Who’s Jacky Talking About? – February 11, 2013


Blind Item February 11, 2013

She’s a singer who once said she’s ‘got it goin’ on’, but Minister Louis Farrakhan may not exactly see it that way. That’s because her 4-1-1 now features her acting role in throwing the Nation Of Islam leader under the bus in “Betty and Coretta“. The made for TV Lifetime movie has rubbed many insiders the wrong way, as reports reveal the docudrama is far from being accurate. Don’t believe me.. Ask Bernice King .

Our blind item’s quest to find a Real Love is a search that’s said to have included a set of ratchet happenings. We’re talking about incidents including our mystery lady’s 90’s smash-encounter with Mike Tyson – reported to have been consummated on a grimy Big Apple street, just outside of a nightclub. Just ask Puffy.

It’s been almost a decade since she tied the knot with a man being exposed as the Mr. Wrong in her life. That’s because he could be leading our blind item to the poor house – as sources say he recently defaulted on a $2.2 million dollar loan. This news comes shorty after our blind item’s “Family Affair” charity remains at the center of mishandling funds and cheating scholarship students accusations. Don’t believe me.. Ask Steve Stoute.

To make matter worse – just last week our blind item reportedly defaulted on a $500,000 loan. Now, she could be facing a second legal battle hatched against her in just three-months.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. Mary J. Blige. It’s a damn shame. I’m not really feeling her music like that anymore. With stories like this she may not be able to retire soon enough.

    • Awwwww sheet my first comment on this post and on this site. Kudos to you Jacky, this site is dope! *Back to work, lol*

  2. That’s our beloved Mary J. and that Mike Tyson encounter-I was told-he beat her up and she ended up in the hospital right along with Bill Cosby’s older daughter.

  3. I mean who really cares anyway with the fraudulant behavior of the Nation of Islam. Everybody knows that them negroes is not who and what they says. Yes, they do some good, by getting these gangbangers off the streets, and a new life. But these niggers is sellin dope too, they in with the crooked ass politicians, fucking young girls, and other illega shit. I know a few, and if you dont believe me, LOOK WHAT THEY DID to MALCOM, cause he was bout to expose their fakeness.

    I need a bean pie, somebody….

    • you sound like all them white flok that trick niggaz and downgrade the ppl trying to help the community.

      • Help the people? The NOI was founded by a crakka! Didnt you know that? Elijah joined the nation he didnt start it. Wallace Dodd Ford who was the founder along with some help from the nazi organizations of the past. Look up George Lincoln Rockwell and the NOI. See the secret is if it last longer then 30 years in the black community, there is some crakka money holding it up. LIke the black church, black colleges, black networks, and black organizations.

  4. i still love me some mary j blige…girl been through enough hell…im praying she can overcome…just another bump in the road…shoulda married me.

  5. Dang Mary J. I remember when she first married Kenu. They were both on Oprah along with their pastor, I forget the pastor’s name. They seemed to be so happy together. I sure do wish Mary J the best.

  6. Mary j blige. Boy this woman has been so unlucky in love it’s almost legendary at this point. But i put the blame for that squarely on her shoulders cause her taste in men is ratchet. She likes thugs and criminal types oh well. Guess you can take the girl out the hood but…Maybe one day she will wake up and see that these men aren’t right for her but until then i guess she better keep a good supply of steaks and ice on hand to stop swelling. Smdh. Oh and three words miss mary-swiss bank account. Just sayin’.

  7. Somewhere, Mary J has got to be thinking, a thousand times, how she would if she could, take back the steps she made in her past that is negatively affecting her at this time. If not, how she should have listened to the people, assuming that there were any, who had her best interest at heart.

  8. I LOOOOOOOOOVE this sites blind items, FINALLY someone who isn’t afraid to REALLY put shit out there!

  9. When MJ was on Oprah singing Kendu’s praises, and saying how he helped handle her finances, Oprah kind of looked at her like “really”, and then in so many words told Ms. Blige she may want to handle her own money.
    I remember that moment because I was struck by how stupid Mary’s decision was.

  10. This isn’t exactly germane to the point of the item, but did anyone else find it even in the tiniest bit odd that Angela Basset played Betty Shabazz in Spike Lee’s “X”, but then played Coretta Scott King in the TV movie?
    I’m not suggesting anything out of order about the transposing of actresses/roles, but it just seemed weird to me when AB was so amazing as Betty in X.

    • angela basset played everybody’s mom.

      she should adopt some african kids she has the experience.

      maybe she’ll play afeni shaskur next.

  11. I just pray Mary can get through this dark period in her life. Her talent is undeniable, but she has to take full control of her money or she will be in the poor house thanks to that wack ass Kendu. *side eyes*

  12. I do not respect ppl who do not take control of the important decisions in their lives be it money, mate, career. She is too grown to receive sympathy for me. Get ur shyt together.

  13. No Kendu.. She dissed her fam for this fraud. And I do love me some Mary.. But after that I never viewed her in the same light

  14. Noone is perfect..most women have kissed their fair share of toads, some ore than others before meeting their prince!I can only hope that she makes better choices in the future for her own sake, taking control of her life finances, happiness etc…Don’t leave that up t a man, because many of these men will disappoint ya!

  15. Sorry I still like Mary so your little smear story didn’t rub off on me. Jackie really runs women through the ringer. As for the movie, I’m sure Mary didn’t write the script, she’s an actress playing a part.

  16. ..just another form for those to spill their nasty thoughts, comments about ppl they have no bsns shooting down. know why? because it exposes self-hate and a waste of time which alot of you seem to have in abundance. ouch.

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