Was the Toronto Mayor Caught On Tape Smoking Crack Cocaine?


Toronto Mayor Smokes Crack Cocaine

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is trying to fend off the first reports of what could be a monumental scandal. Both the Toronto Star and Gawker say they’ve seen a video that purports to show Ford smoking crack cocaine. Two reporters from the Star watched the video three times and say it’s the mayor, though they can’t verify he’s smoking crack:

  • The video “appears to show Ford in a room, sitting in a chair, wearing a white shirt, top buttons open, inhaling from what appears to be a glass crack pipe. Ford is incoherent, trading jibes with an off-camera speaker…” The story, however, notes the video’s authenticity can’t be verified.

Gawker’s John Cook, who traveled to the city to watch it in person, is more definitive. He says that it’s clearly crack and that Ford is “hiiiiigh.” His account prompted a denial from Ford attorney Dennis Morris: “How can you indicate what the person is actually doing or smoking?” said Morris.

Both the Star and Gawker say the video was shot sometime within the last year and is being shopped around to media outlets for six figures. Neither paid. They were allowed to watch and take notes but not obtain a copy. Cook says the video is from “Toronto drug dealers,” and the Star says it got approached by someone who said he “represented two Somali men who had supplied crack cocaine to the mayor.”

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  1. Man – nobody gives a damn about Canadian news! Like knew or cared who the mayor was. We don’t even know who the prime minister of Canada is! Hell, most Americans don’t even realize that Canada is under the control of the UK and it’s queen. The UK is your master.

      • Hey, just because our country is poppin and Canada has to try and get shine off of ours does not make me closed-minded. I am not from Canada and could give a damn about the place. Canadians are under the English crown, but try so hard to be like the US. Break free from London then come see us.

        • Uhm. Your country isnt poppin: if u call blind ignorance to guncontrol, racism and silly quaker laws “poppin” then u need a shrink….. typical delusional yankee

            • Canada is not under control of the queen any more than Great Britain is, She is a symbolic regent period. Both countries have their Parliaments which are similar to our Congress.

            • Canada IS under the control of the queen. Her ancestors took England and the wealth is theirs. Tax payers pay them tribute every year. What figure head get’s over a billion a year in tribute just to be there? Why is she on the money?

  2. Government is made up of drug addicts, alcoholics, sex addicts, molesters, liars, crooks, etc. I am not surprised by Toronto Mayor actions!

  3. This guy was stupid enough to smoke crack in front of someone? lmfao. He better watch himself smoking that stuff. He’s a little portly and smoking that stuff can be bad for his health. Let alone his career.

    • He comes from a wealthy family, so he has more than enough to feed both addictions to crack and food! lol Seriously though, I cannot stand this man he needs to go, he was almost impeached
      a few over a conflict of interest a few months ago, now this?

  4. Don’t know who this guy is but damn…..if he smokin like that you’d think he’d be a little thinner. tea? Ehhhhh.

  5. Speaking of sicko politicians, and this one is also not American, I heard on Bill Maher tonight, and then researched it, that Silvio Berlesconi of Italy has beem holding Bunga Bunga(or Unga Bunga depending on the source) during which rich men have orgies with primarily African women. From what I have read this is not sex slavery, but voluntary for cash.
    As bad as we think things are here, can you imagine if a Republican high ranking official had Bunga Bunga parties and bragged about it? This is not the most racist country in the world. it just happens to be the largest, but even so that sort of open racism would NOT be tolerated by whites or Blacks.

    • Maybe Bill talked about Silvio’s parties because he was mad he didn’t get an invite? Lol. Maher loves him some women of African heritage himself. Silvio has been known to be depraved bastard with his liking for under-age prostitutes. His wealth and status has always protected him even when his numerous discretions were outed. Never knew about the African women servicing him though.

  6. Josh you are such an idiot! Canada is an independent nation NOT a part of the United Kingdom. Yes, Queen Elizabeth is the Queen of Canada but it is symbolic we are a part of the commonwealth of nations. But Canada is very independent from the UK. Canadian laws are much more sophisticated than the British.

    • You call me an idiot but admit that I am right? Who is the idiot now? Canada is like a state of the UK, not independent. The queen of the UK is the head of state of Canada and makes appointments. Furthermore, she is on YOUR MONEY – that say sit all. The commonwealth is another name or rebranding of the empire. Australia and New Zealand in particular will never leave the commonwealth since they are English outposts. I know you Canadians love to see yourselves as being like the US, but the UK is where your masters live.

  7. Being that I have Canadian relatives & happen to LOVE Toronto, Winsor & Montreal to no end.

    I could not resist saying how “high as heaven” this man looks in the picture. He had most certain was on something unless that was just a bad shot of him.

  8. The queen and UK have nothing to do with Canada anymore. Ever since the 60’s, Canada is an independant country. The queen? Gimmie a fucking break…. Dethrone the whole royal family