Who’s Jacky Talking About? – December 10, 2012


Band Of Brothers?

He’s a colorful comedian who reigned in the 90’s – boasting the words “you can do what you wanna do”. But, according to our blind item, doing what you wanna do shouldn’t include marrying whores. Don’t believe me.. Just ask his two nephews, who seem to be keeping true to their uncle’s teachings.

That’s because though they’ve been busy preparing to following in our blind item’s television footsteps – with “Second Generation”, to air January 2013 on the BET network – the aspiring pair of funny men seem to be very busy off the set too. Craig, 21, is rumored to have had multiple women pregnant for him at the same time – with Damien “Dante”, 31, widely known across Hollywood for smashing any chic that steps up.

According to our insider, the two rising stars live by our blind item’s motto ‘Don’t get married. Trust no hoes.’ Know why? Because the last member of the comedic family who got married and trusted his wife was made a fool of after she cheated on him before taking off with half of his money. Don’t believe me.. Ask Lisa.

Here’s the drop:

“Craig and Damien follow everything their uncle does. Their uncle has a compound and it’s there where he preaches, ‘don’t get married and not to trust hoes’.

Craig and Damien have kids everywhere, they also have chics heading in and out of abortion rooms. They’ll never get married cause their uncle told them not to trust hoes.”

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. It is one of those Wayans Bros, don’t know which but I will take a guess on the eldest one.

  2. Oh dear. I think that’s Keenan. He did have a nasty split with his wife. But um…. forget about all that marriage nonsense!!! What about a frickin condom!?! You know… std’s.. AIDS!!! Dafugg!?! How are you having sex with women you label hoes but raw dawgin??? They’re too old for that ish!

    • Amen…..Okay…..I understand a man telling his son to stay clear of hoes….if your not a hoe it’s not offensive. But in this case who are the hoes…..if a man screws everything in his air space then who’s the real hoe here?

  3. “You can do what you wanna do, In Living Color..”
    pan to a chunky brunette Jennifer Lopez attempting to hang with the rest of the Fly Girls.

    Yup. Keenan.

    • JLo wasn’t bad looking back then.I can’t stand her ass now.
      All the Fly Girls were fine as hell.Plus,they were actually dancers and not booty shakers or strippers like in the rap videos.

      • I agree. I referenced her in that way sarcastically to point out the obvious, she now looks nothing like the PR Jenny from the block that she was. (dark wavy hair, red lips etc)

        I LIVED for the original Fly Girls! All, even the white one could dance their azzes off. And look how Carrie Ann Inaba has blown up on DWTS. I just didn’t think Lady Lopez was all that great a dancer when she came in as a replacement. To me she always looked like she was hoofin and huffin to keep up with the pro’s. jmo

  4. If this is Keenan Ivory Wayans, are both nephews Damon’s sons? I read that Damon was very bitter about his divorce but never heard much about Keenan’s love life, marriage etc. I have heard various rumors on blogs about Keenan being gay, as well as Marlon Wayans. I was surprised that an uncle would encourage his nephews (who I hear are talented) to be womanizing misogynists. That’s sad to carry that type of bitterness and hate towards women and pass it down.

    • What is even sadder are to fools who are actually stupid enough to execute this mess!

      Talk about spineless. Do these boys not have a brain of their own? Did they not see their father and uncles cheating in their wives and decide that it was wrong. Noooo they decided that these men had the right to be could and their wives had no choice but to take the abuse.

      Well, I doesn’t surprise me when guys think a female is bad for finally leaving a bad situation. She left and took the money! Damn straight! Lets hear the part where she was disrespect Ted for YEARS prior to leaving.

      The Waynens brothers are not know for treating their women well! Those boys saw that isht and still cosign on digging women out. Brainless simple ninjas!

  5. Keenan Ivory Wayans is the uncle and the nephews r Damon sons. Keenan cheated on his wife w/the white girl who used to be on The Game, so he can’t talk about nobody.

  6. The whole wayans clan is a hot mess! No surprise there but as for keenan he is particularly messy but he got it honest cuz his brothers and sister kim are all awful human beings. Keenan is known to have screwed all the fly girls and his co star kim who played sinclair on living single. He screwed her and then he fired her after he got what he wanted. I heard marlon is gay and he is keenan’s brother so i know it is not him and shawn. It is a sad situation but we reap what we sow so he will get his eventually cuz when you have done as much dirt as he has you can be sure he is on karma’s list of folks to get.

    • marlon acted kind of gay on the wayans bros.

      damon played a fag in beverly hills cop.

      crossdressing is a hollywood tradition.

      funny how all these black actors and comedians was on the chitlin circuit doing all sorts of black sitcoms and tv events in the laste 80’s and 90’s and only a few of them like eddie murphy made the big leagues.

