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Blind Item June 28, 2013

Like Will, He Does “What Thou Wilt”…

This music mogul is said to be distancing himself from Yeezus to keep clear of sharing any bisexuality allegations, but he’s got no problem with people knowing he lives by Aleister Crowley’s teachings — “Do what thou wilt.”

It seems the only people he does allow into his secret debauchery-filled lifestyle are the numerous rappers and athletes he’s reportedly turned out. Don’t believe me.. Ask Victor Cruz. Those are the men revealed to have fallen under our mystery man’s spell. Though they may have gifts — like a diamond skull face watch — to remember our blind item by, they receive a cold shoulder from him once he’s done with them. Just ask Larry Johnson.

Our blind item and his wife are really no different than The Smith’s. Now, can you guess which Jigga I’m talking about?


    • If I was him I wld stay away fro Yeesus Kanye crazy as fuck trying to s records by screaming abt racism what racism did he experience when he was bought up by a very professional lady his mom he was trying to sell a million he showed his bitterness by dissing suit and tie. In regards to the Carters it looks like black bloggers cant skip a day without blogging negative things about them who cares about their sexuality as consumers we are only here for their music who are we to judge no one is perfect after all everyone ave got their own life to live if they chose to live like that its their life. Whatever bloggers are gonna write it doesnt affect them its only making people interested in their life especially te Carters as they live a private life everyone is eager to know what they do. I love yo blog but this aint news Jacky

      • When it comes to Kanye, we have to recall Kanye suffered a severe head trauma.
        These ball players who are offing themselves had behavioral probs because of head injuries.
        Years ago my mom taught school and she could call out a poor little kid that suffered a head Injury by how they behaved. Kanye is no diff.
        I’ll bet Chris brown busted his head too. And Rihanna’s big SWOLE head had to have bounced off of something hard.
        You are correct. Kanye’s mother was a professional and for him to spout this BS is nonsense.

        • Interesting. I always look at a person’s ears for mental problems. I once read that deformed or oddly shaped ears are a sign that a person could have behavioral issues. Especially if they are two different ears.

            • Well…the reading was from a face-reading expert so I looked at the reading as more of a fun read than fact. I personally don’t believe its true for every person because I haven’t met enough people with deformed ears to draw that conclusion. BUT I will say that the 2 people that I know/met that were real hard-headed had strange ears. And the one (of the 2) with the deformed ears stalked me without even knowing me and then wound up in prison. But I’ve met people with typical ears that were crazy as hell too. Lol. So I wouldn’t stereotype anyone, but I just pay attention. That’s all.

      • Matther, are you high? Seriously??

        Donda West was an English professor, first at Clark Atlanta Univ., then at Chicago State univ. where she became dept. chair — which is no small feat. If you don’t know abt how racism works in academia, then go sit down & let somebody school you!

        Kanye’s life didn’t begin with “College Dropout”. He has always been a Black man, dealing w/driving while Black, store dicks following him in Marshall Fields, all the shit & string beans regular Blackfolks go thru ’til they get famous. So why wd you fix yr face to say “What racism did he experience when he was bought up by a very professional lady”? Where do YOU live, in Cosbyland?

        Kanye’s father was a Black Panther who later became a photojournalist back when there were only a handful of Blacks in that profession. Yeezy’s folks divorced when he was quite young, but he stayed in touch w/his dad. So why do you think his parents didn’t teach him abt racism & how the system works, from diaper days?

        Kayne wasn’t frontin’ to sell records on his first 3 albums. His anti-establishment rage is VERY real becuz he fell for the Devil’s deceptions & now regrets it. He will always struggle w/rejecting his beloved mother’s legacy — education — becuz he wanted to chase a different dream. And it paid off, but at what cost?

        Now, dude is up on stage in skirts. Now, his videos are riddled w/images of death & decadence, women hanging by their necks, every occult symbol you can think of! All becuz Kanye produced “The BluePrint” for Jay-Z & when that album blew up, he had to make The Choice. He’d been seduced by Jigga’s flash & front, as most folks wd be. He wanted the life Jay had but didn’t know at the time what that life wd cost him.

        Don’t forget that Kanye was dating a Sister named Brooke Crittendon from 2004-06 — they met when he was Usher’s opening act. So she was down w/him before he blew up. She said in an interview earlier this year that even while they were together, Kanye had seen Kim’s sextape & was fascinated w/her, that she knew he wanted Kim. “For Kanye, what other person besides Kim Kardashian is there? She fits into his brand. Part of being untouchable is having what other people want. It’s about saying ‘Everybody wants her and she wants me.’ That makes sense in Kanye’s world.”

        Kanye made beats for Rockafella, prolly sucked Camel’s dick too, in order to get put on w/his own rap album. When “College Dropout” was a hit, then he wanted to have the hottest White hoe on the planet, someone so thirsty she fucked any rich, hi-profile Brother she cd get, even released her own porn tape, just to get put on. But he loves porn, so to Kanye, that only made Kim hotter. He cld her “the perfet bitch” on a record. Any self-respecting woman wd have sued him for that shit! But Kim is a slag w/no self-respect. And Kanye no longer had a mother around to remind him what a good woman is.

        Kanye let Satanic forces suck him in becuz he wanted to be like Jigga, to have fame money & the baddest bitch around. Next thing he knew, he had knocked up the most famous slut on the planet WHILE SHE WAS STILL MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE. But w/out his mother around to point him back to God, Yeezy fell into Kris Kardashian’s “if-the-price-is-right-do-it” lifestyle. Which I think he hates.

        But now he’s a daddy, so he’s stuck w/Kim, which means he’s stuck w/Kris. As rich as both off them are, they cdn’t manage to have a proper house to live in by the time their child was born? (You do understand that THAT kind of confusion is totally demonic, designed to keep them up under the Kris’ influence so she can pressure Kanye into letting her debut the baby on her show, right?) Kanye wants none of that mess!

        But Yeezy can’t walk away from the #1 whoe in the #1 stable in the world now. If he does, the public will crucify him for being just another no-account nigger. Esp. when Camel & his hump, his BFFs, are fronting like they’re the perfect celebrity family. Kanye wants to appear to be winning just like those two.

        I can’t stand Kanye, but dude DEFINITELY has more Blackfolks problems than YOU do!

      • Don’t worry Josh, there is no shortage of them in the family tree. May I introduce witness #1, Lil Wayne. When you fix him, take a look see at Metta World Peace.

  1. Nothing new here. The only on that has survived the storm is the basketball player (live in piece) aka “The Spitter”

  2. Gay-z obviously. “Do what ou wilt is a satanic manifesto. And Sean Sell out Carter knows this. So either he is tduly a practitioner of lucerferian ideals or he wants people to think he is. Either way its all the same to me. He repulses me as does his MK Presidential Model Sex Kitten of a wife. Its bad enough that this former drug pusher has reformed his life and earned millions but does very little to remember his roots or give back. He intentionly tries to lead millions astray with his music…just listen to his lyrics…life begins where the chrch ends”…and his little love song to his true boss..”Lucifer…Son of the morning. Some sick sick shit. And ive never heard a single reporter or interviewer call him out to his face about it. I purely cannot stand either of them but Beyondfakey seems basically programmed to be harmless. He on the other hand callinghimself Hova or God is staight up blasphemous.
    Im always suspicious of blacks who incororate a white ideal …every time i see him cheesing along side Warren Buffet or some politician, I just sneer. The fall for this clown will be swift and terrible…i hope

    • cosign @razzbury kuffcake.

      The only thing I would add is: Don’t let that heffa fool you. Beyonder is no innocent and she’s not harmless. How can two walk together lest they be in agreement. She’s into the same shit he is into.

    • @razzbury kuffcake:

      I do not understand why people, do not look at this situation the way they should.
      You can not lead anyone astray with music. Lets be honest here, you have your own will, and if music can lead you astray, when the Anti-Christ gets here, people are in trouble>>>or these people who get lead astray…When Black people got into this buz, they had no idea, they just wanted to do their thang.

