Who Is Sandra Rose?



Who is Sandra Rose? I don’t know…but some of you do so I made some phone calls…

I was informed that Sandra currently has beef with Necole Bitchie… Personally I don’t care for either one of them. They both have something that I’m after… . In other words they’re my targets and they both need to get the fuck out of my way. I’ll say this much: if I had a choice between Necole and Sandra Rose I would choose Necole Bitchie…know why? Necole is much more softer on the eyes than Sandra Rose mane…

Sandra is the reason why men like myself wear sunglasses at night… Guess what this raisin face uses her notoriety for? She insults the President and the First Lady all the time on her blog site!

Does Sandra Rose work for Fox News? She does advertise for the police department on her website…

Sandra writes daily attacks on Barack Obama like she works for Rush Limbaugh! Doesn’t she? Obviously this bullshit blogger cannot be trusted! It’s also kinda weird when a black lesbian is a Republican…isn’t it?

I still can’t figure out why Sandra Rose continues to call my President Barack Obama a liar? Why also does Sandra diss Michele Obama? I must say Sandy, you do look a lot like a relative of Flava Flav… are you?

Back to the subject matter at hand, Sandy you must be patient with the President; he’s a good man… You’ll notice he’s a much better President for the world than John McCain and Barack Obama does care about the environment so that’s good for all living beings on the earth: mammals, reptiles, and amphibians like you Sandy…

-Guru Jacky

P.S. Here’s a link to an article she wrote titled “Michelle Obama Packs on The Pounds” – what a stupid bitch! With our country and the global economy in the dire position it’s in; all she can think to write about is the First Lady’s weight?

Maybe I was right before about her and Fox News, they both seem to have the same amount of substance in their reporting!


  1. This lady disagreed with President Obama when he said "From those according to their abilities, to those according to their needs"

    Can you believe it?

  2. You're right on the money Jacky! I suspect a lot of so called Black gossip blogs are not BLACK. Certain people with agendas to plant poisonous seeds in the black community.

  3. Black Americans are neither stupid, nor robots

    Why cant we criticize the President when it applies?

    Maybe President Obama works for and takes orders from white people just like most of us do.

    Most of his decisions probably aren't even his, but some wealthy white racists who own the store.