Cornelius had some of the longest nails I’ve ever seen. Just watch some old Soul Train.

  7. This girl wrote me a 2 page essay after I asked her why we for a DL bro Shemar Moore on her profile page..lookin like a grade 7 locker..tryin to cuss me out..yes she now has this website address..and she will most likely still want to be his groupie..idol worshiper

  8. Wow..it’s still a shame to live three quarters of a century, then bang..on the first day of blk history month too. SMH @ the DL and sponsorship. However, I am not shocked by this..

  9. ive heard from reliable sources that Don C was in fact a homosexual BUT are we losing focus on the fact that he did kick in the door and open up an avenue that black ppl didnt have? His drug addiction is probably true as alot of our beloved entertainers struggle with addiction — but this does NOT detract away from his contribution to our culture! RIP!

  10. Jacky! My mom and partner are skeptic about this article and your blog. I believe your blog 100%! What do you say to the skeptics?

  11. Don souled out his blackness when he married a white women. The white women who took him down to the ground. All these black men actually believe that the white women really want them. But let them become broke and see what happens. DIVORCE! And what do black/white couples talk about during black history month? Black men, stick with your sisters. They know all about your struggles before the fame. Look at Seal and Heidi Klum. Prime example. Would she really want Seal if he didn’t have money? Heidi said that it was love at first sight? Please!!!!

  12. Jacky actually said don tried some funny stuff with him back in the day, and he just looked at him and walked away. jacky? care to explain?