Who’s Jacky Talking About? – August 16, 2013



Long before this new mother of a baby boy married her Herb, she took part in threesome sexcapades with Tiny Cottle and Tip. That’s back when — while T.I. was locked up — our mystery lady also attended Tiny’s all-girl freak parties.

Now, our blind item — who’s the Godmother of one of Tiny’s sons — and Tiny are said to be not so lovey-dovey anymore. Know why? Because Tiny believes our blind item used her VH1 talk show platform just to get casted on “The Real.”

Sources say our ‘Love and War’ lady didn’t just bust it wide open for Birdman, but the So So Def founder’s father too!!! Just ask Michael Mauldin’s wife, who’s reported to have delivered her with a beat-down outside of an Atlanta hotel.

With her older sister now shacking up with her, she’s said to be fearful her hubby might smash that. That’s because our secret singer used to smash her older sister’s husband, when her sister was out in Las Vegas making the bacon for the family. Don’t believe me.. Ask Keri Lewis.

I’m told our blind item and her sisters all have their licker license. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • Preacher kids the worst, naw, they just make the preacher look bad, they all seem to be ok with spreading for any tom, they believe in sleeping for success..sad but true, Toni is the only one who can truly say she has worked at least for most of what she had/or lost….Tracey seems like the only decent one..

      • A family full of trash. Tamar looks like a clown who escaped from the plastic surgeon’s office. And that nasty broad smashed her sister’s husband? She takes filthy to whole other level. And she’s not even cute. One word…DISGUSTING!!!

        • Mostly old tea here. Never heard the part about sleeping w/ the real Miss Piggy (Tiny) and that midget she married. I wouldn’t put anything past any of those Braxtons. Disagree on Tracy. She seems like she’s crazier than all of them. That lady has serious anger issues.

          Agree: A family full of trash. Period dot com.

        • You know, I thought I was the only one who thought that Tamar Braxton looks like a clown. All she needs is a red nose and she can start working for the circus. I don’t know what Vince see’s in her. She act and look like a fool to me.

  1. Whoops! My bad, Tamar Braxton… Didn’t read it correct & thought Herb was referring to Mary Jane vs Husbands name ! Need coffee before posting!

  2. TAMAR….lol all of them? Nah….Toni, yes, Tawana, yes, TRINA hell yes! But Traci…idk about that lol.

  3. Puuhhleeeze!!! “SHE” ain’t got nothin to worry bout! Don’t Nobody want Vincent Herbert But Tamar!

      • LOL — but you know what? Something happens to women when men have money — so don’t think women will not be after Vincent — just look at Mike Tyson back in the day. They say even an ugly man has 3 women to cheat with. Sad, but true – money money money….the O’Jays lyrics to that song – check it out.

  4. Wow,I heard about ol boys wife servin Tamar’s ass a beat down at an Atlanta Hotel,in an Atlanta elevator.

    • It was inside the elevator; they were all there for a music convention.

      When the doors closed, Tay Tay got a beat down from Jermaine Dupri’s mama, who was ridin’ shot gun with her sister – just in case some fool wanted to step in it.


    • In the words of Sheneneh. Oh my goooooodness. Oh!my! goodness! Kandi B. had Jermaine Dupri and Tamar had his Poppa. Everyday I leave this site well informed but, with a headache. Lol

  5. I have been hearing a lot about Tamar’s sorted freakish past for quite sometime now.

    Well I guess one would have to be able to give and take a licking and keep on ticking. Look where she is today. Her pune must be wore out. Her baby probably just floated out, no anesthetic needed. LOL

    Tamar is the reason I stopped watching their reality show.

  6. No surprise here. Tamar most likely let Missy hit it back in the ’90s while she was working on Tamar’s first shelved album.

  7. Damn, Jackie. I already didn’t like Tamar. Now this nasty, vile piece of business. I am thoroughly disgusted. Thank you.

  8. I remember when Tamar was on Tiny & Toya reality show. Tamar was good friends w/Tiny and her family. Tamar has been trying to get on tv ever since, I don’t even think Tamar want a singing career, she doesn’t seem as serious about her singing, she just likes to keep up a bunch of mess. every time u look she in a twitter fight w/somebody, once it was Joseline, K Michelle, Claudia, Jill Scott. Tamar must have been scared of Jilly from Philly, I remember Towanda getting in that one.

  9. Wait a min, so jacky is tamar tryna be on the real housewives of Atlanta or is im reading this wrong, i dont understand! So tiny & tip is swingers like bring a girl to the bedroom or guys too, yall confusing me!! Oooh! Lol! Tip freaky like that well my birthday is a day after his so & im alittle twisted too, but tip?? Yall explain it to me please ??

