Who’s Jacky Talking About? – December 7, 2012


Dec 7 2012, Blind Item

She may be a sista, but sources say our blind item is the first to tell entertainment execs how dumb and silly she believes Afro-American entertainers are. Know why? Because our talking blind item is said to be jealous of other entertainers who have more money and fame than she does. Don’t believe me.. Ask Diddy.

According to one insider, our big-mouth blind item displays the most envy when it comes to Beyonce. We’re told our mystery lady is filled with so much jealously for Bey that she simple can’t hide the hate anymore. That’s why sources say her hate for Mrs. Hova was revealed, during a recent episode of our blind item’s talk television show.

Here’s what our blind item had to say about Beyonce:

“I am a Beyonce fan. I’m gonna be watching this documentary cause fortunately one of the TVs in our kitchen has closed captioning so I’ll be able to understand what she says.

You know Beyonce can’t talk. Beyonce sounds like she has a fifth grade education. She can’t talk. Honestly. We really do have the closed captioning for times like that.”

Here’s what our industry insider had to say about our blind item:

“She’s a hater, she’s the type of bitch who dances to ‘Single Ladies’ in her living room when she’s home alone.

Beyonce doesn’t have to cover up stretch marks with tattoos, but your blind item does! She jealous of Bey, that’s why she’s taking PETA ads with her manly features.

Bey is from Houston, she has a Texan accent. What’s wrong with that?
Does she use closed caption when someone from Tennessee speaks on television? Cause she’s the first to kiss Dolly Parton’s ass.”

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • It has nothing to do with Beyonce’s accent. Beyonce’s DIALOGUE sounds like she doesn’t have a junior high education at all. Wendy wasn’t hating. It’s the truth. Let’s keep it real.

      • I concur! She has always sounded illiterate. Even comedians have joked about the way beyonce speaks.

        She’s not hating but telling the truth.

        Academically Beyonce is dumb as F#ck

        • Yep yep…. or at least she SOUNDS dumb as fuck. BTW… we all use that phrase but does anyone know HOW dumb Fuck is? LOL. Forgive me, but my mind wonders about things like that sometimes. LOL No really though… does anybody know or has it ever been measured? LOL. Okay… I’ll stop now. tee hee hee

        • Yep yep…. or at least she SOUNDS dumb as fuck. BTW, we all use that phrase, but does anybody know HOW dumb fuck is? LOL. Forgive me, but my mind wonders about things like that sometimes. No really… does anybody know or has it ever been measured? LOL.. Okay, I’ll stop now. tee hee hee

      • She is not a hater, anyone with ears can hear that Beyonce talks like she is illiterate. Jacky, you are just an ass kisser for Beyonce. I think you are on her payroll or something. Maybe you need to unclog your ears and hear that girl talk, she talks as if she is 11 years old. But you would not know that because you are so far up Beyonce’s ass.

      • Thank uuuuuuu!!!!I hate it when I hear Beyonce talk,it makes me think i’m retarded.I’am a Texan I dnt talk like that,the smallest town in TX,that borders AR and my speech is nothing like that,but everyone that aren’t Bey fans are haters,and are chastised n that pisses me off.

        • Texarkana??? I agree, I am from Killeen and I don’t sound like her…she does sound dumb…

        • Yes yes! It’s not just the Stan’s that will come for our necks either! Bloggers will moderate your ass if you state your opinion too frequently also. What’s funny is she wouldn’t piss on these folks if they were on fire…she’s not the only entertainer that sounds dumb either, and the accent has nothing to do with it.

      • Thank You, I say the same thing. You can’t even hear her Texas accent. The girl sounds dumb. She should learn from Sugar Ray Leonard and take Speech lessons and start reading books.
        Sorry, but Wendy ain’t hatin’, she loves that Bey sounds like that. Gives her the chance to say “Dumb Bitch”.

      • It has nothing to do with DIALOGUE either because I’m certain that you meant something else…dialogue/dialog is a conversation between 2 people… I agree that Beyonce has a strong Southern accent and limited vocabulary – but your choice of words is also smaller than you think. (And had the nerve to type it in all caps – smdh) lol

  1. I really can believe this topic. I watch her everyday and she is so insecure. It really comes out when females are on her show.

    • I don’t watch, but when you look like a man, and everybody in the media/entertainment/blogs tells you that you look like a MAN! How secure can you “BEY”?lol.
      And please, everybody on here with these negativety, please stop hating.. This woman is the best at her craft(number dont lie)and the beautifulest at that. TOP TO BOTTOM. Waved up and all.. she can’t help it that she’s from the souf and it comes out when she speaks. NOBODY COMPLAINS,WHEN THE SOUTH SHOWS BY THE LOOK OF HER HIPS AND ASS . You know, that same ass that Nicki Manaj wants so bad, she wears pads to fool the eyes.. Or countsless others that go and get surgery, and injection to mimic.. SMH! And half of you ppl on here are black just like Wendy Willams hating and jealous that you’re not in her position, and that is what’s sad the most! LET’S BE REAL, this has nothing to do with the way she speaks. .. Nothing but a bunch of colored coons being colored coons!

