Who’s Jacky Talking About? – December 3, 2012


Dec 3, 2012 - Blind Item

She’s a noted ‘Queen’ of certain song, but that doesn’t mean our blind item is treated like a queen by her significant other. That’s because our mystery lady’s mackadocious husband is said to have recently plotted a scheme – getting the songstress to leave her John Hancock in order for him to land a $2.2-Million dollar bank loan.

The problem is, sources say he never intended to pay it back! Now, The Supreme Bank has filed a lawsuit against our blind item and her “Superfly” husband – for the $2.2 million PLUS $58,000 interest fee. That’s why sources say they’re now at odds. Know why? Because the situation has reportedly led her to stop payments – leaving just her to face the judge.

This isn’t the first time our blind item is reported to have been led astray by her man. You may remember earlier this year our mystery lady first agreed to a controversial deal in which she sang about chicken — all because her husband reportedly told her to do it for the money. Don’t believe me.. Ask her sister La Tonya.

Insiders say our blind item’s husband uses Christianity as nothing more than a tool to both keep our blind item in check — and get into her pockets. Don’t believe me.. Ask Andre Harrell.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. Gurl… Mary j blige.. Buz he has always looked like a sneaky bastard, i think some women after so many unsuccessful relationships just start to settle for “whatever“ that is available..

  2. That’s a lot of money! Dang! What the heck did he need that for? I thought MJB was footin’ all the bills anyway?

    I hope she finds peace and true happiness.. she deserves it.

  3. Mary has been singing and talking about her past even when her life is going well. She always seems depressed and it’s hard for me to listen to her music because it doesn’t boost me up. I hope she finds Jesus instead of looking for an earthly man cause it is not working out for her. But she herself ain’t no saint either. When she meets these men, they do have something in common. So she needs to stop looking for herself.

    • Mary is playing the role created for her. The sad otter woman who can me er find the right man. Aretha Franklin played the same role too. This is how things have been predestined by the system.

      These women are expected to suffer and never find happiness. These are the women that are held up as legends in the black community whe their life choices and music only serve to keep their audiences in a perpetual state of self pity and depression.

      • Aretha Franklin is a ho who got many babies early on in life, so that is why she could not find a good man. Mary J looks good, but she is not good. Like someone wrote, so always acts like she has some issues. I’ll bet she would not trade places with anyone from where she came from.

      • Pink, you aint never lied! It’s the sad, unadulterated truth; both of those ladies appear to be playing out their ironic destinies- fame, fortune meets extreme use and abuse. It’s so tragic, and yet almost funny…. and these ladies’ lyrical tales of woe only serves to seduce the unwitting wretches into an utter woe-is-me state of mind. That’s magic for you!

    • People Need Not To Judge Other People! And who gave you jesus eye’s to say what is what her music. Help women like me learn and grow from our miss fortune. So before you think you are, Miss.Cleo get your opinion and thought’s together.!!!!!!!!!!()

    • If her husband is using Christianity to put her check, what makes you think Jesus will?
      That’s exactly what Mary needs to do..go inside herself. The answer is within her, not some spook God.

    • Not sure if they did. But she is still fussin bout Kci and if you notice he has never bad mouth her. Even when he had a chance to do so. But I do know that when she and K met, they were both already getting high. So he didn’t change her or get her in drugs. I think that she is doing this so that women can feel her pain and buy her music. She was in drugs since she started n was stripn long before she met these men. Her life is her fault.

  4. Mary has made a career of playing the victim. I stopped listening to her some time back for that reason. Song after song about how bad you’ve been treated. Also I hate millionaires who are always bitching. Trade your wealth and go back to the hood if its so freakin terrible. Jus my opinion.

    • Preach!!!!!! You are right on the money!!! Noire years turn into a bunch of sorrow and let downs for our youth. She made it and still ain’t happy! Her songs doesn’t help women who have been abused! She gets caught up in drama with her husband all the time. Where she is now is where she should be.

      • missjoyve: The unhappy people with money do not seem to want to let any of that money go so that someone else can find out if money does not buy happiness! They are also not giving it up to find out for themselves either. It is not unhappiness that is the problem for people like Mary J, it is the drug use that creates these issues.

    • So agreed!! And lest we forget mary is not blameless in all this-she chooses these men! You cannot continue to choose no good men and then want to complain about it on records. Your happiness is in your own hands and if you choose the wrong man then you need to dump him and find someone else. The dictionary definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. So that said mary is only with him because she chooses to be.So if she is miserable it is by her choice. As for him well he is only going to do what a snake does and that’s be a snake. Being famous or wealthy is no excuse for being stupid or accepting bad treatment especially when you have other options. But considering mary’s attitude maybe kendu is the best she can get. Just a thought.