    • Ivebeen hearing for years about Tiny & Tip taking chicks home. And ita not always a one time thing. Some of the chicks they keep around and take very good care of em while the arrangement is going on. My friend has a stripper friend who engaged in a 3-some with them. She said they paid nicely but she had to bow out cause even as a stripper some of the things they wanted her to do was off the charts disgusting. Lol! I can only imagine.


      • @hell I heard that too. Even heard they keep having 3somes with Hoops.
        Speaking of Hoops, the last I heard she was with Shaq, then they broke up and now she has vanished off the face of the Earth. I guess all the hoes ain’t winning after all.

  10. She keeps getting put on these panel shows with a bunch of women that have a short run, so what’s the purpose?

    Just focus on the singing and use the shows as part of branding. Many people know she has a mouth and a half but so many MORE people could know about her range.

    • Right. I think if Vince was any type of manager, he would’ve never let her be on a talk show platform to promote herself. People already don’t like her as is. Her career is about to turn into a fiasco.

  11. tamar & vince are good judies, they’re marriage was ARRANGED. Id be surprised if they actually conceived that cursed child of theirs.

    • I completely agree that their marriage is arranged. On “The Real”, they had on an expert trainer Chris Powell who was giving them advice on burning calories. (YouTube You ate it Negate it and watch to the 1:00 minute mark or so)
      He mentioned burning calories during sex.
      Tamar immediately screwed her face up and said something like “No, thank you.” with the most disgusted look on her face. Like she was insulted that he would even suggest it. Then, immediately followed with “I’m not trying to do that and get pregnant again. Ain’t nobody got time for that one.” When I saw her reaction, I read between the lines of her comment and her body language and immediately realized she and Vince have some kind of arrangement or understanding that their marriage is definitely NOT a traditional one. Why would she be so taken aback by a comment about sex, especially being a married woman? Why be a married woman- financially stable and definitely comfortable enough to have more children- yet be so opposed to having children? When will these women learn?

      • Those of us who watched their shows know that they were looking into a surrogate or in vitro (the latter won out it seems). She was faking those fertility issues.

    • Come one now! There is nothing Gay about vince. He seems like a big nice teddy bear! Damn everybody is NOT gay! damn

        • Umm it’s called a speech impediment and it has nothing to do with being gay! He does not sound or act feminine in the least so stop it! smh

      • I agree. I don’t get Gay from him either. I’m sorry, but I love Vince. He does look like a Teddy Bear and is quite Sexy. H adores Tamar. Don’t get it twisted. Her attitude and all. I’m a pisces and have had the same thing from my men in the past. (adoration) If you’re not a Pisces you wouldn’t understand. Basically, men love us even though were EXTRA at times. Our hearts are much bigger and we will hold our man down and be their biggest fan. The only thing is that men try to control us and be stern and we turn into pouty brats until we get our way again and were off!

        • Hmmmphh you don’t have to believe me, but when the tables turn on his group “Mindless Behavior” and the same things start coming out just like they did with B2K then you can say you heard it here first. So believe as you may but my eyes are OPEN once yours OPEN then holla back until then…You are just like the rest of the ANTS.

  12. Doesn’t surprise me …about most of the things I hear about these industry people. (shaking my head)..and people will just continue to watch the show… giving it ratings while talking sh*t of course..

  13. This is Tamar Braxton, I read something like this a few years ago about her sleeping w/ Toni’s husband, and it also said that Toni used to smash Vince prior to his relationship with Tamar. If this is true “they r RATCHET!!”

  14. Bird Man shows off a lot of wealth and material items, but I never saw him show off any women! He must be gay. Any man with wealth always loves to show off a fine women to top it off with.

    • Cosign times nine. Thats the dead figgin giveaway. Plus fine women ALWAYS follow the money.

    • We all know Birdman is gay, and apparently likes his boys young. Why else would a GROWN MAN from the hood take an interest in an 8 year old little boy (whether or not he had talent) who is NOT his child? We all know he took Lil Wayne ‘under his wing’ at the tender age of 8.
      People should not be so naive as to what is really going on.
      I know MANY men who attribute their gay lifestyle and sexual preference to their being molested and sexually exploited by either a man in their family, or a man they knew in the neighborhood.

    • @josh, the only woman Bird shows off is Wayne. Hell, he even kisses him on the lips in public. So there you go!

