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What Are You Grateful For?

November 17th, 2012

Be Grateful for Life

On Saturdays HSK will publish an article on diet, nutrition and general well-being, written by nutritional consultant and chef, Laura B. Leff. Know why? because a healthy body with a spiritual mind is a blessed soul.

The holidays are upon us once again. Often I hear of people feeling stressed out and uneasy around the holidays. Why is this? This time of year should be filled with aromatic smells in the air from home-cooked food, joyous days brimming with friends and family, and feelings of appreciation towards life.

Sometimes I notice it’s easier to focus on the negative aspect of things, but I believe one is able to consciously switch their perspective by focusing on all of the abundance in their life; freeing up the natural flow of goodness. This year and those forward, consciously end the year with gratitude towards life and what you have, rather then what you don’t have. Allow yourself to exhale, recharge and express appreciation. I leave you with one question during this holiday season; what are you grateful for?

  • good health?
  • loved-ones?
  • a roof over your head?
  • a job/income?
  • the great outdoors (the sun, the moon, the ocean)?
  • feelings of hope?
  • love…even lost love?
  • special relationships?

…the list goes on.

The dictionary defines gratitude as: Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.

What are you grateful for in this moment of your life? Practice daily recognition of these things and watch your mood and disposition on life lift up and become lighter and freer. Life is sweeter when it’s filled with gratitude!

May you all have a wonderful/fun-filled/yummy-to-your-tummy holiday season!!

Cheers & Be Well
Laura Leff, MS, HN

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12 Comments on "What Are You Grateful For?"

February 3, 2013

It is very difficult to put into words, how grateful I am, but I am blessed to be of sound mind and body. I am blessed to not have to be on medicine for blood pressure, diabetes, and or any cardiovascular disease. I am grateful to be blessed with two wonderful children and a dog. I am blessed to be able to moderate/facilitate an international expository Bible Study every Saturday morning. I am blessed to be able to put God first in my life as the Scripture Matthew 6:33 states, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” I am blessed to be a blessing to others.


November 18, 2012

I’m greatful that I have discipline to go a whole year without sex and not stalk an ex….(shyyyyt ain’t easy mane)


Norman E. Mailer Reply:



November 19, 2012



November 17, 2012

I’m especially grateful that seeing friends lose their homes and car to Sandy… I still have home and life


November 17, 2012

I’m grateful for my life and everything that comes in and with it…sometimes I scream and say I want a vacation from my life but I’ve realized that I’m very truly bless and I’m grateful many ppl aren’t so fortunate….


November 17, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Jacky. May your hoiday season be filled with good spirits, good people and all the things that make you feel most like yourself. Thank you for bringing a most interesting and informative blog to us. Keep doing what you do so well and save a little for yourself. Happy Holidays to you!





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