Wendy Williams Isn’t Worthy To Speak Brother Chris Brown’s Name!


Wendy Williams vs. Chris Brown

He Who is Without Sin, Cast the First Stone…

HSK Exclusive – Wendy Williams needs to sit her sorry Aunt Jemima ass down and get off Breezy’s Dizz-Na-EE!!! Know why? Because she ain’t nowhere near being Mother Teresa. In fact, this is the same ratchet heaux who openly admitted to ridin’ snow slopes … for an entire decade!

“I’ve smoked crack, I’ve cooked coke, I’ve sniffed it … Oprah was describing putting coke in weed, like baking a cake. P.S. It’s call a Woola! I’ve smoked ’em, you’ve smoked ’em, the Wu Tang Clan has smoked ’em. It’s not something I’m ashamed of because it’s part of what makes me who I am today.” ~Wendy ‘Bojangles Bullying-Brown’ Williams

Wendy Williams is Aunt Jemima

If Wendy is delusional enough to not be ashamed of her junkie past “because it’s part of what makes me who I am today” — she needs to check herself. Know why? Because while she obviously gets wet when bashing a brother — for actions made, like half a decade ago — all that dope Wendy did [or sometimes stills does] seems to have hindered her mental development. This, while Chris Brown is proving himself to be an educated, well-spoken, fearless and matured “I’m Black and I’m Proud” MAN!


Here’s what Chris Brown told Jet Magazine, citing racism for the bad wrap machine-led media continues to attach to his name:

“This is something I’ve been dealing with for the past maybe five years. Anybody with a voice – Tupac, Michael Jackson, the Notorious B.I.G. – gets formatted. Except maybe Jay Z, who is accepted by white America because he shakes hands and kisses babies. No disrespect, because I’m a fan, but nobody brings up the fact that he stabbed somebody and sold drugs. He gets a pass.”


Here’s what Wendy ‘Bojangles Bully-Brown’ Williams had to say to Brother Chris — from her TV set — about Breezy’s interview with Jet Mag … using his name as a “Hot Topic” to ENTERTAIN her audience:

“You are less than smart for trying to blame Jay Z. You need to blame yourself, young man. You’re a woman beater, you’re disrespectful, you threw a chair out of the window of ‘Good Morning America’… whatever happened to that cute young man that used to dance for Doublemint gum?

A boy grows into a man, but you look like a junkie. You’ve got those nasty tattoos, you’re way too skinny. You don’t seem to have respect for much at all. You beat the stew out of Rihanna and you’re with that Koochie Crayon right now. Why don’t you go out with a nice girl named Mallory or something.

And please don’t Twitter war me because I don’t bark back. So please save your Twitter war rant, young man.”

Here’s what I have to say to this shameful sister, Wendy Williams:

“Your daytime television audience may not recall your ratchet radio days, leaving Hot 97 between breaks to head to Harlem to cop your coke … but we do! Let’s take it back to the time you threw your own longtime co-worker Mister Cee under the bus … while covering up for your own tranny-lovin’ husband. You are a messy individual who works for the machine, stepp’in and fetch’in, just the way your producers like it. You tore MJ apart while he was alive, yet jumped on the ‘Mourning Michael’ bandwagon after his death. You are nothing more than a puppet, whose legacy will be that of a gossiping little Girl.

Shame on you for kicking brothers and sisters when they’re down, claiming fame from it. Remember this, Wendy Williams … everyday when you look at your UGLY inner self in the mirror. Don’t believe us … Just ask Joyce Hawkins.”



  1. I love this site. Please stay real 🙂 Wendy should really shut her hypocritical asz up because that horrible “autobiography,” Wendy’s Got The Heat, I read about her (and could not bare to finish) a few years ago was the last straw for me. Every other word was coke, drugs or miscarriage.

  2. When Wendy locates her original nose and hair (If she can, that is), stops trying so desperately to be a white drag queen, and admits her husband is a tranny-chaser, she can talk shit about others.

    What do I mean? Here’s what Wendall looked like before she had money and a plastic surgeon on speed-dial:


    ^Start at 2:02

  3. the pictures of her are hilarious looking like aunt jemima/tranny and the jokes were hilarious beyond hialrious.