      Signing a contract or so called worshiping the devil is done with the heart, it is not done with signing a contract, by the least. There are more things in the world that are far worst then what these ppl are doing bc you have more thangs goin on that is beyond evil that is going on in this world. Yea, some people are influenced easily,but there are a whole lotta other ppl that are not. Besides, what ever they may be doing: like trying to destroy the Black community or God’s children,can not be done. God’s children are protected and when God says that he tricks them in their own craftiness, so meanwhile, when the white man is signing up these so called Black rappers to destroy our community or God’s children, more than likely its the Devil’s children that are receiving this destruction.

      Satan is clever than us,but when you have the protection of GOD, nothing is accomplished. Satan can AND I REPEAT WILL NEVER DEFEAT GOD>>>he is just simply doing his job,to get the people who do not belong to GOD taking ppl who do belong to God because they do belong to em and it was their time to go. Ppl fret over this whole music thing,when there is far more evil thangs goin on in this world,that our minds can’t even phantom because we ourselves are not like that.

      So, really, ppl need to give Jay-z a break. If ppl have witnessed and recorded him having gay sex,then thats when ppl should believe that he has participated into these actions,til then…Jacky Jasper, you should include allegations>>bc you are baring false witness against ppl…bc you have not seen this, you have heard from your source and you should always say allegations bc that is what they are.

      • “You can not lead anyone astray with music”

        Music (like movies) is scientifically proven to be a form of communication that engages both sides of the brain simultaneously. Like a form of hypnotism. TV is the same.

        It can affect a person physically, psychologically and mentally. Fact.

        Jay-Z and others have been shown to engineer sub-conscious messages into their music through backmasking.

        These messages are almost always SATANIC.

        If a song or movie can make you cry against your will, for example, how can you say music can’t lead you toward other things you wouldn’t consciously choose to do? You CAN’T. It’s your SUB conscious. that means BENEATH
        or BELOW your conscious mind.

        The human brain/mind is a mystery as deep as God. These people are messing with it. And in a distinctly evil way. I wonder how you can be so flippant about it or sure that nothing bad comes out of musical drugs like these. Because that’s what these people are pushing. SATANIC MUSICAL DRUGS.

        We’re in the End Times and one thing is for sure, they’re playing the right music for it.

        • And did anyone see the strange, decidedly creepy look in RICK RUBINS eyes when he was discussing Kayneeeeegefeltafishes new album? It was chilling, to say the least.

          • It should be chilling. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rick Rubin was a Warlock, though it’s clear he’s into the occult in some capacity.

        • THANK YOU & BLESS YOU, ILOVEJC! I saw that post last nite & meant to say something, then forgot.

          O SAY IT AINT SO: You know how neuroscientists claim that humans only use appx. 1/10 of our brains? What do you think is going on w/the other nine-tenths?

          I can’t prove it, but I believe the other nine-tenths is where the spirit of God lives & moves within our minds. Or the spirit of Satan, if that’s who controls you.

          The hardest thing to explain to a non-believer is that when you get w/Jesus, HE CHANGES YR MIND — LITERALLY. God changes the way you think, how yr brain works. Which is where the power of discernment comes from. Which is why the carnal mind can’t understand spiritual things. Which is why things you read in the bible make no sense to unbelievers or new Christians, then at some point in the future BANG! You grasp the meaning of that verse, on multiple levels.

          You want to believe that music & images in videos can’t influence yr behavior becuz that’s what Satan wants you to think. The music biz wdn’t be a $40-Billion-dollar industry if it wasn’t able to influence people’s behavior.

  3. Who exactly is Satan anyway? Has anyone ever met this guy?

    Does such a person really exist or have humans created this person in their minds to be able to explain things that cannot be explained logically?

    Is Satan a person, an extraterrestrial, an angel or what?

      • Satan is a dark, magnetic, source of energy invoked by many. The word Satan is used as an idea to describe evil or a demonic enity. Human beings need to words to express or describe various ideas. Society using the idea of evil to create Satan persuades us to believe it’s an actuall being or person.

        • B.A.M. – Read the bible if you want to know abt Satan. He is a created being, just like any other angel. Don’t be deceived — Satan is not some nebulous “dark, magnetic, source of energy”.

          Energy does nit have will, intelligence or intent. Satan has all those things, on a supernatural level. The Devil’s only desire is to try & separate people from God so that he can destroy us.

          Making folks think they are too sophisticated to believe that Satan is a real being is the Devil’s greatest trick.

    • Satan is an energy. You see him everyday. You know, that backstabbing coworker who smiles in your face but malignes your abilities to your boss behind your back. That takes evil energy.

      That friend who can’t stand to see you successful but takes delight in your troubles. Its an evil energy behind that

      People who manipulate for their own gain, the examples are endless. Becareful who you hang with, don’t eat food offered to you by others even if it looks sealed, and commercial.

      Jay looks like he sleeps with men, these rumors have followed him since before he blew up.

      • OOOOOOHHHH like my WACK AZZ co-worker whose mad cuz I won’t lick her big free willy lookin azz, tellin people I’m a MK Ultra sex Kitten cuz I’m wearin a leopard skin head scarf.. BIIITTCCHHH how am I a sex kitten and I only have sex once a year if that for the past 5 years at least.. gooooo suck a dick up tell u hiccup…. she better stop it with her glass house and her husband that like the champagne room!

        • Only the celebrities are programmed not us! So if a celebrity is wearing any leopard print articles of clothing it means they are programmed sex kittens. For example, Beyonce when she was in the hot tub with Blue had on a leopard headwrap to show the elite that she is a sex kitten and willing to do sexual favors for a price.

          Most female celebrities are prostitutes and have sex with elites (princes, politicians, billionaires etc). So it doesn’t mean you’re a sex slave sweetie. You never got electroshocked or been raped repeated, drugged, beaten, etc, to be controlled!

        • Neither E-40 nor Chino have reached that level of (Mainstream) success, and most likely never will–Both seem content not being mainstream artists.

          • Cheif Keef hasn’t either. He should’ve mentioned the white actors people always of these same things.

    • GOD loves music…Satan was constructed of pipes (organ)on the inside, he was the conductor of music, when he realized how he captivated the other angles he became over zealous with power…..yet music has no power over us mere humans

  4. Well Said @Razzbury Kuffcake ! Now that right there is nothing but pure truth !!
    I want no parts of this clown , that many idolize. Shame on the Devil.

  5. Jay-Z has been on this satanic kick for years. These athletes that are now signed to his sports agency are souped by the glitz and glamour of it all. In reality, for the most part, celebrities are really insecure beings. They need the people to love them; their fans are their life source. Fame is worse than crack; people will do anything for it.

  6. I wonder if it’s difficult for him to have his way with them…or if they are so enamored with Jay, that they just let him have all of it. SMH.

  7. Hi hope Gay Z is not doing stuff like letting Victor Cruz or Kevin Durant fuck Beyoncé in their bedroom and then once they get going he pops out of the closet and starts playing with Durants balls.

    • Funny you say that because Jacky did a story about Christian Keys fucking Claudia Jordan along with Sony CEO Doug Morris. I’m not making this up.

      • That’s what Aleister Crowley meant when he said DO WHAT THOU WILT.

        Crowley was a really sick fuck.

        He killed and sacrificed babies, engaged in all types of orgies, ritually killed people who thought they were just at a party, lied, stole etc.

        He really did what he wilt with no limits just as long as he satisfied his lust…Didn’t matter if that lust was for blood, sex, murder, torture, incest, child molestation, etc.

        DO WHAT THOU WILT is not just confined to cool orgies at mansion parties. Its as all encompassing as it suggests with no care for anything or anyones feelings and humanity over what your own ego desires at that moment.


        • And Jimmy Page, guitarist for Led Zeppelin, bought Crowley’s house because he was so into him and his teachings. The wicked don’t see color…they are truly equal opportunity believers.



