Who’s Jacky Talking About? – December 14, 2012


Blind Item - December 14, 2012

HSK Exclusive – He may have once been seen as reppin’ the ‘new school’, but today, this rapper would be classified as old school. Even though he’s no longer at the forefront of the limelight, some of his secret flip mode practices haven’t been forgotten by those who he may have personally told “got a big gun, and I’ma show you the size”. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the male hairdresser who he reportedly told, “Gimme Some More”.

During his heyday, a three-way our mystery man reportedly had – with female rapper, Ra Digga, and one male Beverly Hills hair stylist – led our blind item, and the other dude involved, to really wanna party — with just each other! We’re told the three-way smash session happened back in 2003, before our blind item rapper and the 90210 hair stylist sparked a nine-month long secret gay bromance.

Though we can’t confirm the identity of the hair stylist, we suspect it could be one former ‘Fabulous’ VH1 reality television personality, a hair style guru to the stars, known for his flamboyant character and platinum blond mane.

Now, only time will tell when and what details the unnamed man will reveal about his secret relationship with our blind item. Know why? Because sources exclusively tell HSK he’s taking his story about our mystery man to the bidding block.

Here’s the drop:

“I can’t betray dude and tell you the whole story. He wants to be paid but the threesome with Ra Digga is a juicy story.

Jacky, if you pay him – he’ll tell you all about his steamy nine-month relationship with the former Aftermath recording artist. He can prove your blind item is a gay man, because he’s his ex-lover.”

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • Ha !!! I know, right ? It’s always those who hate the most, isn’t it ? Busta, yo’ shi is busted wide open now. And i remember that hairstylist from that show with Jackee’ ex-husband. Eddie,Busta, who’s next ?

        • I don’t think Eddie bashes gays.His Honeymooners skit about Ralph and Norton being gay is just pure comedy.

          • Ummmm,he may not have bashed, but he talked a whole lot of shit. Only to have it come back and bite him in the ass. Your right though, it’s not bashing.

  1. When he was in NY, its used to gay boy parties in the Brown Stone houses, yeah he in there with his crew, making the boys chew!!! Ctfu he is a mess, and got the nerve to be tiff!!! PUHlease! Smh

  2. As soon as you said “flip mode” I said Busta. But dang, please say it just ain’t so. [smhead about it]

  3. He seem like it, I have heard it too, but what about when Kevin hart was hosting puffy parTY, Usher came in and Puffy said we used to wake up together, I mean I’m bugging, he used to wake up before me and we used to wrestle over the frosted flakes, and kevin laughed soooooo hard, like wtf did puff jus say!!!

    • lmao I thouht I was the only one that noticed that! Puff tried to redeem himself, Usher wasn’t pleased looked awkward, like wtf are u about to say, and there’s more but Thank God he never said! Kevin was like ummmmmmm wtf? PAUSE!!!!!! lmaooooooooooo priceless for real!

      • lol the old saying- ” the eyes are the windows to your soul” was in full efect wit regards to Puff. he F’d up and tried to laugh it off but Kevin wasn’t havin it. Usher looked like he should have done the U turn

        • Damn. Hate I missed that one. That’s makes Puffy a pedophile. HE should have been the shamed one, not Usher.
          Explains a lot about Usher’s fucked up relationships with women.

          • Lmao at he should of did a “u turn” cryinggggggg!!!!!! And @ new2u the vid is still on YouTube it’s called – Diddy’s Dirty Money Party With Kevin Hart it’s 20mins long if u got time watch it all as there are sooooo many blank stare pause worthy moments… But the part we are talking about is at the end.

    • I just watched the video and Puff Titty just busted him and Usher out! They use to wake up- he caught himself but it was too late! Kevin Hart tripping! WTF!!! Piss Titty a rapist! Poor Usher! His momma should be ashamed of herself! NO WONDER Usher got so many problems with women. I also heard that Quincy Jones did the same thing to his artist! What is this world coming too?!

  4. The inside joke is Jacky calls these blind items, blind items…LOL

    thats the funniest part but I guess its a legal protection..