        • “You know, that same ass that Nicki Manaj wants so bad, she wears pads to fool the eyes.. Or countsless others that go and get surgery, and injection to mimic.”

          @ black Man, you sure your eyes aren’t being fooled as well while looking at Bey?

      • stop it right there. there is photographic evidence that beyonce uses butt pads as well. you’re riding beyonce so hard that you can’t read the comments that her southern accent has nothing to do with her vocab. stay classy

      • Bey the best at selln her product…not mad but that doesnt make u the best lookn nor the best performer just right for the time

        • Please tell me who do it better?
          And I got 2 words COKE BOTTLE !
          What evidence? Send me a link please. Before or after the baby.
          Haven any of you been to the famous club in Dallas Onyx?
          What about “Harlem nights”in Houston?
          Them southern bells is hell when it comes to the body. Thick as all get out! Have yall seen Mylia lately ? Im talking natural, get familiar..

      • I totally understand why you are so vehemently denying Beyonce’s speech issue, you’re semi retarded also! Oh dear heart ‘beautifulest’? Countsless? BTCH? Even if I thought you were being sarcastic, I couldn’t laugh…literacy is a serious issue! You call yourself Black man and then use coons? Are you one of the “Kids” and I don’t mean young folks. You need to turn that flame down a bit LMMFAO!

        • “Black man” is a prime example of why i am embarrassed of the majority of black men. the white man has succeeded in keeping ignorance and irrelevance a part of our racial fiber…and black men especially holds on to it willfully with ALL THEIR MIGHT. sick, sad, disappointing, and just plain 100% ignorant. they are more infatuated with womens vanity these days than the women…they are so interested in “ass, breasts, and hips” that the white man has taken away just about all their freedom laws while they made sure they had plenty of “thickness” dangling in front of their faces.

          i have no more pity for my race of ppl…they have willingly chose the road they must travel…i jumped off the bandwagon a long time ago, smh.

          • The term is now “borderline Retarded” 10-1 odds “black man” aint even black…Beyonce came to the Air Canada Center in Toronto sold bout 8000 tickets..gave away the same amount to make the place look “right” Rihanna does double duty…what exactly does Beyonce do better anyways? i rather go to an Alica Keys concert…should pull Ms Jackson off her couch throw her on the damn stage I would rather see that too.

  2. Wendell Williams.

    I did go back and listen to Beyonce’s interviews…it is not all about her having a Southern dialect. The other girls of Destiny’s Child are from Texas and they are very articulate. Beyonce’ intelligence is questionable. She makes up for it with a strong work ethic. However, she is not bright by no stretch of the imagination.

    • very funny and very true. I know folks from Texas and they don’t sound like her.

      If this is Wendy Williams, was she thinkin’ black folks were beneath her when she was huffin’ on that pipe in da crack house 15 years ago???

    • i agree wendy wasn’t hating she was telling the truth. beyonce is the female modern day sugar ray leonard. stop classifying an opinion as hate.

    • strong work ethic.;popping puzzy, stealing writing credits from her sister too and EVERYONE SHE HAS WORKED WITH????


      • Love it!!! LOL@ Blue , if you’re reading this for Bey!!! You told the truth!! Beyonce Darling, just how many songs did you steal? Oh and as for her pregnancy…Child please, those of us who are awake know the deal!

  3. Wendell Williams.

    I did go back and listen to Beyonce’s interviews…it is not all about her having a Southern dialect. The other girls of Destiny’s Child are from Texas and they are very articulate. Beyonce’s intelligence is questionable. She makes up for it with a strong work ethic. However, she is not bright by no stretch of the imagination.

  4. Bey isn’t that bright, and it’s evident on how she speaks. If Wendy is a hater so be it, but on this topic she’s right.

    • She isn’t that bright? You are dumb as phuck just like everyone else on here saying she’s dumb. This chick is in business meetings about her brand EVERYDAY, if she was so dumb, her brand wouldn’t be getting bigger as we speak. So since all of ya’ll talke so articulate, how are your businesses doing? OH, you don’t own one you say? Oh, how about that recent promotion? Huh? No promotion either?! Well, damn what DID you do recently that showed how amazing you are at your job? I’ll wait losers.

      Also to those other people saying she doesn’t have an education. Guess what, she’s been doing her dream career most of her life, and the things that she has learned 99% of you will never learn in your lifetime. So please.

      • LOL!! Yup, okay…You still answered NOTHING. Also, if you watch any of her behind the scenes stuff, she is the one controlling everything, but you want to be like your mammy Wendy so bad that you will agree with anyone that talks bad about her.

        Now I will say this, she talks strange to me as well. But I do not think that for one second she is dumb. There are PSYCHOS that talk like professors and are dumber than your average 2nd grader. The bottom line is that she is a better business woman than half of you will ever be in your lifetime. IF she does have people doing stuff for her, well, she was smart enough to have the right people to do it & do it right for so long. DEAL!

      • Let me guess…….your Beyonce’? because talk is spelled T-A-L-K not talkE….but most of her followers are like you….a bit touched & partially illiterate….so, yeah. next.

