Who’s Jacky Talking About? – February 10, 2014



“He’s noted as one of the Greatest MCs of All Time …”

There Ain’t No Half-Steppin’ with this Bed-Stuy brother, who Jigga has to thank for giving him his first shot on the mic. Hold up! Don’t think for one second Mr. Carter’s shown dude any gratitude. Know why? Jigga’s been fakin’ the funk!

When Hov landed his Juice he quickly forget his grassroots, failing to give our blind item the Nuff Respect he’s Due for puttin’ him on. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Positive K.

They’re just illiterate, so I don’t consider it
Feedin off poison that’s pollutin their mind
And that’s the reason I don’t swine
I gotta maintain, accelerate my brain

Since the recent death of his mother — who lost her battle to stage four cancer last week — our blind item is reported to be suffering a deep depression, during his mourning.

Now.. can you guess the legendary lyricist who we’re sending out our deepest condolences to?


  1. The Big Daddy Kane or Jaz-O… Both of which got screwed by Jay-Z. If it is the BDK, is there a way to shoot him an email and wish him the best? I love him deeply due to his influence on the game. He is my only idol in the game. Jacky can give us contact details, so we can send our best wishes to the brotha? As for Devil-J… Nas was always right about him. He is slime…

  2. Don’t worry about Jay-Z cause Kane’s doin good music still anyway. If you want proof check last year’s ‘Nite and Day’ single with Marco Polo.

    As far as Kane’s mom that’s sad to hear but Kane will get through this cause he’s a strong dude. Much love to you Kane and may your angel Rest In Peace bro!

  3. Glad to hear that Big Daddy Kane is still getting his. I am a fan. Didn’t know about the BDK and Jay Z connection. If this is BDK, sorry to hear of the loss of his mom.

    • Kane and Jay been cool with each other since 85/86 Kane took Jay on tour with him in like 93 I think it was the prince of darkness tour

      • I bought that “Prince Of Darkness” Album and that’s when Kane started trying to be to much of a Sex Symbol.He also literally abandoned Rap and starting singing doing songs with Barry White and shit.

  4. Why is it Jay-Z’s responsibility to look out for a grown ass man? How do you know Jay did not reach out to BDK about his mom? Last time I checked he let BDK perform at one of his shows. As far as Jaz O, they offered him a deal when the Roc was starting and HE turned it down. That is Jaz O’s fault. He wanted more than he was worth. Being nice lyrically does not mean you can make hit songs and in the music industry the objective is to make hit songs. That is the problem with black people we always expect someone to take care of us. If I got out of the hood and became more successful than you I am not obligated to give you money etc.

    • Ur misinformed on Jaz situation with rocafella they offered him a deal but wouldn’t let him control the budget Jaz and Jay fell out in 01/02 around the time of the Nas beef Jay thought Jaz was feeding Nas info also Jaz put out a album independently Jay was on the single but didn’t wanna do the video and as far as Kane goes Jay did right by him by having him as his only guest when the Barclays center opened

    • I don’t see anywhere where it says that Kane asked Jay Z for sh*t. Truthfully Kane is a better rapper, and he seems at peace with where he is and what he’s doing musically, as well as the impact he left on hip hop. His skills speak for him, always have, and he still has it.

  5. Fuck this chick. Now I will admit,TO is a damn train wreck but we all knew this years ago and we are no close to this dude. So you mean to tell me as crazy as he is, she was in a relationship with him for 5 years and is closer to him than anyone of us ever was or will be. So after all she saw in 5 years with this dude what she saw was husband material. (5 years). But in two weeks of marriage, she found the straw that broke the camels back and it’s cause he wants a 2 million dollar house. I’m sure even courthouse marriages have a part that says for richer or for poorer. I’m not buying her brand, I think she married him just to turn and divorce him….I think Both him and her plotted this trying to get another reality show or some publicity.

  6. love me some Big Daddy Kane and I send my condolences to him and his family. I really enjoyed seeing him perform at the Soul Train Awards and he can still do that dance.

  7. Don’t believe this. Jay gave a shout out to Kane on the “Hands Up” track . He was even in the video.

  8. Big Daddy Kane.. He has always been one of my favorite rappers, and on a short list of “The Best to ever do it” in my opinion! Looks, charm, talent, he was all that and then some.I didn’t know that his mom had passed but knew very early in this blind item who you were talking about otherwise. My condolences to him on the loss of his mom, and I hope that he will get through the depression that he’s feeling in time. I do remember BDK allowing Jay Z to appear in his Nuff Respect Due video.. I don’t know but the rappers of today are so different. Back in the day rappers paid homage to those forefathers who laid the foundation for them in this game, and even extended an olive branch back (or paying it forward) when necessary! I have seen him live many times and he still has it. I’m so over today’s hip hop scene that I wish that some of the greats of hip hop would make a comeback in rap music..and I’m not just talking about being resigned to doing old school concerts.Its funny I was watching the UNSUNG on rap legends WHODINI and noticed that he mentioned that hip hop is the only genre of music that doesn’t really respect the legends of the game. That people tend to place limits on an artist because of their age. That rock doesn’t do that to their artist. He is correct. That statement was real.


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