  4. I stopped watching Wendy Williams’ hypercritical azz last season. I can’t take the smacking of the lips when she talks (a la Tami Roman) and I can’t stand the way she forces her opinion on others. For example, she told Nene and Kandi to have a small wedding. Only because she is not a wedding fan. Recently she told Kim K. and Melissa Gorga from RHONJ their new hair color was stupid and to change it back to black but she is rocking light colored wigs often. Her complexion is similar to theirs. wth? It makes me sick to see her audience not be able to voice their opinions because her hype woman encourages them to clap for Wendy’s comments.

  5. Wow! Just Wow! You are right – Wendy is very vocal about her past; including her radio days when she really went in on folks. She’s acknowledge her plastic surgery and her wig loving ways. She’s pretty much acknowledge EVERYTHING this article is trying to bash her for. (Well, except her husband’s rumored tranny-loving.) Its in no way delusional but actually helpful to acknowledge where you’ve been and how you’ve made it through.

    This woman is opinionated and has a pretty successful platform to share her opinions. That’s pretty much all it is. CB does need to grow up and its hard for people to move on thanks to TMZ who posted the pictures of Rihanna’s face bashed in. He’s not helping his image.

    • I agree…it’s her job to talk about people. I know that’s why I watch. I don’t care what any of them do…its’ all entertainment.

      • It is job her job to continue to pick on one individual. She abuses her platform by forcing her personnal opinion on the public. I have never been a fan even in her radio days. She allowed her husband to abuse her co-workers when he hit on the young interns and made them barf. They were both discussing during that time and she hasn’t changed much. She has responsilbity to the things the run out of her mouth and Chris has the right to speak on the things she continues to say about him. Chris didn’t blame Jayz is just pointed out the obvious.

    • Ditto. Not to takeaway from CB’s talent- but his current image isn’t helping us forget his past. (PR Team????).

      And the thing I ADORE about Wendy is that she is honest about her fake self. She has bought and paid for everything on her and whether I agree with her clownish looks or not-she’s okay with it and doesn’t try to pass it off as her ‘real’ self.

      More power to Wendy!

    • I don’t always agree with Wendy Williams, and trust me I’m familiar with her from way back in her radio hey day. She has always been outspoken, and that has not changed , although she’s a bit more polished with it. She was reporting info on celebs long before blogs like this and similar others existed! She was outing down low rappers way back in the day, and much of what she said back then has come to light in recent yrs! Do I think that she is hypocritical ? Yes sometimes.. For example I have heard many times that her own husband used to whip her azz, and at or outside of the radio station? Is it true possibly..but she’s still with this man. He has also cheated on him..and she’s still with him. She would likely call other women crazy for remaining in similar relationship but she’s with her husband, and yes he too has been said to be a tranny lover. As far as he drug past..she came clean about that .. many people in the know already knew or suspected as much before she shared that info in her first book.There is a freedom though in being able to put it out there, because you don’t have to worry about anyone else publicly outing you about it. Chris Brown did beat Rihanna.. don’t know what the exact circumstances were leading to that but he did do it. Wendy isn’t only one still talking about that! You can’t stop people from talking. You can work on being a better you, learn from the experience and grow as a person. Act like a grown man with your head on straight. Rihanna chose to forgive him, even went back to him after that, so that was that. I don’t ride Wendy or any other celebs coattails but will say that calling her Aunt Jemima is a low blow… She’s had plastic surgery yes but unlike Kim Kardashian, and others in industry she has always owned up to the plastic surgery that she has had..being brutally honest.Now i do think that she could cut him just a lil slack, because even she has been young and dumb..we live and learn..hopefully..

  6. When Willie Williams first mentioned Chris Brown’s name in her hot topics segment, I turned the channel because I knew what she was going to say about him would be horrific.

    Did Chris turn her down or something? I see she keeps talking about her ex-DWTS partner Tony Dovalani every change she gets. He must have turned her size 16 shoe, stiff as a board butt down. Let it rest Willie, he didn’t want you 5 years ago and he don’t want you now.

