Who’s Jacky Talking About? – February 15, 2013


Blind Item February 15, 2013

Today’s blind item has finally landed a security blanket. Know why? Because insiders say she’s knocked up by her husband — who’s worth $10 Million.

Now, she’s reportedly being advised by a doctor to stop using the banned-in-America bleach cream she uses to lighten her complexion – because doing so could harm the baby, during this first trimester of pregnancy.

This sister of a recently retired Grammy Award-winning singer may have been long plotting a pregnancy by her millionaire hubby. That’s because she’s said to have married solely for the money.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • And that is the truth! Tamar is a train wreck that happened and is looking to happen again and again the same broken rails!! LOL

      • I love how black folks like to believe that anyone famous – especially in the music industry – is super rich. there really isn’t as much money in music as people think. So many stars that i know of have gone broke trying to keep up this image – Jermaine Dupri is a good example.

        I have a cousin who argued me down when I told her that President Obama wasn’t a billionaire!! She couldn’t believe that his annual salary is only $400,000. Almost all of his net worth – around $8-9 million – came from his books. The Obamas still owe on their mortgage in chicago!!

    • 10 million is no small amount by far, and its plenty to a gold digger hoping to snag a baller for his money. It doesn’t surprise me at all , because Tamar appears to be very self absorbed, and I never detect any romantic chemistry between her and Vince.Its almost like they have an understanding or agreement. As for the bleaching..these clack chicks that want to look like white chicks crack me up! Don’t you know that black is beautiful.While your bleaching(and this goes for the self hating men who do this also) you have white folks who cant wait to lay in the sun or tanning machine to darken their own skin.Self hate is sad and pathetic..shows how weak and insecure many of them really are.All the money in the world cant buy self love or esteem. They better spend that money on therapy , instead of imported bleaching cream, and plastic surgery! Somethings seriously wrong on the inside!


    • I wish I had half a million. Ten million is still a lot of money and you could live very well just on the interest.

  1. Oh Tamar. So talented. Whatever it is you’re searching for in these plastic surgeon’s offices that you haven’t been able to located within yourself….I hope you find it girl.

  2. Another idiot saves a old ugly hoe! Oh well, I hope Tamar takes all of his money! I wonder if broke ass Claudia Jordan is jealous?

  3. Am I the only one that thinks she uses way too light foundation on her skin?? That child has always been lightest of all her sisters.. I don’t see bleached skin, I see wrong color foundation…

    Now let’s talk about her looking like the catwoman & lil Kim…

    • Bill Maher just just joked on his show that if Lil Kim insists on changing from string Black woman to crazy Asian woman she needs to also change her name to Kim Jong Illin’.
      No ish, I saw a pic of Kim in a tabloid this week and she looks like Madame Butterfly.

  4. tamar married vince for his money I can believe that I never saw a couple that was not so made for each other since drew barrymore married tom green still trying to figure that one out.

    I’m trying to figure out tom green’s whole point of existence.

    • Lmao! Word tho! Me too! Drew seen like one those free spirited chicks that might actually enjoy his personality tho! Cause Drew definitely had more cake than Tom!

      Agreed Tamar and Vince just seem odd tho. Vince seem like a supreme simp for not seeing thru Tamar. Tamar must got that snapper or maybe just the ‘prestige’ of marrying into a (semi-) famous family. Who knows.

      • drew’s always been into women anyway.

        tom was maybe that gay friend or they were lesbros.

        but tom would kiss his nerdy co star anyway so guess him and drew had that whole bisexual thing going like russell brand and katy perry.

        gay marriage was already legal.

    • Lets not forget its a Barter …I believe Tamar is Vince’s beard…but that’s just MY opinion. Regardless of his preference he gets a slim pretty girl by his side. Woman who marry for money marry men who are just as shallow since they obviously marry the woman for looks. It goes both ways.

      • I agree Kitty as I’ve been saying this to my friends for ages! He doesn’t act masculine at all. He seems to enjoy her antics like his gay girl pal who entertains him. Extreme sideye at them both…….

  5. I believe Tamar is bleaching. She always talking bout Vince loving white girls and the reason she wears her hair in those white girl colors. Why wouldn’t see beach at this point to get at white as possible? She is a Rachet-nista on the come up. of course she love Vince’s bank account more than him. If any of her sisters hubby as Vince’s size she would’ve been all over it and bashing him. Hypocrite

  6. Tamar didn’t land a security blanket. She’s alot of things, but she’s not a jump-off… She’s the man’s WIFE!!! Why wouldn’t she have a child with her HUSBAND????? Besides, there’s not many women (or men) who wouldn’t marry for money. If you’re gonna marry then why not marry rich???