        • Out of all that ish I wrote, you can only point out that I spelled TALK wrong? You can’t even argue correctly, and I’m touched? Pick a chair, any chair!! You haven’t proved that Bey’s dumb yet, so have a muthafuggin seat Kimmy!!!

          • Bey is dumb also because she lets her mother “style” her. What type of grown Ass woman lets her moms dress her? Yeah she got money but her body fake. All her interviews seem scripted and even rehearsed. Her “music” is bird headed at best (see jumping jumping bootylicious and single ladies) lyrics juvenile and she has to share writing credits. She had to fuck somebody high up in the “industry” to get away with her shit. Wendy don’t hate Wendy keep it real. Sorry you are brainwashed black man and can’t see that.

            • Whew, I am not a man nor black so try again…and you didn’t state any facts, just opinions surrounded by jealousy. Man, she may be dumb but the people that call her dumb are no better, you are prime example of that Anon! NEXT!

          • Oh yes, I will take a seat….not cause you said so, but because I’m tired if this lame conversation…..let it go. Your just mad because I & others here are telling the truth. (laid back in my recliner)

      • When did talk have an “e” added on the end? Is this a foreign language or are you amongst the less than bright? Duly note: promotion of a brand requires a highly skilled team, it’s not necessarily an indication of brilliance on her or any other artist’ part! She is one of the hardest working women in show business, she’s an extremely talented dancer, AND SHE NEEDS TO TAKE SPEECH AND GRAMMAR LESSONS!!! What have I done? I earned a BSN, and then while climbing the clinical ladder, I pursued and also was awarded my Master’s degree in Nursing…I recently formed a non-profit with the help of other African-American Nursing Professionals that will mentor, and award scholarships to young women who want to become NURSES…after all everyone doesn’t want to be Beyonce.

  5. Wendy still hatin’ on entertainers more rich and famous than she is, I see. She better watch out talking shit about a Knowles before they buy her radio contract and have her run out of New York AGAIN like Puffy did her in the ’90s. Wendy ain’t ever been shit (Just ask all the ’90s artists who wanted her off the air for having diarrhea of the mouth), but she sunk to a new low after she threw her so-called ‘friend’ Lil’ Kim under the bus while kissing Nicki Minaj’s ass on her talk show a couple years ago. And someone tell me how a woman gets so much plastic surgery that she ends up looking like a tranny? This is what she used to look like:


    (She’s at the beginning of the episode)

    Now she looks like a defensive lineman with a wig. Self-hate is a muthafucka…

    • You ain’t never lied on that! I have never seen her at that era of her life. She absolutely DOES look like an NFL player in drag. I guess in comparison she does look more feminine now. Maybe it’s the basketball sized boob job?

    • Since when is telling the truth & giving your own personal opinion “hatin”?? Wendy isn’t saying anything that has not already been said & the girl barely has a high school diploma…it is what it is…

      • who has time for school when you’re busy rec ording albums.

        the girl was forced to give up her childhood for fame because she was a child of destiny.

      • @Cali2daA Since you make a career out of it. Cut the bullshit acting like Wendy is some kind of big-mouthed Angel. After Wendy let the world know Method Man’s wife had cancer (Which they were trying to keep on the low for obvious reasons), Meth went in on Wendy, talking about how she used to suck dick for cocaine back in the day. Needless to say, Wendy shut up about him and his wife after that. So the moral of this story is: If you’re gonna dish shit out, then you have to learn to take it, period.

      • Telling the truth isn’t hating (FACT). But let’s go ahead and stop this shit. Anytime you unnecessarily bring up things that have nothing to do with anything, you are a hater. Case in point: Beyonce talks fucked up(FACT!), but that by no means makes her dumb( YOUR OPINION). People on here going on and on about how stupid she is, are hating. People going on & on and how she didn’t finish HS are haters. Because she got her education in LIFE, she’s traveled everywhere, learned new cultures, has made tons of contacts, makes business deals all the time, is in charge of all her productions on tours & performances,she’s mastered her craft etc… What have you fools done? You mastered your crafts at 30? So talking about her speech being bad is one thing(FACTS), but to take it to the level of her being retarded(OPINION), uneducated(OPINION) and the sorts are forms of hating because that is OPINION not FACT. Her career has shown that she is clearly not a dummy. If you want to talk about people that are dumb, you have thousands of other people in the industry that fit the bill. People picking on Bey saying that, are fucking haters, point blank period.

        Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion, but don’t try to act like your holy opinions are facts and people agreeing with them don’t make them facts either, it’s still just a popular opinion! So learn the difference between being a hater and speaking the truth. Being able to do that makes you intelligent, which clearly most of you on here are not. ::Closes book::

    • Wow….you’re right. She looks totally different than she looks today. If the man didn’t say her name I would still be looking for her in that video.