    She is a jealous, low self-esteem, envious, devious person. She ain’t master of her domain, them white folks pulling them man puppet strings. I see she was trying to dig into Oprah, saying she believes that Oprah is not having sex.

    Willie probably ain’t having no sex, cause her husband is busy on the Tyranny stroll.

    Willie will do anything to please massa. Eyes does what you want massa.

    • We all need to stop being hypocritical because we are on a gossip site where we gossip about celebrities including Chris Brown and Wendy Williams, and say worse about them than she said about him..so keep it real and right..ijs..gossip sites aren’t place for soap boxes..

      • Why you coming at me? I have been reading your comments in other threads on this blog. So, please take your own advice and get off your soap box.

        I have a right to my opinions as do you. Are you one of the multiple screen name posters?

      • Majority of the posts here are hypocritical, because many of these posters will go in hard on certain celebs with no mercy. However put one’s personal feelings about Wendy aside and let us breakdown what she essentially said -Chris is a woman beater, that he makes excuses and doesn’t own his shit and that he has a very bad attitude. Are y’all so filled with hatred for this woman that you can’t recognize truth when you hear it???? She told zero lies. Zero lies.

  7. Just what the hell is all of this coonish-izm about? F@ck U Chris and F@ck U Wendy. Who the f@ck are ya’ll that your opinions matter? Do DADDY CRAKKKA got ya’ll fighting each other in the public so that his good ol’ boys can have a little entertainment? Both of U silly ass negroes work for the same CRAKKKAS so what’s all the fuss about? Is DADDY CRAKKKA treating one of you weirdo ass negroes better than he treating the other? Sit yall’s asses the f@ck down somewhere.
    And as for Jay z… f@ck that Stephen from Django ass negroe.

    • THANK YOU!! @Anon. There is no side to take because both these mangy ratchet dogs have fleas – only one is licking balls and the other is scratching azz. I don’t have a particular preference because both is nasty. They both hate themselves and neither of them are putting anything positive into the atmosphere for me or God to hear!

      • Preeeeeeeaaach!!!!! I didn’t see your comment initially. It was almost drowned out by all the stupid.

  8. it aint even that deep. wendy gossips her way to the bank every week. and last i checked chris is still a millionaire. neither one care whether i have a roof over my head. however,…

    more on tranny chasing Kevin please? **waits

  9. I knew a girl that was the truest form a freak could ever be that used to work for Wendy and her husband as a driver
    Even she was so appalled and disgusted at Wendall and her husband that she quit after the couple sexually propositioned her
    This girl was a bonafide freak who used to let guys from the projects run trains on her
    Even she did not want to engage in any type of
    freakfest with the likes of them

  10. Well, I’ve never been a drug addict, and I think Chris Brown is a piece of shit. . I will never forget how fucked up Rhianna’s face looked.- even if Rihanna has forgotten!

    • I dont condone domestic violence.But Rhianna deserved too get butt kicked for giving that boy HERPES.zu dont get out packages like that without expecting a 2 piece and a biscuit.

      • I only know of one girl who caught Herpes and I felt bad for her. She was a virgin, 16 and thought she was in love with a 24 year old. I blame her mother.

        Anyone else, good luck out there!

        I cannot understand when you say, I don’t condone domestic violence BUT she deserved it. No one deserves to be beaten. Maybe if she raped him…

      • So I take it that you work in the medical office where he got his results..or maybe you were in the bedroom when they had sex.. Isn’t that hearsay? Did either one admit to having herpes?

      • You are one of those numb nuts that believes that everything they read on the internet. No proof, no receipts and no evidence about this herpes stuff. Maybe you ought to familiarize yourself with the police report of that night in 2009 and get the low down on what transpired. Actually don’t bother. Far too many words for your dumb ass to comprehend.

  11. As for Wendy, fuck her too. Did anyone see the messy ass interview she did with Blu Cantrell – that was apart of her CD? “What would you do if Jay Z came to your hotel room right now?” Bitch, he’s taken. Jay and Bey had just gotten together, we didn’t know they were Satanic swingers yet.