      • I know Bust-er and the rest of these cats and catettes be on their cell phones to their lawyers and saying “WHAT THE FUCK AM I PAYING YOU FOR , DID YOU SEE WHAT THIS GUY IS WRITING ABOUT ME, DO SOMETHING MAN”

        The lawyer is going to have to respond




      • I’m sure you are protected or you wouldn’t give us all this fabulous info on these crazy celebs. Busta does look like he loves to rap on the mic. If you know what I mean.

  5. LOL which one was the gwarl in the relationship? I have no idea why guys hook up with one another for sex. I mean opposites attract, right? Why would u want someone who has the same sexual organs as u? SMDH

    • I tryin’ figure if this guy was one of the socially conscious rappers and a self proclaimed 5 percenter would be gay.

      • I know the bible is very accurate about this man on man shit. This world is nuts, but all we can do is blame Adam & Eve. They say there is a lot Bi and Gay folks in the entertainment industry. Go figure…Its all about that dollar at the end of the day.

  6. Funny how when his wife left him for a woman he referred to the other woman as a man-bitch. You know what they say, the most homophobic are gay themselves. Don’t believe me? Ask the GOP.

  7. Why on God’s green earth would Ra Digga want to have a threesome with an outright, open homosexual? I just don’t get that…..now bussa bust….that sissy on the downlow, so maybe she didn’t know about him…but Sean? Double ewwww!

      • A boss sleeping with a employee isn’t rape unless there’s sexual coersion.Maybe Rah was down? We don’t know the details.

        Plenty of women fuck their male bosses.Honestly,I’ve never met a Male supervisor who hasn’t fooled around with one of his female employees.
        Doesn’t make it right.
        Never get the honey from where you make your money!!!

        • Its against the law for a boss to have sex with an employee…THERE ARE 1000’s of cases in litigation right now. Women can come around a month later after having sex with their boss and say they were told they had to do that in order to get her album out…

          • It is harassment when the person in power uses that power to coerce. Just like Anon said.

            It’s dumb as hell, legal or not. The lower echelon employee nearly always gets burned. To successfully litigate, you have to have corroboration up the ying yang. It can and has been done–but it isn’t easy. If it was, Diddy would be wrapped up in court for the next 5 years by spurned, messed up toyz he tossed out.
            And I’m not sure I would call Busta RD’s supervisor. js

  8. Sean is soooooo cute….lmao but I knew he was gay, who don’t? This is not the first time I heard this about Busta Buss. It is what it is.

  9. Oh Trevor, you & your nasty herpes. He refuses to wear condoms. Busta fits in perfectly with the rest of GAY MONEY aka YMCMB.

    • Yeah I heard about that nasty shit he doing. Giving out herpes to some chick. Here’s the website…


      He ain’t the only one doing that shit…it’s sad but be honest with yo shit. If you got it you got it it’s not about embarrassment it’s about someone elses health. Sad part is that you can contract herpes with a condom on. Just keep it 100 and allow people the proper respect and choice to choose to engage. That’s selfish as hell. Makes you wanna be celibate nowadays cause STD’s are way too available nowadays. To many of my peoples have gotten caught up and it’s sad.

      • He got you too , huh?

        Thats the risk of being a groupie hoe.
        herpes is an occupational hazard in that line of work and the pay sucks.

        • Dear lord no! He did not get me. I’m a lil more careful than that gee wiz. I can’t speak for shorty on that website but it seem like she knew him for a good minute and he deliberately gave it to her so I don’t know. LMAO at the pay sucks being a hoe…getting herpes is a cost you’re right about that.

  10. Lol

    Anyway I dont really care about Buster being ghei…but if he just passing out herpes like candy, he not right

    Rah Digga had talent. Why all the rappers gotta f#ck they female protegees?

  11. He aint the only rapper who has it. I went out on a date with a rapper. And i kind of wanted 2 phuck him really bad until i saw the outbreak. Someone else i knew, knew i dated him before she started dated him also saw an outbreak too. When the chick ran into me, she ask me y didnt i warn her. I explained 2 her i was not the herpes police and it was not my responsibility to warn her. Hell maybe i would have warned her if i knew she planned on screwing him.

