Whitney Houston Dead at 48 Years Old


Whitney Houston Dead

We’ve just received some very sad news that Whitney Houston passed away today, at the age of 48.

Reports are that a member of Whitney’s entourage found her in her room at the Beverly Hilton hotel and called hotel security. Security then dialed 911. When paramedics arrived Houston was unresponsive.

We’re told police arrived to the scene within minutes and fire was already there on an unrelated call. According to sources, paramedics performed CPR but it did not work and she was pronounced dead at 3:55 PM PST.

BH PD detectives have begun a full investigation.

Whitney had just recently finished filming for the movie sparkle, and was most recently seen leaving a Hollywood club disheveled and has been kicking it with known Ray J, who’s been on that kitty¬†lately.

We will bring you further details as information becomes available….

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  1. Even though I know she struggled with drugs in her life. I have to say that I will always love her for sharing her gift with the world. R.I.P Whitney.

  2. Not really surprising. Etta James last month. Don Cornelus last week, now Whitney Houston. I wonder who called in her number?

  3. everyone knows how she had her issues with drugs,but it’s still sad to see such a talent gone now.

    R.I.P Ms. Houston….there will never be another voice quite like hers

  4. Music icon anointed by God to live for God.
    People may have changed on Whitney but the
    Blood of Jesus didn’t. It proved that no matter man’s thoughts
    toward her, who prayed and fasted to save her?

    You can be a hypocrite, and not be still to know that
    God is who is say He is.
    He’s relational, not religion.
    Who knew her prayers,but Jesus.
    The devil uses all the sins of glamour for his
    kingdom, but who truly builds it up for God?
    We all struggle with a past, and a present. But who
    Looks to God. When a person struggling with something,
    you remove the source and pray for the wounds toheal,
    plead the Blood of Jesus.
    She didn’t need drug lord love, false humility for
    her struggling, but
    true Holy Ghost fed and led counsel.
    It could have been anyone, she was a child of God, created
    For His Glory.
    It’s one thing to be a fan, but here’s her warrior.

    You pray to release the bondage from the soul, turn
    to God. Be persistent and pray. It will always,look bad but the blessing is always the joy. Seeing a soul saved.!!!!
    In love with Jesus and sold out to God!!!!!