What’s Raffles Van Exel’s Connection to Rihanna and Christina Milian?


Raffles van Exel Christina Milan

We’ve just learned infamous Hollywood conman Raffles Van Exel wasn’t only a man who enabled Rhianna’s drug habits, but he also used to smash Christina Milan (so, The-Dream could have very well collected Van Exel’s left-overs mane). Sources exclusively tell HSK Raffles Van Exel’s made his connection to Rhianna just this year, while he’s reported to have smash Milan back in 2005. Don’t believe me? Ask Stuart Bullard.

Here’s the tea from our inside source:

“Christina’s mother Carmen loves Raffles, but she didn’t know Raffles had sex with men while he was Christina’s boyfriend. During that time, a girlfriend of mine caught Raffles in bed with another man. Christina’s heart was shattered.

Raffles told everyone he knew about his great love affair with Christina. This was before she got married and had the kid.

Everybody knows Raffles.. I saw for myself onetime when Samuel L Jackson walked across the room to say hi to him. Denise Rich introduced me to Raffles, she was married to Marc Rich. Goggle their names and you’ll see that Raffs is connected. Denise Rich bills her self as a socialite.

It was Raffles that instigated the fight in Tru nightclub with Whitney and that other girl. That’s why Whitney was cussing Raffles out.

I wasn’t surprised when I heard Raffles was Rihanna’s handler too, she’s depressed and he knows how to make you feel safe when you’re high.”

Did Raffles van Exel talk OJ Simpson into writing the book “If I Did It”? Of course he did. Don’t believe me.. Ask Pablo Fenjves.

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  1. i thought it look like Whitney was cussing Raffles out on that other post here on this website. i didn’t know who she was looking at. i still believe something happened that night in that club that led to Whitneys’s death. i think this guy is just the scapegoat, like Dr. Murray is the scapegoat for MJ murder.

      • After all those pictures Whitney took with Raffles before she passed, I wonder what was surrounding her cursing him out. I believe Whitney was killed. The first reports of her passing stated that she was found cold. Nobody takes cold baths. Now, Forbes is reporting that she was beyond CPR when paramedics arrived. Something is up with that picture. Raffles is an ASS yet a very successful conman. So sad.

        • Great link for the video which I didn’t see the whole thing before!

          Some people think Raffles is paid by people very high up in the industry. Vigilant Citizen site has a lot of discussion about this. One commenter even said he’s an “ndoki”, which could be considered a sort of witch. I’m not sure if he’s a con man or a if someone has placed him near these celebrities on purpose.

          • it’s so weird. He’s with every celebrity you can think of. He has to be placed there on purpose. Does this guy pay taxes?? what is his declared job? For this one person to have access to so many celebrities doesn’t add up.

            I didn’t know that Vigilant talked about him. I’ll have to check that out.

            • One commenter on VC said elites pay Raffles to “investigate” celebrity deaths (another on the Grammy 2012 thread asked-suggested if Sony is paying him as an “ndoki” too):

              I’ve read Whitney also was borrowing money from Clive and had only made 3 of the 6 promised albums in her contract. Makes one wonder, especially since VC pointed out that Clive was already calling Jennifer Hudson the “next Whitney”. He let some other weird things slip around that time, too, that make a person wonder.

  2. Haha Christina and other clowns in Hollywood getting duped by this fool. I say great. That’s what you get for the slice of the Devil’s pie

  3. Denise Rich is a little more than a socialite. I would think this inside source would recognize a Grammy nominated songwriter. And she is not married to Marc Rich any longer.

    Usually when I spot one lie in someone’s story I’m less inclined to believe the rest.

    • ikr.

      HE might be the Star Whacker that Quaid is talking about.

      Quaid isn’t crazy. He knows exactly what he’s talking about.

      • The media tried to paint Randy Quaid as crazy but even a broke clock is right twice a day.

        I remember Martin Lawrence running in the street with a gun talking about they are trying to kill me (media said due to cocaine trip)- who is they?

        Hollywood is an evil place.

  4. raffels had her fooled .just like we have fake revs. and alllll kinds of stuff hes no different.whitney figured his ass out. and she must of had something good on him and was calling the sis in law to tell but he got to her first.

  5. Did yous see MTO jackin Jacky’s story? Sad ass site, MTO is… SMH

    But I love how Jacky exposed this story and has linked all the tea associated with it and everyone involved. Jacky would make a great private investigator lol He doesn’t play with the details!

    Christina Millian must have a thing for the DL guys – Now Raffles and previously Nick Cannon and The Dream. They all are said to dip into various holes of men & women.

  6. man theses days you got to watch what church you go to, watch who you sleep with, talk to ,sit on the bus next to and who your kids play with. these people will prey on anybody thats not as screwed up as they are.

  7. these people are everywhere like misfits running around watch out they will try to marry in your family , teach at your school and preach at your church. talk to your kids watch them.watch who wants to be your friend and get to close to you.

  8. Riri ain’t right, that’s for sure. Dead behind the eyes, acting out on Twitter, rapid weight loss and this strange hold she allows Chris Brown.to have over her. She is deffo on suttin. Now, seeing this pic with Raffles. God only knows what he is enabling her with.

