Who’s Jacky Talking About? – May 17, 2013


Presidential Blind Item

Move over Monica Lewinsky…

The woman dubbed ‘The World’s Smartest Escort’ could be getting ready to publish what some say is the ultimate book of Johns. That’s because we’re getting word Cristina Warthen’s soon-to-be released tell-all is set to expose the likes of leading Hollywood directors; a group of the NBA’s top players; and today’s blind item.

He’s a top political figure notoriously known for once telling the media “I never had sexual relations with that woman.”

Now, as sources reveal because this exposed cheater — who once received “a presidential” at his then-headquarters — could be listed in Warthen’s Black Book, our mystery man’s wife may soon be forced out the closet.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

Bill Clinton Mistress Cristina Warthen


  1. Not William Jefferson Clinton the first Black President who played the sax on Arsenio Hall back in the day?

      • It’s true! Clinton is way blacker than Obama. Clinton is actually friends with black people he doesn’t use politically.

        • He probably has a touch of tar in him as they say in the ole south. His daughter had the kinkiest hair and ethnic face with pale skin and is always in Haiti or Africa. Not to mention his drug dealing hood as hell brother. He had the worst foreign policy in the world which will explain our current state of terror alerts and attacks but Man was he smooth and could lie without blinking or turning red in the face, like a ninja 🙂

          • Rumor has it Chelsea isn’t his kid. Hillary had an affair with some guy (can’t remember his name) and got pregnant. Someone showed me the guy’s picture, and he does look like Chelsea with that kinky red hair.

  2. Bill’s got some heavy hitters, if this book sees the light of day, then it’s a miracle or a lie.

    Powerful players like Clinton have strong allies who watch his back on the truth, remember Vince Foster? Not to mention White Water?

    Real dirt gets swept under the rug with these people.
    Just don’t cross them.

    • Apparently they weren’t good enough to kill Lewinsky, Kenneth Star, Lisa Trip, Jennifer Flowers and Paula Jones

      • The Clintons don’t kill for small shit like that: they kill for money, power, & respect. And what ever you do, don’t ever get in trouble and tell Bill that “if I go down, you’re going down with me!” Don’t believe me….Ask Ron Brown!

          • Ain’t nothing mysterious about a plane being programmed to fly into the mountains! Then the mechanic who “accidentally” programmed the plane to fly into the mountain commits “suicide”. Them Clinton’s don’t play. Allegedly, there was a survivor with surprisingly very little injuries, a military officer. The Military took her from the rescue team to “treat” her at their facility but she “died” during the flight of a broken neck. Them Clintons don’t play!

            • and the top of his head (Ron Brown’s) was blown off by a gun?

              In a “plane crash”???

              The Clintons killed so many people in AK, there is a reason he is called the head of the “Bubba Mafia”

            • If the B-737 was “programmed” to fly into the mountain, then why bother to blow his head off first. He had no chance of survival, and I don’t believe that anyone survived that controlled flight into terrain.

  3. Bill Clinton. She better be careful, people with stories to tell tend to disappear and end up in coffins.

  4. bill’s in bad health these days he’s about to check out anyway don’t know why hilary wants to still run for office when she has health problems herself.

    she’s finally coming outy like we did’nt know hill likes girls.

  5. yeah look at walter hampton. they knocked him so silly he is trying to convince us a door fell n his head

  6. Been hearing those rumors about Hilary for quite some time. Politics is a dirty, dirty and dangerous business. That hoe had better tread lightly. For Real!! LOL

  7. Everybody needs to remember that Bill Clinton beat the rap for being involved in the Iran/Contra-CIA/Crack-BCCI-October Surpise-INSLAW scandal.

    Long-story-short: the Contras were selling cocaine in the U.S. with the CIA acting as guardian angel in order to raise money for their (really the CIA’s) war against the Sandinistas. The blow would be flown from Honduras and Nicaragua to a CIA airbase in Mena, Arkansas. From there it was flown to LA (Freeway Ricky Ross), Houston (J Prince), Queens (Supreme McGriff), and other cities. Street-level management was conducted by La Cosa Nostra and gang kingpins like Michael Harris. Corporate-level management was conducted by the White House. Don’t believe me? Ask Barry Seal. Oh, you can’t; he’s dead. Better try Oliver North.