            • I had forgotten about Robert Plants son dying, and John Bonham as well. I can’t lie, I really dug some of LZ’s ish when I was a rebellious teen. Paige was killer on the guitar. And when he was with Clapton, forget about it.

  8. Motherfucker says he’s god. His wife said bow down bitches you people need to wake the fuck up and stop surporting this kind of garbage. Don’t waste your hard earned dollars on these two tricks. What their money makes them think their god? Selling dope and poping your pussy half naked on stage with a strip pole makes you think you are god? Stop defending their fucked up behavior. Stop licking their padded asses.

    • I’m so glad someone else can say out loud what I’ve been saying for the longest time.


      If other people what to follow that mess let them go right ahead.

      • You are so right. That is why i dont listen to this garbage they call music today. I listen to old school music.

    • I so agree with you “ugh” everyone can’t be gay. I know I was loving Jay-Z and the whole Rock Nation in the 90’s!!! Can I get a…,excuse me miss,a hard knock life,etc. What happened?! He got married, had a daughter, made more $$$. Now he’s gay and worships Satan. Ijs.

  9. For those doubting, just remember that in order for him to get at the status that he’s at now, some “favors” had to be done at some point. There’s always a price for fame.

    • well in jiggas case.

      he snitched on dame causing dame to lose rocafella, and when jigga became president of def jam he somehow took an instant liking to southern rappers and all his fellow rappers from new york jigga phukked them over by holding their records back or not promoting them at all which was why dmx refused to be on def jam when jigga became ceo.

      the east coast rap scene fell off in favor to the south all cept jigga, puffy, and 50 cent who were ceos and could do what they want which was how they prospered.

      plus they saw a gimmick puffy, jigga and 50 wanted souithern rappeers cause thre was money to be made.

      and they were easier to control than the west coast gangster rappers.

      beanie went to prison, memp bleek fell off everybody else on def jam fell off, ja rule and murder inc, ghostface, method man,redman, noreaga, ll cool j, dipset, fabolous, all fell off.

      • They showcased Southern rappers because this is what white folks wanted. Southern Rap is infamous for being socially comatose and backwards (“My White Tee Shirt” , “Laffy Taffy”).

        The perfect music to keep the black children sleep, drunk, promiscuous and stupid.

        • @Anonymous–Speaking of Southern rap, isn’t it interesting how all the intelligent, introspective, and/or ‘conscious’ Southern rappers from the ’80s to the mid ’00s like Outkast, Goodie Mobb (And, by extension, The Dungeon Family), and Scarface aren’t really around anymore, and ‘went away’ right around the same time more ignorant and redundant mainstream Southern Hip-Hip blew up? That can’t be a coincidence–Hell, Andre 3000 would rather work with Ke$ha and Rick Ross than his own groupmate.

      • Bleek was never ‘on’ to ‘fall off–‘ Jay-Z’s original intent for him was to have Bleek be his successor (Check out that ‘Coming Of Age…The Sequel’ track off of Jay’s Vol.2), but after all the bricks Bleek’s thrown up since his debut in the late ’90s, he’s little more than Jay’s primary tax write-off and cheerleader (Jay also claimed in a song that Bleek was in his Will–Take that however you want). Hell, Bleek’s biggest song, ‘Is That Your Chick (Which, as many know, was not only originally Jay’s song, but an infamous diss to both Nas and his babymama Carmen Bryant that helped start Jay and Nas’ beef), wasn’t as successful as it was intended to be, and did next to nothing for Bleek’s career. In any event, dude at least has a couple Gold albums to his credit *shrugs*

        • May I mention that I admire your knowledge of the game, Mr. Raheim… you always got some thing that I haven’t heard before on here

          +1 for sure

            • Well, I can most def feel that I’ve been lurking since the whole JJ disappearance but since his so-called return, I haven’t had the heart to say much on this site…
              I guess too much has been talked about for me not to comment… even if they are just co-signs

      • CRAZYCHRIS — “Jay snitched on Dame”? Over what?

        I thought Jigga, Dame & Biggs were equal partners when they started RockAFella. Then somehow, Jigga sold it to Def Jam/Island & cut Biggs & Dame out of their share? But nobody ever explained HOW Jay pulled that shit off if they all owed the company equally…

        • RC Jigga has the most dangerous set of traits possible: ruthlessness and brains.
          It’s almost cocktail time and I feel an RCC is in my near future!

          • Good, CHRISTA — Have one for me too! S’too damn hot here for a proper cocktail. I’m just sipping a little white wine tonite.

            OY! I forgot 1 last ingredient! You can add a splash of Grand Marnier to the RCC before you pour in the champers. (Just don’t let yr man see it, or he’ll swear it’s a girly drink.) In my crib, GM is like tomato sauce — there’s always a bottle in the kitchen cabinet. I use it in almost all my mixed drinks & desserts. But it’s totally optional for the RCC.

  10. musicians and artists always pledge songs to whatever they worship.

    how many album titles are called evolve. or the evolution of whoever.

    transistion to cult member status.

    what jay z doing that artists before him has’nt done.

    beyonce came from a 4 girl group to a 3 girl girl representing triple goddess beyonce’s role was diana or artemis which is why she’s on top and reps the semiramis or the lilith, gaea, isis, inaana spirit to the fullest there are many names but trhey serve the same purpose and are the same thing just different names as people spread over the world and changed the names of similar gods but keepingf the same symbols just adding new myths and stories.

    as for the bow down song well westside connection said the same thing back in 96 but they’re were talking about rival east coast rappers.

    ain’t the first time beyonce bragged she’s made all those songs diva, ego, up[grade you bragging like she did now.

    • Crazy Chris Since you are the official on site music historian, I have a very sincere question for you: we hear lots about the Camel and his hump concerning occult beliefs, and it seems nearly everyone who has made it huge is deemed to have made a deal with the devil. So I ask you, what about ridiculously successful artists such as The Beatles, Elvis,
      Coldplay(lesser, but still very big sellers), the “hair bands of the 80’s like Poison and Motley Crue, …I’m running out of white groups in my brain, but you get the point. Oh, and what about my perennial favorites from my youth Parliament Funkadelic? PFunk always did some really strange things on stage, but they didn’t seem satanic–just surreal. What say you? Is the devil involved in white superstardom equally?? Or is it just the heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath and AC~DC who seem particularly devilish?

      • I already spoke about the beatles and elvis or evils before and discussed the whole connection about the beatles, stones their alleigance to aleister crowley.

        crowley’s on the sgt. pepper album cover and it was released 20 years after his death in 1967 since crowley died in 1947 which was why the first lyrics in sgt. pepper was it was 20 years ago today plkus john lennon was into backmasking.

        as for p funk yes p funk was seriously into that chit as well and george clinton never hid it and admitted it.

        around the early 70’s funkadelic promoted drug use the free your mind album was recorded in one day asnd george and the crew decided to do the whole recording while tripping on acid.

        george and funkadelic was associated with the process church of the final judgement a set that worshipped god anmd satan they were a bunch of crazy white folks wearing hoods following the group around group members said stranhge things happened.

        tawl ross after mixing lsd with speed he went crazy and had visions of his dead mama and he was sent to the psych ward on the free your mind song you’ll hear tawl ross talk some crazy chit like give me my world or lucifer, loki.
        pedro bell who drew funkadelic album covers was heravily influenced by satanism and admitted it and gave george lots of books on the occult like mumbo jumbo.

        on their toura you would see the pyramid with the eyes on there. george would have fits of madness theres an old performance with george going crazy or getting into his pocessive mind trances from 1969 george had a mohawk at this time with moons and stars shaved in his head portrayinbg a shaman or whatever he was doing.

        he would come out of coffins also another symbol of death.





        • To, crazychris

          WOW! That was an eye opener. Thanks for the knowledge. Keep it coming.

          Now I know why when the Beatles were at the top, selling records like there was no tomorrow, I think it was John Lennon that said the Beatles were bigger than God.