    • I don’t think her problems have anything to do with Chris. She just can no longer handle fame. It won’t be long before she’s in a hospital or rehab.

      • You don’t think she could be a little affected by being beaten by someone she loves? Then basically playing it off like its no big thing. No, I do not believe Chris is the absolute reason for her issues but it is an issue nonetheless.

        The eyes don’t lie sometimes she looks so forlorn and depressed its sad to see. Maybe she is medicating to numb and block things she doesn’t wanna deal with. As we all know that industry is a cesspit. In many tragic cases it never usually is just about recreational drug use/living the so called rockstar life. Though, it may start that way.

        • I stand corrected. The incident with Chris may have something to do with it. But there’s something going on behind the scenes that really has her in the state she’s in. Most of us don’t realize how much weight big stars have on their shoulders. It seems like the pressure is getting to her. If she doesn’t learn how to deal with it properly, her story won’t end well.

          • Totally agree. Is it not strange that people still long to be rich and famous? Knowing what I know about this shady industry, not me, mane.

            • People only see the upside of fame. None of them think the tragedies that happen to other cold never happen to them.

              I’m with you. I don’t even want to be around fame. I’m perfectly happy with my middle class obscurity.

        • chris is not a batterer,if that was true,then he should have a history of beating women,in which he doesn’t. ms tran shouldve stepped up by now if he was so violent. why you think his career is starting to get better???!! if him and ehi and an abusive relationship together and he’s doing great with his current it only goes to show that him and rhi was not a good couple and many sources say she was the one always doing the hitting first and he would always restrain her,she’s the one who can’t seem to stay stable in a relationship,hell not even most famous brothers whould date her and thats a known fact!!!

          • But you have to admit he does have anger issues.

            I heard a crazy rumor about that night. It’s probably not true, but it does sound plausible. Word was that someone else beat her down and Chris was either bribed or forced to take the fall. They also said Diddy debriefed them afterwards on what to do and how to act. Like I said, I doubt if it’s true, but it sounded interesting.

            • To be honest there wasn’t much more to it than that. But I do find it strange that CB wasn’t outright blackballed from the industry. Other male singers/rappers have beaten on bw but most of those women were unknown or it was swept under the rug.

          • No matter how you spin it Anonymous – the pictures showed RiRi’s face beaten. No matter what, Chris Brown is a batterer – even if it was for one time. Don’t try to defend that lost soul Chris Brown.

          • Chris battered his famous ex girlfriend to a pulp. So, yes he is one. He has no KNOWN other violent offences but we are not with him 24/7. So what he gets up to, no one really knows. If you know anything about domestic violence, it follows a pattern. My feeling is that it was not the first time he had struck a woman. The beating he gave her was far too disturbing to be a one off episode. His delusional fans stay defending him when there is too much evidence that points to him being unstable.

            • Chris tried to manhandle an African woman before the Rihanna incident. Several men had to pull him off of her, after she refused to go into a room with him. Like Mike Tyson, who was sexually assaulting girls since Jr. High, money make people keep quiet. I saw a documentary on Tyson years before he was accused of rape, and black folks acted as if he was innocent the same as they’ve been doing with Chris. As men, we need to speak up, I thank my father for making me into the man I am.

  9. All I’ve seen is a few pics of him and I can tell he’s sweet as sugar just from that. How come Christina couldn’t tell?

  10. Raffles is the left hand of the monster…you will never know who is the brain of the monster. He is now useless, all those celebs’ handlers are on this site. You won’t be seeing him with them anymore.

    Hmmm I wonder how will they get him? Car crash? Overdose? Will he ‘murk’ himself? The clock is ticking on him, he is totally useless now.

    • the brain of the monster….yeah, I don’t think we will ever know. I’m guessing it’s the same person pulling Clive’s strings.

      …I’m leaning towards a plane crash.

  11. This dude is Satan incarnate. Look how he’s smiling as Whitney curses him out. He’s like an evil imp who gets energy and enjoyment from other people’s pain, suffering, anger, etc. Pure evil.

    He’s already admitted he removed the drug paraphernalia from the hotel room. How do we know he didn’t actually inject her with the drugs to begin with? A guest in the room above Whitney’s room said they heard someone yell and the sounds of a scuffle coming from Whitney’s room before Mary found Whitney’s body.

    I think peoples’ gut instinct that this was not an accident is right. I’ve been on the fence about whether Whitney OD’d or not. After reading this I think not. I think this Raffles character had the access, means (drugs), and motive (murder for hire, revenge?) for killing Whitney.

    I feel very sorry for Rhianna. The girl is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s just a matter of time. She clearly has a drug problem and an entourage full of enablers and yes people. She needs to cut ties with everybody in her life and get herself clean. If all we’ve read here about Raffles is true Riri is fucking with a killer now.

  12. Hmmm… it only seems this dude has started to make some news because of what happened to Whitney. Now everyone is finding him around lots of folks… Like for really tho said, it seems as if he’s now suddenly making all this news. He basically came out of nowhere…

  13. That vulture’s been pictured hanging around many different celebrities for years, including Whitney Houston on the very last day of her life. Foul shit’s been going down in Hollweird for decades and Raffles is just another symptom of that.