    …or read it for yourself:

    What does this have to do with Clinton? During the 1980s while he was governor of Arkansas, Clinton kept the heat off of what was really going on at the base in Mena. He also compiled evidence of what Reagan’s CIA was really up to. This is how he’s kept the Bush family off his ass for decades. He could send them all to prison; or he could blackmail them and ascend to power. Guess what he did.

    My point is that Bill Clinton is adept at dodging real bullets from real scandals. He’s not worried about this broad. Sure, she could end up “Arkanscided” but, more than likely, she’ll get arrested on some phantom drug charge. Don’t believe me? Ask Buddy Young.

    • Everyone already knows Bill Clinton is a cheater, so none of this is news. As for Hillary, she still can’t explain Benghazi. Being outed as a lesbian would probably help her.

      What shocks me is Obama’s problems with the IRS, since Bill Clinton used the IRS for his dirty work for years.

  8. They don’t call him “Slick willy” for nothing. This will slide off just like everything else. There is a YT documentary on Bill that gives the real goods. According to that flick dude was selling drugs while he was the gov of Arkansas, raping women, and having people bumped off.

  9. This is why I love this site. My fellow posters are so very knowledgeable. Thanks for reminding me of things and informing me of others. Shonda Rhimes will have material from many seasons of “Scandal” if she is a HSK follower.

  10. When it comes to women falling out of the trailer parks they use the NUTS and SLUTS method. They discredit the females so badly, that even if theyre telling the truth, they end up looking bad. If it hadn’t been for that DNA on Lewinsky’s dress she was being set up to look like a deranged bunny boiler.
    And the Mena Arkansas business was common knowledge as well as the fact that at one time WJC was a prolific cocaine user. Maybe that has something to do with his heart problems now. He sure does look bad.

  11. But Sickof– What about Gennifer Flowers? She wasn’t discredited as a nut. She wasn’t perceived as any more of a slut than any other chick who smashes married men. And she had tapes of her conversations w/Clinton. (Remember, she’d been fucking him of & on for 12 yrs.) But she wasn’t whacked & he still got elected. If memory serves, someone coined the phrase “bimbo eruption” after Flowers surfaced.

    Kathleen Willey wasn’t labeled a nut or a slut. Clint denied screwing her, but she wasn’t whacked. Her then husband committed suicide rght after her story came out & she later claimed it was a hit. But why didn’t he Clintons just have her whacked?

    If this hooker Cristina puts out a book claiming Hillary’s gay, she can kiss the oval office goodbye. Ans since it looks like Chelsea’s never gonna give her any grandkids to play with, methinks she realllly wants to be president in her own right. IMO, Bill likes women too much to whack some pussy he had & liked. But I wdn’t put anything past Hillary.

    • Your facts are pretty much exactly as I remember the incidents. We just interpreted them somewhat differently. I thought the Clinton friendly press made Flowers out to be a slutty bimbo, which she was, and if I remember correctly, they painted Willey as a bit off balance, not straight up crazy, just depressive and “emotional”. Hence, nuts and sluts, which was a term that the woman(played by Kathy Bates in Primary Colors) they hired to get a step ahead of the bimbo eruptions coined.
      As far as Hillary’s rep and elective viability goes, are there really any voters with IQs over 80 who don’t have their strong suspicions about her already? Just like they do about Condi Rice? I don’t think that the public views a celibate lesbian the same way they do an actively gay man. Hillary would be close to 70 by the time she takes office, were she elected, and even hard core carpet munchers are pretty much done by that age. Plus there is proof that women, the largest block of voters accept lesbians IF they like them. See Ellen, Rosie back when she was nice, Robin Roberts, Rachel Maddow etc. Then add on top of it that it would all be the word of a whore judging a woman who has come to be liked even by Republicans. I say if she is healthy enough, this won’t mortally wound her politically. And at this point, what can anyone say that will shock us about Bill?

