Who’s Yaris Sanchez?


Who is Yaris Sanchez
HSK Exclusive – Yaris Sanchez is a 20 year old video model/stripper with a 8 year old child — and guess what? Someone spilled the tea on Yaris Sanchez.

Here’s what an insider told me about Yaris:

“Yaris Sanchez and Cyn Santana were both fighting on Fabolous “Lights Out” video set. Can you believe that them hoes were fighting over Fabolous? Yaris is a hot mess. French Montana knows Yaris from her strip club days that’s why she’s in his new video “Shot Caller”.

Yaris is a bad mother she left her child with her parents so she can play house with Joe Budden and that lesbian chic Duncan. Joe Budden dumped her for Venessa Veasley but a couple a weeks ago Yaris was seen with Joe, in Miami and Puerto Rico.

Her breast were leaking because she went to the Dominican Republic to get cheap plastic surgery. Yaris lost 7 pounds because her breast implants were making her sick so she took them out.”

Here’s a list of rappers that Yaris Sanchez slept with for popularity:

1. Fabolous

2. Sean Kingston

3. Lloyd Banks

4. Joe Budden

5. Bobby V.

Did the plastic surgeons in the Dominican Republic give Yaris Sanchez a horrible butt augmentation too? That’s what another video vixen was caught saying. Don’t believe me? Ask Dollicia Bryan.


  1. Yaris Sanchez is now 22 with a 7yr old child (meaning she was pregnant at 14 and had a baby at 15). She was a stripper a LONG LONG time ago. Y’all never know maybe her financial situation was f*cked up and she needed instant money. Cuz have you ever seen her post pictures with her baby daddy at all, even with lovey dovey shit? (I know him by the way) NO you haven’t. You can assume they weren’t together so she was a single parent living with her mom. She was young, young people make mistakes. At least she takes care of her child like a REAL mom. And I’m also pretty sure she did not sleep with all those people. There’ are pictures and tweets and IG photos of her and her former boyfriends (Lloyd Banks, joe Budden, and possibly AB-Soul, it isn’t confirmed). But with lloyd she was already fake way known and people didn’t refer to her as “Lloyd Banks’s ex” only you stupid ass blog sites do . Same with Joey, she was already madddd known and didn’t need Joe’s help. All that sean Kingston shit is false . just because you see them snapping a photo doesnt mean they f*ckin. And Fab and Bobby V… Those were video shoots! She was getting some income for her DAUGHTER! she has money coming in unlike this fake ass blog site! Yaris Takes pics with dudes at the club and her baby daddy’s brother , does that mean they f*ckin? LOL NO. Get a f*ckin life. Yaris is Human. I know all this shit because I went to HS with her. I was very close to her until i moved to MIA. On behalf of Yaris, I’m saying what’s real. Something I forgot : Yes, her body is fake. She has a fake ass and her boobs used to be fake, but she got her implants removed. She also got lipo on her tummy.

  2. I like this shit man, all of your Yaris comments are funny and interesting. Keep it up so I can come back.

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  4. Yallll comments so damn hilarious . 3 kids? really if you look at her pictures she only have one child which is prolly like 5 or 6 . Yall making up some crazy ass theories . Smh. Her body is flawless as well even if is fake . SO WHAT? and yall people just hating cause she doing her , getting her money . Some people just need to stfu and stop judging people by their past .


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