Who’s Jacky Talking About? – January 10, 2014



The last person this rappin’ thug gets any of his motivation from would be his baby momma. Know why? We’re told dude’s not only ‘ashamed of her looks,’ he doesn’t want the public to know she’s ‘got five other kids from different men.’

Aside from the father-son beef she sparked after reportedly turning their son on him … she’s said to be relentless in keeping dude on his toes. Know how? She’s has plans to take all her tea to reality TV, keeping our blind item busy slamming each of her windows into that world shut!

Long gone are the days when he loved up on the likes of his baby momma, who he recently announced “is a bitch.” Know why? He’s now a Roc Nation rapper who “feels he’s got the fame and the funds to date white girls.”

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • My sentiment exactly, R in NYC. Why get all morally and nobley correct, now? He managed to leave a baby in the brood, just like the rest of the baby daddies, and they probably refer to her by the same vulgar. Oh well, if you want better results, you must DO better.

        • Gurl, those pain meds ain’t no joke. That was 90% why I wasn’t commenting. By the time I got my shyt typed & ready to publish, either a pop-up or auto-refresh would erase my shyt, and I was already high on meds, my table was acting wonky, and it was just TOO much. I couldn’t let my tablet AND HSK cause me that level of stress while I was recuperating!

          For some reason, I can’t get ad-blocker to work on my tablet at the moment. Even now, I’m on my desktop cuz the pop-ups don’t interfere w/my posts, and I can type my comments on Word & then copy & paste, something else which I can’t do on my tablet. Might be time for a new one.

          • @Ms_Gemini–Your post doesn’t disappear after the auto-refreshes–Just scroll to the bottom of the page and look in the ‘Reply’ box for your post if you weren’t replying to anyone, and if you were, click the ‘Reply’ button of that post.

    • oh, oh! Time for a sacrifice. ole girl better be easy now.
      Jeezy stomping in the BIG league now!
      Jay dont play when it come to devil worshiping

  1. She is a Mother and he is a Mother. they are the same. The nigga be looking GAY to me with that rag tied about his head like a Superior Sweet Sac of Tupaculous swagger jacking. He made he a fish and he made his son look fishy to.

  2. If you got the means and the money to date white girls why would you want to be seen with a darkie?
    That’s a no brainer.

        • It’s been dug up already. His history IS out there.

          He truly hates BW, but I don’t think he’s gay. I think his hatred stems from his deep deep hatred of his mama. jmo

          I been around nothing but gay men at my job for many years, and I KNOW from the way they speak about women how they swing. Tommy just doesn’t have that vibe. It’s the WAY he talks about p*ssy, boobs and ass that comes off as genuine. He likes females, just not Black ones. Who cares? Ain’t like we WANT his ass.

      • If you are referencing the same Tommy I’m thinking about, then that nigga is so ugly he looks like he has Downs Syndrome. I mean no offense to anyone here who suffers from the disorder or has a family member who does.

        • Unfortunately for Tommy, he is blessed/cursed with the Asiatic eyes(I mean, that IS where the awful old school term “Mongoloid” came from)and in some sense he does look a little Downish.

          By the way, I think Asians are usually beautiful, so I’m not throwing shade at them. Sometimes the Asiatic eyes work with our ethnicity**

          ** Tyson Beckford

          • LOL@Ya’ll clowning dude. He talks WAY too much shit about how others look, then either acts shocked or gets mad when someone talks about him, to not get the same treatment

            • Raheim I’m gonna tell you something which could get a sista killed. I do not find Tommy physically unattractive. I just don’t. So sue me y’all.

              I wish he would temper his anger towards BW by about 80%, but he makes some valid points about many things which matter to us. He is NOT such an Uncle Tom and coon as some folks say. He detests the white
              man even more than he detests the Black woman. It is a strange hybrid philosophy he has concocted in which he has determined that the white woman is a completely different animal from her male counterpart. He can be very very hard to take, but he can also be very very funny.

              I take him in extremely small doses.

          • I agree, Christa. I don’t care for his braggadocious & shit-starting ways (He calls them ‘social experiments,’ but c’mon) and insecurity-ridden hypocrisy (See my last comment–It would take someone like him who used to be fat to relentlessly clown fat people, for example), but he does have Hoodrat black women (And ‘snake-in-the-grass’/underhanded white women) down to a science, namely his excellent points about weaves (And, by extension [No pun intended lol], blacks making every other race but themselves richer). I do give him points for calling himself out for ‘not being shit,’ though.

            The bigger problem with his existence isn’t even him–It’s the CRAZY-ASS stories he reports on. To say it’s becoming more difficult by the day to stand up for my people when they’re doing the stupid and/or downright deplorable shit that’s depicted in the videos he reports on is the understatement of the year. That being said, I too take him in extremely small doses.


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