    • This bitch feet is the same size as a Toyota Prius!
      And her Jaw has a stronger frame than Ray Lewis..#no hope

    • she looked waaaaaaay better back then when she was outing puffy for being gay on hot 97 everyday….now she looks like she has to meet with a senate sub committee on if her or any of her co hosts used roids or any other type of HGH

  6. OOOOH WEEEE!! Jealous much??? It’s obvious that Wendy feels she has excellent diction…she references her degree in communication from Boston University as often as possible. And I will give her that.
    But her real butt hurt comes from having a face for radio. Beyonce may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but I’ve never had any difficulty understanding her.

    So, you got to ask: strictly from a money and prestige point of view, would you rather have Bey’s physical assets, rich husband who may or may not be what he seems, but DOES have a worldwide rep as a huge influential star and be a little slow off the boat; OR would you rather be historically described as a transexual lookalike, a violent husband with a bent for transexuals, a morning gossip show targeted at white women and have a superior speaking voice and a higher IQ??
    I agree with Me Myself and I–Beyonce hasn’t ever slept on getting it done. She has worked her whole life like a dog to get where she is. Sometimes, maybe most times, that level of ambition/dedication trumps book-smarts. I think Wendy is showing her azz by casting shade on Beyonce openly.(and this from someone who can take or leave Bey).

    • I know work is work but how busy can you be not to be able to get at least GED diploma, where it is ensured, you are qualified to write properly, do basic math to count your money and have a sufficient reading capacity with undertanding?

      I mean Goddam, her parents didnt necessarily have to send her to Yale or Cornell, but they are obligated to ensure that their child receives a basic education so she can be at least a functionally literate citizen.

      Thats why her acting is so terrible..She can barely read and sound out words , no less trying to emote the words.

      • @Anonymous and Christa…

        You guys raise some great points. We have to remember that it seems Bey’s life revolved around pagents and performing her entire life. Her bio has been shown many times on TV and she was pulled out of HS early in order to record when Destiny’s child landed a record deal. Clearly her education was cut short and there was never an emphasis on higher education from the outset. But in spite of those things, she has been able to do ad campaigns, shoot commercials, videos and movies. I think that if she wants to make a career as an actress, she needs to study the craft of acting, including diction classes to help drop her accent, and perhaps then should could achieve the accolades in acting that she seems to want.

    • Right on..
      And everybody else on here hating just might have that “Face for radio” as well. Lol

  7. To be honest, Beyonce does seem to suffer from some mild form of retardation but she sure is a hard worker.
    She probably practices her dancing and singing many hours a day as long as Jay Z keeps fresh batteries in the remote.

    • Look at the badly built bitches haulin’ ass in here to defend this linebacker.

      LOL you can always spot the lonely gerls font 😀

          • O I do, very much so. But we are talking about Beyonce, who is rich, and she just got her dam GED last year. And you talking bout a dam Value?
            Let me ask, how many MILLIONS your edumacation got you? Thought so, You blogging just like the next nigga!
            And TRUST! Ya momma see way more than a”Boy”lol

          • TELL HIM ANGI!!! Why does money always become the sole focus of every defensive rant about Bey? You can’t take it with you, it certainly isn’t being issued to any of these obsessed nuts on here! “She’s rich, she has millions, she can afford to speak as ignorant as she likes” Get some new arguments! To the imbecile that said she was “forced” to leave HS early, that’s no badge of honor that’s tragic and they are called TUTORS! Maybe her parents should’ve focused on ensuring that she learn the three R’s while she was perfecting that booty clapping signature move.

  8. Just a correction: Wendy Williams attended Northeastern University in Boston not Boston University.

      • In one of WW’s early books, she described an early moment in her radio career where she tried to build an alliance with Robin Quivers. She doesn’t say her name in the book but she does describe her as top name with tight connects – who happens to be a sista.

        While she doesn’t wish Robin any harm, she does go on to boast that she’s better because she has the “Wendy Williams Experience” but Robin will ALWAYS be under Howard.

  9. PAC wrote a nice rap about her. He was pissed about the rumor he got raped in prison by this loser.

  10. the song was called why u turn on me where he called her a fat bitch, why you wear spandex i know your pussy stink you fat ho.

    another song watch your mouth pac disses her, dre, and nas.

    on hit me up at the end you can hear pac dissing her saying you ain’t lil kim you fat bitch.

  11. I cant stand Wendy Williams or her show buy Beyonce is dumber than a bag of rock. Read that letter she wrote to the First Lady

  12. paul mooney said it best fuck howard stern.



    Asking white girls are black men bigger and better in bed.

    can’t forget stern wearing that wedding gown just to promotre his smut film but hey howard can do that.

      • correction: The Stern Show is On Demand not Direct TV.
        I already made on mistake in this thread so I better step up my accuracy game. lolz

      • Whats also odd about Paul Mooney is as much as his shtick is about white folks and their racist society and all the bagging on the hatred of white, he has twin sons with a white woman..

        Plus Richard Pryor alluded to an incident where Paul may have sucked some white NBC execs dick to get put on as a writer.

        His obsession with white people is similar to Eddies Murphys stand up obsession with queers in “RAW”

        dEM niggas dost protest too much.

        • I was thinking the same thing, but with all the hostility, I decided better not too mention it.

