1. Yo, don’t tell me they ask dude to step out of the pic in his hometown… That’s craaaazzyyyy!!! He look pissed. Please tell me this is photo-shopped.

  2. @Unadulterated Truth, I hope it is photo-shopped because if not that is truly disrespectful of Jay-Z to do that to him on his turf. SMDH

  3. I guess it would look strange for Jay to take a pic with the mayor of Philly, a few “dignitaries” and somebody who look he could be just some random brother from 52nd and Market.

  4. got dayumm.. end of days… Blacks throwing other blacks under the bus….. LIVE and DIRECT! too… SMDH

      • The devil is a liar….Black people use to stick together until this smart man who i hate…. “please God forgive me” sooooo much name Willie Lynch came with his laws. “Mess us up”. And we still living under his laws. Ask rappers like little and I mean little..lol gay wayne.

          • In Africa being a slave was different. u were a servant to your master they did not degrade you. your wife did not get rape you were a slave unto u pay off ur debt. European took slavery to a whole another level….

            • Exactly….a whole new level…SAVAGE LEVEL…breakdown families, rape children, women, and men level, mental-verbal-physical torture type of level, tar and feathered and lynched Black men level, brand with hot iron/metal and disfigured bodies type of level. The had no limits on treating Blacks harshly because we were property to them. It was all about greed and control..they didn’t care how they got the control as long as they got it.

        • Nothing is authentic… the food we eat, Celebrity, Gossip, not even the Bible. But it still has some truth to it right???. look at the people in Egypt is that how the Biblical Egyptians look r they Authentic??? look at the People in Israel is they authentic???? look at the picture of Jesus Christ is it authentic????

    • *LOL* Fa real!!! I’m all about being yourself, but you at a photo-op with Jay, the mayor, and whoever else, not chilling at the barber shop with your boys. I wonder if he got a blunt behind his ear.

  5. Someone could make a quick $40,000 if they made a tee shirt with a funny caption under this pic….

    Something about the current state of hip hop

      • What, you weaving and looming your own yard and thread?

        I didn’t think so.

        Stop making excuses for the old ass fool who doesn’t have sense to dress appropriately. WHY don’t some BM know when to leave their teens years behind? He looks like a damn FOOL with that sideways cap and tee.

        • I think all Africans look like fools in any type of European clothing…

          How many Europeans do you see wearing daishikis and African robes?

          • Stick to the topic, that dumbass elderly rapper who can’t even pull his pants down over his shoes standing on stage like a moron in a tee shirt.
            Rappers, for the most part, dress like thugs and high school drop outs and jailbirds. That fool got SERVED, LOL!

  6. somebody gotta make this photo a tee-shirt…

    Freeway represents the position of uncompromised blacks in America…Those who dont feel the need to compromise their integrity for material success…The photo is symbolic of something deeper.

  7. YIKES @ that video and @ Dice. You have your first customer. I’ll that one in a small, please and thank you.

  8. Jay-Z is Very mainstream. Just a few months ago there was a fight on the Florida Senate over his lyrics. And I don’t believe the issue was arisen out of a negative light (like bashing his lyrics, or for lyric stealing) but they intended to cite his lyrics as a positive tool (and I believe the word, “tool” is an appropriate description of how I feel about all involved, HA).

    Here’s the link.

  9. And he’s the one who choose to stand there. Two options dude either in the pic or off the stage. Where is your self esteem brother??

  10. Are you now saying that Freeway is “ungroomed” because he is not clean shaven like a European queer?

    Facial hair is natural for adult black men who are able to grow it on their face…Freeways beard looks trimmed up and presentable…His clothes look clean and he looks like he’s showered just like that ugly white woman and that obese white man with the big gut….

    Its a European thing from Greece and Rome for men to clean shave their faces because they were a homosexual culture and they wanted to present themselves as feminine and as attractive to pre-pubescent boys…Its not our nature and I applaud Freway for not letting anyone queer him up for monetary concession..You dont have to sell your soul Freeway…Your soul or your butthole…

    Let the Nigga(Jigga Man) do that.