  7. yea imagine marrying somebody for their money… imagine having to drive somebody around when they’re broke and when they get millions they diss u… some are lucky and some are not

  8. Damn!! Where are some black couples besides The President and First Lady who can represent Black couples in a great light????

    • Society doesn’t want the real; they have come to settle for he lowest standard possible. That’s why people alter their natural to take on the lies of so-called beauty. Real black couples do exist but they have been pushed to the rear because they have chosen to remain true to who they are as individuals and a couple. They have not sold their souls (due to greed and a lack of true talent) to rise to the top unlike Fake-once and Gay-Z (aka bleachy & lipster)!!

      • i totally agree. its a shame when we have come from the era of beauties like Judy Pace Tamara Dobson Pam Grier Naiomi Simms marcia mc broom, that black beauty is only acceptable is your’e light. such a shame

  9. First off she did not have to plot to have a baby.. Their wholle damn show was about Vince wanting a baby and Tamar wanting to wait until her album dropped.. Hell they even interviewd surrogates.. Lol at plot

  10. I think she uses the wring foundation to try to appear lighter. Didnt she start dating Vince before the Lady Gaga Era? I dont think she married for money I believe people say that about most women who date big guys

  11. I like them together. Tamar is a Pisces. It’s very hard for us to FAKE anything. I’m glad for them! Congrats…

  12. tamar “ghetto bird who wanna be bourgie” braxton of course. she & vince are so stupid to think that we don’t know that she bleaches along w/wearing those ugly ass wigs. i’m like everyone else; i thought vince’s paper was a lot longer than $10 mill because the way she spends his money & puts on i thought they had that $588 million powerball paper.

    • tamR has always been the lightest sister out of all of them….it happens! Don’t forget Tamar is the one who goes tanning, so why would she bleach her skin. Nothing wrong with a woman having a baby by her HUSBAND…. it’s not like they just meant & now she pregnant. I’m not sure what Vince is “worth” but I thought it was funny that folks makin comments that he ONLY has 10 million, I’m curious if these same ppl have 10 dollars in their bank acct….too funny

  13. omg tamar really is pregnant well damm! i feel for that lil one as screwed up as tamar is she might try to bleach the baby if its not light color.she has such great talent the whole family the braxtons but i feel that girl done checked out a and with vince temper him putting hands on t what kind of environment would that be.com

  14. Wouldnt it be logical to say thatif Tamar REALLY was a golddigger after Vincents $$$$ wouldnt she have gotten pregnant already. Theyve been together for 8 YEARS already & even on their show Tamar wa hesitant to have children because she was focused on he career & her figure. Secondly without Vince Tamar is worth $1 mill. Vince is only worth $10 mill. Now Im not Rich but if I was worth a million and I was a golddigger I wouldnt go after the fat oversized guy thats ONLy worth $10 million. Id go after Hugh hefner or that Wealthy Guy that Janet Jackson is engaged to. Knock it off even a blind man can see that Tamar isnt a GOLDDIGGER. Jackie use your brain Boy!

  15. Excuse me folks but Tamar and Vince have been married all of 3-4 years.So.
    do you remember they took their honeymoon with GaGa.

  16. Lets not forget she has a song titled “Money Cant Buy You Love”…I’ve always considered that the ultimate gold diggers anthem

  17. No Braxton is really attractive enough to be a golddigger. Copper perhaps but not gold.

  18. The one thing some of you don’t know or have forgotten is that a baby doesn’t secure her future..there is no pre nup..Tamar said this during the first reunion and Vince backed it up..this is why his family can’t stand her..

    • They can’t stand her because there is no prenup Why aren’t they mad at him for not getting one..after all its is money st stake Guess he ain’t worried about it!

  19. Why would she need to plot a pregnancy? The whole show was about her NOT trying to plop any kids out of her vagina! I don’t get gay from him. I get fed up dude with a few dollars that’s into snow bunnies but ended up with this ghetto fantabulous chic. The only gay one on the show is LASHAWN!!!!! His frisky self wants Tamar to keep up the antics so that he can chop Vince down one drunken night in the studio. Oh well just my thoughts…

    • Lol I am so late with this… But, You hit the nail right on the head about Lashawn!!! He is so suspect. He almost acts like a male version of Tamar, using her lingo and everything. I keep telling my cousin the same thing, but she thinks I’m trippin.