          You DO NOT get to be a writer on Lorne Michaels’ SNL on NBC without at least being agreeable to kowtowing to a white man to at least a degree. Don’t believe me? Ask Finesse Mitchell and Chris Rock.
          Michaels is the Jimmy Iovine of network television. But it must be said that LM okayed some extremely edgy material Mooney wrote. Stuff that would absolutely not be aired in today’s uber-sensitive non cable TV world.

  13. She’s not a hater if she’s stating a fact. Beyonce is not educated and she has a very low vocabulary level.

      The bitch sang n dance her ass off.. Which equals MILLIONS OF DOLLAES!
      Why is it that the one thing ppl don’t think she do as good as other famous ppl, is enough to call her in educated ? She’s to busy by being an influence to all the young girls who look up to her. She don’t leak sex tapes and nude pictures to get noticed, she also did not have her child out of wed lock due to her religion , and she don’t do other shit in the media to make her look like some of these other “educated” “well spoken” stars! She just went to eat her GED after her child was born. That is more than some of you haters can say you accomplished your dam sleeves.

      O yeah… And she’s worth how much?

      • BLACK MAN YOU STOP IT, you are hilarious! She just went to “eat her GED” I just flatlined! You need to munch on a diploma your damn self oh have mercy I can’t breathe!!! Do you wear sequin thongs? I’m assuming you meant selves not “sleeves” maybe you can write Bey a letter, request that she allow you to tutor Blue when she starts school

        • lol’s, right .can’t you see his ugly ass frothing at the mouth like a rabies infested pitbull.ol angry bastard.

          a black male bey stan that’s the kind of negro i don’t like

      • Blackman…I’ve been reading your comments thus far and I must say DANG BOI…I have seen Bey and yes she seems talented, I have heard her sing…WOW Blessed and I totally agree with you when you speak on her money…she has lots! But when you say ” She’s to busy by being an influence to all the young girls who look up to her.”, THAT’S where I draw the line. I do not think the way she presents herself in her videos including the “satanic” symbolism she so openly displays is a good influence on young girls or anybody. You think she got to where she’s at because of her hard work…Ooookayyy. You keep believing that stuff…with your eyes wide shut!

        Maybe you don’t have kids, but if you do…You should do a little deeper research and see what these “Entertainers” are really putting out there and then see if they are “Good Influences”.

  14. I don’t fuck wit bey bey, but no one asking for a disertation on astrophysics from her. She a singer. MJ wasn’t a high school grad. And the bitch Wendy looks like she got her doctorate @ Banana University.
    1.cuz she might have a dick
    2.cuz she looks like Dr. Zaius

    Straight Orangatan….

  15. I think we sometimes confuse “hatin” and “telling the facts”. To me the primary purpose of telling the facts is to state an opinion that can be constructive criticism without intent of disparaging someone. If I say that Beyonce needs to work on her diction to get better at acting and giving interviews, that’s stating a fact; it’s constructive criticism. If I say, that Beyonce can’t hardly speak and she sound retarded, that’s hatin! I’m not trying to give any constructive criticism, I’m tearing her down. Again, like everything in life, it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

    Wendy Williams gets paid to be a hater. All gossip mongers get paid to be haters; that’s requirement of the job. You take facts and then relay them in such a way as to ridicule the person. And most importantly, often time hatin is done behind someone’s back.

    Just my 2 cents.

  16. Way back in the day when Prince was trying to separate himself from MJ and the Sylvers, he would do TV and magazine interviews once in a while. Word was that he hated having to do it but it was necessary for promotion. Back when he was on American Bandstand as well as other times, Black folks said he didn’t sound intelligent or gave strange answers and that he would never make it.

    Now, he obviously has more confidence now than he did back in the late 70s/early 80s and I know its different for men in the biz but people will pay L.A. rent to see him in concert. Bey just may not be a speaker so she has no choice but to give badly-rehearsed monotone answers.

    And no, not all ppl from TX sound like that.

    • so that’s why prince wore panties and bras back in 78.

      or that time he used to come out naked.

      of coursde he did’nt soundf like the disco sylvers but guess white america considered all black music disco.

  17. Say what you want about beyonce haters…while y’all hating and talking about how illiterate she is…the bitch is a very smart business woman and no eduction needed…on top of that she will forever have more money than any of you could dream in a life time including her children’s children ….pow

    • Theres some prostitutes and contract killers who have accumulated more money than some of us here also.

      Im willing to wager that everyone here has a roof over their head and some food to eat tonight and none of us probably have not sacrificed any babies.

      Money doesnt not always = health, wealth and hapiness.

      ask Michael Jackson

    • Pow…
      But ask beyonce, how many interviews she continue to get paid for although she doesn’t talk the way she “should”..

  18. Well said HATERSgonnaHATE!

    I personally don’t care for Wendy Williams and do not understand why people waste an hour of their lives every day watching someone tearing someone else down. SMDH!