    Damn, that shyt running rampant in the industry and people r misinformed on how 2 protect themselves. Condoms dont protect against herpes.

  12. Busta nut in a man and take it in the butt from a man wow,busta nut is a nasty stinking,sweaty muthaphucka,and just think this animated asso got a nerve to be homophobic it’s too late busta nut,we knew you were homo a long time ago!!! What’s shaking in L.A. Jacky,the big earthquake is on the way bro,you might wanna take your blog up outta there and head back north,be safe California !!!

  13. I knew this 4 yrs… I rmbr in 2002 when I went to a party in Manhattan @ the Marriott. This white guy w/ alot of sugar in his tank approached him @ the bar. Kissed Busta on the lips… Yes, kissed him… I was shocked, but u know 98% of these male rappers are fruity n try 2 front..

  14. Yeah this is old news. He doesn’t even try to hide it anymore and he has herpes simplex 10. Feel for anyone who lets him hit unprotected. It seems many rappers and singers are living a double life. In the morning they walk around hollering fag this and sissy that but at night they go home and let some man plunder their butthole like a pirate-go figure. I guess they think if they spout a lot of homophobic garbage people won’t look too closely at them and see they’re sweeter than a 10 pound bag of sugar. Guess the old saying thou doth protest too much is really true huh? Shocked at the Rah Digga part though. Thought she was better than that but i guess she took the nicki minaj way in. Is there a female in the game who didnt suck or fuck her way in? Guess talent is not even in the equation anymore is it? Just askin’ Smmfh

  15. Busty bust rythmes nasty butt been busting dem grapes for a min they say his sidekick is his main squeezed.

  16. I always wondered why when I met him and kind of pushed up and said I was a fan( I was a young hot college girl /stripper) he seemed disinterested,,now I know lol

  17. hahaha no wonder his voice changed…..fuckin down lo brothas nasty as hell. maybe he should go call eddie murphy. nasty mofo

    • His voice changed because he a fat greasy pig. All that mucus in the vocal chords …Aretha Franklinitis.

  18. Its been out for for at least a decade and a half about Busta. i figured out what Flip Mode meant from the beginning….that whole clique was either bi-sexual or homosexual. Busta did a interview on MTv in the 90’s and he seemed jealous when discussing Diddy’s relationship with his then girl friend. Many ppl who worked behind the scenes at MTv discussed many things they saw with these rappers that play hard on camera yet had their male lover would be waiting for them in the green room…..

  19. I am SO sick of hearing about black men & this gay shit! Why dont all of you brothers just take a quick vote and kick all the black women on earth out to a island because we useless. Black men are either gay or they date anyone except a black woman. Damn! The next black man i get with im gone have to check his ass hole to make sure no dick been in it! Why do black men hate black women!

    • They don’t actually hate black women, they just like men better.I say live and let live. If they wanna be gay go ahead, matter of fact I know a few men who I wish were gay( which they probably are, I just have’nt heard about yet.

    • They all don’t but you have to understand that the bad outnumbers the good so it just seems that way. It is more prevalent in the industry cuz of several factors-one is the times. Shows like will and grace and modern family are telling men it is cool to be gay and there is nothing wrong with it. That’s why so many young men both black and white are going that way. The second is the industry itself-imagine you are in a job where you are told all of the things considered taboo are accepted-lesbianism, homosexuality, beastiality, devil worship etc. Now if you are mentally strong this poses no threat but if not….There are other reasons but there is not enough time or space to list them but those are the main two. Instead of giving up on our men we black women better wake up and see we are in a war for the bodies and souls of our black men and we are losing and it is not by accident it is a plan. Think about it if black men who carry the seed of our race are eliminated what does that lead to? EXTINCTION!!! That is why we must not give up on our men even when it seems the right thing to do or it feels like we should. Have faith my sister there are good black men out there. Some are rough and need the polishing that only we can give them and some are merely convinced that good black women aren’t out there. Remember the same bill of goods that we are sold-“black men are trifling-all they want is white women-black women are better off without black men”-they are being sold on the other side-“black women are golddiggers-black women hate you-white women are better-you don’t need black women.” It is divide and conquer-oldest strategy in the book and black women/men are falling for it. This is too important a battle to lose my sister-Don’t give up!!! Believe me i know it sometimes seems as though it is a losing battle but if we let it go we all lose. I know that our men can test the patience of job himself but by the same token they could say the same about us. We must find a happy medium with our men cuz the alternative is too devastating to fathom. I cannot speak for you, but as for me if they want our men they will have to pry them from my cold, dead hands! And that’s that!!!