  12. I still watch Wendy sometimes if I’m up I’ll catch it on BET ( shameful I know) my man will not stay in the room if she’s on so sometimes, i have to turn he can’t stand her. But Wendy has always been very vocal about her past which is why she is able to talk about celebrities and their stuff But, yea, I agree sometimes she goes to far…. I’ll admit. She lost lots of fans because of her ridiculous rants so I think after 2017 she will be gone for good.

  13. I cant stand Wendy man looking ass, i will never forget the way she helped the establishment kill Whitney, even tho Whitney handled her manly ass. She dragged Whitney through the mud even at the early stages of her comeback and then when she died she wants to cry and get sympathy BITCH shut yo raggedy ass up and sit the fuck down. Wendy is toxic to the our race CB got it right she is the modern day Aunt Jemima and black chicks are just eating it up…stupid hoes

    • and black chicks are just eating it up…stupid hoes

      F*ck u b*tch!Her audience looks mostly white to me

      Chris ain’t no brother of mine.Ri-no honor ain’t no sister of mine either.F*ck Jay-Z

      • @tisme
        look again trick most her audience are viewers not ppl in the studio audience duh. You must be one of them stupid hoes watching her show, because if you weren’t you wouldn’t have even responded to my comment as it wouldnt have applyed to you. So now that you have identified yourself as a stupid hoe what are you gone do about it? Let me guess keep watching the show lol dumbass

    • If Wendy is Aunt Jemima, Chris is just a street dancing Crackhead. Let’s call a spade a spade here. Y’all are calling out Wendy (Which is fair enough)but not Chris???? Neither of them exist to uplift us in anyway.

  14. I think Wendy was totally right in her comment about Chris Brown, she did not tell one lie. He’s disrepectful, a woman beater and looks like a junkie. Whether she is skiing on the slope or not, besides a junkie would know a junkie when they saw one. Junkie or not she was right.

  15. Wendelle is a nasty piece of work. Chris has his problems agreed ; but he stated the truth that he has been bullied and the target of witch hunts by the mainstream media which conveniently lets others go under the radar of scrutiny. Supporting Chris all the way .

  16. chris brown does drugs big deal.

    wendy bashes anyone so she smoked crack so.

    wendy better bash any white celebs like that.

    let’s talk aboyut charlie sheen’s cracked ass shooting his wife in the stomach.

    puffy can beat laurie ann gibson on tv and nobody questions this.

    yes jigga did stab a guy and slap a girl after a show.

    but guess cb has this cute boy image going and jigga and puffy gets passes cause they rep the thug hardcore mafia chit huh.

    who has’nt done drugs in hollywood.

    rihanna forgave him went back they reconciled end of story.

    it’s over cb and rihanna are no longer a coupkle.

    no pity for a girl who wants to be beaten called dirty names, bisexual, and wants dudes to spit on her and whiteboys to call her a nigger during fourplay.

    this is what you want to defend let’s talk about rihanna’s sick mind and her fetishes and why cb was allowed to beat her cause she lets it while sleepimng with other men.

    cb, rihaana, jigga and wendy all need personal help.

    mister cee got a masterplan hit it.


  18. Wendy needs to have a STADIUM filled with seats!!

    First she dogged out Michael Jackson until he died… then she dogged out Whitney Houston until she died… sound like this bitch is trying to make it 3 for 3 with Chris! I don’t see her dragging any white celebrities for death on her show… she’s a damn HYPOCRITE in the worst sense of the word!!

    If Rihanna has gotten over the incident between herself and Chris (which she instigated, BTW) and then WENT BACK TO HIM, then everyone else need to fall tha fuck back and let Chris try to reform.

    • @Trina, Amen! Why Wendell had to start shit on the first place? Chris wasn’t paying him no attention until the fact he ain’t got shit else to do!