        • That was some really good 411 on PFunk. They were my favorite group to see live in concert back in their heyday. I knew there was a lot of symbolism, but I couldn’t deconstruct all of it. I had no effing idea so many of them died. They’re like the Black Lynyrd Skynyrd: all original members dead but one. Really is a shame they got so caught up in destructive stuff. But then again, they might have not written such mind blowing stuff if they were a bunch of choir boys/girls. I knew George Clinton was basically a zombie now. That really sucks.
          He had a unique life view.
          TY for the answers.

          • The average age of PARLIAMENT-FUNKADELIC is about 74 years old. Just because you have a record deal doesn’t make you an immortal.
            You eventually have to die of something.





            • He may not be an original founding member, but I can tell you Bootsy Collins is holding up real well. He may be in his 60’s but he must just smoke weed and leave the hard stuff alone. No way could he look so good if he were smoking crack and sherm like George Clinton.

            • bootsy on his unsung says he quit doing drugs after a motorcycle accident.

              he’s about the only p funk member who get royalties and does’nt have to tour endlessly like george who had all his publishing rights recently taken back again after he could;nt afford lawyer fees.

              geore ripped off members some died broke while the labels ripped him off and he’s been inndless court battles for the past 10-20 years watch his unsubg also for more details.

              how can you be sampled 1100 times well more than that and not receive a penny.

  11. Rappin is pretty much like playin in the NFL. You got a three to five year window to stack some chips or establish enough relationships or credibility to stick around longer. Most dont realize their time will be that short and get pathetic and desperate at the end

    • Yup yup. That’s why, regardless of what you think of them, LL and Snoop are nearly like Madonna in their ability to stay somewhat relevant and always working.

      Just like Madonna, they ain’t what they used to be, but damn if they don’t keep on ticking!

        • Yeah she suckes since she did Ray of Light. When she stuck to the pop ish in the first 8 years she wasn’t half bad. I don’t own her albums, but she was good to dance to.

  12. If you dislike these people so much and think they are devil worshippers why do you follow their every move? Just turn the channel or don’t support their “art”. It seems that many posters know 10x more about Jay Z than the average person who downloads his music on iTunes.

    Only a fan would actually speculate of spmeone is gay or a wicca. When i see something suspect. I turn the TV/Radio off. Some of you are much bigger fans of Holloywood than anyone else. It’s your worship of these people that keeps them relevant even more than their music/movie sales

    • …In the event that you aren’t a(nother) paid Troll to start shit on here, it would be in your best interest to consider the fact that the blog your snide comment is on was created to show that the Entertainment Industry as a whole is nothing but a sick illusion, especially for black artists. What this means is that NO celebrities are worshiped on here, and NO celebrities are safe from being exposed, talked about, and admonished. That being said, take that ‘Celebrities are GODS that can do no wrong and are better than me for the simple fact that they are celebrities!’ bull.shit to TMZ, Perez Hilton, Bossip, YBF, or some other bullshit blog that worships celebrities and the Industry.

      ‘Amen’ to that.

      • I smell TROLL. Good call Raheim.

        oh and I hope you’ll forgive me, but I have developed an overwhelming propensity to think of “Radio Raheim” whenever I see you on here. 😉

        • @christa–It’s all good–‘Radio Raheim/Raheem (However it’s spelled)’ pretty much comes with the territory lol

          • Leave it to Spike to put his own spin on the spelling! The only Raheem, other than the character in DTRT, I know of is Raheem DeVaughn’
            Everyone else spells it like you.

      • So anyone with a different opinion is paid to express it? HSK is for entertainment just like the other gossip sites.

        Of course the industry is demonic. But you must admit that you seem to knowing more about these people than the average fan. When I see demonic stuff I hit the off button on my TV. Many of you want to analyze it and find out who the artist is sleeping with and how they are raising their kids.

        Just face it you love Hollywood and are attracted to the glamour and glitz.

        • …How about I answer your question with a question–If you or anyone else have such a problem with people replying & conversing on a gossip blog (A gossip blog in which its purpose is to expose the Industry for what it really is–Bullshit/Gilded [I know you’ll need to look that up, so go ahead and do so before continuing]), then why are you here to begin with if you’re: 1) Not interested in the subject matter at all (Which is the basis of your snide, weak-sarcasm-fueled comment), and/or 2) Not being paid by said Industry for contradicting yourself on here? It seems like every week one of you Trolls, paid or not, comes out of the woodwork trying to denigrate people for posting on here, yet you’re doing the exact same thing. Real clever. I hope you go to blogs & sites like TMZ, YBF, Popeater, Bossip, etc. that worship the Industry and post the same ‘Captain Save-An-Industry’ shit.

          And speaking of ‘cleverness,’ for you to state ‘of course the industry is demonic’ tells me that you ‘know more about said industry and ‘these people than the average fan’ as well. In other words, Scrappy, if you didn’t care as much as you say you did, you would’ve went to another website instead of ‘hitting the off button on your T.V.’ Miss me and everyone else with that hypocritical bull.shit, and just worry about whether or not the check(s) clear.

          Now ‘face’ that.

  13. When all said and done, something is seriously wrong with Beyonce and this poor child is born into the middle of it. Jay Z has Marcy love in him – he should send his daughter to his mother.

    • I’ve read some pretty fucked-up things on this, other blogs, and the Internet in general, but making fun of someone’s disability is a new low…Even for the Internet.

        • lol Yeah, but, fake as those asses are, they’re still not a disability.

          Now there’s a sentence I’ll never type again lol

          • Wait until 10 years from now when all that fix a flat and tile grout shifts and settles throughout the body. That stuff must be more dangerous than silicone, and we have seen what happened there. No joke…it may turn out to be a genuine health problem! But I was just joking in my post.

            • LOL Yeah, all these fake asses, especially the ones owned by non-celebs who most likely don’t and won’t have the finances to maintain them, if maintenance is possible (Breast Implant maintenance immediately came to mind lol), are gonna look RIDICULOUS in 10 years time, and then what? All that money, time, and effort just to look like ‘Queen of the Fake Asses’ Nicki Minaj and take & post pics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What a world we live in…smh lol

            • whats also going to be ridiculous is how these ugly tattoos and storyboards are going to look on these 50 year old women and men.

  14. Every time I hear the song “Hollywood” by Beyonce feat. Jay-z and really listen to the lyrics …creepy! It’s almost as if she is a feign. And almost as if she is glorifying why Hollywood is so great. I think its a remake of Madonna’s version of Hollywood…I love Madonna’s version, her version to me actually gives a sarcastic creepy feel of Hollywood. Take a listen!

  15. I knew about Larry Johnson, but Victor Cruz? DAMN! I’m starting to wonder if Jay-Z and Lebron did something? I hope not!

  16. Is it me or does Channing Tatum (HEAD DOWN FOXHOLE UP) look a bit downish around the eyes?

    I think he’s one of dem Louisiana Cajuns so Im sure theres an Uncle Daddy or a Momma sister somewhere in his recent family history down in dem swamps.

    Some of dem Creoles marry up with their cousins too, so they can stay light skindededed.


    • It’s you.

      Tatum doesn’t have Down’s Syndrome. His eyes are a just a bit close together for the size of his huge head.

      And he’s not from Louisiana.

    • Cajuns and Creoles are two completely different groups. Creoles are primarily in the NO area and Cajuns are in SW La around Lafayette. Also, Cajuns are white.

      • That’s why I made it a point to separate the two groups into different paragraphs. I also said Creoles too.

        The Creoles are a fixed mulatto strain while the Cajun are classified and accepted as white by those whom themselves are classified as white.

        An example of a FIXED mulatto strain would be the union of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz where the parents are seeking to keeping their bloodline neutral.

        • I’m not trying to ti for tat with ya, but Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz are both the products of a marriage between a J o o and a Black person.
          Creoles are no more mulatto than any other Black American who knows darn well that there was some massa in the bushes/shack 300 years ago. How many folks living today can say with certainty that there was never a rape in their family tree? If all Black Americans were PURE, we would still look like West Africans, but we don’t.
          Yes, Creoles come from a mixture of B&W which occurred 150-350 years ago. But since the beginning, any Creole worth his/her salt never marries white. Truthfully, they tend to marry each other, and that is what keeps them basically looking the same generation after generation.

