Whitney Houston’s Personal Fortune Goes Up in Smoke?


Another fine example to teach the kids that crack is wack.

From RadarOnline:

Whitney Houston’s finances are hitting rock bottom, and RadarOnline.com has the exclusive details about her dire situation.

The Bodyguard star, 48, who sought help for her crack addiction last year, has lost her fortune, a source close to the singer exclusively revealed. “Whitney’s fortune is gone,” the source said. “Music industry heavy hitters are supporting her and her label is fronting her cash against her next album, but no one knows when that will be released.”

The six-time Grammy winner has blown through an enormous fortune that she amassed over decades of stardom. “She might be homeless if not for people saving her. She is broke as a joke.” Bobby Brown’s ex-wife’s financial woes have her so cash strapped she’s been begging friends for help.

“She called someone to ask for $100,” the source said. “It is so sad. She should have Mariah Carey money, and she’s flat broke.”

Is the Sparkle actress having financial trouble? I don’t know, but I do know she should be stackin that producer money for a rainy day.

Don’t you agree?


  1. Lies, Lies and more LIes


    whitney houston made $36.3 milion at the end of June 2010 for her Nothing But Love Tour. Her tour was one of the highest grossing World tours as evidenced by it’s ranking on independent tour ranking PollStar

    She did 2 concers in Russia Dec 2009 and grossed over $9mil not included in that #36.3 mil because it was in 2009 not 2010 ranking

    She did a private gig while on tour in MonteCarlo which she was paid $1mil 2010

    in 2011 she attended Prince Brunei’s son birthday extravaganza with Mariah carey, usher, bruno mars etc. This dude is known to pay celebrities to attend and his family loves her family. His dad paid her $7mil in 1996 to perform a concert for his country of Brunei. Go to youtube and type in Whitney Houston Brunei saving all my love for you
    listen to her talk about how the prince had her there before and now she was back to help celebrate the princess marriage. That family loves her. I’d bet he paid her $500k to attend last year.

    • no she is an artist with a 30yr career and one of the highes earners for Arista Sony so her contract would be structured differently. She most likely is getting an higher than average cut.

      In fact L. A Reid gave her the highest contract for a female artist back them worth $100mil for 6 cds

      She does not have a 360 deal. Her touring contract would either be a flat fee of $250 to $500k per show and she did like 45 shows or it would be a percentage like 35% for someone that deep in the game.

      Still would put her earnings at around $14mil, add in the $8mil gross from thos 2 concers in Russia that’s another $3mil add in a private gig she did of $1mil auntie whitney made $18milion her net cut

      her shows are bare with just an average lighting, 4 backup singers including her brother Gary, 4 male dancers and her family who is ner entourage, nephew works as one of the bodyguards, 2.3 more gurads, her stylist and hair dresser and 2 assistants

      it is far fetched. I just showed you where she made $18mil net from touring 1.5 years ago, not counting her pay from her cd which was a hit. I look to you sold 3mil around the world. It went platinum in the usa. Was #1 on Billboard 200 and R &b charts selling 311 copies first week.

      What you smoking homie? nevermind what she got paid for Sparkle. I’m betting at least around $4mil with back end points.

      • what have i stated that is inaccurae? you don’t have a leg to stand on or you would stand. Clive davis does not own her. Arista doesn’t even exist any longer – it was folded into RCA which is the label she is currently on all owned by Sony which is the studio behind her new movie Sparkle i.e Tri-Star/Stage 6 studios which sony owns.

        I’ve clearly showed you where she could not be possibly broke. Show me a tax lien, show me a foreclosure. show me creditors saying they not being paid, show me something to support this tabloid trash otherwise i don’t believe it.

    • you also said that it wasn’ t inconceivable that a former crackhead could mishandle her fortune lending credence to the point of the post that she was flat broke.

      I just countered by pointing out named, independent and recent sources showing her income where it would be highly improbably that that would be the case and she is not a flosser. In fact Whitney houston is very cheap. there is a recorded interview out there where djs asked her what was one of the biggest checks she got and she said one time $5mil but there has been more. They asked her what she did with it, she said her dad put it in an acct for her.

      deuces, this story is a farce.

  2. hater site, why post that picture when she was in a bad way, here is a picture of her posted in people magazine this week of her on the set of her new movie Sparkle with Jordin Sparks

    Whitney looks fabulous

    She is starring as the mother, executive producing the movie and the soundtrack. Movie wrapped in detroit nov 2010. Sony is the studio. Last time I checked, when you finish a movie you get paid. I bet she has back points on this movie because she one of the producers

    scroll down pas the cast listing and see her name on IMDB as executive producer for Sparkle

    and for the lazy people, here it is

    Produced by
    Salim Akil …. co-producer
    Mara Brock Akil …. co-producer
    Debra Martin Chase …. producer
    Gaylyn Fraiche …. executive producer
    Whitney Houston …. executive producer
    Avram ‘Butch’ Kaplan …. executive producer
    Scott Putman …. executive producer
    Howard Rosenman …. executive producer

    broke my left foot!