    • **I will highlight yet again the things Chris has been involved in Post Rihanna incident *** – He has had numerous twitter tirades against people, he has had various fights and altercations – Drake/Frank Ocean, he stole a girl’s (His own fan) Iphone when she was innocently trying to take a picture of him and in 2011 on Good Morning America he went on an angry rampage and broke a window of the GMA studios. To top that all off he fraudulently claimed to have fully completed his community service, you know the very light punishment he was given when he beat his girlfriend and left her on a side walk. Instead of taking the so called punishment like a man he paid off a number of people to make sure his tracks were covered.

      The Rihanna incident that people keep ridiculously claiming is holding him back is a fallacy. Brown’s continued belligerent behaviour and foul attitude is a constant reminder to the public that he hasn’t changed.

  19. She may have had valid points about him, but she’s bitter because he called her a tranny looking bitch. I used to watch her show until it became apparent that she’s a self hating sell out. Her failed attempt an emulation proves that she thinks white is right and pale is precious and anything darker than a paper bag is an offense to beauty. As a natural I was done with an offensive comment she made. She and Cheryl Underwood need to hang out, give each other estrogen shots.

  20. I just had to comment to say please stop misusing bible scripture. Love thy neighbor means to WARN them their sin is leading them to hell. The Lord Christ commands you do it. You hate your neighbor if you don’t warn them where they are headed. In no way does the verse you quoted mean not to point out people’s sins to them. You are to obey your God and encourage others to do the same! God hates disobedient people. You need to read the verse in context. The Romans were trying to trick Jesus to kill him. In Rome the law stated if any man who was not Roman condemned someone to death the accuser must be put to death. Those soldiers brought that adulterous woman before Christ and accused her of adultery (which requires the death penalty according to God’s standard) hoping Christ would condemn her so they could condemn him. He told them to take her to the courthouse and let the judges handle it as God commands them to. That is what the verse means. Here is an exposition of the verse you misused. Please pass this along as many people don’t use it correctly:

    John 8:7
    “So when they continued asking him”
    For observing that he put himself in such a posture, they concluded that they had puzzled and perplexed him, and that he knew not what to say; and therefore they were more urgent for a speedy answer, hoping they should get an advantage of him; and that they should be able to expose him, and that his confusion would appear to all the people:

    “he lift up himself and said unto them;”
    having raised up himself, he looked wistly at them, and returned them this wise answer to, their confusion:

    “he that is without sin among you;”
    meaning, not that was entirely free from sin, in heart, in lip, and life; for there is no such person; the most holy man in life is not, in such sense, free from sin; but that was without any notorious sin, or was not guilty of some scandalous sin, and particularly this of adultery; which was in this age a prevailing sin, and even among their doctors; hence our Lord calls that generation an adulterous one, ( Matthew 12:39 ) ; and which was literally true of them; with this compare ( Romans 2:22 ) . Adultery increased to such a degree in this age, that they were obliged to leave off the trial of suspected wives, because their husbands were generally guilty this way; and the waters would have no effect, if the husband was criminal also: so the Jews say,

    “when adulterers increased, the bitter waters ceased; and Rabban Jochanan ben Zaccai (who was now living) caused them to cease.”
    In vindication of which, he cited the passage in ( Hosea 4:14 ) ; and this agrees with their own account of the times of the Messiah, and the signs thereof, among which stands this ;
    “in the age in which the son of David comes, the house of assembly (the gloss interprets it the place where the disciples of the wise men meet to learn the law) shall become, (twnwzl) , “a brothel house”.”
    And that this sin so greatly prevailed, our Lord well knew; and perhaps none of those Scribes and Pharisees were free from it, in one shape or another; and therefore bids him that was,

    “let him first cast a stone at her;”
    alluding to the law in ( Deuteronomy 17:7 ) , which required the hands of the witnesses to be upon a person first, to put him to death; and as Dr. Lightfoot thinks, referring to their own sense and opinion, in trying a wife suspected of adultery; that if the husband was guilty the same way, the waters would have no effect: by this answer of our Lord, he at once wrought himself out of the dilemma, they thought to distress him with; for though he passed no sentence upon the woman, and so took not upon him the judiciary power, with which they could accuse him to the Roman governor, yet he manifestly appeared to agree with Moses, that such an one deserved to be stoned; wherefore they could not charge him with being contrary to Moses; and by putting him that was without sin, to cast the first stone at her, he showed himself merciful to the woman, and to them, to be the searcher of hearts.

