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Was Phyllis Hyman Warning of Her Looming Death?

May 9th, 2012

Phyllis Hyman Untold Story

HSK Exclusive – Word from the streets…

The suicide of Phyllis Hyman may have come as a shock to many, but it was no surprise to one industry insider – who says all the signs were there. That’s according to a Chicago concert promoter, who says he quickly became aware Hyman was heading to a point of no return. This after welcoming the 45-year-old songstress to The Windy City for a show he booked. “As soon as Phyllis got off the plane, she wanted a fix.

Here’s some Midwest tea from the OG Chicago promoter:

“The saddest show I did, was about six months before Phyllis Hyman passed. She was doing a show for us and was in a bad way. We had a nice suite for her downtown after her plane landed. She asked how long of a drive was it. When we told her forty-minutes she pointed to a cheap roadside motel across the way.

It was sad. She needed to get on blast right then and there. We got her to the show, she waited two hours before doing sound check. The show started two and a half hours late. She sang two songs dropped and broke the mic and walked off stage. Nigga’s wasn’t even mad. She was in a very dark place. She trashed the green room like a pro wrestler. Shit was crazy.”

I don’t about you guys, but I love me some Phyllis Hyman, I still listen to “Living All Alone“. Know why? Because Phyllis Hyman sings with feelings, you can actually feel her pain. Such a voice can never be copied or duplicated.

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72 Comments on "Was Phyllis Hyman Warning of Her Looming Death?"

February 21, 2014

Phyllis is the only one God gave that beautiful and unique voice to, no disrespect. Miss Sonya.


Vicki Oswald
August 8, 2013

I adored Phyllis’ wonderful singing. I’m bipolar going on 30 years, you really have to live well and be vigilant with medications. I saw Phyllis twice at the Chestnut Street Cabaret. I. Was stunned at how mean she was to her band. I think the worst part for Phyllis was alleged having an affair with Dr. J and he chose to stay with his wife. I think Phyllis felt alone and unloved. I am so sorry for that.


Jazzy girl winner
July 6, 2013

I think Ms Hyman,was a beautiful singer and I still love Listening to her music.
I was saddened when, I learn of her death and miss her presence. I pray that she is resting in peace, happy birthday, where you are Ms Hyman.


Sonya E. Henderson
May 26, 2013

I never had the opportunity to meet such a talented and gifted artist as Phyllis Hyman. She had many incredible God giving gifts and talents and her songs and unique voice will always and forever stay in our hearts and minds. As long as we remember her she will never actually die, but her spirit will dwell with us always in our hearts and minds. Let’s remember the good, positive and undeniable love of that spirit, which circulates in us all. As human beings we all have an desire to want to be truly, honestly loved, excepted and respected for who one truly is. We all have issues, monkeys on our backs and a cross we must all bear. However the challenge, struggle and victory is to never ever give in to the enemy or give up on God or yourself. There will only be one and only one Phyllis Hyman. As an international recording artist and song writer myself. It has been said from many listeners that my song “Candy”, is said to have the similarities of the style of the late great legendary Phyllis Hyman. This is indeed an honor and privilege to me. If true, to God be the glory for that similarity with in me. Those of you curious enough to want to see and hear for yourselves please go to youtube.com/sonyaehenderson and watch”Candy” or my website sonyaehenderson.com. Your true and honest comments are welcomed.I hope and pray Phyllis found some peace and that God was merciful. We love you Phyllis and we will never forget you!


April 25, 2013

Ohhh…Phyllis…. I miss you sooooo much. I still can’t listen to her music. I just can’t. Her death was somewhat predicted. Her songs expressed her inner struggles. I wished she was still here with us..miss u sooooo much.
Ms. Hyman u r deeply missed. My heart still aches.





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