      • Vermithrax, you say some great things, I love reading your stuff, but I just wanna say:

        I say to my sisahs: it is a war, battle in it, but do not become mortally wounded. If you find a man who loves and respects you, get with him regardless of color, creed or nationality.

        The man is the protection of the race, so if black men are thirsty to do the white man’s bidding to elinate the black race through killing another black man (an offering to the god of white supremacy), molest children (o
        offering to Moloch), deal drugs (genocide),
        torch buildings (displacement), marry white/asian women (saying God made a mistake when black folks were created) and rob folks, then we have lost our first line of protection, so we must first PROTECT OURSELVES AND OUR CHILDREN.

        We can pray for our brothas, but we cannot cosign on their bullshit. Now that I know Busta doin’ this shit, well, I will keep my money in my purse. Fuck him and the rest of these assholes bringin’ disease and destruction. Busta grew up very spoiled so his attitude doesn’t surprise me.

        As for the gay thing in the black community, the only thing that can overcome that is prayer. But, know that homosexuality is the last act in the line of rebellion against God. Rampant homosexuality comes from idolatry. America started with idolatry in the form of white supremacy. So when you see a black gay boy, know that he is under God’s serious judgment because his sexual actions are worship of the white man by spilling his seed into the ass of another man and not into another black woman.

        Also, know that rampant homosexuality is a sign that the society Bblacks as wlel as whites) are under God’s judgment, so I don’t have to tell folks who to side with.

        • Now u see why I am so masculine. I am a black female and black men are threatened by me and maybe I would be feminime and act like a lady if I had me a real black man! I have to be the man and the woman and i am sick of it! Why cant I find a nice black man who loves me because i am a strong black woman. Maybe i wouldnt have to nag or complain or bitch if a brother was doing his job! I want a black man. From God. Thank u.

          • There is NO such thing as a black knight. I’m over in Europe (England) and even here the black men rarely date black women excluding London & Birmingham. No black men don’t hate us, no they don’t all think white women are better. The problem is the expectancy that a black man is SOLD out if he doesn’t date black women.
            To be fair black women are TIRED of the rubbish/drama/chip-on-the-shoulder that comes with most black men.
            To clarify black men don’t hate blk women….unfortunately, they resent themselves..hence they are the last ones to treat a black woman like the Nubians that we r.
            Please bare in mind; not all black men fall under this category BUT I bet there isn’t one black person that reads this email that doesn’t have at least one black male family member that is dating outside his race.
            RE: Black gays – for real that’s an epidemic in America. I first saw it with ur prisons, “gangsters” rapping bout it n black celebs being exposed….yes we have gay black people but neither Jamaica, England or Africa has the amount of black-gays that America has (per head of population). Flip sake ev famous black man/woman in USA appears to be gay/bi or in a marriage of convenience. WTF is wrong wit y’all in the US? You’re too westernised.

            RE: Usher/Pufyy – These young boys having sex with adult men is NOT their fault. Even if they consented it is still unlawful (even in jacked-up, brain-washed USA)…u no y? Becoz minor’s cannot consent to sex. It’s called statutory RAPE whether they grew up to like it or not.

      • Vermithrax, your words brought a tear to my eye. Sistas like you deserve nothing but the best.

  20. If Busta was giving herpes to underaged children then he could be prosecuted for rape.

    On the other hand a CONSENTING ADULT cannot expect the law to protect them and supercede their own intelligent judgement and choice..

    There is no law saying that you have to have sex with Busta Rhymes within 5 minutes of meeting him because hes famous.

    There is no law saying he has to volunteer his personal health matters to adult strangers.

    You as an intelligent adult groupie, has the right to ask for a full medical report from Busta Rhymes before putting his genitals in your mouth or your other two groupie orifices.