          It truly is ignorant and rude to call a human being, much less one of your own, a mulatto.The name is derived from a donkey mated with a horse. Why would any Black person refer to another that way???

          • Da fuck is a joo but a white person who adopted the religion of Judiasm.

            I cant tell the damn difference between a white person who adopted Judiasm and grew a beard, a white person who adopted Judiasm and grew a beard and a white person who is on Swamp People and grew a beard.
            They’re all Caucasians to me. I don’t get involved in their minor tribal conflicts. When it comes to black people, they seem to be able to put their minor differences aside and work together (Berlin Conference 1885)


          • Plus, all black people DID NOT COME HERE FRO WEST AFRICA.

            We were here thousands of years before Columbus…We were here as Yamassee, Seminole, Creek,Pawnee, etc. They all came as a result of the Olmec in Central America who were the first civilization here and we then spread to North and South America.

            Don’t believe the Olmec ruins and statues, ask Hernan Cortez

          • Christa:

            What does a West African look like? Get to that first and then you will find that what you wrote was foolish ignorance. In each country or region, peoples get mixed with invaders so they will look slightly different when compare to others. AA’s look different than Jamaicans, Dominicans or Haitians, but we all came from slave ships. Hell, you can say that AA’s look less black on a whole that those I just mentioned. Dominicans are less black in the mind, while AA’s are more black in the mind, but looking to be less black biologically…

            • Josh I took Black Studies for 3 quarters in college. If you are denying that the majority of captured slaves did not come from West Africa, then you have lost some credibility points with me. I know that the US is full of Somalis, Tanzanians and Ugandan’s now, but those were not the original kidnapped Africans. I understand that due to colonization there were mixtures within Africa at the time, but you cannot tell me there were a bunch of Masai or Kenyans on the ships.
              I can tell the difference between some from the Ivory Coast and Mali with no problem.

              And while we’re on the subject, calling me ignorant and foolish you merely shut off a dialogue with someone who is informed. Just because we differ on some points doesn’t make one of us foolish. Where are you manners man?

              Do you truly think I don’t understand why Haitians look different from Dominicans? Or why A/A’s look different from Black Cubans??
              Gimme a break.

            • thanks for that, people are so ignorant they forget or like to deny that all Africans and even west Africans look different from tribe to tribe country to country and so fort..the reason some Jamaicans look different from African americans is not mainly from mixing but because a particular look of an ancestor has dominated the rest.. but trust black people to not know that lol fucking dumbassess like to think they mixed with whites when they are not!

  17. I apologize, there was a problem every time I tried to submit my response from my phone, so I am using my laptop instead. I wanted to say when I was in college about seven years back, I interned for two major cable stations that are very popular to watch for especially the urban community and a very established record label. Everywhere I interned, I was propositioned for sex. It was like a way to say this is what you would have to do to move up in this company. I thought it was just me but apparently not. I declined every time and decided to work as a freelancer instead to work under my own conditions and away from that evil vibe I was getting everywhere I interned.

    • And I wanted to get into the industry…wow… I want to go into radio but that might very well out of the question if stories like yours are the norm… it is kind of sad actually. Sometimes, I think they do it because it is what was done to them and they feel like returning the favor….

      And how did you start your freelance grind?

      • “Sometimes, I think they do it because it is what was done to them and they feel like returning the favor….”

        That’s part of it, with a larger part being that the Entertainment Industry (And life, for that matter) is all about Power and Control–The Powers That Be (TPTB) at all levels figure that if they can sleep with and/or blackmail you in some way (Usually in regards to homosexual sex that contradicts your image/character), that will ensure that you can be controlled/Will ‘go with the flow,’ no questions asked. TPTB, in turn, will ‘reward’ you with advancement in whatever field/Industry you’re in (i.e. a record deal, acting role, executive position/advancement, etc.). Then, once you’ve risen and attained some measure of power (Some would call it ‘success’) in said field/Industry, you in turn do the same thing to someone under you out of fear of losing your power and control.

        This is the basis of ‘The Casting Couch’ and, as stated above, the impetus behind MANY a Record deal, acting role, and executive position, and thanks to an Industry full of corrupted people who are scared of losing whatever power and control they’ve attained by sleeping their way to the top, this sick practice shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

        • Raheim I am sorry that I appear to be dyck riding your comments, but they are so interesting.
          I’ve heard from some gay folks in the business that now the big thing is to get someone who is in the hopes of rising to perform a bizarre sex act and get it on tape(without their knowledge) so they can never escape the talons of the user.

        • @Raheim It is just amazing that people have gotten this desperate to keep “the casting couch” tradition going…now do indie rappers do the same thing to get airplay on MTV Jams because I notice a lot of rappers are people I never heard of until I saw them on there. So, what’s the dirt on them? And do you know if rappers pay MTV for the Number One Spot on their Top 10 Rappers list? Or if the labels do?
          And I have one more question, if that’s iight. See, I notice that Ebro is usually around to speak and has pretty much became a personality on Hot 97’s morning show. Do radio programmers usually have that kind of pull that they can just take over a radio show like that? Or is Hot 97 just different because they are doing whatever they can not to get overpowered by Power 105.1 in the NYC Metro area market? One more thing, sorry for the long reply but why does it seem like they are marginalizing the older Black music? For example, the merge between 98.7 and 107.5 in NYC after years of battling each other. Was it really strictly a money decision or is it actually something deeper? Do you personally think that they are doing away with Hip Hop (not rap) and R&B? I mean look at the top 10 on the Hip Hop/R&B singles chart…most crossed over to Pop two or three years ago. Do you think that the radio landscape for Black music is changing especially in R&B and how will that change affect Black music as a whole?

          @Christa In the industry, nothing shocks me anymore

          • @E.Jones–Damn! ‘You Dropped A Bomb On Me!’ lol j/p. But to answer your questions:

            1.) I wouldn’t doubt that Indie rappers would have to submit to the same (bull)shit that mainstream artists have to in order for their videos to be aired, though the huge (Huge in that the Internet, mainly because of illegal downloading, has caused the entire music industry to restructure itself in order to stay afloat…And maintain the power to screw artists over, both financially and sexually) presence of the Internet and sites like Youtube mitigate this. A lot.

            What I mean is that many Indie artists (Or up-and-coming artists, Soulja Boy and Mac Miller being recent & prime examples) bypassed trying to get in the industry the ‘Old Fashioned Way (Sending demos to record labels in the hopes they’d be heard, not realizing that labels have HUNDREDS, possibly thousands, of unheard demos that end up in the trash [Or, if you’re ‘lucky,’ said demo(s) get(s) stolen by untalanted, lazy, conniving signed artists who pass it off as their own work {i.e. Kanye West & Ludacris, Will.I.Am, Timbland, Beyonce, etc.,}]),’ and instead uploaded their music to various online sites and promoted it aggressively there until the majors took notice and offered them deals (Soulja ended up signing to a label, while Mac is still Indie, if I’m not mistaken).

            2.) Considering the fact that damn near any Industry accolade, from Grammies (And/or Grammy performances–Ditto for any other music industry award & performance) to list numbers in The Source Magazines’ ‘Top 10 Most Powerful/Influential/Whatever-it’s-called’ in Hip-Hop (The same goes for VIBE Magazines’ ‘Juice’ List entries)’ are, have, and will always be for sale (For the labels) I would say yes, MTV’s ‘Top 10 Hottest Rappers in the Game’ is for sale also–The resulting debates are for the fans only. Like I said before, it’s all about Power and Control, along with Money and Perception–How else do you think so many gay, soft choirboys can be presented to the world as Gangsta Rappers and straight singers and many people don’t so much as bat an eye? Money and Perception, my friend. And speaking of money, it is both a means to an end and the end itself in the Industry. Remember that.