    • None of your phuckin business unless you want to pay a few of my bills…If that is the case I will forward you my Paypal account info…

  11. hey @dice: its me anonymous25. Once again ur stirring up my mental.lol. In a positive way once again. Remember wen gay-z tried to exploit occupy wallstreet movement with his “t shirt venture”? Remember some coons were trying to say he was only doin it because he was a “great business man”? I say hurry up and print 10
    00 t-shirts promptly, and let us all ride on his coat tails for once. I bet he would hav a pig-nanny fit.lol. Anyway u gave me food for thought once again. At first i thought freway lood like a fool, but now ive been enlightened. Wen we finally stop.? The same “people” influenced “gangsta rap(c http://www.beforeitsnews.com) now all of a sudden gay-z who helped influeced thousands of people to rebel in thoughts and actions, want to shun one of his protogees in a photo op for “maasa”? Like i said in aprevious post, i met gay-z up close & personal on 2occasions and dude spirit aint right. My cousin was a worshiper of him & beyonce and almost influenced me to bcome a worhiper until physically met him

  12. 2012 at 04:52


    If you want to judge morals based on clothing, I would take the chance and venture to say the greatest modern mass murderers wear very expensive suits and have clean shaven faces…Unless you consider mass murder moral, that is..

    Bush killed hundreds or thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan while wearing white shirts, ties and expensive suits..Obama has killed over a hundred thousand innocent Libyan civilians while with a shaved chin, a white shirt, a tie and a suit…

    How many mass murderers do you know that dress like Freeway?…What has Freeway done that would make you categorize him as immoral

    there ya go

    sorry about that yep-yep

  13. @dice: its anonymous25 again. I think r idea is brillant. If u dont get the opportunity to do the t-shirts, please explore othet ideas wen given. God may not giv us money to get rich but he giv us power to get wealth thru opportunitys and ideas. We “all r given or granted 24hrs a day on this earth(we r all equal in that aspect) &ts what we achieve in those 24hrs that will reveal r fruit. Oh yeah i got ur back. Sometime i will only respond to u by anonymous instead of anonymous25, but u will know its me. I sometime stay anonymous so that i wont b heckled by rude bloggers. But i always read ur comments and others as well. I just take n wha i need 2 -nd try to ignore the rest. Like i mentioned on an “aaliyahs thread” that ive seen all this so called “illuminati” stuff up close n personal wen i was a child. Way before wen a lot of these so call “rappers were dirt poor” and shyt is real. Racism is still n effect.

  14. @dice: some people dont like the term “illuminati”, but ill use another term(s) racists, oppressors, enemies and haters of that which is good. Etc., etc. U c dr. Martin luther king made tremoundous progress with the civil rights movement, and its been on a poppin every since. Notice we had not a serious “black leader” since. They had to immediately set a new motion n place. Our race is so divided now. Thats y now we must band together, mature minded people. I think tupac could hav been a great leader in rap, and even n politics.

    • Their “media THINK TANKS” have already sucessfully DEBUNKED the term illuminati because its been overused and their plants have purposely dumbed the term down to the point where when the word is mentioned , it is automatically met with mockery ..Then this allows them to dismiss everything the person may be saying, even if what they are saying is 100% on point…

      Thats why when that poster asked me to define “THEM”

      I gave the names of SPECIFIC corporations, companies and organizations that can be specifically researched and verified…

      I went down the line and said:

      etc etc etc

      This stops them in their tracks because they know the word ILLUMINATI has been debunked on and in their government controlled media conglomerates.

      Be specific and not too vague…When you do that, they cant just dismiss you as someone who is not at least partially informed.

    • anonymous 25

      If you want to get some good insight on who Tupac really was, I would recommend the book by John Potash called “THE FBI WAR AGAINST TUPAC SHAKUR AND BLACK LEADERS”….

      Tupac may had taken a wrong turn here and there but he had a plan to politicize the street gangs and get them into uniting in economic strategy and social rehabilitation…Tupac was a Black Panther.