      • I hate when people hear someone say something on TV and then repeat it to sound intelligent. Stop using cliches. If that were true, then most of the sports teams, politicians, students, sexually active, student drivers, recording artists and anyone in training are INSANE!

  5. Smh, her family had been apart of her career from the start and helped her to fight her demons and love herself. Then, she gets with ol boy and she fires all of them cuz of him. She’d been good and focused when she was surrounded by her family..no issues or TMZ moments.
    The magazine cover issue and awards ceremony speech..the glam squad payment issue (when hired for a photo shoot or any performance in addition to her fee, she expects her hair/makeup ppl to also be paid by the vendors)…the club fight and now thea chicken song..ALL while dude is n the pic

  6. Her next song should feature Lenny Williams and Oran Juice Jones. Damn Mary. Enuf already. Lol

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  7. Damn my girl been through so much in life and she’s still going through it. Just don’t make any sense. Mary is beautiful and she can have any man in the world that will treat her right. There was something I never quite liked about Kendu, just by looking at his pics, it’s all in his eyes, he seemed sneaky, like a snake in the grass ass type of dude. I guess my suspicions were right. C’mon Mary I will always root for you, I wish you much success in love and life. Shit my girl been singing All I Really Want Is To Be Happy and she still didn’t find her happily ever after.

  8. MJB is dumb as hell. She once came into the hair place I worked at because she thought that we could sew hair onto her head. She seriously thought we could take a needle and sew it on her head permanently! When she realized we just used glue like every other place she got mad and left because she could get the hair cheaper somewhere else.

    • no dear there is a such thing as a “sew in”.. that was popular back in the day..your real hair is braided and tracks were sewn in.. mary knew what she wanted.. it is safer than glue.. glue pulls your hair out…

  9. well mary is a tragic blues queen like those old singers thaT SING ABOUT THEIR PAIN BESSIE SMITH, MA RAINEY, BILLIE HOLIDAY WERE THE SAME WAY.





    • Exactly!!! And like I said uptop she chooses these guys! Now look at all the men you named and considering their reps with women why on earth would she be with any of them. Mary is the typical female who is scared of being alone and would rather have a no good man than no man at all. She gets no pity from me for her situation cuz she chose kendu. If you choose to lay in bed with a scorpion you can’t bitch when you get stung. Oh and since I have you here I wanted to thank you for your answer to my question about why these celebs keep getting into these sham marriages on another thread. You kind of gave me an answer I was expecting but kind of not also. I just wonder if neither person is famous like that what is the purpose? I still don’t get tisha and duane getting married but maybe that’s just me.

  10. I heard she didn’t have him sign prenup either. He left his pregnant wife to take up with her. He was her manager. He should have been the last man to get romantically involved with. Karma.

  11. this is not a blind item.. i saw this the other day.. i think it was on yahoo.. they used both her and his name.. this came out last week.. jacky is slippin..

  12. I think that Mary does this for attention to boost up her next album and to get women to feel sorry for her. She acts like her abuse is worse than someone who was beaten to death. She should be thankful and not ungrateful that she is still able to walk, talk and make money. She is one of the fortunate ones that made it but she never talks about the power she now has over men.

    • That goes for any woman. If you have half a brain they think you will leave for someone smarter. Their egos have them in constant fear, stay 1 step ahead to avoid that unnecessary drama.

    • Who should men with money marry? Perhaps that is why they marry white? What’s good for the goose…

      • LOL..if you think marrying white is marrying up, take yo azz to the back of the class. You clearly have not been paying attention.

  13. Wasn’t she pregnant by K Ci? If Im not mistaken, when they performed together on Arsenio(a long ass time ago) she was very pregnant. What happened to the baby?

    • u made me go to youtube and watch that, Mary definitely looked pregnant, even her face. I wish MJB the best, I hope she don’t let her husband take all her money. when I hear stuff, like this, I think of Melba Moore, her husband was her mgr and he took everything from her and Freddie Jackson. Melba Moore was even afraid for her life, she let Bill Cosby take her daughter while she went into hiding. that music business ain’t no joke.
      MJB & K-CI on Arsenio Hall

    • you are right. I thought I was the only one who remembers that. She was on BET and Big lez interviewed Mary and asked her how was the baby. It was for the release of the Happy video from her my life album. She was rocking them puffy coats.

    • she loved that baby dearly but she loved being a star more! she had 2 make a choice! they made her choose!