  21. I won’t front… I enjoy watching Wendy. I don’t think she’s Ms Perfect, and I am well aware of her past(as she brings it up at least 3 times a week) and I know all about her battering tranny loving husband Kevin.
    But she is entertaining, and I cannot stand Ellen, Katie or any of the other current daytime chat hosts.
    For the record, on the day which this particular incident occurred, Wendy was very complimentary in speaking about Breezy before she dropped the hammer on him. She said that with his looks, physique and talent he should be the biggest thing in the game right now. It didn’t seem like an out and out hatchet job to me….js

  22. For whatever reason Wendy has an axe to grind with Chris. Did she try to get him on the show and he declined maybe? She has been throwing Chris under the bus for a long time, and it’s annoying as hell. She’s never this relentless with Yt people as she is with Chris, and shows them way more respect.I noticed that Chris gets disrespected when interviewed, and he said his fans keep him going. How long is Chris supposed to pay for what happened? We stay losing in one way or the other, and yes I said we because it comes from within & without our race.

    • You may have been correct about Wendy’s relentless criticism being confined to Chris and Black folk; but, she has now proven that she can go just as hard on a white celeb: Kris Jenner. She has been giving the full Wendy treatment to Kris on the daily since the mess with his drug problem surfaced.

      Now you, me and everyone here at HSK unanimously express disdain for pimpmama Kris regularly.
      But, the media talking heads stay quiet. Why is that?
      I think that it is similar to the gentleman’s agreement in which a physician will not speak against another even when he/she KNOWS that said dcctor has done something shady or suspect. Hosts on the various entertainment shows(Extra, ET, Insider, HLN Showbiz Tonight)will never slander Kris because of the power Ryan Seacrest and E! wield in the entertainment industry. Wendy is the sole voice for Lamar and the sole voice slamming Kris at this time. jmo

    • Absolute nonsense. He is not a victim or some innocent bystander here. Also, it isn’t that 2009 incident with Rih that continues to hold him back. Post Rihanna incident he has had numerous twitter tirades against people, he has had various fights and altercations – Drake/Frank Ocean, he stole a girl’s (His own fan) Iphone when she was innocently trying to take a picture of him and in 2011 on Good Morning America he went on an angry rampage and broke a window of the GMA studios. To top that all off he fraudulently claimed to have fully completed his community service, you know the very light punishment he was given when he beat his girlfriend and left her on a side walk. Instead of taking the so called punishment like a man he paid off a number of people to make sure his tracks were covered – Until they weren’t of course. Lol.

      Chris Brown apologists need to quit their delusional fronting. Chris’s problems are NOT the fault of everyone else. Chris’s problems are of his own doing.

  23. Reading all yall comments makes me laugh…the queen who calls himself a king that runs this site clearly doesn’t kno wtf he’s talking about and @ the same time seems to be very fascinated with wendy and her husbands life…jus admit it..she freaked it like every other obstacle in her life, and keeping it realer than any of you fucking fake keyboard gangsters that sling those insults…for the record her drug abuse was not during hot 97 days….her interviews were a bible for all the chat topic chicks on the radio for more than decade, only 2nd blk woman in radio hall of fame….that intern yall talking bout that claimed sexual harrasment originally walked off job, came back to kevin crying and begging for job back and they gave it to her only for her to try and be an opurtunist like most lazy people who don’t want to work and grind hard like wendy, that and a stupid radio station….lastly as she stated in her autobiography YES her husband did step out on her but you kno what jus like bill and hillary, THAT nigga been there thru thick and thin, got her off drugs and no matter what you boring people say is helping her build an empire off real shit that happens whether yall like it tor not…and p.s. the nigga fly and can pretty much can fuck any WOMAN he wants like MOST men..he don’t gotta settle for low level interns…as for chris..he unlike jay-z needs to understand and learn two words that because of his stupid actions he must live by for the rest of his life…DAMAGE CONTROL!!…how I kno??…I jus DO!