  12. I agree w/you to a point, Sick, abt the L Factor in terms of media/Hollywood figures. Straight females are cool w/chicks like Rachel & Ellen & Rosie becuz they’re openly lesbian, but we can still relate to them as women. But most straight women wd be VERY put off by a closeted lesbo w/a beard husband running the country. I personally am sick to death of all this DL shit, whether the perpetrators are gay men or lesbians. And I think a lot of honies share my opinion.

    Face it, Hillary’s no Arianna Huffington. Some White women can side with a foreigner from a good family but w/no $$ to speak who gets a degree from Cambridge, crosses the pond & marries a closeted gay Congressman for his $$ & the chance to become a Washington insider. Which she did. Rolled the dice & won big-time, which lots of women admire her for. But she’s not running for office.

    And remember that Michael Huffington NEVER humiliated her. If he had some side-dick going on, he kept it totally quiet (as did she). Arianna kept his secret til after they’d divorced & she’d gotten 2 kids & the Huffington Post for her troubles.

    Hillary, by contrast, started life on 2nd base. Not private-schools-posh but she was solidly middle-class, smart, ambitious. Went & got her ivy league sheepskins. She cd’ve achieved whatever she wanted from life w/out a husband if she is, in fact, a lesbo. (Altho’ I think that reaching the oval office still requires the semblance of a happy hetero family.)

    And I know those 2 are megalomaniacs who decided long ago that they were gonna run the world. First Bill wd be prez, then Hillary gets her turn. But anyone w/such grandiose dreams shd’ve picked a husband who knew how to fuck around discreetly, not one who wd humiliate her as publicly & often as Bill did!

    Being disrespected by yr husband is one thing when you’re the First Lady. Even Jackie Kennedy found small ways to get her licks in when JFK was cheating on her, becuz the knowledge of his dirt stayed within the WH clique. But if Hillary is Prez & he’s First Husband (which will give a whole lotta Whitefolks a brain bleed!), any strange Bill gets that gets leaked to the press wd TOTALLY undermine her credibility as Comander In Chief. Despite her time as Secy. of State, no foreign leader wd be able to take Hillary seriously as prez once they KNEW Bill had a side piece.

    And the same wd be true if she got outed as a lesbian. If this ex-hooker Cristina (w/a Stanford JD no less — how’d THAT happen?) was fucking Bill & he told her Hillary’s gay & she puts that in he book, the whole world knows the Clinton’s marriage Htheir marriage is a sham. No more suspicions, We’d Know. Which wd mean she had lied about her sexuality for decades, just to chase & maintain political power & the wealth that power bought them. Which wd mean the people can’t trust or believe in Hillary on the most fundamental level. It wd also make Bill look like half a man for marrying a lesbo while validating his whoring at the same time.

    And you know how uncomfortable White men are w/lesbians that don’t look like Maxim covergirls.

    If Hillary really is gay (& I’m not sure I buy it, she seems asexual IMO) & this hooker really has the dirt on her, they’re gonna have to whack that bitch if she really has a book deal. Even if the only tea she spills is that Clinton was her trick while Hillary was Secy.of State, that represents a huge security breach becuz Bill cd’ve been telling tales out of school.

    A woman who can’t keep her dog leashed certainly can’t run the country.

    • RC you really gave me a head full of facts and thoughts to ruminate over. I’m especially on your side re: if he were to be First Man, there could be no extracurricular activities period. Part of this lifelong pact they’ve made must include castration if she ever reaches the Oval Office. I don’t think there is any other way to corral Bill.

      • Shaken & served in a well-chilled glass, thanks

        Really, all of it makes me no nevermind becuz I’m done voting in presidential elections. I got to see Mandela released from prison & elected president, which was monumental. But even he wasn’t able to create real, meaningful change in So. Africa. Didn’t think I’d live to see a Black man in the White house (thought they’d give it to a Becky first). His 1st win was amazing. But Obama 2.0 has shown me that the game really is rigged. No matter who gets elected, the powers-that-be will make sure it’s not someone who’s committed to looking out for the regular Janes & Joes, much less helping the poor. (Obama never even *talks* abt the poor in his speeches.) My new motto is “All politics is local.”