    • As far as I know of she was not pregnant. As many kids as Kci has, I couldn’t see him agreeing to an abortion. If she had an abortion, she made that decision on her own.

  14. Mary doesn’t have to to jump through hoops to sell records. Get Real. Her records have consistently sold millions from the time she came out.If people are so tired of hearing her sing about pain, failed relationships, happiness, etc than its really as simple as not buying her albums, or going to her shows. She sings about things that alot of women can relate to and her fan base is large. No she doesn’t appear to be the sharpest knife in the drawer all the times or make the best decisions in men, but how is that different from alot of average (non celebrity women). She has come a long way from where she was, and I do wish her the best.If her husband is not treating her right I hope that she gathers the strength to walk away from it, so that she can once again be free to find the real love that she sang about! Stop putting celebs on pedestals and recognize that they are human like us, and not above being foolish at times.

  15. The woman is a legend no doubt. Love the music. But I think shes truly traumatized. She aint wrapped too tight no more. Cant blame her she’s been thru a lotta of ish. The industry has ruin the best of em’.

  16. It’s all relative.. Mary has been looking for a father figure her whole life, some men can smell that a mile away and play on a woman’s needy-ness. And well let’s face it, it’s truly hard to find a good black man and when you do, they ain’t perfect either.. she just happens to live her life in the public eye.. Keep ya head up Mary B.!

  17. This is an opinion site. I don’t think that people are throwing stones at Mary. I think that people are only writing their opinions about what she has displayed to us as an icon. Maybe if she would just sing and not invite fans into her actual life, she would be able to heal from her past. It’s hard to understand that men can go thru just as bad experiences, sing 1 or 2 songs about it and move on. Women just keep on digging into their scores as therapy. Mary has been singing about her past for most of her career, then say that the Lord brought her thru her storm. Then she goes bad to a bad dark place each time she comes out with her album. I think that maybe fans are starting to ask themselves, how can I learn from this icon that I have followed for years, continue to be strong when she never seems to be stronger. Mary may want to go gospel. Maybe that’s her calling for the next phase of her career. Seems that God is calling her and she is not hearing His voice.

  18. You are so welcome Verimthrax173. I have actually heard Kci’s side of his story. And not once did he ever say anything bad about Mary. Basically he stated that they were both on the same page when they met and it didn’t work out. Because he never explained to her why he didn’t want her, she is searching for answers in the wrong place, (TV). But singers of course have manages that tells them what they think they should do or say before the album comes out so that they can make the album sell even more. So when fans hear their story/album, they are hooked for the start. Mary is not always the victim with everything she tells us. There is always 2 sides to a story and then there is the truth. As for Tisha/Duane, they started their marriage out when Tisha’s life was in a bad place. These celebs needs to take time out to heal before moving into another relationship. Sometimes the best way to heal from your past relationships is to be left alone so your thought process and kick in and help you move forward. That’s when you hear God speaking. You have to go to a quiet place to hear God.

  19. You are so welcome Verimthrax173. I have actually heard Kci’s side of his story. And not once did he ever say anything bad about Mary. Basically he stated that they were both on the same page when they met and it didn’t work out. Because he never explained to her why he didn’t want her, she is searching for answers in the wrong place, (TV). But singers of course have manages that tells them what they think they should do or say before the album comes out so that they can make the album sell even more. So when fans hear their story/album, they are hooked for the start. Mary is not always the victim with everything she tells us. There is always 2 sides to a story and then there is the truth. As for Tisha/Duane, they started their marriage out when Tisha’s life was in a bad place. These celebs needs to take time out to heal before moving into another relationship. Sometimes the best way to heal from your past relationships is to be left alone so your thought process can kick in and help you move forward. That’s when you can hear God speaking. You have to go to a quiet place to hear God sometimes.






  21. It is sad that women in the industry feel like they need a man in order to survive. I have heard that Kendu is cheating on Mary with the star chick he signed and now he taking her money too? Mary seems like a nice woman who wants a good man in her life. If Kendu is doing all of these things to her then she needs to move on before she ends up broke and on the sauce again. I hope that Mary learns to put her faith in God first and leave all of these sorry men alone and why be with someone if they abuse you or hurt you. Why is all of these men doing this? Leave his ass alone Mary!

  22. I looked at some of Mary’s interviews. In all of them she talks about how God has brought her thru relationships to get to the one she is currently in. Then she speaks about her dark past. After that, she speaks about her new album coming out. Check it out for yourself when you seen her in her interviews. Mary was a stripper, drug user, cussing machine, man beating, town drunk liar before she met any of her men. So Mary, when did the drama really start and who’s fought is it? She is just blending in with everybody that she has flocked around for years.