  19. I have never been able to stand wendy. Besides being a hater she is as fake as a fortune cookie. It is amazing to me that she has the nerve to get on tv and try to air out everyone but has yet to come clean about her ratchet ass past. Many of you may not know this but back on the day wendy was a dick sucking groupie on par with superhead. As a matter of fact everything wendy has she got by getting her knees dirty. That is why kevin treats her as bad as he does cuz he didn’t know when he married her just what an opportunistic slut she was. And much like mary j blige wendy has a taste for thugs but she will take whatever she can get like when she tried to get tony dovalani her dwts partner drunk so she could screw him. And she knew he was married!! As for her hatred of black hollywood it doesn’t matter cuz black hollywood hates her anyway. She can’t get a-list stars on her show which is why she keeps having the same people on week after week. Wendy is a joke that ceased being funny a long time ago. And by the way beyonce is dumber than a bag of hair!! Hey just sayin’!!

  20. Remember Wendy Williams became famous when she trashed Whitney Houston live over the air. Whitney made a mistake by calling Wendy on her radio show. That made Wendy a national celebrity which encouraged tv producers to give her a national talk show. When Whitney died, Wendy pretended to live and respect her. That is what I call a fake ass bitch.

    • If Wendy wants to be honest about performers, he should out himself. When everyone else shows baby pictures (yes dancing with the stars) Wendy shows a picture of himself at 22. Makes you go hmmm. P.S. according to PBS documentary, they “perfected the sex change operation in the 50’s.” Intuition is even more perfect. Ask Atlanta’s Barbra King. . . . Michael Jackson did not sound very intelligent in his interviews either because, like Beyonce he was taught not to say anything that will offend buyers, or promoters, because they pay the bills. Once he was older and did nto care he showed his intelligence. The oppressors feel safer in the presence of ignorance. . . . “who taught you octagon.”

  21. ok jacky you are really slipping.. this is another NOT a blind item.. we heard about wendy saying this a few days ago.. just like the mary j blige blind item was not blind.. that was all over the internet too..






  23. “industry insider” = either Mathew or Tina Knowles.

    people are holding Fakeonce on a pedestal… WHY?!! She’s doing the same stuff Diana Ross did 30 yrs. ago

  24. @LaKesha

    I feel what you saying but when is Wendy gonna air out her dirty laundry, she’s not perfect either. Why bash someone all day when behind close doors, she is just as dirty. It makes you wonder how did she get her television show on day time television. Hmm…….

  25. Whoever tried to deflect the blame back on Wendy being a hater tried it but failed miserably. Sure Wendy is ill built and messy but even a broke clock is right twice a day!!! Bottom line Wendy told the truth and shamed the devil and now because Beyonce is butthurt to hear the truth about what a lot of people already know about her she sent someone to do her bidding by calling Wendy a hater. She not even articulate enough to speak up for herself a la Whitney when she called Wendy and told her how it was…

    • Stop kissing Wendy Williams ass bitch! We all know Wendy Williams is a money bitch ass man! All of you Wendy Williams supporters on this website is nothing other than Wendy Williams herself! Don’t you have something better else to do Wendy? Oh no you don’t. You man! You nothing but a freak!

      • Look Solange please go and take your Ritalin and until you do don’t ever address me again because ur on here posting as if ur life is somehow tied to it! Do urself a favor climb the basement stairs say goodbye to ur mother and experience the world outside of the Internet… U tried me but u found nothing…

  26. Okay so I hate Beyonce too. We all know Beyonce and Jay Z some devil worshipers. Wendy Williams hates everyone because she is so ugly. She is about the most ugliest monkey looking bitch ever! She looks like a man. I bet money he was born a man. Wouldn’t you hate everyone too if you look like Wendy Williams? Jacky you have more class than this to post anything on masculine Wendy Williams. She ain’t shit and blacks don’t like her stanken ass. She is a ugly ho and she mad God didn’t bless her with nothing! I mean wouldn’t you be mad too! She the ugliest thing on television!

  27. Stop it! Being crabs in a basket people. You don’t have her level of success by being stupid. She is a very smart woman. Ex- first lady Nancy Reagan was not the most articulate individual. Her husband intercepted in her interviews. I guess it depends on who’s conducting the interviews with Beyonce. Her Piers Morgan interview was sensational. If Wendy was gifted with the intelligence she thinks she has she would know that it has everything to do with how well “endowed” you are upstairs (the brain). I’ll refer Wendy to Stephen W. Hawking.

  28. As much as I dislike Beyonce I am going to play devil’s advocate here (literally) were all talking about how Beyonce can’t speak well but if she spoke well would we then turn it around and say she is trying to act like something she’s not…..? Really, think about it.

  29. I hate to say but Wendy is right…you ever seen Beyonce on Oprah…boring…it’s like nails on a chalk board…no substance…read her open letter to Michelle Obama

  30. How is it that a clock is right twice in one day?? It is a NEW day at 12:00 am. That is why we have AM AND PM. STUPID!

    • SMH
      If a clock is stuck on 2 o’clock, and midnight starts a new day – the clock would be correct at 2am AND 2pm.

