What’s Up With Tami Roman & Her Daughters?


What's Up w/ Tami Roman's Kids

When Ratchet Reality Goes Wrong (not that it ever goes right)…

HSK Exclusive – Last night, Tami Roman took to social media to make an open apology to her teen daughters, Jazz and Lyric — who appear to be at odds with their mother’s Basketball Wife TV status.

Tami Roman Daughter

BBW Tami Roman Kids

This news comes … as Shaunie & Company are well into the Fifth season of the VH1 ratchet reality show.

“If it was my choice, I’d never taped for BBW.”

Check it:

Tami Roman Regrets Basketball Wives


  1. after last nights episode Twiiter tore Lyric a new one over that horrible weave she had on the show. Lyric tried to agree w the ppl bashing her to save fave but she just came off….weak

    • i don’t get why people enjoy trying to tear young girls down over a bad hair day. the way some of these black girls are treated for doing things that are ratchet is crazy.black people tend to be more lenient on black men who commit crimes.

      it seems people hate “ratchet” i.e wearing your hair a certain way or doing a certain dance more than they hate murder,gangs and a whole lot of other evil shit.

      • Agree tisme. Never will forget how BW tore Gabby Douglass down about her weave while she was making history and winning gold medals.

        Tami is damned if she do and damned if she don’t. I’m glad she quit that shit show and is woman and mother enough to publicly apologize to her daughter for dragging her into that circus.

        • If theres anything that i wont forget is how is was rumored that blackwomen was blasting gabby but it was never proven what particular blackwomen did it. Thats why gabby brush the dirt off her shoulders and oprah herself didn’t feed into it cause all us sistas know who really was hating on her and it WAS NOT US !! Blackwomen was more than proud of her in fact since gabby did what she did, guarantee more black mothers put their beautiful black daughters into the sport after her (gabby)!!!last time i check everyone can be anyone over the internet and put up a fake avatar posing as themselves! If anything gabby was being hated on by white girls posing as fellow sistas !! And since when did the major media start paying attention to what blackwomen say and when they said it was us, i called bullshit on it!! It was a proud moment for all blackwomen and white major media now it , thats way they were hating and placing blame on us to cover their jealousy !! Tammi girls might have a cyber bully & need to report it !!

          • i agree.in fact it was proven that the first people hating on Gabby’s hair was two black dudes and then some black girls said something after them.

            • I know good and damn well that it was gay Black hairdressers who were behind the shade throwing at Gabby.
              White women were not the ones taking shots at her. That ain’t the way they do it when they do it.

  2. Poor girl, people were rude to most of them on twitter last night not only her they went in on the lady whos husband cheated also. I hope she will be ok

    • The type of people that attacked that woman who put her cheating husband on blast, are the very people who maybe guilty of doing it to someone else or still doing & scared that whoever their with, might get ideas to blast them. I hope its not the one who put her DL husband on blast, cause he deserved it !! Alot of gay men and women is using innocent people as a shield to cover their real lives and this have to stop. The law is creating kaos by giving these sexual deviants rights and its crossing over into heterosexual peoples lives. The gay lifestyle may not stop but people please be careful with who you let in and pray that the lord give you a discerning eye (mind) to see what may not be right about someone. Sometimes when you walk in on something dealing with your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wive, it was for a reason not coincidence, the lord is not trying but is telling u something, the question is will u believe it ?

  3. Tammy is really a very nasty person.
    When her own mother was dying Tammy chose to put her into a hospice instead of allowing her to spend her final days with her and the girls. Tammy is wicked to the core, trust.
    Tammy FORCED her daughter out of bed just to film a reality show…WOW! Wicked to the core I tell ya!
    This woman has some serious mental issues TRUE INDEED.
    At restaurant when all the ladies were discussing the “really right or really wrong” comment, Tammy bugged out because Evilyn waved her hand and mind you, it was nowhere near Tammy. She is a sick woman with deep rooted issues.

    • In fairness to Tami, there are some valid reasons why hospice is the best place for loved ones who are in their final days. They are usually on unbelievably high doses of palliative medication such as morphine and fentanyl. If a layperson was to be responsible for administering and monitoring such drastic meds, the patient could very easily overdose right in the home.
      When my mother was dying of cancer, we were fortunate enough to be able to move the hospice into our home so that she could have the best of both worlds. Perhaps Tami did not have the insurance coverage or the financial means to do that. I realize that she was married to Kenny Anderson who had plenty of money during his playing days. But I don’t think that Tami and her daughters were exactly rolling in paper at the time of her mama’s passing. If she were, why would she be on that horrible show?

      • well, it was very clear when tammy joined the cast that she wasn’t rich by far, she looked very homely and wore awful dried up extensions BUT since joining the show, she has made money and she said she’s a business woman; she probably could have afforded to make her mother more comfortable and welcom that she did.
        Her reasoning for not allowing her mother to live with her during her illness was, according to Tammy, because the mother would be taking Tammy out of her comfort zone and she couldn’t STAND to see her mother in that condition on a day to day basis.
        selfish and wicked to her rotten core.

        • I agree with you for the most part but I saw an episode of the show where she wanted her mom to come stay with her but her mom wanted to have her own place.

        • SHR I was not aware of what you brought to light in your post since I only watch BBW occasionally. If she shunned her Mom’s presence in her home due to the effect it would have on Tami herself, then she truly is the selfish narcissist described in the original post.

          And I agree with you. She has gone from looking like a hood escapee, to a NYC sophisticate in two seasons of BBW. Take about coming up fast.

    • Tammy doesn’t want her mother around because that is her blood,sacrifice. She didn’t want to have that guilt hanging around her all day, having to watch her mother die. The mother she claimed to love and be so close too. Just ask Kanye.


  4. Well this dude named
    #Bobby Does My Hair is doing Gabbys hair now.
    Might I add he is rocking the shit out of it. Ive been trying to get an appointment with dude for months. Lol !
    But there was nothing wrong with Gabbys hair from the get go
    Like someone said, it was just jealous insecure idiots who were just hating
    Like really who go to a salon to get their hair done to compete in a sport competition

  5. What does a name that was given by your parents ( most likely) have to do with a person and their personality or race? People usually dont name theirselves at birth! why would you tear down someones children like they make the decisions in their parents lives? would you like someone to publicly tear down your innocent children because of what you do? why would you get your hair fly to run 100 mph?

  6. Next time stay in bed. I’m sure you got paid for your appearance in that show. Suck it up. I hate winey ass chicks