            3.) Ebro Darden, last time I checked, is the Program Director at Hot 97, a position that affords him some power, though not enough to really influence anything–HIS and the rest of the station’s boss, Emmis Communications, are the ones who really dictate what does and doesn’t get played on the radio. Sure, some D.J.s have and continue to accept payola (Whatup, Flex?), but in the grand scheme of things, those records don’t receive nearly as many spins as the Industry-backed ‘music’ you hear on both Hot 97 & Power 105.1 on a daily basis.

            But back to Ebro–I remember an issue of The Source back when Benzino and Dave Mays were using it to declare war on Eminem (And eventually Interscope Records as a whole) that exposed Hot 97 in an article and mentioned Ebro’s then (2004 or ’05, I can’t remember which year)-boss, one Tracy Cloherty, who, according to The Source, claimed to have made Jay-Z into the star he was by way of the spins she apparently mandated Jay-Z got on Hot 97. The article also mentioned Ebro, who derisively told artists to ‘get hot’ if they wanted airplay on the station. Considering the fact that it was coming from Mays and Benzino and was therefore the epitome of biased Journalism, I would take that with a grain of salt, but it was still an interesting (If incredibly biased and hypocritical, considering how Benzino used his position at The Source to get record deals with several labels, coerce artists to work with him in exchange for coverage in the magazine, and inflated the ratings of his group [The Almighty RSO & Made Men] and solo albums) article.

            4.) Yes, there is a deliberate effort to dilute and eventually destroy black music, which is why mainstream Rap (Because the shit out now is most definitely NOT ‘Hip-Hop’) and R&B music, an effort which began years ago when the major labels decided to begin targeting children, a old-but-unfortunately-effective tactic that the tobacco and entertainment industries had been using for years prior and that, when successful, secured consumers for life. This decision resulted in the Industry-mandated/pushed, dumbed-down, shallow, genre-bending-in-the-worst-way (i.e. R&B songs going from having next to no rappers or Hip-Hop elements to the opposite being true, many current Rap and Pop songs sounding like really, really bad Techno music, Pop artists ‘rapping [i.e. Justin Bieber {Who has actually been co-signed by a number of sellout rappers and is actually thinking of releasing a rap album–WTF?}, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, etc.],’ and redundant ‘music’ with no substance that is designed to appeal to our basest instincts (i.e. Sex and Violence/Aggression). Hell, a short time ago on this very site, there was an article about professional celeb dickrider/groupie whore Claudia Jordan where she claimed that Doug Morris, an Industry Exec, was planning on destroying Rap/Hip-Hop and replacing it with Techno. Here is the article:


            And before anyone says it, I’m well aware that there has ALWAYS been shitty music of ALL genres; my point is that today’s shitty music is being used to push certain agendas, namely the dumbing-down of (Especially black) America.

            5.) The way the changing landscape of Black music will affect artists the same way it always has, just on a much larger scale: The artists will either adapt to the current music scene (Young Money [YMCMB] Records is a prime example of the changing music landscape–You would think every artist on that label were shitty Pop/Techno artists instead of the shitty, overhyped rappers they really are), or they won’t receive airplay, promotion, and endorsements, and will eventually be dropped.

            I hope I answered your questions, E.Jones.

            • Dayum! You sure answered a bunch of questions I’ve had for ages, Raheim. Thanks for droppin’ the knowledge!

              If you aren’t tired of typing yet…

              Re: what you said in Points #1 & 3 — People in the record biz bitch abt how the internet decimated their industry (which to me is bs — all the web did was eliminate the need for radio payola), yet all the major labels are still here. More people are downloading their music from I-tunes or wherever rather than buying CDs, but plenty of music is still being sold. Thanks to companies like Live Nation or even behemoths like Pepsi sponsoring entire tours rather than 1 single show, artists don’t need a record label to support their tour.

              Prince was one of the first big acts to bypass the labels & sell his music directly online & — & it worked well enuf for him. Now there’s even a whole new breed of ‘artist’, these lily-White DJs like Deadmau5, that Jersey Shore schmuck Pauly D, Skrillex (who has Grammys!) who are getting majorly paid to spin EDM (house music wasn’t a good enuf term?) & Even Dropping Albums!? (I was a club rat for a minute BITD — the whole point in going to The Garage was to see & hear Larry Levan spin live…) And they’re doing it w/no radio play.

              So why haven’t all the conscious HipHoppers from back in the 1990s (who already have a fan base) been dropping albums online & blowing up again? The labels can’t use payola to influence which acts get radio play anymore. Does traditional radio even matter anymore? Most of the under-40 crowd that I know use Pandora or Spotify. It’s been years since people watched MTV or VH-1 to see new acts.

              — So why are the major record labels extant?
              — How do major market radio stations still have the clout to suppress real HipHop in favor of Rap when there’s so much profanity & vulgarity in most rap that it can’t even get airplay?
              — Btwn YouTube & having yr own website to sell yr music online, why can’t the creative HipHop acts w/something real to say make more headway? The internet gives them a global marketplace & YouTube lets the public sample before they buy. So why why isn’t the cream rising?

            • Yes, you did,,, very enlightening answers and I had read up on the beef between the Source & Hot 97 after Kim Osorio mentioned on the Breakfast CLub or at least I think that’s how I found out… no it was actually the infamous call Benzino made to the station years ago…when doesn’t he have issues with somebody??? I def see techno-rap being the new thing. It will most def replace traditional house music in the years to come. I actually like house music to a certain extent but I don’t really like some of the mixes they do with R&B ballads on the misshows during the weekend. “Urban radio” will be dead by the end of the decade if you ask me…and “Urban Adult Contemporary” will die with it or will be rebirthed as something of a different cloth. It will be music from the last 20 years instead of 30, they will play less old-school, they will start adding more white artists that are not “blue eyed soul” traditionally, and their flagship artists (Fantasia, Monica, etc.) who really define “Urban ADULT Contemporary” in the sense that most young people (18 and under) aren’t that into them, will be forced to turn themselves into Pop artists or bow out. Singers like Ledisi, Lalah Hathaway, and other neo-soul artists who haven’t had a Billboard Top 10 single yet will be forced to either expand or disappear because the labels are about to clean house to make way for an era that may have Black music but lack its faces.

            • @RC–Thanks! And yeah, you would think I’d be tired of typing by now–I feel like I’m teaching a class or something…lol j/p

              Anyway, to answer your questions: 1.) With the exception of Public Enemy’s upcoming album, I don’t know of any old(er) rappers/rap groups who are or have released their albums online, though it most likely has something to do with a lack of knowledge or their contracts demanding physically distributed copies (Just like everything else, labels charge artists to print, press, & distribute their albums & singles). Speaking of a lack of knowledge, this be similar to the mid ’00s when many artists didn’t know the benefits of going Indie and didn’t consider it until they saw other artists go that route (Koch/E1 Records immediately comes to mind here–Artists were signing to them in droves some years back, to the point that 50 Cent famously called the label ‘a graveyard’ due to a number of the aforementioned artists not exactly being at the peaks of their careers).

              2.) Regarding radio, it still matters in terms of spins (Especially spins!) and to certain demographics, namely young (Under 25) and older consumers in large urban areas who are the most likely to buy albums (Yes, young[er] consumers have always been the main culprits of illegal downloads, but a large chunk of that demographic still buys albums and especially singles–Remember the ‘Ringtone Rap’ era a few years ago?), and promotion to a lesser extent. Yes, the Internet has cut into radio’s profits, but it’s still an integral part of the Industry–I mean, how else are these labels going to brainwash people, especially teenagers who don’t know any better, into buying records by playing the same 5 songs every hour on the hour? lol

              3.) The labels are still around because they’re restructured and adapted to survive in this Internet/illegal downloading-heavy era we’ve been in for over a decade now. Speaking of which, I’ve always thought those early ’00s PSAs with big-name artists from various genres damn near begging people to stop downloading music because it drastically affected their money hilarious since the artist is almost always the LAST person to get paid from record sales whether they’re successful (And therefore were able to negotiate better contracts) or not. Those PSAs were just a cheap way to engender sympathy for the poor, poor music industry who is busy exploiting your favorite artist(s) as I type this.