    Whitney own 4 homes and all are current and taxes paid

    Atlanta condo
    NJ Mendham estate 12k feet home worth $2mil
    Her mother’s condo
    Her step mother condo whom she just took to court all the way and won last year november- google it and yes the mortgage is her her name, she loaned her father the money paid for his health insurance t the tune of $900k and he left her the beneficiary of his insurance which was $1mil that the step mother had to get. Whitney is the kindest person till you cross her, her step mother sued her for the $1mil and whitney countersued and won

    google that

  3. sigh, i can’t believe some of these people, obviously the blogs post it for hits because if you really read the story it’s ridiculous.

    Here is her denial seeing that you didn’t care to post it



    more pictures of whitney and the cast of movie Sparkle, they all look great


  4. i posted links to independent sources tracking her income for the last 2 years and you going by anonymous sources stating she is near homeless and begging for #$100. I showed u recent pics of her looking great.

    Show me the receipts from this source that she is broke. Use common sense homie. By the way. Ms. Whitney production company Brownhouse production produced:

    The Princess Diaries 1
    The Princess Diaries 2
    Cheetah Girls 1
    Cheetah Girls goes to Spain

    the first 4 all within the last 6 years

    google how much they made, i’ll help you, princess diaries grossed over $100mil both of them and both of them she produced. starring julie andrews and anne hathaway. when they replay them i’m sure she get residuals.

    why people sleep on her career as an actress and produer i dont’ know Make google your friend or http://www.boxofficemojo. com and look up her movies. None of them have bombed

    • Damn homie, WE GET IT!! You are on Whitney’s payroll to shoot down any bad publicity. Whitney lied about being on crack, so her finances might very well be dwindling. Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.

    • I don’t know 4sure. but i do know i’m in Atlanta GA and i heard on the radio that my baby is broke! and i love her still and want her 2 get it 2gether. so it’s not just HSK seyin this so keep bringin the real Jacky

      • and by the way iknow HSK goin in and gettin the real imfo and i do share it cause the world do need 2 know about this shady ass industry. they the 1’s that fucked whitney up anyway

      • all of the blog and radio reports stem from the same source which was radaronline

        then perez hilton copied it, it’s the same report
        not on a payroll at all,

        btw i recall her admitting to diane sawyer that she used substances so not sure what that person is saying

        Im sure whitney ain’t pulling bodyguard money but few artists is, but i seriously doubt she is near broke especially when everything else points to not and that woman is cheap as heck, trust me she doesn’t floss at all or live an extravagant life
        whitney got paper and it aint’ short

        • How do you know? You ve stated only incoming revenue you have shown outgoings so she could be broke and dont forget the tax man pn all those earnings 😉

          By the way she did Birmingham UK show, couldnt sing for shit got booed off …was terrible… google that.

        • You can’t tell the guy who sold her drugs she was cheap. She was buying half a kilo to kilo at a time

  5. From Radar? LOL when have they ever been right or even forthright in regards to our people? When?

    [tosses this in the big fat lying ass trashy ho bin]

  6. It is not far fetched at all for someone, even with that Whitney money, to lose it all to a 30+ year crack habit. A crackhead is a fkn crackhead. Shit, even her kid was photographed with lines of coke beside her. Whitney supported her crack habit and Bobby’s crack habit for years. The bitch can’t sing anymore any damn ways. I watched clips of her last tour she sounded horrible. Her cracked out vocal cords can’t hit those high notes anymore.

    Either way, I don’t give a fk if she’s broke. I just would have liked to be her supplier. Gimme that Whitney money. LOL

  7. I am sure we all have celebrities or entertainers that we admire, but to defend them so viciously is just crazy to me!!!! I have entertainers or whomever that I admire, but I WILL NOT fight tooth and nail to defend their ALLEGED habit or other wise that do not know that I exist or even care!!??

    • Ya know!! I’m not riding for anybody that hard UNLESS they are paying me. Otherwise, it makes you look crazy as hell.

      • Crazy, to some degree, yes. But, what if this stan, is somehow privy to these sensitive information, and they are just merely rebuttaling ? Is it crazy? #imjustsaying!

        • Hell YES it’s still CRAZY! I’m not about to make a Powerpoint presentation with facts, figures, research, and statistical analysis just to prove I’m right about some celebrity. For what? It ain’t that damn serious. That’s too much energy and time. People are going to believe what they want to anyway. IJS

  8. That is not true. She did not perform in France. That date was cancelled due to her getting sick. She was hospitalized in Paris, France.