    • After all that, the only two words that come to mind are “Shove it” and shove it so far up there that it never sees the light of day again. Thx

      • Well I guess you don’t follow directions well…I said don’t bite my head off. It was a joke.

  24. My girlfriend (which by the way was a driver for them and not an intern)
    Grimaced at the offer to join Wendell and her husband for a threesome
    She was so disgusted with their behavior she quit the job
    That is saying a lot because my friend was a self proclaimed bonafide freak with a white liver
    (she claimed)
    And even she did not want to phuck sexually with Wendell and her husband

    *I was going to write the girl name just to prove how real it was but decided not too
    But believe me Wendell and her husband was scandalous

    • I believe you. But how does your story inform us as to why Wendy is a poor show host or why she should not speak her opinion of Chris Brown?

      Do you honestly think that your anecdote about Kevin and her is even a smidgen more scandalous than anything which has occurred with ANY and ALL Hollywood personalities??? Frankly, compared to the acts of stars which I have witnessed with my own eyes, the Wendy, Kevin and driver story is pretty tame. A threesome? Meh. That goes on daily with all celebs. Now throw in a sheep or a 14 year old boy… THAT’S HOLLYWOOD.

  25. Another destructive Black female Judas and puppet of the man with a mic. Destroying minds, homes, families, careers all for a dollar because their advice is best. Oprah, Robin Roberts, Wendy, Iyanla, Star Jones and Sheryl Underwood all can have several seats as far as the ultimate fruits of their work. CB was (and still is) a boy who needs a chance to grow past mistakes not be trapped in them. You can’t back kids in a corner without giving them room to get out. Robin set CB up for ratings and was the first to talk bad about Whitney when she died even though she was dancing with her in Central Pk. Iyanla’s books have caused nuff havok and what she did to DMX was also a set up. Sheryl is a front seat coon on that show and needs to put it back there. I lost all respect for Star when she was the only one to walk off the OJ interview and Janet Hubert Whitten’s letter and Judge Matthias said all that need to be said about Wendy. Between this and reality tv, Black people’s only choice is to cut the tv off.

    • I bet if we were to keep score of all the black Judas’ in the industry the men would out number the women

    • Anonymous 10:01

      Thank you. Anyone who is awake and enlightened can see that this person has an axe to grind with Chris.

      She has been tearing Chris down for quite sometime now. What she does and says about Chris goes way beyond gossip. But, by the grace of God he is still standing.

      Maybe Willie Lee hasn’t fully recovered from her alleged seasonal beat downs.

  26. This is typical SELL OUT behavior. As Malcolm X said “self hating negro women wearing blonde wigs”. Well fast forward forty something years later and we have a woman who is to me basically White. She bashes her own people to be ACCEPTED and apparently she is accepted because someone watches her for that show to still be on air. Chris Brown isn’t perfect (loved the JAY Z jab pretty hilarious) he may be lost in certain areas in his life but if she did coke and crack and allegedly changed into the DRAG QUEE—I mean WOMAN that she is today then he deserves that same opportunity. He’ll either change as time moves on or not. This is the same person that started the 2pac rape rumor in prison which turned out to be false. Bashing brothers while her hubby bashes her. Typical

  27. as long as blacks tear each other down in the media cool right.

    all the man beaters in hollywood and people who beat their wives and girls cb is public ernemy number 1.

    i can see drake fighting cb better than frank ocean.

    drake’s a wooped clown they had sex drake should get over it.

    both acted like fools over a girl everybody ran through.

    frank ocean does’nt even like girls only reason why he would fight cb would be either rihanna and frank are close friends or frank wants a publicity fake hollywood beef or he likes cb.

    don’t watch oprah’s network phukk her and her new age church where all her elite gay friends hang at like john travolta and tom cruise and gayle king her wife.



    SHE HAS CANCER AND OZZY’S IN BAD HEALTH THESE DAYS AND THEY LIVE IN A CASTLE And she dont undrerstand why her kids turned to drugs betcha her lord and master satan knows oh yeah forgot ozzy claimed he only half worships satan or he did it for the cash.

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