    Busta Rhymes then has the option to share this medical report with you or two not share his medical report with you.

    • It is a crime in some states to do it without disclosing your status before hand. He CAN be sued for that. Why it hasn’thappened, I don’t know.

      • Thank u 4 answering my qustion. Fuck the bull shit. This shit is dead serous if busta out there like that! I also heard Missy Elliot got it to. This shit is crazy! Im gone a FULL BODY CONDOM!

  21. These comments… LMAO …why Busta’s mouth is always open..he waiting on a d*ck to fly in it.too hilarious

  22. Homophobic.. too much protesting… trying to throw the scent off the TRUTH trail.. abusive to women, attending downlow events on sly..as if the word won’t get out.. some of the signs..and PS Just because a man has alot of sex with women/ groupies does not mean that he isn’t gay or bi!

  23. Sadly, Busta isn’t the only one. I’m an ex-Dominatrix and I’ll tell you exactly how these seemingly “masculine” men like Busta, start switch hitting. You have to understand that this man has spent an enormous amount of time in an industry where women have mercilessly thrown themselves at him. After all of the sex, kids, 3somes, hedonism parties…it gets BORING and he needs something else to help him maintain that “high” or “power” that he feels during sex.

    This will lead him to experiment with “other” things. Those others things may include fetishes, role play, bisexuality, or straight up gay sex. In his head, he has conquered women and needs another challenge.

    Now I’ll hit you from an anatomical standpoint. A male’s prostate IS his g-spot. No woman, I don’t care how acrobatically or gymnastically inclined she is, will be able to hit that spot directly, unless it’s through anal penetration. Please note that prostate massagers are usually used to accomplish this. Once a man has been penetrated anally, the ONLY thing that will keep him from enjoying it would be his ego. And if that man is strictly held back by his ego…trust me when I tell you that the pleasure principle WILL take over sooner or later.

    • You just hit the nail on the head. In Magic Johnson’s book he talked about how having sex with one woman wasn’t enough. So he needed two women at once then three, then four. It became harder and harder for him to find satisfaction. These men turn to other men because it takes them to another level. This is why you have to be real careful about how you live your life. It all starts in the brain and then manifest itself into reality.

    • @Nina

      If you say that men only gain true pleasure from being anally impaled, then how is it we are able to achieve enough prostate stimulation to achieve an erection and ejaculate semen into a womans vaginal orifice to procreate without being anally probed?

      Have you ever been a man?

        • You will “venture” to be incorrect. *smile* There are plenty of black men that are into anal penetration, but they simply won’t admit it to someone other than a Domme. A Domme will not judge him for it, but the general public will.

          • So what percentage of your clientele is caucasian males?

            There has to be some percent that is accurate.

            • My best advice 2 women is, makesure your man has ‘soil all of his royal oaks B 4 getting married & no bachelor parties ever, no hanging with the fellas, no strip clubs ever! Alcohol, money, & sex dont mix then make him take a STD test, then ask about his past partners & make him bend over & take the ass check test. If he refuses. Make him take a lie detector test & ifhe passes then u marry him. Protect ur self ladies. If u dont who will.

          • If u asking me, I am black all at the strip clubs 95 percent black. Prostituting was mixed. Latinos guys are the best. They pay u well and they are regular clientel. Brothers gone make u work and sweat 4 every last dollar he give u, then realize he broke& want u to give back a 20 for gas. White men B on freaky shit. Golden showers & fudge sundays u get the point. Why u thing Usher wrote thst song. LETS MAKE LOVE IN THIS CLUB & yes men dont care who watching cause they get their by eatching other men get theirs. Like in prison, just with women around.

      • Please reread my statement. Nowhere did I imply that men ONLY gain “true” pleasure from anal penetration. I said the g-spot can’t be DIRECTLY stimulated other than through anal stimulation. Big difference.

    • Interesting …. but what’s next when sleeping with men gets old..animals…? I’m just saying for some of them sleeping with men hasn’t gotten old… they continue to do it… all the while using women as a front.