  7. the eldest wasyans brother died of aids keenon had an older gay brother who was a fag.

    kim wayans is married to a weird looking white guy.

    • Hey, I knew they had a brother older than Keenan. But I thought it was the dark skinned one who would serve as an extra when they did the skits in the diner where Kim was the old waitress, David Alan Grier as the old relative who used to shout out non-sensical phrases and Tommy Davidson was the cook. The dark skinned guy was always at the table with no lines to say… Anyway most gossips point at Shawn being the gay one….Shame on me for gossiping, but I love the Wayans and back then especially Shawn, my heart is broken if he is homo…

  8. kim coles kissed aubrey o day a while back.

    kim loves being a gay icon but she has’nt admitted she’s a lesbian yet.

    • Kim Coles looks like Raven Symone, Sr. No surprises with that revelation. I side eye any sista who hangs in Vivica Fox’s circle or anywhere near Queen Latifah.

      RUStillDown: Shawn was rumored to be gay. I know Marlon got married several years ago. I used to see him when I went out ALL the time. I never saw him with a woman, so I never got a ho vibe from him.

  9. Shawn is gay..
    Marlon is married or shacking up with an older lady who is the mother of his kids..
    Keenan wife,ex-wife I heard was a freak..
    Don’t know much about Damon..
    Kim W I always though was a lesbian ..

    • Shaxn played a sorta closeted gay high school football player in the “Scary Movie” films and he was pretty convincing. hmmm. And I don’t get a radar ping off of Marlon.

      Kim seems like she’d straight.
      Now I’d bet my piggy bank that Kim COLES is a lez.

      • she kissed aubrey o day.

        and she’s a gay supporter what more proof do we need.

        marlon acted kind of gay on few episodes of the wayans brothers he gave off lots of gay hints.

        member seeing him and shawn kiss on the lips a few times.

        2 grown ass men smacking on tghe lips even though they’re happy and they’re singing and they’re colored is still suspect.

  10. I was watching the One Night Only Eddie Murphy special recently and Keenan came out. The look Chris Rock’s face and Arsenio……just an awkward moment. The vibe was weird when he came out and while he was speaking. It’s like they were cracking on him. Must be a laughing stock in Black Hollyweird.

    • they were looking like that because it’s very well known that keenan and eddie had a problem back in the days. keenan and robert townsend would write for eddie and he never came through on promises to help them. in fact they felt he worked against them to keep them down but then threw opportunities to arsenio. then keenan had a skit on living color making fun of arsenio. robert townsend didn’t trip and just made his own lane and tv shows. they say keenan was so bitter and angry towards eddie and arsenio that it has fueled his career, wanting to make movies starring him with his own money and doing anything to top eddie. and then to see him come out and give tribute was hilarious to anyone in eddies circle as they know keenan hates eddie

      • Maybe Eddie was threatened by keenan. Eddie is an Aries they can be that way.
        Keenan is hilarious but he is no Eddie.

        • Keenan wrote much of the misogynistic: RAW performed by Eddie, which Eddie later admitted that he was embarrassed by. . . because of its angry sexist attitudes toward women. That;s why it wasn’t as funny as Delirious . Met Townsend once. He was a jerk, and everyone around knew it. Ask Eddie Griffin.

      • I do remember him clowning Arsenio. They did have the “Black Pack” back in the day with Townsend,Murphy and them. Keenan gave Rock his first part in his movie tho. Wouldn’t surprise me if Eddie was trying to keep them down. It’s not like he couldn’t give some of those parts in Coming To America to his so called friends. Thats why Arsenio took that shot at Keenan when he was talking about the idea for Coming To America with Eddie and how he supposedly threw in the idea that they could give other actors jobs to play some of those characters but then Eddie said you can play the characters too and Arsenio said “f them n##gas let them get their own jobs ! You can’t save the whole f*%$kin town !!” I was like wtf. Robert Townsend did respond with the Hollywodd Shuffle movie. In the movie he plays a character that is trying to make it in the movie industry. They reject him because they wanted the “Eddie Murphy type”. He has a dream where hes in line with a bunch of Eddie Murphy look alikes and eventually starts acting like Eddie himself until he snaps out of the nightmare. The Wayans were in the movie so uh….. Smells like beef to me.

  11. please learn the difference between “chic” and “chick” because it’s making you look like a moron.

  12. Keenan sounds mad bitter here, but really, he has no one to blame for his views on the light-skinned and/or white Gold Diggers he and his brothers have chased around Hollyweird (And put on a pedestal above medium-to-dark-skinned black women) since the late ’80s but himself. What kind of women did he and his brothers think they’d find in Hollyweird, especially when it’s a known fact that EVERYBODY there would do (damn near) anything for a buck and a come-up? It’s hilarious and pathetic at the same time that he actually thought he’d find true, unconditional love there. Charge that (bull)shit to the game and work on getting that career back on track, Keenan.