  15. I can’t say if Birdman Gay or not, but he’s not stupid, he saw talent and a gold mine in Wayne, Wayne was not eight years old. Back then Master P and Cashmoney was beefing, so it was very wise that Birdman snatch Wayne and look where he is now. Birdman has plenty of women, the money keep them in place, follow his baby mother online.

    • With all due respect, I think you are giving Birdman too much credit. Sure, he has a keen eye for talent. But, there was NO WAY that Birdman (or anyone for that matter) could have predicted Wayne’s success, or any other artists’ success for that matter. Unless you are God, there is no real way to know how anyone’s career will turn out, especially in an industry so fickle as the music industry is- regardless of talent.

      In addition, there is definitely a correlation between the entertainment industry and satanism. There is also a connection with young children-especially boys- and their pure energy. I think these artists pay with their innocence. Don’t believe me, ask Aleister Crowley, who wrote in his book ‘Magick in Theory and Practice’: “For the highest spiritual working, one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.” (page 95)

      Wayne was definitely groomed to achieve his stardom. But why though? Yes, Yes, Yes, I know he is undeniably talented. But we all know that being talented is NOT a prerequisite for fame and fortune. Don’t believe me, ask Kim Kardashian.
      You know how the saying goes: “You don’t get something for nothing.” Perhaps his level of fame came at a very high price.

      Ever thought that maybe Wayne had to give something MAJOR up to achieve his stardom?
      Ever thought that because he was so young he had to pay the ultimate price?

      • These men have sex with other men and boys because they believe that their power increases through sharing sperm. It is based in Satanism.

      • try pulling the curtain back slowly sis, lol.

        Naw, just jivin, lol. the people in this country burned witches and magic practicers at a certain point in history. now they are paraded in front of us as the young, successful, rich & beautiful. it is the greatest comeback of our time and also the greatest sham.

  16. birdman had kimora lee when her and russ first split and birdman had lil mo when she was a cash money artist.

    plus birdman is married to a young woman who he met when she was in high school.

    birdman likes em young.

  17. Yes, I’ve been hearing the TI/Tiny swinging stories for years. I’m sure Tip steps out on her, but I’m also sure she does the swinging to keep him from straying and staying gone.

    • True. They use ecstacy on the regular. It breaks down the inhibitions. Tiny does what she has to do to keep her man. THEY bring women home for threesomes. It’s common knowledge in Atlanta

      • Yup, that’s what I heard. I DO think that they swing together as opposed to creepin’ behind each other’s back though.
        Not that that is much of a comfort to Tiny. ut as you said, she does what she has to do…and she has kept him for quite a while.

        • If Tiny really feels that bringing women home is a marriage-staple, then does she really have a solid marriage? Everyone has their own definition of what makes them happy and what they allow in relationships, but I couldn’t see myself willingly sharing my husband with someone else. Maybe Tiny makes that a choice–instead of worrying and speculating about what Tip is doing, she rather participate in his activities to definitely know what’s happening. I’m sure Tip does more than what Tiny sees though. I guess their lifestyle is a bit more common to those in the entertainment industry, people who can pay others to keep their dalliances quiet. *kanye shrug*

  18. Tiny and Tamar are STILL very much friends! Tiny is Logans God mother so there is NO beef between them two!

  19. And you got all of this from looking at their show!? What show are you watching homegirl because I don’t see any of what you said on thiers!! You must be seeing a lot of your own ways if you are delving into them that much!!

  20. I have seen the show with the Braxtons and only sister who’s personality I didn’t care for was Tamar, and that’s because she was giving off them phoney airhead… bimbo..self absorbed type vibes! Nothing about any of the others made me think trash! I didn’t even think of Tamar as trash, though I had heard some things about.On the show they are sisters.. who sometimes don’t get along, can be xtra… but who are all talented and love their family.

  21. Yes I do believe that she married Vince for his money/ connections. I don’t see any romantic / sexual chemistry between them. It seems like a marriage of convenience, mostly for her benefit. Wouldn’t be surprised if she had baby to keep an attachment to Vince’s purse strings…lol She strikes me as the type who will do whatever it takes to secure her position!

    • Yes because that scare she had with him in the hospital put the fire under the baby making pot.She needed to get one out asap just in case he passes away unexpectedly, she wants ALL of his money.

  22. It’s sad because Tamar always acts out and talks a lot of shit but she’s so dependent on other people. She wouldn’t be shit without Vince and it always seems like she’d rather be famous for doing nothing than for actually putting in some hard work to be a singer. She’s got a great voice but her attitude is stank. I’m convinced that her only real joy in life is being a shit talker.