    • sorry couldn’t take these dudes for 2 minutes, far less 8 and a half minutes. Sex is a gift from God, then the devil perverts it with too much sex. That is why these dudes don’t consider themselves gay. They just want crazy sex. But there is a reason why it is called prison sex. Gay sex is bondage, the trick of the mind is that the freaks think it is freedom or “sex on another level. And for those “gay” boys, their sexual identity was stolen and their sex is nothing but the sex of the damned in bondage.

      Why is this shit so prevalent in the entertainment industry?



  25. @Anonymous 08:42
    I dont work 4 u or Hsk(even though I luv Jackys site). So if i chose not to disclose, so be it. Just be careful who u chose 2 lay with. And how u know if im a broad?
    I used to be in the industry
    for years, and knew a lot of
    entertainers. Never wanted to phuck any of them. This particular rapper i knew waay before he was famous. So no i wasnt grouping.(not that i care what u say behind a screen) But no wasnt grouping. As a matter of fact my cousin was involved with a relative for many years and they used to live 2gether.
    @Pisces, i know quite a bit of tea about some celebreties. Sometimes i share it, sometimes I dont.
    Been coming 2 this site 4 over 2 years and i know of some celebreties who have been cool and some who havent.
    Besides the herpes, this person was a perfect gentleman. So y should i out him.
    They should tell u if they r infected, but its up to me to be aware and to just say no.
    This is y i now lurk instead of comment now. Because of ignorant kneegrows such as @Yuup and @Anonymous 08:42.

  26. Some people r truly ignorant. A 1st time encounter(oral or
    penetration, or even kissing) can land a person with herpes.
    U dont have to be promiscuous or a hoe. Peoples health are their responsibility.
    Also people outside the entertainment imdustry are also carriers. Bottom line,
    It is best for both parties to get tested thorougly and regularly before getting intimate.

    • I agree with you totally, but men and women need to clearly get the message that CONDOMS WILL NOT PROTECT YOU FROM HERPES.

      I am in no way suggesting that you don’t wrap it up, because they will protect you from the other STD’s. but because herpes is often present all over the penis, testicles, and perineum area. In women it can cover all are of the vulva and backwards to the peri-anal area. So all the condoms in the world won’t protect you when bumpin’ up on a partner with lesions.

  27. and the ones who admit they have std’s and still they end up having sex with these people.

    look at tommy lee and pam’s diseased asses how many folks they slept with guess you aIN’T NOBODY IN HOLLYWOOD TIL YOU CAUGHT HERPES.


  28. I just don’t understand that if everybody knew that all these raps and actor are gay then why is it so surprising. I just saying I need more than some he say she say. Thanks for the entertainment

  29. LMAO @ the comments above.
    Should I be surprised about this blind item. Dam, just about everyone in Hollywood is gay, SMH!

  30. Most people in the world are gay not just entertainers. If you didn’t know, your parents, family lied to you.

    This is the cold hard truth. Ask them.

  31. This is a shame. I personally believe that having so much sex with different people, you will eventually want to “venture” and try “other” things. I just don’t understand how people think that gay sex is ok. Disgusting! And it seems like there is a war to destroy the black family, the black woman and to have every black man running around with a dress on or a dick up his butt and in his mouth. Believe the Bible or not but everything that’s happening in our world today is prophesied in there, EVERYTHING. Man, I believe we are in the last of the last days.

  32. I wonder if you same ppl bashing Busta Rhymes about him being gay would out y’all own gay relatives( i know yall have some)online for gossiping purposes. Just saying, since y’all ppl on here wanna be holier than thou but just as miserable as most celebrities y’all idolize. It ain’t nothing new about the entertainment industry because it’s a cesspool of immortality.

      • You must not visit this site too often. Jacky and the rest of us believe being out is fine. You know who you are, and more importantly you aren’t spreading disease to innocent women who believe you straight.

        It’s the DL brothas who get shit on here–NOT the openly gay ones who at the most consider themselves bi while screaming at the fans that they hate gays and are as hetero as Denzel.

  33. Busta baby mom put on blast when they were going thru their custody battle, she walked in and spliff was giving MR blind item a professional. She said that on the radio. Him and spliff are tight… But booty holrpe tight.