Who’s Jacky About? – July 15, 2014



With a newly released single under his belt, this mystery music man seems to be reliving his 90s heyday. Just ask Ginuwine. But it wasn’t that long ago when sources say our blind item was far from being seen as a star in Jamie Foxx’s eyes! Know why? According to our insider… “he brought an underage girl to Jamie’s house.” That’s where our blind item is said to have smashed the girl… reportedly leading Jamie Foxx to ban him from his home.

Dig the Drop:

“When Jamie found out what he did with the girl in his home, he went berserk and threw him out. He told him, ‘don’t come back’.

Our tipster tells us… Jamie later mended his relationship with our mystery man, back when Jamie launched his previous music project. Know why? Jamie was supposedly counting on our blind item for musical production.

Now… Can you guess who I’m talking about?


      • No I believe it. When I was in high school back in 2001 he was messing with a girl I knew. She was 15 at the time. She had pics of them together on her blackplanet page. Hotel room pics at different times. She was fine but young as hell. Wonder if she lied her age but any mature man can catch that lie.

  1. thought hollywood was about talent…..now is all about the sex game if you can sex like a robot than you will get more movies roles
    more fame and money geez

    jamie foxx is a (white man’s clown)

  2. Steebie j… I’m joking but I hope it’s not tank please I like his music. I don’t think he’s that dumb to have an underage kid he sexes

  3. Jamie is no fool if this is true. He won’t ruin his Academy award winning career over this clown who was too cheap to take the girl somewhere or even to his own place

    • Best move Jamie has made in a long. He’s a pervert and a freak, but at least he draws the line at children. Besides, he has daughters of his own and there is no way he can co-sign some shit like that.

  4. definitely tank. his ex girlfriend was kristina stephens who sang on the TI song. when tank first going with her she was 17. this is a fact

  5. Tank… wow that’s bold taking an under-aged minor to someones house and sleeping with her. As a matter of fact what the hello was he doing with a minor anyway?Some of these industry dudes are so stupid. They can have just about any woman of age that they want and would rather play with forbidden fruit and jail bait.

  6. Glad Jamie didnt look the other way, and tossed TANKS pedophile ass out the door.

    YEAH ladies he IS a PEDOPHILE and a CHILD MOLESTER if this is indeed him.

    FRICKIN CHILD MOLESTER… no matter what the girl did.. HE IS a GROWN MAN.

    Sad, Jamie mended the fence for some studio production time… HELL HE NEEDS TO HIDE his daughter when Tank rolls through.

    CHILD MOLESTER..bet yall still buy his albums

    • “CHILD MOLESTER..bet yall still buy his albums”

      o__O What albums?!!!! *lol* Tank haven’t had a hit since “Maybe I Deserve” ain’t nobody checking for Tank.

      • Technically, he’s only a pedophile if the girl was 12 and under. 17, while illegal, is nothing to get worked up about but I understand why Jamie kicked him out if this is true.

  7. Please say it ain’t Tank. I always thought he was the classiest of the TGT crew. Tyrese is a punk and Ginuwine has “issues”. By the way… Still love the Ty is a punk video. LOL

  8. Tracie404 I agree 100%….Tank is a grown man there is no excuse she was a minor and he’s a grown me. Smh

  9. Gotta be Tank pitbull looking ass I always wondered why he wasn’t on Jamie’s follow up to Unpredictable – they made good music together that album is a classic.

    • Lol @ “pitbull looking ass.” Now Zena Foster is pregnant with her second child with him and his fourth or fifth child. Yuck.

  10. Jackie have y’all half a lip and a head outline n we still clocked it, imagine if he woulda have them squinty rat eyes to the pic LMSOOO

  11. 17 is considered legal in some states.

    prince was dating mayte at 17 her younger than that and nobody talks about that or how mayte was dancing with women grinding on stage wearing a veil.

    wonder is prince still dating misty Copeland she was young when they dated as well.

    misty met prince when she was a kid and prince took interest sounds fishy.

    well better than whiteboys ain’t it.

    • Chris, No Misty and Prince are not dating. But Prince asked permission to talk to Mayté. That’s why Prince started dating Mayté. He asked her parents. And of coarse they gave him the green light.

  12. That typo should be a major clue to us all that Jacky Jasper doesn’t run this blog site anymore! It’s sold to the “Industry.” Why? Because this site used to feature the real breaking stories, that themmajority of the public didn’t know. Only a selective few that experienced encounters with some of these celebs he talked about gave in depth detail & specific knowledge of what they knew for real. Which couldn’t have been made up. But anyways, if any ofyou check out old posts, you will see that 90% if not ALL the comments have been erased!


  13. MAAAN, I HAD HOPED that (this) WAS (NOT) TRUE!! *whispering* It (PROBably IS), GIVEN celebrity “FREAKS” FETISHES!! … Smh! DAAANG, MAAAN!! … I’m (VERY) “DISapPOINted!!” 🙁

  14. Sex,Sex With Grated Cheese On Top….Tank Has Been A Naughty Boy!!!

    Jamie Needs To Ice His Butt Because Is Sore!! All Them Movie Roles Are Making His Butt Hurt!!!

  15. Im from the DC area where Tank is from and back in high school (2001)it was a fine ass girl around my way with pics of her and Tank in hotel rooms at different times. She was in 10th grade!!! Story is true