      • I believe that because of Pac’s revolutionary ideas, he was targeted for termination by our government. Pac was a global icon with tens of millions of faithful fans..he spoke on bitches and hoes but he also spoke on uplifting oneself and wasn’t afraid to shed light on the inner workings of what I call ” the system of things”. The road Pac chose is a very very dangerous road to take..I always say that if as a public figure and in this case a musical artist, you can talk about bitches, hoes, dick sucks, rims, bling, etc..but the very minute you speak on the truth you become a liability..unfortunately, the day of the proud young black man who isn’t afraid to speak truth to the masses are over..

  15. well i sure hope god hav mercy and raise up someone to help us even if they r non-black otherwise we’re phucked. A kingdom divided cannot stand. If we dont unite on the black forefront, better find sum other common ground somewhere with sum type of unification bcause the clock is ticking fast. Im not saying sumthing is gonna happen, it just seem that r race is regressing back to the slavery days and my grandfather was actually born into slavery and i dont like the storys my aunts and family told up close&personal. @dice thank u for sharing ur intelligence and research. I will try to adhere the directive. Anonymous25. On 6/15/12,@black star video;352 malcolm x blvd. (bet.127th&128thst) n harlem,nyc) professor griff and rebecca scott(hiphopilluminati) is having sum type of taping) the

  16. the contact (212)369-5323. If u r on the east coast, if u can attend. If not maybe u b able to c the taping. Also if im not mistaken, isnt freeway sunni islamic? Whatever hes been thru at least he aint tryin to front and keepin it real.

  17. I’m not bugging Jay, I have never even purchased a j cd..matter of fact the last time I bought a rap cd it was in cassette format..NWA over twenty years ago..but my point is why should we expect ANY artist to do shit for anybody..fuck charity..Jay could give every cent he had to charity and it wouldn’t change a Damn thing..we are our own solution..in some communities the absent father rate is close to 90% and we sitting here talking about some rapper who could give two fucks about us..It’s silly and childish to even let such a simple thought pass through our mind..I along with 400 years of ancestors built this bitch and best believe I’m carve out my families slice..I suggest we all do the same

    • Damn I havent bought a CD/Tape in about 20 years also!

      The last CD I remember buying was A Tribe Call Quest…I think it was their greatest hits CD, so maybe it was 12-15 years ago…Bonita Applebaum

  18. The beauty and at the same time the irony is what has me.The symbology of the american flag and freeway-the polarity of Jay-z.Intriguing.

  19. I said many not all… and um its 2012, things have changed.7 out of 10 people who live in philly are Muslim.

  20. I saw this clip on the news a few days ago, and was thrown for a loop for a number of reasons.

    First of all I didn’t want to think that was Freeway because he looked horrible, {rappers usually wear casual/”so called urban wear” however they find away to make it look nice and neat, with a few exceptions (wayne, soulja boy, etc.)}

    Secondly I thought that Freeway turned to Islam, changed his name and left Hip Hop behind.

    Thirdly, I thought that everybody from the old Roc A Fella days felt that they were robbed and slighted by Jay Z and weren’t dealing with him on any level ex.: Camron, Beanie Siegel, etc.

    The fact that Jay Z pushed Freeway aside, was the straw that broke the camel’s back, I picked that up right away bc Freeway was actually leaning in and posing. SMH! I don’t know when these artists will learn that Jay Z and Diddy are all about themselves (which makes them cut throat business associates but successfull businessmen) and will always do things in their own best interests, and no one elses.

    Also these guys are very eccentric just like all other tycoons and ppl like Freeway know the weird and corrupt stuff that they are into so it makes no sense to repeatedly put yourself in the company of these types of individuals.

  21. But who gives a dang about what adults do with their money????anybody who gives a damn about their tommorrow….money can be gathered for the sole purpose of war….so u be the fool and keep your eyes closed and trust in the heart of man if u wanna. i wanna know whos behind the evil….pulling the strings… backing the wrong shit i wanna know….i gotta know if i wanna survive in this world….so u keep your eyes and ears closed and see how far you get in this life.

  22. He has a voice and a mind like a 14 year old….thats fact and not criticism…listen to that nicca spiel like a special ed student…rap affords him the ablity to hide that sheepish weak-ass natural voice of his that cracks when he talks….he speaks as if he has no confidence in what hes talking about….like a dumb ass 14 year old…and not a normal one.