  31. wow, u mad ? gonna atack The Horse for callin’ a spade a spade. Shes slow, talentless and really needs to give it up. Her and Camel Face see the light getting dimmer. Nothin wrong with sitting down and raisin your family especially when your best musical efforts produce garbage anyway. The horse got er’body mad but me in stitches. Didnt this weave clown just get I mean buy her GED ? Spending cash to try to ruin every other black female celeb in the media wont make her music better.

  32. To all of you Wendy haters…She is on TV everyday. How many black women can say that? And I do not agree with everything she says, but she is entitled to her opinion. If you watch her show, you soon realize that is what you are going to get. As for Bey. Please!! She probably would not even have a career right now if it wasn’t for JayZ. And I DO BELIEVE he paid People Magazine for naming her “World’s Most Beautiful Woman”

  33. Stop hatn on Wendy….she gets paid to tell it like it is….I like Bey….but like is not obsession…

  34. I watched the show where Wendy was talking about the way Beyonce talks. At first Wendy was being supportive of Beyonce’s documentary that will be airing on HBO and then all of a sudden she started talking about the way Beyonce talks/diction.

    I was so surprised. The way Wendy said it, it seems that it was out of frustration.

    I use to be a Wendy fan. Don’t watch her show like I use to, the only reason I tuned in that day was there was nothing else on TV. Wendy has really changed. She has sold out.

  35. Well she may be a hater but she speaks the truth, Beyonce always sounds like she was raised in the ghetto and didn’t attend school past 7th grade. I’ve always been amazed that she hasn’t hired someone to correct her speech. She’s beautiful until she opens her mouth and then the fine clothes, the jewels mean nothing…
    Even Halle Berry learned to play the game, although in private she’s not at all polished.

  36. Wow! Let us please not foget that everything is relative. I wonder how many of you who decry Beyonce’s intelligence would be considered intelligent by those who are truly educated?

    She is smart enough to set her goals and achieve them. She is smart enough to hire “intelligent” people to work for her.

    Can you all say the same thing? What have you all done to attest to your implied superior intelligence?

  37. No I am not on television like Wendy Williams but I am proud to say I got my job based on good work ethics and morals and not because I suck some dicks to get on television. I just don’t understand why so many people are taking up for Wendy. It simply stated in this article that she can’t stand black entertainers. Well BAM in your face, Wendy doesn’t like her own dam self and definitely don’t like you the BLACK fan.

    • This is classic hood shit..
      Same shit that go on in the projects. That same person who buys food stamps from you will call the food stamp office and tell them that you are saling your stamps when you can no longer sale them any.
      Or that nigga who always smoke one with you, but will call the police when you can’t afford to fire his bitch up no more.

      She gets paid for fat lazy ppl who sits on their ass all day, who think highly of celebrity’s and love to know what they are doing all day every day by watching that horrible show of hers. Why niggaz can’t get on tv now! Can’t wait till she comes out and announce she’s really a man so they can hurry up and pull her off the air.

      • Black Man,

        You seem irritated. Maybe a Prune Juice and Ex-Lax cocktail might do the trick.

        Duh!! Wendy Williams comes on BET late night.

    • Wendy can’t stand black entertainers. The only time she has them on her show is when she is forced to because the White ones she wants can’t be booked that week. She talked about Beyonce but the next day was co-signing Carmen Electra lip-synching and the chick was incoherent the whole interview. Wendy was eating that up alive. Know why? Because Carmen isn’t black! Even a majority of guests on her show who win crap are Caucasian. Every time she sees someone in the audience with a hairdo she identifies with, they’re definitely not African-American. It’s usually some old white lady. I’m sorry, she spends more time co-signing on white folks tomfoolery than she does supporting black entertainers. There’s maybe 5 black artists/celebs I’ve seen her like and they are usually irrelevant or you know she’s being phony with them, too.

  38. It’s amazing how ppl find the littlest thing to down someone about. This is the way most black ppl do each other in person.smh! As a black man, i cant stand to see a black woman down another. Its tasteless. Especially when at the end of the day, Beyonce job is to sing and dance. Not to teach ppl how to speak infront of the camera. Wendy Willams job is to tell celebritys business to who ever will listen, even if they don’t want her to. That use to be that girl in school, who would run her mouth about ppl in school, but when she’s approached about it she denies saying anything, and still get her ass whipped.lol
    I’m honestly not a fan of Beyonces music, but her numbers from record sales and touring can’t be ignored in this conversation. The woman hasn’t had any competition that comes close to her in either category. As far as women in R&B since she has went solo. So shes doing her job! Why are ppl looking for more than that from her , I don’t know. N regardless of how she talks, she continue to get interviews, and get paid for them. I bet my last dollar, if Wendy was told to apologize ON HER SHOW for negatively speaking on Bey, in exchange for a interview, that Trans would be on here knees in a heart beat!

    • Exactly! If she had any inkling of Beyonce wanting to interview with her or if she thought she had a chance she’d be praising her with “diva” fans, begging on air and apologizing for what she said. Wendy has a bad habit of knocking down black entertainers, especially females unless they grace her show. And even sometimes that lasts for a short period. That’s why she can not get major celebrities on her show. She opens her mouth and offends many artists. She talks about others yet her behavior is childish. She better get it together or else her show will consist of Nene Leakes guesting on there 3 times a month like she does now and people who were relevant a decade ago.