              4.) The major market radio stations are, like everyone else in the Music Industry, just following orders from their bosses when it comes to suppressing certain artists and music. See what I said about Hot 97 in my last post for some clarification. In terms of the ever-increasing profanity and vulgarity in music, that’s another thing I’ve been saying for the past few years–You ever notice how oftentimes when someone or something is ‘pushing the envelope,’ what’s being pushed is always something negative? Same thing applies to the profanity & vulgarity–I remember not too long ago ‘Nigga,’ ‘Bitch,’ and certain other words weren’t allowed on the radio at all–Now you can’t go 10 minutes without hearing it at least once on a Hip-Hop/R&B station.

              5.) There are a number of Independent artists who are making headway via the Internet, some even being discovered and eventually signed by Music Industry execs this way–These artists’ problems arise when they want their songs aired or played on radio, as both T.V. and radio are paid-off and Industry-mandated entities that won’t allow certain artists/songs if they don’t fit into the industry’s agenda, which is the dumbing-down of America, especially blacks–Their reasoning is that if they keep people being fans of Industry-mandated artists and blissfully ignorant of what’s going on around them, the chances of said people waking up and revolting against the powers that be are slim to none.

  18. @EJones, you can very well do radio under your own control. Try to gather a fan base through social media and broadcast through blogtalkradio.com for a start. The more traffic you bring to the site, the more you get paid through your advertisements. From there you should save up and build your own website and bring your following there. I freelance by using my experience from college as a communications major and looking for jobs on the net. @Rahiem I couldn’t have said it any better. That is exactly what is going on and I have too much pride to get swallowed up by the industry. I want to live comfortable not under evil pressure.

    • I am currently in the process of declaring my major. I am thinking about declaring Arts Management so I can learn about keeping the books for an organization… it is funny you mention BTR. I got an account and thought about broadcasting a show there but I wanted to make sure I had a co-host and all that. I love some of the stuff people have on BTR… it is sincerely a great site. I’ve never been too good at promoting myself smh

  19. Wake up people they are all gay. And the dude that Gay Z was living with is Larry Johnson the football player not the basketball player Grandma Ma Larry Johnson. 2 grown men that are rich should not be living together. And yes they r evil. Read up on Aleister Crowely. Hollyweird is EVIL. ” ISN’T IT EVIL TO LIVE BACKWARDS”. @Anonymous the DEVIL is all of thee above. U have to be an total idiot not to believe in something

      • No, Tracy, the murders of her brother, mother & nephew were horrible, but not ritual murders. Her ex-brother-in-law shot them. Ritual murders are very specific & they’re not done w/guns. When a satanic ritual murder happens, the death doesn’t end up in the paper. The body is disposed of & no one ever knows the person was killed.

        I absolutely do believe that SOME people in the music biz perform ritual sacrifices. They’ve been at it for a long time & have managed to stay below the radar becuz they’re smart. You see all those faces on the milk cartons of kids who disappear & are never found? No remains are even found for thousands of kids, as if they evaporated into thin air. Becuz taking the blood/life of a child is highly valued for ritual sacrifices. And smaller bodies are easier for the witches to dispose of.

        When an adult murder is required, they pick up a hooker or male prostitute, people with no power who won’t have anyone who will look very hard for them.

  20. @ E.Jones. The sabbath is Saturday that’s is true. Sunday worshippers worship sunday . The devil Sun . Sunday. Get the facts straight..

    • I know that some observe Saturday Sabbath and most observe Sunday church service but that is a cultural normalcy and if you read the comment I said nothing about the Sabbath… stop taking the comment out of its original context. It was replying to him talking about the worship of Saturn. I apologize if I had offended you but the anon said “You see him every weekend” and because Saturn was mentioned, it seemed to be what had been referenced.

    • LULU – YOU need to get the facts straight! The correct sabbath observance is from sunset on Fri. to sunset on Sat. (Days were measured differently in biblical times.) But God created EVERYTHING in the universe, inc. the planets & the 7 days that we use to divide time. Please don’t dis the Lord by attributing any part of his creation to Satan.

      Since ancient times, demons masquerading as gods taught people to worship the creation (the sun, the moon, animals, etc.) rather than God, the creator. During the 4th century AD, the Roman emperor Constantine, a sun-worshiper, enforced Sun. as the holy day throughout the Roman empire. (Disobedience of the emperor’s edit was a capital offense.) A few decades later, as the power of the Catholic church grew & spread, the church passed a decree at the Council of Laodicea (364 AD) stating: “Christians must not judaize [keeping God’s Sabbath] by resting on the Sabbath, but must work on that day, resting rather on Sunday. But, if any be found to be judaizing, let them be declared anathema from Christ.” (A History of the Councils of the Church – The Right Rev. Charles Joseph Hefele, p.316).

      And millions of Christians had been observing the wrong day as the sabbath ever since.

      It was the Roman emperor Constantine who 1st changed the Sabbath from Sat. to Sun. in the 4th century, when he ‘officially’ recognized Christianity. He had been a pagan sun-worshippe whipper & continued in tha tpractice despite claiming to be a Christian. in the fourth century but had bee na pagan sun-worshipper & contyinued in that practice.

      It was the Catholic church (which has always been controlled by Satan)

      , he put the power of the Roman empire behind Sunday observance

      • Thanks for refreshing the history, I needed it. I hope you’re having a blessed day. I was wondering was the Council of Nicaea where the Catholic Church created the KJV canon of the Bible? And those two councils were years apart. So they changed the day in which we worship before allowing us the text to base our faith walk around…I wonder why they waited so long. Was it because of illiteracy or was there more to it? No wonder I am tripping all over myself on my walk of faith. I am skeptical about everything smh

        • EJones: The Catholic church had nothing to do w/the translation for the KJV!. The Catholic church has deeply pagan roots — it’s been satanic from it’s very inception & exists solely to corrupt the scriptures & lead people away from God. I am convinced that the Great Harlot in Revelations 17 represents the Catholic church. Familiarize yourself with occult symbols & you’ll see that Catholicism is riddled with them.

          Here’s a brief summary of some of the facts:

          Up until the 16th century, under both the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England, it was a capital crime to print the Bible in any language other than Latin — esp. English. In Oct. 1536, William Tyndale, an Oxford scholar & leading figure of the Reformation, was executed for printing the bible in English. His last words were, “Lord, open the King of England’s eyes!” Three years later, his prayer was answered. In 1539, King Henry VIII, for totally self-serving reasons (which nonetheless served God’s purpose), paid for the printing & distribution of the first Bible in English made available for public use, under the name the Great Bible.

          King James was the wealthiest, most revered monarch in British history. He began life as James Stuart of Scotland (his mother was Mary, Queen of Scots), a royal orphan raised by tutors & trained in Calvinistic theology. From an early age, he developed a love God and the bible & was reported by his tutors to have memorized great portions of scripture. He also developed a deep aversion to the Catholic church.

          Stuart grew up to become King James VI of Scotland & married Princess Anne of Denmark in 1589. An astute politician, he brokered peace deals between the warring Scottish clans & bought them together into a single unified nation under his leadership. James then went on to unite England & Scotland, creating the foundation of the British Empire, which later expanded across the entire globe. And this expansion would be responsible for the spread of the KJV bible. In 1604, James assumed the British throne, which also made him titular head of the Church of England. So he became King James the First of England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland.

          In an age when other European kings chose to keep their subjects spiritually ignorant, James offered his people the greatest gift he cd give them: in 1604, he decreed that the the bible be translated into English. James was fluent in Latin, Greek, French, Italian & Spanish, so he understood the importance of language & correct translation. He took issue with certain verses in the 2 previous versions of scripture then in use by the Church of England: the Great Bible (1539) & the Bishops’ Bible (1568). So King James called upon the top scholars in the land to make a new, more accurate translation.