        But if Hillary runs in 2016, I’d love to see *that* circus come to town! She’d have to be vetted all over again & I guar-an-tee you by now, Bill has a Black baby somewhere in Africa or Haiti or wherever thay nobody knows abt. Not even Hillary. Think abt it — His Clinton Global Initiative gives him access to pussy on every continent becuz he all the time! He cd pull off having a kid on the other side of the planet w/out telling Hillary. (Jesse Jackson’s love child was 2 yrs. old before that story broke.) if she really is a lesbo, she doesn’t care where his dick ends up. And he loves childern. Despite being slut he always seemed to be a very good daddy to Chelsea during the WH years.

        I keep seeing these early-polling stories that say Hillary is the most-favored candidate for the Dems. If she’s really power-hungry enuf to run again in 2016, the Republicans will happily spend every dime they have to spill ALL her tea, old & new. It’ll be better than the next season of SCANDAL!

          • Chad: Presidents give speeches to inform the public, not to entertain us. It’s not aboout ‘appealling to everyone’.

            A president’s speeches are supposed to Address The Nation’s Problems & How He Plans To Deal With Them. All presidents play to the middle class becuz they’re the largest group in terms of sheer numbers. But plenty of formerly middle-class folks have lost their jobs & slipped into poverty on Obama’s watch. He needs to address how he plans to Help The Poor, rather than acting like they don’t exist.

        • Clinton maybe more charismatic than Hillary, but Hillary is actually the smarter one. I wouldn’t totally rule her out for 2016. She was really close in 2008. McCain was just an afterthought.

        • Bill does have a bi-racial (Black and White) child who ought to be in law school right about now. He is a tanned spitting image of his father. His mother was an old-school intern on the hill, I believe she is from either AR or FL. My godmother owns a newspaper and helped put a lot of these people in office, and knew this lady personally from her days as a lobbyist. She said Bill could not resist a Black woman and literally would start almost slobbering in the presence of one. She speculates that he has other children out there too.

          • My goodness!These young Bill JR’s are popping
            out of the closet right now! And 100% BiRacial too. Bill enjoys the brown sugar and chocolate
            more than I knew! Has the man ever heard of a condom?

  13. bill’s in bad health he better enjoy all the sex he can get his time’s almost up.

    same for nancy reagen and george bush senior they’re not looking quite healthy these days.

    so what if some woman admit she had bill big deal everybody knbew bill is an old infidel, and cocaine addict anyway from his days in arkaNSAS YES SHE WANTS TO BE CALLED A HOMEWRECKER OR A SLUT MORE POWER TO HER.




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  15. I love after Clinton did all his dirt and exited the white house, he moved his office in the midst of black people, in the heart of harlem, ol 125th street. Lol
    But ol Willie is definately gangsta.
    I remember when he silently without much attention, settled with only 700 million dollars the era of drug rule by the dominicans in nyc
    All without a war.
    All without an unrest
    Nice and smooth

    Yeah, slick Willy is whatcha call im

    • Remember Clinton comes from a really poor white trash background. Obama is from the solid middle class.

      I’m sorry, but Clinton is cool.

  16. This chick better watch her back. There were a lot of other people making allegations about Clinton, including one chick claiming he outright raped her, but when muh’fuggas started appearing on milk cartons the accusations quietly went away.

    There’s big people backing this filth, they want Hillary “Benghazigate” Clinton to be the next prez so bad they can taste it. And they’re not gonna let some chick with a book deal stand in the way of that.

  17. they are preparing you for all gay everything. that’s why they using sports to make you comfortable first. so when the real switch hittets come out it won’t be as shocking. the question is do you want f@$ in your white house. more than likely you do cause most of you f@$$ and dik## too.