Wendy Williams Shafts Chinese Shoe-Making Slaves!


Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter's Shoe Jacking

She wrecked havoc across the Big Apple while ruling the city’s radio airwaves. Now, Wendy Williams has created chaos in China, leaving a group of hard-working factory workers with nothing but lint in their pockets.

This after sources say the ‘beastly talk show host’ failed to pay for the more than 12-thousand shoes which carry her logo – footwear she recently ordered to be manufactured in China. That’s what’s said to have led Williams to rack-up an unpaid bill of more than $400,000.

Here’s what NY Daily News is reporting:

“The owners of Max Harvest International Holdings went into hiding this month after the shoe factory owner — who hadn’t been paid — kidnapped one of their managers in mainland China, according to sources.

The kidnappers held the man for two weeks before releasing him shaken but unharmed.
The manufacturing firm’s owners, a businessman and his wife who do not want to be identified, fled Hong Kong, a New York based business associate said late Tuesday.”

Here’s what the L.A. attorney for the Hong Kong couple had to say:

“Williams and her husband, Kevin Hunter, never paid their shoe bill which now exceeds $419,000. They signed a contract last year to buy the shoes —part of Williams ‘Adorn’ line. Things don’t work in China the way they work in the United States.

I’ve been trying for months to negotiate a settlement, but if it can’t be resolved soon, my client will file a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court.”

Is Wendy Williams a wig-wearing thief whose name should go down in the Guinness Book Of World Records for jacking $419,000 worth of shoes produced from slave labor? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask her undercover transgender-loving husband Kevin Hunter.


  1. Wow well if they don’t get paid for the shoes, they can sell them as canoes! Bigfoot needs to pay her bill…

  2. Does anyone else thinks that Mehgan from the ‘Bad Girls Club’ looks like she could be Wendy’s daughter?

  3. Forever 21 mistreat there Chinese employees as well. If Americans only knew what goes on in dirty discriminating factories ran by Jewish whites and others people would stop purchasing products from these white collared people in a eye blink.

    • Forever 21 is actually owned by a chinese man…I use to work for him. They treat their employees like crap.

      • He’s hardcore christian too.. Bible verses on the shopping bags type.

        But Im pretty sure he is Korean and not Chinese

  4. i only know what i see. he (wendy) is a man dressed as a woman. i would have to see proof that she ‘birthed’ a child.
    NO hips, (waist,hips same) manly hands, implants, big feet, shoulders, girly gestures, constant preening primping, voice, maybe he doesn’t have a ‘package’ now but i bet he was born with one.
    ps. he does look good and does an excellent impersonation.