          Those 47 men were members of the Church of England & all except 1 were clergymen. They completed the translation in 1611. The Old Testament in the KJV was translated from the Hebrew Masoretic Text, which Jesus himself had actually used & quoted from. The New Testament fo the KJV was based on the the Greek Textus Rectus).

          There are tons of resources online to validate the history & accuracy of the KJV. If you’re a new Christian, this is a good place to start:

  21. @ E.JONES and @RC you are right my brothers. My bad I should ve. chosen my words carefully .YES I do know it starts friday sunset till sat sunset.@ RC EveryThing you stated is right I’ve been telling people for the longest about the Roman church [and I used to go to a catholic church when I was a child] taking about the sign of the beast.

  22. @ E.Jones and @RC . Here are some interesting site.. Amazingfacts.com and itiswritten.com. And you tube Pastor Charles Brooks he breaks it down.. Peace my brothers.

    • Hey, we’re both women lol… but it’s all good. I have no problem with you… I never did. My sister, it is all good. It’s all good for me

      • I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions about your gender RC, before you see this if I’m wrong because I feel kind of guilty because I answered based on assumption…. if I am wrong about it I apologize

        • E.Jones – No harm, no foul. 🙂 If being mistaken for a dude online bothered me, I’d change my screename.

          • I am kind of honored to be mistaken for a dude though lol… I am surprised the other poster thought that. It is just funny that I apologize for correcting someone else about our gender lol… it is actually laughable that I had to put a disclaimer on my correction smh.

  23. Everyday that you are able to, should be given to God as an observance of a Sabbath day. By doing whats right and whats necessary. To bring good to this planet. Soon there will be no churches and religion will be illegal. So those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth.
    Do you really believe after Jesus cruxcifixion that people set 1 specific day for worship?
    True christianity became a lifestyle. They would gather
    whenever they could to pray and fast for long bouts or until they get their breakthrough.
    The letter killeth but the Spirit giveth life.
    Thats why we must learn to have church in the wild. Jay z and them are 1 step ahead of us on this 1.
    They serve their master satan/the beast, 24 hours a day, everywhere, and they dont wait for an sabbath day to do so. They are on your tv. On your radio. Everywhere giving and showing honor to their god.They also dont use any discretion in doing so either. In fact they are even becoming more blantant and radical with it.
    Churches, etc have become like social clubs thats why there is no Power in them now in days. The government/elite is slowly taking over. They are getting bolder. People are becoming more ignorant and docile.
    May God help and deliver us

    • Chauncey, thank you. I enjoyed reading your entire comment. But, in this paragraph you hit the nail right smack dead on the head several times.

      “Churches, etc have become like social clubs thats why there is no Power in them now in days. The government/elite is slowly taking over. They are getting bolder. People are becoming more ignorant and docile. May God help and deliver us”

      Amen!!! God Bless!!!!

    • Oh my…I agree about the social club thing, that is why I stopped going to church because most churches are so cliquish… I got so hurt by the church that I left and started questioning what I believe… i am still going through getting my spirit right smh. Sometimes, the church can do more damage than the music industry.

  24. Everyday that you are able to, should be given to God as an observance of a Sabbath day. By doing whats right and whats necessary. To bring good to this planet. Soon there will be no churches and religion will be illegal. So those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth.
    Do you really believe after Jesus cruxcifixion that people set 1 specific day for worship?
    True christianity became a lifestyle. They would gather
    whenever they could to pray and fast for long bouts or until they get their breakthrough.
    The letter killeth but the Spirit giveth life.
    Thats why we must learn to have church in the wild. Jay z and them are 1 step ahead of us on this 1.
    They serve their master satan/the beast, 24 hours a day, everywhere, and they dont wait for an sabbath day to do so. They are on your tv. On your radio. Everywhere giving and showing honor to their god.They also dont use any discretion in doing so either. In fact they are even becoming more blantant and radical with it.
    Churches, etc have become like social clubs thats why there is no Power in them now in days. The government/elite is slowly taking over. They are getting bolder. People are becoming more ignorant and docile.
    May God help and deliver us all

    • READ YR BIBLE, CHAUNCEY. You’re disregarding God’s truths & replacing them w/personal opinions, which is never acceptable anyone to do.

      You said: “Do you really believe after Jesus cruxcifixion that people set 1 specific day for worship?”

      NO. First of all, God Himself Established The Sabbath After Completing The Creation Of The world: (Genesis 2:1-3)
      “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.”

      The Sabbath is a memorial of the creation. It is a hallowed day to remind us every week of the one true Lord & Creator of the universe. The Sabbath wasn’t set aside AFTER Christ’s death becuz God gave the 10 Conmandments to the Jews BEFORE Christ was even born! (Do you not have an Old Testament?)

      Secondly, Jesus Was A Jew Who Observed The Sabbath All His Life! ((Mark 1:21, Luke 4:16-22) Do you know the difference btwn the Sabbath & worship? Believers can worship God anywhere, anytime. Sabbath observance happens on a specific day — Fri. eve to Sat. eve normally. (But when the high holy days occur, some weeks will have more than one Sabbath.) If keeping the Sabbath was good enuf for Jesus, why shdn’t it be good enuf for you?

      Speaking of which, pls. read that commandment: Exodus 20: (8-11)

      “REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY, TO KEEP IT HOLY. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your manservant, nor your maidservant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.”

      LABOR (Strong’s #: 05647) – transliterated Hebrew word: `abad = to work for another, serve another by labour
      WORK (Strong’s # 04399) – transliterated Hebrew word: mela’kah = occupation, work, business

      The 4th Commandment is the longest one of the 10, clearly becuz God wanted to be very specific in explaining to us what it entails. Specifically, He requires is that we do no work or labor on the Sabbath, nor shd any of our family members, anyone we employ or anyone staying with us. Wd the Lord have been so specific abt this if it wasn’t important?

      If, as you say “Everyday that you are able to, should be given to God as an observance of a Sabbath day”, then you will soon be living in a cardboard box becuz you’ll have no income!

      The Sabbath is not merely a concept or an attitude — it involves specific actions as well as abstaining from other actions. God tell us to “keep it holy”.

      HOLY (Strong’s # 06942) – transliterated Hebrew word Qadash = to consecrate, sanctify, prepare, dedicate, be hallowed, be holy, be sanctified, be separate.

      The Sabbath can’t be holy if you do the same things on that day as you do every other day. A holy day requires different behavior. Specifically, the Sabbath day requires (among other things) that the members of our household, our guests & our employees refrain from working for money. God made it clear that we are to observe the Sabbath all our lives & teach the practice to our children: Exodus 31:13

      “Speak thou also unto the children of Israel, saying, Verily my sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am the Lord that doth sanctify you.”

      God can’t be any clearer than that. You can read more the sabbath here:

  25. Kim Kardashian is a wannabe whose dealing with daddy issues. Yeezus is an overrated rapper who cares more about the bling and Kim’s stuck-up ass. Beyonce is plastic, Obama is as fake as Clarence Thomas and poor Jay-Z. Hey, Jay-Z, Bey’s your bitch. Get her in check, right?


  27. Honestly I don’t why y’all dummies get so wrapped up into celebrities as if they are some type of gods. Yes some of you STANs say you get tired of black bloggers talking s#!+ about Jayonce but you still read the s#!+. Wow that’s original behavior. Any who I’m sure most people know that in order to be in the lime light now a days you have to sell yourself or sacrifice someone to stay on top in the world of fame. If success=flash,quick fame and illusions of grandeur then you are welcome to it. Thank you JACKY for having the balls big enough to but these nasty ass mofos on blast. The biggest exposures are yet to come in 2013. The Mayan Prophecy was not a predicition of an ending but the beginning of a new era that involves pure truth and full consciousness. Don’t get sucked in and fooled by the Mass Europeans Dealing In Anarchy(MEDIA).

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