      • And I do not understand why her head is so up the azz of those Jersey Real House Wives Mafia wanna be’s.
        I know she’s from Jersey, but she doesn’t have anything in common with those ugly hoe-ish over made up women.

    • “It’s amazing how ppl find the littlest thing to down someone about.”

      buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut weren’t you just the one calling people ugly and fat and everything else but their name just a minute ago???

      I agree with you though people like you really are funny.

    • Beyonce hasn’t had any competition. Wow delusional, Alicia Keyes yea maybe u forgot. Maybe u also forgot how she couldn’t even complete the video with Alicia because she wanted to put all the focus on her no talent havin ass. Also how her camel face husband stole Alicia Keyes song from her so that she wouldn’t have the song of the ages which would have blew beyond-say out the game. I can name one Mary J, Aaliyah and Alicia Keyes song that can top all of this GED havin clown’s music catalogue. Its the truth Stop hyping her up because she represents the brainless non educated population of which is her fan base. We all want that black R and B female legend but it is not this brain mush just stop trying to force it.

      • Too bad Alicia Keyes can’t sing. Too bad Mary can’t sing (Ask Chaka Khan). Too bad Aaliyah was a mediocre singer.

  39. I would never allow my two daughters to think of any celebrity as a role model much less a poorly educated money grubbing fool like Beyawnce. I don’t give a damnable how much money she has or how many damn records sold she’s shallow, selfish greedy and amoral in her dealings within the biz. She’s a money maker brand with zero substance to herself. Many child star’s take time off once they reach adulthood to go to college but not
    Ms. Bey. I don’t care how good a work ethic she appears to have when it’s obvioud she’s too lazy too learn to speak proper English.

  40. Truth be told I don’t like Wendy or Beyonce.
    I can only judge them by interviews and tv appearances as I don’t know them personally but from what I’ve seen and heard I don’t like either of them.

    I can’t, for the life of me, understand why any black woman would like either of them.

  41. I think it’s an insult to all 5th graders when they are compared to Beyonce. I’m a 5th grade teacher, in Brooklyn, NY to be exact, and my students are able to articulate themselves much better than her. She’s a great entertainer, I won’t take that from her. She is NOT smarter than a 5th grader (academically) nor is she on their level academically.

  42. Not u 2 jacky, i can’t stand Wendy Williams, but you. You talk fie bout ev body and u on d beyonce train too?! Damn, im hurt!!! She does sound kinda slow witted when she speaks. The chick is overrated as hell, i just knew you would agree jacky. Damn…ihs

  43. white hollywood hate 2 things

    fat people
    black people
    and what they hate most of all is fat black people.

    they make everybody lost weight or get a nosejob or some kind of rhinoplasty.

    • can we add “Intelligent Black People,” to that list. Politically minded Black people. Self-loving Black people. They would love to hear some of the names Black folk call each other on this site.

  44. i dont know why she hate bey cause she pretty much did the same thing bey did to get success, sell her soul !!!

  45. Wow! She’s just trying to hide her accent people. Every time a Black American is famous, they sell their soul. Black Americans are so jealous.

  46. So what! As NeNe Leaks from(BBW) said, “She’s a rich b#%@&, Beyonce don’t ever have to say another word, just sing or smile, and we are talking millions of dollars. Keep your opinions to yourself, because it means nothing especially from mrs. or mr. mammy williams, huh! The nerve of some people.

  47. I think it’s an act because with all of Beyonce’s money she can have private instructors. She is dumbing down for her marketing target. Men are not looking at her for her to speak they want her to shake and have paid her for it. She is going to ride this gravy train until people stop paying for it. Don’t get me wrong I love Beyonce. Beyonce said once that she has real estate investments and spends money wisely. She is a business woman who is a brand and is smart enough to know it. She is doing something right. Don’t hate on her.

  48. Let me start off by saying, I do think Beyonce is a good entertainer, appears to works incredibly hard and comes across as a very nice person in interviews. I do no think her dialect and manner of speech has anything to do with the south or being raised in Texas. And though I hate to admit it, I think Ms. Williams only voiced what others may have thougth on this topic. Beyonce is what we would call “back in the day” a bit “rough around the edges” in terms of her vocabulary use, and manner of seaking. It lacks the polish that I think many of us may expect from such a public person (and please, I am not being disrespectful to anyone who may be on this comment thread). It is also surprising since she was raised in an upper middle class neighborhood and her parents were of a certain means. If you listen to her dad, he is very articulate. However, (now get ready everyone), if listen to her mom, her speeech is equally as “hard” as Beyonce’s. So I am not sure what the reasons may be….voice, tone, a lack of eloquence, or who you surround yourself with, etc. Lastly, I do not feel that the way in which a person speaks has anything to do with their intellect. Beyonce would not be where she is without some degree of intelligence or the capacity to learn to be a good business woman with a selling brand…namely herself! Thanks for listening.

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